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Great ideas for your next family get together, family picnic and family reunion

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3 Entertaining Family Reunion Activities That Can Make the Event a Big Hit


Family reunions are a favorite pastime for many people. However and unfortunately for many others, family get-togethers do not hold that same status. This is primarily due to the modern lifestyles that most people live, which hardly grants them the time to do other things. It is a shame that people have allowed hectic lifestyles to take over their lives and afford them little time to meet up with relatives.Family reunions allow near and distant family members to connect and reconnect with each other. Relatives are empowered to know every aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, nephew and ancestor. A reunion of different generations strengthens the family bond. It makes it possible to enlighten younger generations about their historical heritage and backgrounds. Memorable pictures are taken and legendary stories are told. Moreover, families keep in touch and plenty of rapport is expressed thereafter.Most family reunions are only held yearly or bi-yearly. Therefore, it is important to always take out time for family gatherings. Since planning a family reunion can be an overwhelming endeavor and a challenge for most people to attend, when you get family members together it is extremely important that you make it fun and exciting for everyone. You want them to aspire to attend the next one and not avoid it because the event was boring. Here are 3 entertaining family reunion activities that can make the event a big hit.1.  Verbal HistoryEnsure you have a video camera or camcorder to help you make the most out of this activity. You can ask for someone to help you go around and interview different family members. If the gathering is in honor of someone who just passed on or a couple who are celebrating many wondrous years of marriage, let the interviews center on that special occasion.You can ask the same questions to relatives from different generations to give your story a creative direction. In addition, you can have other relatives help you out with questions, toss it into a hat and ask people randomly or as a group.2.  Family Tree WallFamily tree wall charts are well-liked by family members who attend reunions. They help people understand their placement within the family tree. When you create a family tree, do not leave any generation out; go back as far as you can. All family members are required to help out and fill in the missing blanks as well as correct wrong information. It is always cool to have a big poster board depicting all generations. A finished product is always a great resource for genealogical information.3.  Heritage CookbookA heritage cookbook can be a cool fundraising project for next year's reunion. It entails all attendees forwarding to you family recipes. They need to be customized family recipes passed down from one generation to the next. You can ask all those who submit to include a photo as well as information about the family member that created the recipe or dish. These amazing recipes can be compiled and turned into a family heritage cookbook that can be passed down to future generations and used for many years to come.Remember family reunion activities should not only be fun, exciting and engaging but should also bring the family closer together which is what a family reunion is all about. Be sure to include activities for all ages including the youth and the elderly.Planning a family reunion? Visit [] for all the things you need for a great family reunion. Check out an awesome selection of fun, unique and creative []family reunion activities including a "Strut Your Stuff" Fashion Show.Article Source: [] 3 Entertaining Family Reunion Activities That Can Make the Event a Big Hit[...]

Some Family Reunion Ideas to Consider If You Are Determined to Succeed With the Occasion


A family reunion generally takes place every year. However, some families opt to hold one every other year or every several years. Regardless of when a family gathering occurs, it is thoughtful, considerate and respectful to attend. It is always a nice thing to catch up with relatives that you do not see all the time. A reunion can be overwhelming if not planned right. A successful reunion starts with a meeting. It is important to build a communication bridge and have everyone on the same page.Families span across generations and are bound by different things. They have certain rules and limits that they follow. You will need to respect that and ensure that everyone has enough room to enjoy themselves at the same time. Here are some important family reunion ideas you should consider if you are determined to succeed with the occasion.1. One person should not be saddled with all the work. Whether he or she is willing to take it all on is not the issue. It is a good idea to create a number of committees and designate one person to oversee each committee.2. If adults must drink alcohol, serve it sparingly. Monitor those who are drinking to avoid any embarrassment or drunken brawls. It helps to outline the alcohol rules and tell adults not to take more than 2-3 glasses.3. Family gossip can hardly be avoided. It is hard to avoid not talking about Uncle Derek, if he shows up without his wife. What about if Sabrina shows up with dyed hair, tattoos and multiple piercings? Such issues or concerns should not be discussed at a family reunion. Every family problem or concern need not be shared. A family gathering is a period to be loved and not for backstabbing people. Never make anyone feel like an outcast or societal reject.4. Do not talk about religion, politics or sex at a reunion. It is inappropriate in some quarters and it can spark off some volatile emotions in others. A family reunion is all about coming under one banner of togetherness. It is not about taking political sides, ridiculing sexual preferences or picking holes in a particular religion. Everyone coming to a reunion needs to be accepted and respected.5. As the saying goes the more the merrier. Therefore, do not throw a fit when some unexpected relatives show up. Get with the program and try not to dampen the lively atmosphere with any tantrums or bad behavior. Never let your exasperation show. Be gracious and extend open arms to everybody that comes around.6. Learn to grow thick skin because things will not always go exactly as planned. Some people will show up with an attitude. Some will not show up at all. Others may think they are royalty and want preferential treatment. Despite these shortcomings, suck it all up and walk around with a smile slapped on your face. A positive attitude always wins over a rotten one any day.Family reunions can be great or awful. It all depends on if you are determined to make things work despite all odds. Implementation of these family reunion ideas will assist you in making your event a big hit. Ensure that the love, communication and affection that is extended does not end with the reunion. Keep in touch any way that you can and send complimentary cards to everyone who attended.Planning a family reunion? Visit [] for all the things you need for a great family reunion. You are just a click away from several creative and unique []family reunion ideas including a generational dance.Article Source: [] Some Family Reunion Ideas to Consider If You Are Determined to Succeed With the Occasion[...]

