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Covering the murderous exploits of The Manson Family and the 60s Hippie culture that spawned them.

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Horror Haunting The Beauty…And Me

Wed, 15 Oct 2014 02:57:00 +0000

Early Morning…Saturday August 9, 1969 Crystalline, aquiline sky, omnipresent, penetrating heat, a suffocating kind of quiet in Benedict Canyon.No birds singing, the usually constant traffic melee down on Sunset Boulevard was mysteriously muffled to the point of non-existent, no voices even, no hint of living things...The lodge-pole pines bent back and forth imperceptibly, the odd soft creak or groan could have been heard...if anyone with working ears were there...Now - sheets, nicely laundered, freshly washed bed-sheets, so stark-white they were against the soft moss-green of the front lawn, blades of that grass grabbed by desperate fingers, those fingers now under those sheets in a rigid grip made some eight hours before. Bed-sheets don't belong on front lawns, do they?Finally - the hum-click of large professional photographic cameras, the odd hum-click of the pool filter, living beings there now but conversing in reverent tones and only to offer orders. Get this job sewn up as fast as possible, no hair on any man's neck was standing down until that goal was accomplished.Heat, Los Angeles heat, was hitting 96 F at high noon in the shade, low 90s inside the home, the small panes of picture glass softly sound-cracking from the expansion...Heating, roasting, burning blood, the odour made one wretch, now the smell of blood mixing with the rancid smell of vomit on that lovely lawn. What was once dead quiet and still, now, an ethereal bile attacking the senses.Evil would have the final word that day, its speech other-worldly, of course, the vibration of wasted souls translated into the now low-frequency, incessant buzz of blue-bottle flies, the sound growing, the auditory menace over-taking. Even hardened officers haunted.Body temperatures would not lower that day as those five wretched bodies lay baking in the California sun.45 years later, if you listen really close, the buzzing of blue-bottles and the wrenching of souls in this dreamy place, once the home of very Beautiful People, can still be felt and heard.Buzzing in my mind, since, and evermore. [...]

Make-Believe on Malibu Beach - A Story…

Fri, 14 Feb 2014 00:38:00 +0000

Disclaimer: This is a purely fictional tale, no such encounter ever took place…but oh, if it had…A warm, soft-breezy day on Malibu Beach in August of ‘59. Not a busy beach day for it’s Monday but some pale-skinned tourists and well-healed retired couples and Mothers with young children are quietly filling up the sandy shore. It’s a Teacher’s Day today in High School so teenagers from the Greater L.A. Area are haunting the coastline too - a rare thing for a weekday.One Mother had to drive all the way in from the Valley to get her teenage daughter to the beach she loved the best, for this young Valley Girl had yet to attain her own driver’s license and was therefore at the mercy of her more-than-patient and loving Mom. Another Mother had to merely stroll outside onto her own balcony to watch from afar her young child playing in this Pacific Ocean paradise, for this Mother and this child lived right on Malibu Beach, in a very pricey beachfront home. Afar was just as far as this socialite Mother would go in attending to her daughter anyway, so it was just as well they lived on the beach, for she never really wanted to get too involved in her daughter’s life, doing so might distract her from Country Club activities, Bridge games and volunteering for Charity Balls - top priorities for her and all the well-placed Malibu wives of leisure. Who could possibly have the time nor, dare we say, the interest, for a child under foot, when the social ladder had to be climbed for themselves and for the sake of their career-driven Los Angelian husbands?Not a cloud in the sky and the Pacific was its usual dead calm. Rhythmic, rolling, roiling waves broke ever so smoothly against the pearlescent sand - so warm to the touch and so very dry on shore, so refined as to dare to be pure silica, slippery and oh, so soft it was.The Malibu Beach Life Guards were at their posts but socializing was more on tap than the thought of saving lives, for the ocean-going populous was so low on this day and the visibility was so high, the water so tame, that to warrant more attention on the well-behaved bathers was a sheer waste of time when girl-watching was so at hand.Off, down a ways, near Guard Shack #3, the Valley Mom parked her station-wagon and out popped her daughter from the passenger side. Stunning, this teenage girl was, golden blond-haired with a sun-kissed tan, the epitome of a California Girl if there ever was one. Her Mom followed behind her, slowly lugging beach paraphernalia as she went. This Valley Mom was not as beautifully striking as her daughter but you could tell that maybe, in her hay-day, she was. She would keep polite distance from her daughter today, taking up solo-residence on a brightly coloured, hibiscus-flowered beach blanket, her sun-bathing set-up positioned just in the right spot on the beach – close enough to keep an eye on her Valley Girl daughter as she mingled with all of her other teenage friends, far enough away to give her the independence she craved. The Valley Girl hurriedly dropped her shorts and T-shirt to reveal an adorable pink and white polka-dotted bikini, kissed her Mom quick on the cheek and joyfully jogged toward her volley-ball playing friends, when out of the corner of her eye she spotted that young child who luckily made Malibu Beach her home. Malibu Girl sat in the middle of a plethora of sand-castle-making tools and a couple of what looked like brand-new Beach Barbie-dolls for 1959. One doll was dressed in a lovely blue and white one-piece jumper, the other doll in a matching blue and white sun-dress, matching sea-blue eye-shadow and sun-glasses to boot, a small, white vinyl Barbie carrying-case with all the accessories Barbie would ever want or need and a wondrous mini Barbie Beach house, both tucked away nicely on a beach towel behind this little Malibu Girl. But what ca[...]