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2nd Official Tate-LaBianca Murders Blog

Covering the murderous exploits of The Manson Family and the 60s Hippie culture that spawned them.

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Manson Dead, May WE Now Rest In Peace...

Mon, 27 Nov 2017 17:57:00 PST

There's never any joy in death, but there can be a release, and a literal freeing of souls - the one who allowed death to befall others and those who were affected by the fallen.Charles Manson's passing is in whole part a release to many who knew that all-too-damaged man had tormented himself and others for far too long.To Manson's credit, he had, at least, acknowledged his status as a permanent prisoner decades ago by relinquishing his right to parole hearings which at least spared the victims surviving family members a certain amount of residual grief. Yet, knowing the man enough through his actions and words, that gesture wasn't a gift to his victims so much as it was Charlie coming as close as he ever would to admitting any sort of guilt as per his actions in the murders of Gary Hinman, Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Voytek Frykowski, Abigail Folger, Sharon Tate, Leno LaBianca, Rosemary LaBianca and Shorty Shea. Nine people murdered all because Charlie wanted, and got, what he wanted, when he wanted it.Many kids have abusive childhoods, many people suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, but many seek help and go on to live productive lives. Charlie's single reason for living was to seek revenge on anyone he declared was an enemy, anyone who even resembled any faction he thought had put him where he was in life. There was not, and will never be, any viable excuse for that kind of mindset nor for the destruction which ensued from that mindset, and deep down, I think Charlie knew this, and accepted his fate.I think it's rather amusing that, in the end, Classmates.comno female took centre stage in his life or his Will, rather instead a longtime male pen-pal, Michael A Channels aka Backporch Tapes (pictured here posing behind bars) is claiming to be Charlie's sole benefactor (why do I feel a long protracted Will contest in Michael's future with Charlie's blood relatives?) 'Til death, the resentment he had for his mother reigned supreme in all womankind. In those years before televised interviews of all Califonia imprisoned killers were outlawed, you could clearly see his roiling rage whenever he was interviewed by a woman versus a man. Again, that shows how crucial caring for a child is in those formative years. Would Tate-LaBianca have occurred if Charlie's mother had ever really cared for her boy? My gut says no. Charlie may still have ended up a roughian of sorts but the psychological damage would have been severely lessened if that woman had ever truly hugged her child and gave him unconditional love, which in my mind bolsters my support for adoption or abortion for an unfit mother-to-be. More global grief can be wrought in bad parenting than in no parenting at all.At the announcement of his death, my mind flashed to Debra Tate, although my feeling is she would have had very little reaction, except maybe to whisper to Sharon, Patti and her parents, "Two down, my loves, [Susan Atkins, Manson], five to go [Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie van Houten, Bobby Beausoleil, Bruce Davis]".My heart belongs to all the surviving family members who dutifully trek to each and every parole hearing of these killers, who unlike Charlie, keep throwing figurative darts at the parole board hoping, one day, one will stick, and they'll be set free. It is in those efforts that I think Tex's bayonet, the Girls' buck knives, Bobby's 9mm Radom and Bruce's machete wield devastating damage again and again, striking blows into these ever-grieving souls with every spin of the freedom wheel. All of the above should have been executed in 1971, and yet by a legal loophole they have been allowed to breathe and inflict endless sorrow upon those affected.I'm with Debra, or whoever is just quietly counting the downed killers...two down, five to go, and I pray those five, like these two, also die behind bars where their minds and bodies belong.I'm told Charlie's grandson, Jason Freeman (via Manson's marriage to Rosalie, and their only child, Charles Manson Jr., who changed his name to Jay White, and who committed suicide in his 30s), is attempting to lay[...]