Organizing A Family Reunion


Tis the season of family reunions. Are you dreading it, or are you looking forward to it?We have two this summer, Ken's family reunion and then since my sister is coming home from Africa, my family will be getting together as well.I hope I can help you with some ideas and tips so that you can be eagerly anticipating your family get together rather than dreading it.This can present some challenges because it can be difficult to choose a location that is central, accommodates everyone, while not burdening one family member. I prefer having it at a neutral location rather than someone's home, but that is just me. I find the one hosting the location ends up having the brunt of the work, which is not fair. So, I encouraged our family to get together at a nearby campground by a lake. This worked out perfectly, everyone who had RV's brought them, and we rented a cabin at the marina for my sister who was visiting from Africa. We cleaned and fixed it up to make it a little bit of a honeymoon for them as well.This really should have been #1 food is pivotal. We found some great ways to make it easier to plan, less work without sacrificing good food. I sat down and made up a menu for each meal each day and sent this to all of my sisters for their input. Once the menu was finalized, the list was given to everyone.Even though we wrote out a menu for each day, that does not mean we ate it in that exact order, it was a guide so we all knew what to bring and could pool our food. This worked really well. We planned on a big breakfast, which is usually later in the morning because everyone loves to sleep in and sit around enjoying a coffee. No lunch is planned, each person can bring and eat their own snack, and then we planned a big supper. We took turns making breakfast, and pooled the supper. Guys often barbecued the meat while us gals made the salads. We each took turns with dessert each night, which was something we could prepare ahead of time and bring. Doing it this way meant the work and costs were shared, cooking was minimal leaving us more time to relax and have fun.We enjoy all kinds of activities from playing horseshoes, cards, golf, boating, walking, home movies, and a skit night. Each family comes up with something entertaining. One night we set up a stage, bring our costumes, and have fun. One family member often is the MC and tells jokes in between acts. There is a lot of talent in my family, we even drew a big crowd of campers. Even the kids... no... especially the kids get involved and love acting out in skits. My one sister saves a box full of old clothes and jewellery just for such occasions. Here my sister and I along with our husbands surprised everyone with our well-rehearsed jigging as "The Rank Family."Each evening after supper we would go for a "lookey-loo." We loved walking around the campground people-watching, and enjoying the grounds, the birds, squirrels, the water, the sunset.When I get together with my sisters, we always try to have some relaxation, like sitting by the edge of the lake with our feet in the water on a hot day, suntanning with spitz and a good novel, a massage, or a pedicure. Last reunion we had pedicures and manicures. We come form a large family, so those short moments together are very special. What is a family reunion without looking at someone's photo albums and home movies. My brother gets a bad rap for dragging out his camera, but over the years as our family has changed, kids have grown, our mother is no longer alive, those movies are special. Home movies are a great backup plan for a cold rainy night.There is something mesmerizing and comforting about sitting around a campfire in the evening. The most wonderful stories come out, sometimes music, laughter and tears. Perhaps it is being withdrawn from technology and being totally immersed in one another's company with only the sounds of the crackling fire, the water lapping on the shore, a loon's whistle, or the scampering of squirrels in the bushes. Truly a bonding time. I am looki[...]

