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Published: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 15:10:58 +0200

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A warm welcome from / TURKEY. Our dedicated team of professionals is proud of the exceptional quality of the holiday transfer services and prod [...]

The Little Mermaid
Copenhagen and Malmo, Denmark
Tuesday, Apr 17, 2001 [...]

Am I a globetroot?
After a year of studying humanities at university it seems like it is time to once again grab my bag and leave home. This time my journey takes me south-west to la peninsula, where I will study a semester in Madrid. I will be gone for seven months and two [...]

Wonderful Copenhagen
The pre-arranged cab guy from the night before turned up when he was supposed to and we made our way to the airport, luckily it was Saturday morning and the traffic was quiet. I managed to check my bag into storage which was a relief. [...]

My impressions of Copenhagen, Denmark (2004) [...]

Scandinavia&Eastern Europe
My Trip to Scandinavia/Eastern Europe [...]

The journey to Denmark
It has been only 2 months since we visited Scotland, but we are on our way again. Teije will start with a new job after this holiday, so we fear that we won't have very much time for more trips this year. [...]