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Preview: Alex Barnett blog : podcast, mydata, OPML, microformats, Attention, RSS

Alex Barnett blog : podcast, mydata, OPML, microformats, Attention, RSS

Tags: podcast, mydata, OPML, microformats, Attention, RSS


Attention Podcast with Joshua Porter

Sat, 26 Nov 2005 20:05:00 GMT

This is a two part podcast with Joshua Porter.Part 1: 43mb, 45min Part 2: .46mb, 48min Joshua is a little faint to hear at first, gets a bit better later though, sorry about this.Part 1 Notes and LinksTurkey, Black Fridays and Boxing Days (intro) J Wynia's OPML Sampling, attention engine (01:35) Memeorandum, the echo chamber (04:45) Shelly is a she (!) (05:40) Ed Batista on Attention Trust (07:15) Attention Trust and Root vault (09:00) Why do we need a third party, why do we need attention brokers? (11:04) Dave Winer, Danny Ayres, Raymond Kristiansen, Attention.xml, OPML, Attention RDF, microformats (14:40) Nick Bradbury, Steve Gillmor, AttentionTech podcast All those RSS users and they don't know it (18:00) OPML, attention data sharing (21:00) What did you learn about Chris now you have his some of his attention data? (23:00) Self-reported attention (27:00) OPML wishlist: it's my wishlist (30:20) Mortgage brokers is making money from my attention - attention brokers (32:55) Why I don't like Attention recorder (37:00) My wife is an attention data nightmare (40:00) empowering customers (41:30) Attention, Buying a Car, and Control - why am i not in control - ? (43:20) End of part 1 (45:10)Part 2 Notes and LinksWe've already got some feedback to the first half/part of the podcast. In particular I wanted to highlight Danny Ayres who took the time to post this comment. Thanks Danny, we should keep talking.As I listened to the recordings to make the notes below, I came realise two things: Firstly, how much work is still ahead of us to work it out in this attention management space (but it will be fun - and of course, it'll never end....). Second, it appears that a non-trivial convergence is occurring, one that James Governor recognises and describes as a "quadrangulation of SSE, attention, RSS and OPML that creates the opportunity, no?".In the meantime, Dave has pointed to Jeff Jarvis' demand to Yahoo! that they hand over his attention data (RSS)!Back to the podcast: again, Joshua's voice is relatively faint (compared to mine) but it is audible - sorry about this.Notes and links below. Anonymous e-commerce (intro) Identity 2.0, (02:10) Why should I trust Microsoft with my attention metadata? (04:10) Kim Cameron, InfoCard, and Identity Metasystem (07:56) Anonymous personalization (10:45) What social model fits here? (14:40) My OPML as my attention data (18:00) Have you been to a casino lately? (20:05) Solove's The Digital Person, Orwellian futures, little brothers, and Kafka's The Trial (24:30) Minority Report, The iris as a cookie (28:08) Will we have OPML spiders here soon? (29:00) Feed ranking in readers, OPML as expression of your attention, Attention engines (30:32) Users will drive the future of OPML (31:30) Google Base, user-defined schemas, structured blogging (33:25) user hacks, emergent standards, emergent tags (36:00) Ajax, Aflax, Flash-based data visualization (40:45) Hacking is really the only way to innovate,  45:00 End (47:50)Tags: Attention, OPML, RSS, attentiontrust, attention.xml, podcast[...]