Family Fun Games for Family Reunions


For our family reunion each year, my siblings and our spouses meet at a geographical location central to all of us. We live so far away from each other. Last year we selected a city in the Midwest in the U.S. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot to do there. Fortunately, we all get along very well and are open to fun ideas and games. One of the best games we ever played was a form of Scavenger Hunt that required us to use our cell phone cameras to document that we had located the items on the Scavenger Hunt list. Instead of bringing the items back to the judge, we showed the judge our photos.The judge is the one who developed a list of items. They were pretty bazaar but most scavenger hunt lists are meant to be challenging so this was no different. These items were not necessarily things that we could plan to collect. For one, we were staying in a large hotel and were not familiar with the hotel or the hotel grounds. What a challenge.Each couple became a team and had to work together. Fortunately we all get along well but it was lightweight fun anyway. Our lists were handed out to us after breakfast time and we immediately went into action looking all around for our hunted items. We were given only eight hours to collect the photos. The stakes were high. A prize was being offered and we all wanted it. Frankly, we didn't know what the prize was but we were so competitive that it didn't matter. We just wanted to win! If you ever play this game, and I recommend it, here are a few suggestions taken from our list although you will have fun coming up with your own. 1. A green van2. Man with a bald head3. Something orange made in Mexico4. Pink flowers5. A pickup truck with the back gate down6. A fish sandwich7. Red ants8. A woman carrying a red purse9. A chef's hat10. A bag of popcorn11. Teenager smiling12. A diaper14. Deck of playing cards15. Little girl wearing yellowThe list we worked with was so challenging! We didn't know if we would be able to find any of the items on the list so we decided to be creative and stretch our interpretation. That's where the fun really began. For instance, we "accidentally" spilled a dab of catsup on some white flowers. When we took the photo, the flowers certainly looked "pink" to us. We turned the photo in as Pink Flowers. The judge liked our creativity! Eventually, we found nearly every item on the list. It took a lot of imagination. The results from all the teams were hysterical.When we discovered a person who fit an item on the list, we respectfully told them about our game and asked permission to take their photo. No one resisted. In fact, the bald man wanted to follow us around and play on one of our teams. Our competitiveness and our laughter made this game a great way to have a rel=nofollow []family fun reunion.Darcie Davis is an author and game inventor who looks for opportunities to encourage creativity and have fun in any setting. To get more ideas about Family Fun or Family Fun Reunions check out[...]

Ideas For Organizing Family Reunions


The computer has actually made our lives a whole lot more convenient, I mean before the internet it wasn't possible to book cinema tickets without actually turning up! And anyway what else would you blame when something goes wrong? Your computer has no feelings!The computer was pretty boring until somebody invented the internet, the internet used to be occupied primarily by geeks, hey I'm allowed I was one of them! But now everybody who is anybody is using the internet to do something or another.Researching your family tree used to be very difficult, you used to have to visit all of the churches and government offices to look at some paperwork. However now it's really easy thanks to the internet. Many people all around the world are hooked on hunting for their ancestors.If you're reading this then I'll bet you're looking for your happy ever after ending too! You probably dream of finding a long lost family member, or just talking to someone that you haven't spoken to in years. If you're planning a family reunion then it can seem like a frightening task and you may look at hiring a family reunion planner to help you decide everything. Of course whether or not you hire a reunion planner is completely up to you.The tips below can help you to plan your family reunion.You should by now have a rough idea how many people are coming to the event. We all know that the more people that attend an event, the more difficult it is to organize. This is why you should form a committee, this committee should have about 1 person per 25 guests. You can be in control and delegate out the tasks. The great bit is you can give other people the tasks that you hate doing!You have to tell people that you're planning to have a family reunion. No matter how close a family is they are not capable of communicating with telepathy. Even building a website is not enough, how many people would search for family reunions to go to on the internet? You have to tell people!You should tell people that you are planning a reunion well before the actual event, you don't have to give them all of the details, just a date will do for now. They can then keep this date free, plus you can get an idea of how many people will go. Some people suggest that you should plan the reunion events a year before they are scheduled.You should allocate enough time for organizing what you plan. You might have to make special requests for catering, or simply to visit somewhere special. Make sure that everybody is on the same page, you don't want two people ordering the same thing! You should use a planner to organize your reunion event, this should contain a time line showing reminders, and scheduling meetings. A meal planner, and reunion requirements lists are also very important parts of any reunion planner.It can be difficult to get money to fund your reunion event, it's always difficult to find out how many people will want to come to the event. The best advice is to plan the event as early as possible that has lots of fun events for the whole family to enjoy. A great idea is to have an auction and auction off some prized family heirlooms to other family members! Make sure you do this in the middle of the party though, if you do it at the end it's likely everybody will be too tired.If you want to make some money to fund your event, then why not consider having a rummage sale, collect lots of CD's and DVD's, everybody will love looking through all of these.As long as you put enough time aside to plan your reunion event it doesn't have to be such a scary task. A family reunion can be fun for everybody, even you! Marie Christianson is a senior business analyst at Looking for family reunion ideas, locations, or planning tips?Article Source:[...]

