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Preview: 1Xtra - Forum - Hip Hop

1Xtra - Forum - Hip Hop

1Xtra - Forum - Hip Hop

Published: 2018-01-18T08:40:36


some important news regarding message boards from BBC Radio 1Xtra


As you know, the ways in which you can talk to 1Xtra or with each other about the station have changed substantially since we launched these messageboards nearly 10 years ago. Millions of you email, text and leave blog comments on our website every month discussing the music we play, answering questions and requesting shout outs. Increasingly you will have noticed that our presenters and programme teams hear from you via our pages on Facebook and in the last couple of years via our many Twitter accounts. We’re always reviewing what we do at BBC Radio 1Xtra and because we want to make sure that your conversations and feedback are listened to we’ve decided to close these messageboards on 29/06/2010. We still think forums are useful and we will continue to host them at Radio 1 for special events but for now the boards are signing off.Thank you for all of your contributions. I’ll still be around to answer queries for the next few days about this..In the meantime:You can talk to us on Facebook here: on Twitter here: us on: 88111 And contact each show and presenter directly by typing their names into our website:,Your host Laura-May


2010-07-01T13:23:10 it apart, rip into itbless it or blame itI know theres some sharp minded upbeat folkthat get on here what you think about The Colourless Dragon creation,I wanna know itPeace.

Dr. Octagon/Dr. Doom/Kool Keith


Best Underground Lyrcist on the planet, no one touches him when it comes to freestyling,he has had quite a few alias's also and all of them never fail to impress me. his new album. Dr. Octagon The Return Of... was shocking i know but apart from that you can't touch him.Opinions on the underground hip-hop scene??

BBC 1Xtra 100% Home-grown


Hey peepsOne of our tracks was featured on this weeks DJ Target 100% Home-grown. The Podcast is downloadable for the next 6 days! good to get some feedback!EasySoash - Tough Touch

tell me what you think


what up i am a new producer check out the beats and tell us what you think be good to hear from you if you want to use one just download it be good to hear what you can come up with

New TY album coming 19th April "SPECIAL KIND OF FOOL"


You need to buy this one people!You know its something good when TY releases something new.The single "Emotions" is out now.Even the album cover is nuts!!Check my blog for the free TY mixtape!

***DJ Alkemy-Quality Control*** VIDEO


Hey people. Was getting fed up with the garbage being labelled as Hip-Hop these days so I decided to make a scratch cut n paste track addressing the issue. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Check it out on youtube - Unfound Fame (2010)


I'm a new rapper on the scene, search my video on youtube for my song Unfound Fame (2010)

check out my music


wassup peoplecheck out ma musiceither

Hip-Hop Radio Stations Online


Hip-Hop Radio Stations Online

Spring your own !


This is for people who want to write down short bars they have written or just want express thier mind lyrically, Don't worry i'll get it started with a few lyrics i wrote down a while agoMy style is trip-hop.using mind making cup of tea and the force receiving my see through bong Inhaling strong exhaling a thousand angelsturning left, looking right its pitch black in the middle of the nightIm einstiens equivalent E=Mc2 Yeah mintR2-D2.... Yeah me to coming to see youmaking up storiesthis is realityi wont go back to the future I'll stay here listening to fun lovin criminalsyou cant compete your intelligence is minimul

hip hop quiz


just a little quiz, no prizes except bragging rights.feel free to add your own questions to test others.1. what u.s. rapper spits a verse on the theme tune of a cartoon rodent martial artist?2. what ledgendary uk rapper battled common and won?3. what song are these lyrics from?:"immaculate spectacle mutating speech pattern,thunder cloud and lightning strikes when i start rapping."4. name all the mcs that feature on the jehst track "fist of the north star."




R.I.P. Keith "Guru" Elam


Just heard the news that Guru has passed away today.He was battling cancer.So gutted. Legend.



I think it was a song on the radio the other day, it was really long and had the lines 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times' was wondering if it was a song and if it is does anyone know who it was.....

Top 5 Old Skool UK Hip Hop Singles


Had the albums......what about singles?here's my 5Hijack - Style Warriors RevengeHQ Squad - Burial Proceedings....London Posse - Money MadGunshot - Battle Creek BrawlHardnoise - Untitled

sarah love show finished???


if the sarah love underground hip hop ahow is finished, in all honesty i probally wont bother with 1xtra ever again.and thats not an exageration.come on now lets be real,losing that show will mean losing the majority of underground hip hop being played on the show.i know mista jam is the key to the underground,and also we got the homegrown show that features up and coming mcs an that.but the hip hop heads out there need there underground hip hop fix.all i can say is 1xtra better have a good replacement in mind.ive been a long time listner of the show since it was on a thursday.staying up late to listen to the show is the reason i suffer from premature aging, and the reason i have bags upon bags under my eyes.the show is also responsible for me being late to sign on because i cant drag myself out of bed at 9:30but nevertheless it was worth it.



What's peoples opinion on him?Does anyone have a fav track? I like Godnose off of Biro Funk.--------------------------------------------Off subject, is it me or is this forum really quiet? there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity here.--------------------------------------------

them lighthearted battle raps


anyone still writing lyrics???qausi i know u got them punchlines

Manchester Newness!!


Check outI've been away - Cris.mic - BritishRap Music (Brap Music) The PromoTheres a called track F Rap which is now on

fav rap lines


Whats your fav rap lines?some of mine are:It's the baby-faced lieutenant / with the Luck like Luciano /Hardcore like Kool G Rap music /made for concert piano'OK pal, pay'em like paypal / so we can be A'OK /not O K Corralli'll show no compassion /like a straight faced orgasmi'm a stand up for art express / do mic test rehearsals / 8 years of man living / no edits or commercialsi think the most powerfull lyrics i've ever heard:Which made me realize the truthThe biggest supressor could be your own egolookin for an excuseto plant roots, in a field of self-sorrowto sprout and follow the first thing you feelNourishes your hunger to be respected, it getshecticAnd when I'm watchin the news, and my daughterwalks inand choose to ask, 'Why were all those people onthe floorsleepin, covered in red?' I told herthat they were lookin for God, but found religioninstead

snoop dogg vs. lil wayne


i wouldnt normally start a thread with lil wayne in the title, but what lil wayne has done to annoy snoop dogg i do not know?im not sure if any people out there know that snoop dogg put out a diss track to lil wayne, and snoop goes in hard.and i must say, although snoop can be critisized for putting out rnb, vocoder stuff also with the track sensual seduction and some other stuff, regardless of that he can jump back on an underground hip hop vibe beat and still kill it.and another thing, hes been in the game mad long, and i think that his bars are still up to scratch, and still the same style.a shame alot of other so called vets cant take a leaf outta snoops book.i dont mind listning to diss tracks, competition is fun to listen to, as long as its kept strictly on wax.what do all you guys think bout this?

Chilly B Dies


Legendary Emcee from Hip Hop/Electro group Newcleus has passed on, He died from complications of a stroke, he was only 47. RIP

In new music we trust - Newcastle


Just wondering if anyone knows of any available downloads, podcasts, anything of this as I listened to it 9pm - 1am and loved every minute!



Im not talking about the end of the world. My favourite track from Masta Aces 'Long Hot Summer' is 'Da Grind' feat Apocalypse.I cannot for the life of me find out any info on this guy. Can someone help?