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Highlights Brochure
Dan Lyke: The California Road Charge Pilot Program final report has been released.

Flutterby and Newwwsboy (my initial blog software) back in 1999
Dan Lyke: - a Chrome plug-in to do time shifting of online TV streams. VCR for the web.

Cannabidiol, a Major Non-Psychotropic Cannabis Constituent Enhances Fracture Healing and Stimulates Lysyl Hydroxylase Activity in Osteoblasts.
Dan Lyke: Science Daily publishing the press release: No bones about it: Cannabis may be used to treat fractures — Tel Aviv University researcher finds non-psychotropic compound in marijuana can help heal bone fissures:

Kevin Macleod at
Dan Lyke: Whoah moment: realized how much of my entertainment is scored by Kevin Macleod at The soundtrack of so much of my life...

Starbucks Buenos Aires Accused of Cryptocurrency Mining Using Customer's Laptop
Dan Lyke: Starbucks Buenos Aires Accused of Cryptocurrency Mining Using Customer's Laptop, or: wifi script injection for fun and profit!

Dan Lyke: Someone was flying an RC float plane in the Petaluma turning basin. It was pretty cool!

GeoOrbital electric bicycle wheel
Dan Lyke: Via Shadow: GeoOrbital - Invest in the future (YouTube video), an intro to the GeoOrbital electric bicycle wheel, with a bunch of really cool ideas for how to use a self-contained wheel differently.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Canola oil linked to dementia, study says
Dan Lyke: Scientific Reports: Effect of canola oil consumption on memory, synapse and neuropathology in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.

[NSFW] Meanwhile on primetime TV in Denmark
Dan Lyke: Farting in slow motion: [NSFW] Meanwhile on primetime TV in Denmark.

Female Sexual Pleasure
Dan Lyke: I'm giggling, which is probably an indication that I've hit Christmas music overload: Now You Can Fight Sexism At Christmas By Singing Hyrrs, Not Hymns:

Science: Firearms and accidental deaths: Evidence from the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting
Dan Lyke: Surge in gun sales after Sandy Hook led to spike in accidental gun deaths, study says

Dan Lyke: More morning

Dan Lyke: Good morning from Helen Putnam Park

Dan Lyke: This space intentionally left blank.

Giving Grandma a tax break to get more homes on the market: realtors’ Prop. 13 ballot proposal
Dan Lyke: Today in "are you fucking kidding me?" news... Prop 13 has utterly destroyed how California cities work. Increasing the scope of it is so many additional layers of awful.