Why A Cruise Is Such A Great Value, What’s Included And What’s Not?


Cruising is about nothing if it's not about having choices: sleeping in from a late night disco party or savoring a cup of latte as the sun rises over your balcony; dressing up for a formal night or lacing up for a run around an inline skating track. And every cruise line out there is competing for your attention, doing everything thing they can to lure you onboard. You can have the vacation of a lifetime, see the world, completely unwind, take a walk on the wild side, dance the night away, feast on fabulous cuisine, learn something new, make friends, bond with your family, and steal quiet moments with your spouse. Whatever your heart desires, is yours, when you choose to cruise.Cruising offers the best travel buy you can get for your money. It includes your meals, your cabin, you're out onboard activities, nighttime parties and all sponsored entertainment. Each ship is a complete resort and destination unto itself.Cruise ships and holidays are a natural match: Both are in the good-times business. And when you sail during the holiday season you get the fun of built-in parties and feast-quality meals plus someone else to cook them, someone else to do the decorating and entertaining, and someone else to clean up the mess afterward. The only thing they don't do is write out your Christmas cards.A cruise vacation removes 90% of the hassle of a land-based vacation. Your ship is your floating hotel, restaurant, resort, nightclub, tour office, and health club. You spend time enjoying your vacation, not waiting in hotel or rental car check-in lines.On a traditional Vacation, the Family is pretty much stuck together, on a Cruise they are not. Each individual can pursue his or her interests and rejoin the Family at some prearranged time. Cruising is wonderful for Family Reunions because there is something for each generation to enjoy.Expect to be pampered, massaged, and stuffed with culinary delights. Expect your imagination to wander, thinking of the ships of old. Expect to feel incredibly relaxed, exhilarated, caressed by sun, sand and wind; expect the unexpected. In short....RELAX and ENJOY! Whether it’s a small family of 10 or a large group of 100, a cruise ship may be the best place for a reunion. Family reunion members seek accommodations they can use as a base for dining, sightseeing and socializing together. They want good children's programs, entertainment and activities. But they also want to make sure everyone in the group has personal time to pursue their own interests. You are generally going to know what the cost of your vacation well be before you go. Your extra costs will be shore excursions, cocktails, spa treatments, beauty shop and casino gambling.You can look at it as a prepaid vacation with extras of your choosing. Knowing what's included and what's not included allows you to budget your vacation spending more closely.The cost of your cruise will depend on your choice of accommodations. These accommodations range from an inside Stateroom to a Suite with a Private Balcony overlooking the sea. Each Stateroom includes two twin beds or queen-size bed, bathroom, shower, TV and makeup table/desk.When comparing the price of a cruise vacation versus a land-based holiday, consider that transportation, hotel, meals, entertainment and most activities are included. Even an all-inclusive land resort package can not top that (it doesn't go anywhere).Cruising is the best way to experience a number of destinations that you may want to revisit for a longer period of time later.Today's ships offer rock climbing, basketball, video arcades, swimming pools, spas, huge gyms with yoga and spinning classes, an indoor ice-skating rink and, yes, even mini-golf. Remember, you only unpack once, no matter how many ports of call you visit. No checking in, or checking out and no running to make plane connections in order to get the next port. You'll be sleeping while the ship takes you to a new destinat[...]