Bill Garretson...More Unplugged Than Usual? Part Four

Sun, 08 Oct 2017 17:18:00 PDT

This is the final part in the Brian Davis and Catscradle77 interview with Bill Garretson, audio-taped six years ago this month on Star City Radio. Parts One, Two A, Two B, and Three are here.I apologize for the very late arrival of this final episode, but better late than never.~~~ Before I begin my final analysis, I want to announce to my readership (although by now it is probably widely known) that Bill passed away from cancer, August 16, 2016, at age 66. Brian Davis posted the announcement January of this year, and you can read his take on Bill's loss in his Star City Radio article, entitled, Bill Garretson Has Passed AwayBrian offers a link - - for the short Lancaster High School announcement of Bill's death but currently this link is no longer in operation. This was the announcement below:Courtesy tlbradio.comI must say I was rather shocked to hear of his passing at still such a young age, but it should not come as any shock, really, for the collateral damage of these murders has put several of the tangentially affected into early graves. I have no doubt that the cancer of these murderers and their crimes spread like a lethal virus, doing its dirty work on the innocent right up until today.Bottom-feeders like Manson and his merry gang of socioapths never once considered how their actions would reverberate like deadly ripples into society, filling all our souls with blackness, no doubt the same colour of the killers' blood in their veins.Courtesy LA TimesSurprisingly though, Bill would often shrug off the psychological affect (which today would most likely be diagnosed as PTSD), but there was no doubt he was deeply affected by this mass murder, and who could blame him? At any age, at any time in life, much less at 18 in 1969, you don't expect to witness something so beyond comprehension. Bill was a small town kid from Middle America. He had more in common with the movie American Graffiti than he did Helter Skelter.A big part of me wishes he had never been a witness. Sure, he was a font of information as the only survivor from that bloody night, but we will never truly know how tortured his mind was after August 9, 1969, as he lay in his bed at night for the next 48 years. Whatever thoughts, fears, terrors he endured, it all would have taken a toll. So here we are, almost half century later, mourning his loss.To his surviving family and friends and fans, I offer my heartfelt condolences.Please know that my analysis of these interviews in no way subtracts from the value of Bill's life and what he meant to us all. Rest in peace, Bill. You deserve peace.~~~Part Four:Throughout these four parts, Bill so wanted to admit that what he thought had occurred, had not, when it came to holding a baby in his arms that night and being told that baby was one Rosie Polanski, the long, lost child of the very dead Sharon Tate. He would begin to admit or agree with Bill and/or Catscradle77, and then just as quick stop in mid sentence.I believe to even "go there" may have psychologically broken this already fragile man. To have to admit that the Rosie saga was completely false and that he was her patsy, would have either been too much to bear, or that he feared admission of said would have eroded his fan base, the only benefit he ever accrued from this singular nightmarish experience. I believe Bill liked his notoriety, at least in terms of the attention he was paid, as I believe deep down he was a lonely soul. I could be wrong on this but my gut says Bill was lonely.He readily admits that this Rosie took her sweet time in telling Bill who she thought she was, saying, "...she didn't blurt it out", followed again by his trade-mark "tell", "Something's not--" which in the case of Bill translates into he KNEW what she was telling him was not correct, that it did in fact make no sense. In the process of their relationship, this Rosie had at least no qualms abusing Bill's generosity, ringing up sky-high phone bills, talking to god knows who in her quest to get rich and famous off of Bill. There should be [...]

Leslie van Houten, Please Stay in Jail...

