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Published: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 15:10:58 +0200

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A warm welcome from / TURKEY. Our dedicated team of professionals is proud of the exceptional quality of the holiday transfer services and prod [...]

Rollin, rollin, rollin, Amsterdam
Maastricht, Amsterdam, Hoge Veluwe, Netherlands
Sunday, Oct 25, 1998 [...]

Amsterdam, goodbye Ryker
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sunday, Feb 15, 1998 [...]

Netherlands again
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Saturday, Jun 14, 1997 [...]

Belgium, mmmmmm chocolates
Amsterdam/Brugges, Belgium
Sunday, Oct 06, 1996 [...]

Trains, god I hate trains
Innsbruck, Munich, Koln, Amsterdam, Germany
Thursday, Oct 03, 1996 [...]

Heineken, Red Light, Coffee Shops, On the road
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wednesday, Aug 28, 1996 [...]

Upside down on the other side
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Saturday, Aug 24, 1996

My Adventures in Amsterdam and Belgium
All year, I planned to take my vacation in Amsterdam/Belgium and now that time has arrived. To get me started for this elaborate vacation, I was invited to the Menchaca's double birthday party in Stockton. They had make-your-own burrito buffet set out [...]

Welkom in Nederland!
I arrived in Amsterdam on June 13 and stayed for 3 nights before travelling to Hogeveen in the north of Holland to visit relatives. [...]