Your Guide to Planning an Awesome Family Reunion


There are very few things, if any, in life that are as important as our beloved family, and with careers, weddings, children, and other life changing events, families tend to lose touch with one another despite their best intentions. A reunion is the ideal way to get reacquainted with long lost relations as well as for getting together with lour immediate family to create plenty of new, happy memories.Handling The Initial DetailsCreating the Guest List: Before even beginning to plan the guest list, you will first will need to decide what type of reunion to have, a smaller affair with grandchildren and first cousins, or a more elaborate event with numerous generations of extended family spanning all over the family tree.Planning the Expense: Once you are aware of how many families will probably be involved you will have a better idea of what type of budget to have set up. Decide if it is going to be a low-cost affair with everyone bringing covered dishes, snacks, and drinks, or if the costs will be split up evenly amongst the families attending if you are utilizing a caterer or making the food yourself.Picking a Date and Time: Most reunions are held over a weekend in the summer so children will not miss school and more people will find it easy receive time off from work. For large reunions with numerous guests, schedule the event early in the day so those arriving from out-of-town have plenty of time to get settled in before the fun starts. Some reunions are so big that a lot of families have two-day events rather than one to ensure that everyone receives an opportunity to visit and take part in various activities together.Choosing a Venue: Although many reunions are outdoors, the weather can be so unpredictable it really is vital that you have a good clear back-up plan in place just in case the weather does not cooperate on the day of the big event. Possible sites for a family reunion include Amusement Parks, Cruise ships, Country Clubs, Hotels, Parks, The Beach, Your own BackyardThe InvitationsInvitations for a family reunion will more than likely be one to two pages of details rather than the standard varieties of invitations sent for parties and other events. You will want to be sure your guests know exactly what to expect, how much money they will be required to contribute, what they will need bring, and just how they should dress for the day. It is also a wise idea to send out a letter first, letting everyone know about the upcoming event so those who wish to participate and help you will likely have an opportunity to do this.Games and PrizesBesides the number of usual party games including three-legged races, water balloon tosses, hot potato, charades, and musical chairs, there are several other fun and simple activities you can use at your family reunion to encourage interaction between your attendees, spark some old memories and create tons of new ones.The Address Exchange: A great low-cost idea for keeping in touch with everyone long after the reunion is over is the address exchange. Everybody has received many sets of free address labels through the mail from one organization or another, or many of us have special personalized labels of our own for using on correspondence, and this is a perfect use for all of them.Using a computer, a printer, plus some plain paper you can actually print out sheets for guests to affix their labels plus a blank line for writing down their email or website addresses should they wish. The "Address Exchange Station" should be located near the place where guests will arrive where they can then attach their labels, one on each sheet of paper. At the end of the event, each guest can take a sheet home with them that is filled with all address labels of the family members that attended the reunion.Recipe Swap: Family recipes are generally transferred from one generation to the next, but quite often these coveted recipes get lo[...]

Family Reunion: Lodging and Transportation


Finding a place to hold your carefully-planned family reunion is as important a step as any other. It comes after careful deliberation by members of the committee tasked to handle the destination and logistics of travel. But how do you exactly choose the place, how do you come up with a good idea where to hold the family reunion best?Within the sphere of planning for your family reunion destination are two important elements: lodging and transportation. A good place is essential in keeping the interest of your family reunion guests and making it a fun experience. So equally important are the ways on how you can reach your destination and how you will be accommodated. Lodging and transportation are two essential steps before you can plan on the other details of your family reunion, like games, activities, and others.LodgingThere are five important factors that can affect your choice of lodging, and which you must carefully consider.1. Quantity of guestsThe number of guests will decide where you must hold your family reunion. Obviously a big family reunion requires a big venue like a resort or pavilion, or even a hotel ballroom. But if you have only thirty or so people on your guest list, perhaps a reserved portion of a restaurant will do, or even a backyard owned by one of the family's members.2. Nature of guestsOf course if your guests are mostly children, you could not pretty much put them in log cabins or other rough and tumble accommodations, the way matured guests could. Younger guests will prefer livelier accommodations like theme parks, while matured guests may choose calmer locations like stately rest houses where they can relax. It is very important to make your guests feel comfortable and very interested with their surroundings.3. The extent of your budgetBudget constraints can affect your choice of lodging. If you are on a low budget, you can opt having a small family reunion at a camping site or bringing your own trailer along. However if you are capable to spend, you can accommodate your guests at a hotel or resort. It is still important to keep comfort in mind. Various family reunion websites offer suggestions for lodging.4. SafetyAnother consideration in your choice of lodging is the safety of your guests. Does the resort have sufficient night watchmen? Does the camp site have security fences to keep away dangerous animals?Or does the hotel bear enough emergency routes in case of fires, earthquakes, or other calamities?5. Availability of spaceA lot of people prefer the great outdoors for the vastness of space available for various activities.Space is indeed a deciding factor. It is important to have enough legroom at your destination, for various planned activities like family reunion games and other functions.So before handing out your family reunion invitations, it will be useful to consult with other family members, so that your guests will feel comfortable with your planned family reunion destination.TransportationBut ensuring your accommodations is just one part of the sphere. The other is accessing it. Access to your destination is a critical consideration in planning for your family reunion. After considering your budget, and schedule, how do you book your transportation for a comfortable and hassle-free trip?Here are some tips.– Choose which travel agency or transport service provider, do you think serves you best. You can check a list of transport providers, on a lot of family reunion websites.– In choosing your transport provider, make a balancing of both price and quality of service (usually you can have a hint of this by asking others regarding the reputation of the transport provider).– Make sure the transport company has insurance coverage for both you and your luggage in case of emergencies.– Book your trip early. Some transportation providers like airlines offer discounts on early reservations.[...]