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 14:46:00 PDT

 Courtesy radaronline.comPretty. Courtesy ABC NewsIt goes a mighty long way to get a Free Pass in this world. Social Invitations arrive.Chairs are offered.Doors opened...but for a vicious home invasion/spree killer, a jail house door shouldn't be one. Leslie van Houten, by certain measurements, can be considered the second most dangerous killer in the Manson Family, and here's why;Of all the killers, from Gary Hinman being the first, to Shorty Shea being the last, only Manson himself desired that killing be done, except for van Houten. After hearing of the slaughter at the Tate house that previous August 9th night, and after seeing the ghastly news coverage, Leslie was the only one who eagerly volunteered to go on the second night of murder.TheOnlyOne.Tex and Sadie had to get high as kites on Speed to achieve Tate.Katie, by this time, was a mere automaton under Charlie's grasp, and as a result would have walked through fire for that demented little dude because he was the only person in her life who ever gave her affection, albeit a conman's version.Linda went on both nights but did none of the killing. It was her driver's licence Charlie needed.And although Sadie described the Tate killings in explicit gory detail in the Grand Jury, in her lifelong quest to draw attention to herself, it was only Leslie who exclaimed that the more she stabbed Rosemary LaBianca, the more she liked it.Courtesy Google/LAPDNot one other Manson Family killer ever said that. Not a one.  (Yes, Sadie said she had an orgasm when she killed Gary Hinman, and in that statement she was her pathological liar self - she didn't kill Gary, Bobby Beausoleil did - she didn't orgasm - she was too busy restraining the poor man with a pillow so Bobby could get in a fatal stabbing.)From the trial's conclusion in '71, to their sentence commutation in '72, to Leslie's temporary freedom on appeal, until present day, van Houten has plied the "pretty little girl lost" scam on anyone who would listen, and believe me, many a man has!And although every one of the killers has been diagnosed with ASPD - Anti-Social Personality Disorder - Leslie's mental disorder is deeper than most. Her admitted desire to kill (that even Charlie didn't want for himself, that's why he had his "kids" do the dirty work) and her obvious crocodile tears display of remorse at the parole hearings puts her in a class by herself as per the killers.Sadie, Susan Atkins, was a dumb kid seeking attention at all costs.Tex Watson was a spoiled brat willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted in life.Katie, Pat Krenwinkel, would have followed Charlie into the gates of Hell for his affection.Linda Kasabian just wanted to belong and be loved.But it was Leslie van Houten who had no inner child need at all, except for the sadistic thrill to kill. In interview after interview, video after video, bloody parole hearing after umpteenth parole hearing, Leslie plays the same card, and thankfully the California Board of Parole has had a brain and denied her the freedom she wants, that she in no way shape or form has a right to have...until, possibly, now.  On September 7th, the Parole Board in its 21st time to convene over van Houten's sentence has recommended parole for the second time for this 68 year old killer. I can only hope Governor Jerry Brown vetoes it for a second time. I beg him to veto this decision. She may no longer be a danger to society but that doesn't mean her punishment has been paid in full. If the Death Penalty had not been overturned, she'd be dead. Simple as that, and some four decades ago, I might add. Commuting that death to life, should be life without parole. Sure, let her have her right to a hearing, but no parole. The dead, however breathing, or not, behind bars, should remain dead to society.  In history, how many untold hundreds of American men have been murdered by attractive, innocent-looking killers?Before you throw up your "Free Leslie" placards for the nth time, put [...]

Tell-All Books - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 18:42:00 PDT

Tell-All books.A umpteen million dollar industry.Everyone from Indie publishers to The Big Five have invested great time, energy and moola taking on the stories of the main players in the Manson Family murders - the perpetrator and innocent alike - creating eye-catching book covers and swamping the market with promises of new insights and hidden gems into this almost half-century old event.The over-riding problem in Tell-All's is the duo poison of money and agenda.Money the publisher wants and is sure to get from a universally popular topic.Money and Agenda the writer as victim or perpetrator needs.And the older the players get in these crimes; oftentimes, the more there is a need to get that last word out and get that final pay cheque in...neither of which insures an honest and forthright literary take.As many of you know, I started TLB2 with the goal of forensically examining these murders in a factually objective light, as all there was online was a handful of, what I long ago coined, "Charliemite" fans spouting rhetoric or hearsay, or just plain lies in an attempt to get Charlie and the Family murderers freed.My foundation is documents; court transcripts, first-hand interviews, witness statements, forensic evidence...all if which is never gleaned through Tell-All's.You can read a Tell-All to see a player's point of view but you must remember: victim or perp, that POV is seen through rose-coloured glasses and the "facts" offered may not be factual.I'm not saying don't read Tell-All's if you enjoy that kind of entertaining delivery over dry document research, but realize the ratio between entertainment and fact will be heavily one-sided, even if published by a reputable publishing house.And if you plan on publicly citing a so-called Tell-All "fact", double-check with existing first-hand sources. The amount of "wrong" online and in Tell-All book land could fill the entire Panamint Range Death Valley desert at Barker! [...]

MsBurb is Baaaaack!