Planning Your Family Reunion at Disneyworld


There are many reasons to consider having your next family reunion at Disneyworld. The fun activities for family members of all ages are sure to make it an event to remember. With Florida's warm climate, you can plan your get together for any time of year. If family members live in colder regions, you might consider timing the reunion as a welcome winter retreat. Traveling off-season can also result in substantial savings, so investigate your options, as well as the possibility of group rates.

Putting one or two people in charge of planning and research is a good idea in order to help you find the best deals, stay organized, and make sure that everyone gets to take advantage of the same information. Although it can be difficult to avoid, you don't want to create any unnecessary family tension! Have someone act as travel coordinator, to help arrange carpools where possible and take your reunion on the road. If the cost is going to be much greater for some family members, perhaps the group as a whole would be interested in dividing up the costs more evenly. There are plenty of options for creating an equitable and enjoyable vacation for everyone at your family get together.

Once there, organize some time for everyone to spend together, as well as time for mini teams to explore their own areas of interest. Adults could take turns supervising the youngest children, as well as get in some good visiting time while the youngsters are on the kiddie rides. Teens will likely want to go off on their own for part of the time, which should be fine as long as meeting times and places are well planned and adhered to. Try to have at least one cell phone per group in order to keep things flowing smoothly.

If your group is staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you may qualify for numerous special benefits and services, including assistance planning your itinerary, photo opportunities, and more. Look into what they have to offer for a simplified party planning process. Your family reunion can be tailored to your unique needs and interests, offering something for everyone. Whatever level of planning assistance you desire, Disney experts are there to help you every step of the way.

Disneyworld features numerous attractions and dining locations that are suitable for larger parties, so explore your options and choose a few experiences that everyone can enjoy together. With so much to choose from, the Kilimanjaro Safaris, the nightly fireworks display or watercraft rentals are just a few of the recommended activities for groups who want to enjoy their Disney experience together. It isn't often that all the age groups find something to share, so make the most of this special opportunity to reunite the whole family. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

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How to Prepare for a Family Reunion


To organize a family reunion you have to keep certain things in mind. To plan a family reunion it takes time, commitment, and planning. Make a list of the following items like the date, invitations, location, travel and lodging, facilities, food, mailing list, program and format, finances, local transportation, communications etc. First step in family reunion is to decide whom are you inviting in the family. Decide whether you are inviting only close relatives or direct line relatives or even your cousins, second cousins etc. Second step is to collect email addresses of those people who have them. Just contact at least one person from each branch of the family so that you can collect information for each person. Try to form a reunion committee. Choose five persons from your family so that they can take some responsibility. Tell them to take charge of location, social events, budget, record-keeping etc. why you take responsibility of everything when people are there to help you. Try to choose a date that is comfortable to everyone. One thing you need to remember is if people come from a far off place then the reunion should last for a longer period. Remember that you won't be able to accommodate everyone. Try to choose a place which is easily accessible and affordable to people who want to attend. Budget will determine the food expenses, decorations, accommodations and other activities. One more that can interest people to attend a reunion is create a theme. It makes things more fun when you are imaginative with food, games, activities etc. when the guests have arrived, you may think what to do with them. You should make arrangements for tents, chairs, programs, t-shirts; parking decorations etc. when the family members attend the reunion just hire a professional photographer who will take photos or videos.Once most of your work is over, it's time to invite guests by mail, or phone. This should be done well in advance so that the guests get enough time to plan their reunion. If you are charging any admission fees, just mention that in your invitation and set a deadline by which at least a percentage of the ticket price is received. Create ways of raising money include selling family hats, t-shirts, books or reunion videos. Once the location, guest list and other important work is completed, and then better send all the family members a schedule of reunion events so that they can arrive on time. You can send this message through email or reunion website in advance. The big day is almost going to arrive and you want that it does smoothly. Create easy to ready signs to point arriving guests to registration, parking and important locations such as bathrooms. Keep a guest book so that you will know who has come and collect their address for future reference. Designate a volunteer who will send out a post union newsletter with stories, photos and news items from the reunion. Family reunions are never forgotten by family members.Article Source: the Author:Ron Victor is a Expert author for family reunions and women's retreats. He has written many articles like corporate retreats , church retreat, mountain retreat. For more information visit our site Contact me at .[...]

Basic Guide for A Fun Family Reunion


A family reunion is a where family members can renew bonds and ties, meet new additions to the family, keep updated on each others' lives, and simply have fun. If you have been tasked to plan the next family reunion, one of your goals may be how to make the event as fun and enjoyable as possible for everyone. A family reunion is one big party, so you want to keep the boring-o-meter down throughout th event. But how exactly can you keep everyone entertained and high on the fun? Here are a few suggestions.1. Theme It!Get your guests all psyched up weeks or even months before the family reunion by coming up with a family reunion theme. You can have a family reunion with a Hawaiian theme. When you send out the invitations, let your guests know about the theme so they can come in their best Hawaiian get-ups. Just think about how excited your guests will be when they arrive at the venue and they are greeted with a lei placed around their necks by ushers and usherettes dressed in traditional Hawaiian costume and the place is decorated with a tropical theme -- a tiki hut or tiki bar, drinksserved in cups and glasses made from coconut husks, tropical fruits one the buffet table. There are plenty of themes out there that you can use for your own family reunion. Get online and check out the various family reunion web sitesfor more ideas.2. Get the Icebreakers Out Pronto!As soon as your guests arrive at the family reunion venue, get the icebreakers out! There's bound to be guests who aren't familiar with the rest of the family. Prevent your guests from feeling uncomfortable by introducing a few icebreakers like "Human BINGO," "I Am a Turtle" and "Bring Me" before the family reunion officially starts. Consider this part of the event as sort of a warm up; you are getting the guests comfortable and relaxed.In "Human BINGO," each bingo card contains certain traits and characteristics of someone in the family. It can be an eye color, something accomplished or a physical characteristic (e.g., mole on the face, hair dyed red, long hair, etc.). Give each family member a bingo card and every one looks for family members that correspond to the traits and characteristic in their card and have them sign the card. The first person to complete his or her bingo card wins. This particular icebreaker is a wonderful way of helping new family members acquainted with other members of the family.In "I Am A Turtle," the young family members draw a thing that represents them. It can be an animal or an object. The older family members then try to explain how the animal or object drawn relates to the young member. This particular icebreaker is a wonderful way to connect the younger and older generations.In "Bring Me," the young family members do what the game host tells them to find for and bring to him. So when the game host say, "Bring me a red handkerchief," the first one who brings it to him gets a price. The only rule here is that participants are not allowed to get the items from their immediate family members (parents and siblings). The items must come from their other relatives. This particular icebreaker is wonderful way to initiate mingling among family members.3. Bring Out the Games!Most family reunions last more than a day, with some requiring overnight stays. You may have activities like nature hiking, day trips to the city or dance night all planned out, but you still need to keep everyone entertained in between walks, meals and dances. Young and old can engage in some friendly family reunion games such as "Generation Sack Race," "Family Tug of War" and "Musical Chairs."In "Generation Sack Race," pair younger family members with the older ones. For instance, pair 12-year old Billy with his Uncle Ronnie. Together, they stand inside a sack and race hopping to the finish line.I[...]

Tips for Making Family Reunion Invitation


Family reunions will be more anticipated by every member if the invitation is made appealing. Making the perfect family reunion invitation should be the preliminary concern of the organizer of any family reunion. So that you will be able to create only best and most perfect family reunion invitation to match the event, here are the things that you should keep in mind: Determine family reunion's theme. Before organizing a family reunion, you have to decide when the event will take place. What is the significance about that event? Whatever be the case, try to pattern your invitation to match that theme. You can put relevant family pictures on the invitation and show your creativity.Decide what type of materials you are going to use. If you have decided on the theme and the layout, you should be ready on the exact paper you are going to use and how you are going to print out the design. There are a lot of choices available for you. You can either go for a simple paper or a specialty one. There are invitation kits available from craft stores, try to scan them and see which one best matches your idea. Layout your designs. Conceptualize how the design should look like when it is finally printed on a sheet of paper. You can try adding personal photos in it as well as general pictures. Check out the programs that you can use. The software can really help you so much on layout and the graphical presentation of your family reunion invitation.Select the right font. There are different fonts available for you to choose. Some looks formal while some has a comical look. Whatever may be your theme is, make it a point to match your invitation's font in it.. Fonts are equally important as your design so get the most suitable one. Do not forget the necessary information. Do not be overwhelmed by the design and the layout process that you forgot about the important details like the date, time, and venue entirely. Always try to put these things first. Your invitation will be useless if one or all of the pertinent data are missing. Also remember to provide family members a way to contact you as the organizer. Always double check everything before printing it out. Do a trial run. Do not print massive copies at once. Print just one copy and check how good or how bad it comes out. If there are anything missing or look not right, edit them first. Do this step repeatedly until you are sure that the invitation you composed is perfect. You are now ready to print. Before you become overeager about it, check your printer and see if everything about it is fine. Check your ink levels first. Is it enough for all the copies that you are going to make? If you are sure everything is in order, you can definitely start printing. Mail your invitations. Ensure that you have the right address and the right recipient's name. Do not make mistake of sending out the invitation to a different person other than for which it is truly intended. Always, double check before sending.Family reunions will certainly be more fun when it is coupled with the right preparation and the perfect invitation. Do not underestimate the powers of an invitation as it will surely determine the number of the persons who will be going and not.Article Source: the Author:Ron Victor is a Expert author for family reunions and women's retreats. He has written many articles like family retreat , corporate retreats, mountain retreat. For more information visit our site Contact me at .[...]