Mon, 28 Aug 2017 17:39:00 PDT

It's not like MsBurb to disappear.Many people would like that, but I'm like a bad penny slathered in Ebola...I might hide inside a monkey for a wee while but, like Jack said, well, kind of, Here's MsBurb!First, my apologies...I went AWOL on both the 2nd Official Tate-LaBianca Murders Blog (aka TLB2) and the Buck & Buntline Inn (aka B3), as for the last number of years I decided to try my hand at longer works, and like chewing gum and walking - and I have no idea how people do that! - I left writing short articles to dive deep and long into novels.In that time, I've written three books...No More Blood - on the last three hours of Truman Capote's life - available right now as an ebook at Amazon.No More Blood, being such a research heavy topic, and my first stab at a long work, took me close to two years to finish; although, Truman had been talking in my ear since '07, I just didn't think I had it in me then to attempt the feat. 18 1/2 - a political thriller where I tell the reader, once and for all, what was on that 18 1/2 minute gap on the Nixon Watergate tape - available on amazon as well.Sessions - a psychological noir - NOT a typical police procedural - is a kind of proverbial  Dodge City at High Noon shoot out between a psychiatrist and a sexually sadistic serial killer who is a 70 year old female...never been caught. As I type this, Sessions is being read by agents in an attempt to get this book traditionally published so as yet not available to the public.All the while I'm spending all-niters writing these works, I was thinking of these blog sites, but I knew my writer's mind could not do justice to two things at once.My writing has been under an evolution of sorts this last decade since I retired from the full-time work-force, and for the better, I like to think. But although I am already in preparation mode for my 4th novel, I feel more skilled to handle both long and short works, so here I am, and this time, I mean to stay.My goal is to blog on Mondays for TLB2 and B3, the rest of the week write on my current novel. I may flounder here and there but I'm determined to stay the course and try my best to get you, my dear readers, back, giving you the attention you deserve.If there are any specific topics you'd like to see me handle on TLB2 or B3, just email me and offer up your ideas. I have posts in the hopper but it's nice to see what the readership would like me to cover, as well.If you click back onto the blogs, you will see a New & Improved look to them both, hopefully set up better, offering more and resembling something one would actually find online in this century. Yes, I went kicking and screaming into the 21st. I have the proverbial psychological bruises to prove it!On TLB2, MsBurb's "Record Player" is back! Email me anytime with '60s songs you'd like me to add to the playlist. I've also added a new Poll at the bottom of the Home Page, if you'd like to have your viewpoint known to the TLB2 reading public! And in the near future, I will add a "Slide Show" of the main photos covering these crimes and those times. These new blog themes are Works In Progress so bear with me...On B3, a new look as well, but still in keeping with my two favourite things - drinking and being North Irish-Canadian - this blog enabling me to say what doesn't quite fit on TLB2, past and current issues, social/historical events that have shaped our time in this our shared human experience.I have also begun a third website, entitled,CLICK PIC TO CHECK OUT SITE!Words to Write By...Books by B.J. Thompson (aka WWB), where, as a free-lance editor and writer, I discuss the issues surrounding the craft, will pen some short tales and post excerpts from my books, and make those novels available for sale to the general public. So, pour a coffee or something stronger, drop by, and do a little reading, won't you?So, here we go again, my fellow readers...the Manson and Social[...]

Horror Haunting The Beauty…And Me

Tue, 14 Oct 2014 19:57:00 PDT

Early Morning…Saturday August 9, 1969 Crystalline, aquiline sky, omnipresent, penetrating heat, a suffocating kind of quiet in Benedict Canyon.No birds singing, the usually constant traffic melee down on Sunset Boulevard was mysteriously muffled to the point of non-existent, no voices even, no hint of living things...The lodge-pole pines bent back and forth imperceptibly, the odd soft creak or groan could have been heard...if anyone with working ears were there...Now - sheets, nicely laundered, freshly washed bed-sheets, so stark-white they were against the soft moss-green of the front lawn, blades of that grass grabbed by desperate fingers, those fingers now under those sheets in a rigid grip made some eight hours before. Bed-sheets don't belong on front lawns, do they?Finally - the hum-click of large professional photographic cameras, the odd hum-click of the pool filter, living beings there now but conversing in reverent tones and only to offer orders. Get this job sewn up as fast as possible, no hair on any man's neck was standing down until that goal was accomplished.Heat, Los Angeles heat, was hitting 96 F at high noon in the shade, low 90s inside the home, the small panes of picture glass softly sound-cracking from the expansion...Heating, roasting, burning blood, the odour made one wretch, now the smell of blood mixing with the rancid smell of vomit on that lovely lawn. What was once dead quiet and still, now, an ethereal bile attacking the senses.Evil would have the final word that day, its speech other-worldly, of course, the vibration of wasted souls translated into the now low-frequency, incessant buzz of blue-bottle flies, the sound growing, the auditory menace over-taking. Even hardened officers haunted.Body temperatures would not lower that day as those five wretched bodies lay baking in the California sun.45 years later, if you listen really close, the buzzing of blue-bottles and the wrenching of souls in this dreamy place, once the home of very Beautiful People, can still be felt and heard.Buzzing in my mind, since, and evermore. [...]