Beavers Bend State Park is the Ideal Family Reunion Location


How to Plan a Family Reunion Everyone Will EnjoyPlanning an annual family reunion is a great way to keep all your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, and nephews connected. A yearly gathering of all the extended family members is a wonderful way to keep everyone in the loop about upcoming or recent weddings and births, new pets, career news, and other life events. Family reunions offer a much more personal experience than a yearly Christmas card, so even if you aren’t in the habit of planning a family reunion each year, there’s no time like the present to get started! Sometimes family members live so far apart from one another that getting together and having fun happens only once or twice a year. This is especially true with extended families – all the cousins and great aunts and uncles whom you see rarely unless you host or attend a family reunion. Not to mention, the older we get, it seems we get busier as well. This combination of distance and busy lifestyles makes it vital to start planning a family reunion at least several months before the date you wish to host it. Family Reunion Location, Location, Location Choosing a location for your family reunion can be a wonderful experience of narrowing down many unique and interesting locations to the one perfect fit for your group. Or, it can be a stressful event of trying to figure out how you can be fair to the relatives in New Jersey and also fair to family out in California, Louisiana, and Virginia all at the same time. Sometimes when planning a family reunion, it becomes necessary to make decisions that could impact whether certain guests will be able to attend. Location of the event and the cost of getting there will often determine whether family members will be willing to travel for the event. In cases where family members live all over the country, just try to select a location that will please the largest number of people… or, send out an e-mail survey with the locations you are considering and try to get a verbal response of what people would prefer. Then go with majority rules. An ideal location for your family reunion could just as easily be a park or a lakeside community, as a beach town or a mountain retreat. Consider all your possibilities for the location, as well as the ages and interests of your family members who would be most likely to attend. In the end, don’t beat yourself up about the small stuff. The most important thing is that you are making an effort to create this fun and enjoyable event. Family Reunion Events and Activities As with any large group of people, it’s important to put some structure into place for special events. It might be nice to offer some planned activities – sports like volleyball or horseshoes, as well as adventurous possibilities like hiking, fishing, or even horseback riding. You don’t have to plan all these activities, but you could request brochures from companies that provide them and then share with your guests in case anyone is up for an adventure. Remember, it is also important to leave plenty of free time for your family to relax and enjoy themselves. Some personality types work very well when they’re on the go constantly, but others need a scheduled naptime or just a general break to recover and recharge their batteries. Here are some simple activities that you could include at your family reunion: • Board games • Cards • Icebreakers and getting to know you games • Karaoke • Name that tune • Recipe swap • Sports • Water balloons (weather and temperature permitting) Don’t forget to look for a location that provides ample space for your guests to spread out and chat, catch up on old times, or even just sit down for a picnic lunch. P[...]

How to Plan the Perfect Family Reunion – 5 Simple Steps


1. Pick a central location. A location where most family members are within driving distance will help insure better attendance. Some family members may be afraid of flying or unable to fit the cost of an airline ticket into their budget. Since we have family in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri and Colorado we like to gather at Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake in southeastern Oklahoma.

2. Pick a location that has a variety of accommodations at different price levels. Beavers Bend State Park has camp grounds, cabins, bed and breakfasts and hotels. Some family members may enjoy roughing it, while others prefer more luxury.

3. Pick a location that has a lot of activities that appeal to a variety of family members. Beavers Bend State Park has fishing, hiking, boating, horseback riding, bird watching, antique shops and museums.

4. Once you pick your location decide on a meeting place where everyone will gather for picnics or dinners. Have games and activities planned for everyone for during those times. When we go to Beavers Bend State Park we set up an area near Broken Bow Lake to meet. We set up horse-shoes, volleyball, capture the flag, dominoes and poker. It all makes for great photos with beautiful Broken Bow Lake in the background.

5. Be sure to send invitations out early and include information such as directions, accommodations and activities available in the area. A combination of paper invitations and electronic work well so all family members get notified. Send reminders when the time gets closer to ensure everyone is on-board.(image)