Make-Believe on Malibu Beach - A Story…

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 16:38:00 PST

Disclaimer: This is a purely fictional tale, no such encounter ever took place…but oh, if it had…A warm, soft-breezy day on Malibu Beach in August of ‘59. Not a busy beach day for it’s Monday but some pale-skinned tourists and well-healed retired couples and Mothers with young children are quietly filling up the sandy shore. It’s a Teacher’s Day today in High School so teenagers from the Greater L.A. Area are haunting the coastline too - a rare thing for a weekday.One Mother had to drive all the way in from the Valley to get her teenage daughter to the beach she loved the best, for this young Valley Girl had yet to attain her own driver’s license and was therefore at the mercy of her more-than-patient and loving Mom. Another Mother had to merely stroll outside onto her own balcony to watch from afar her young child playing in this Pacific Ocean paradise, for this Mother and this child lived right on Malibu Beach, in a very pricey beachfront home. Afar was just as far as this socialite Mother would go in attending to her daughter anyway, so it was just as well they lived on the beach, for she never really wanted to get too involved in her daughter’s life, doing so might distract her from Country Club activities, Bridge games and volunteering for Charity Balls - top priorities for her and all the well-placed Malibu wives of leisure. Who could possibly have the time nor, dare we say, the interest, for a child under foot, when the social ladder had to be climbed for themselves and for the sake of their career-driven Los Angelian husbands?Not a cloud in the sky and the Pacific was its usual dead calm. Rhythmic, rolling, roiling waves broke ever so smoothly against the pearlescent sand - so warm to the touch and so very dry on shore, so refined as to dare to be pure silica, slippery and oh, so soft it was.The Malibu Beach Life Guards were at their posts but socializing was more on tap than the thought of saving lives, for the ocean-going populous was so low on this day and the visibility was so high, the water so tame, that to warrant more attention on the well-behaved bathers was a sheer waste of time when girl-watching was so at hand.Off, down a ways, near Guard Shack #3, the Valley Mom parked her station-wagon and out popped her daughter from the passenger side. Stunning, this teenage girl was, golden blond-haired with a sun-kissed tan, the epitome of a California Girl if there ever was one. Her Mom followed behind her, slowly lugging beach paraphernalia as she went. This Valley Mom was not as beautifully striking as her daughter but you could tell that maybe, in her hay-day, she was. She would keep polite distance from her daughter today, taking up solo-residence on a brightly coloured, hibiscus-flowered beach blanket, her sun-bathing set-up positioned just in the right spot on the beach – close enough to keep an eye on her Valley Girl daughter as she mingled with all of her other teenage friends, far enough away to give her the independence she craved. The Valley Girl hurriedly dropped her shorts and T-shirt to reveal an adorable pink and white polka-dotted bikini, kissed her Mom quick on the cheek and joyfully jogged toward her volley-ball playing friends, when out of the corner of her eye she spotted that young child who luckily made Malibu Beach her home. Malibu Girl sat in the middle of a plethora of sand-castle-making tools and a couple of what looked like brand-new Beach Barbie-dolls for 1959. One doll was dressed in a lovely blue and white one-piece jumper, the other doll in a matching blue and white sun-dress, matching sea-blue eye-shadow and sun-glasses to boot, a small, white vinyl Barbie carrying-case with all the accessories Barbie would ever want or need and a wondrous mini Barbie Beach house, both tucked away nicely on a beach towel behind this little Malibu Girl. But what caught the Valley Girl’s eye was that this little girl [...]