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Camp HappyBadFun!

Published: 2006-06-19T20:53:45-08:00


what did you say your name was, again, darling?


One of the reasons I want to post again is my notorious (yet charming!!!) forgetfulness. (Refer to my previous post for a sampling of these self-proclaimed charms! haha) I swear I'll never forget the adorable, funny, endearing things my kids...



Remember me?'s been a while, but heck, I figured if Whittle can disappear for months on end and still have a loyal following, should I expect less? I didn't think so. Actually, I've attempted to post on more than...

Lessons in Political Correctness


On the last day of school before "Winter Break", Natie's class was having a big "Holiday Party". We sang songs about a non-gender specific person wearing a coat in a color that rhymes with “bread” who often repeated a word...

It's the Great Mom-Off Challenge of Oh-Five!


So Jeff did it after I did it. Now Harvey's getting into the act. Oddy did it a while back. I guess we got ourselves a regular "Mom-Off Challenge"! Yay! I love offing mom...or something like's a picture of...

Are we done celebratin' yet?


So yeah...Christmas has come and gone but the kids haven't! Ha! Christmas vacation seems sooo long this year! I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday. We had one of the most relaxing Christmas' on record. I think part of the...

YAY!!! It's Christmas!!!


Dang! I hope Santa doesn't dock points for being a bad blogger or I'm in BIG trouble! Christmas is here and I can honestly say I have enjoyed all the festivities leading up to it! The boys are up at...

My Momma and my Daddy


My son, Spencer, was messing around with Photoshop and did a little repair work on this picture of my parents. Mom was about 23 and dad was nearer to 20. Was that girl a looker or what!...

Dancing With The Devil


Remember my sister? The one who was in love with a Brazilian orphan? Yeah... well forget about him--she's moved on and so must we. Now in all her years of bringing home guys, I've always been the encouraging, enthusiastic sister...

"Really special"


That was Bush's response to drinking fermented mare's milk in Mongolia and listening to their traditional Central Asian art of throat singing. Some things in life are just so funny, you gotta love it! Here's my new screensaver:...

$8000 Later...


...and she's as good as new! My car, that is. She's finally home after the unfortunate incident with the pipe. Funny how we get attached to a bucket of bolts, isn't it? I've never had much affection for a car...

When Words Are Worth Nothing


I read an article that resonated within the deepest part of my being and at the risk of being more "container than content", I wanted to pass it on to my fellow bloggers and friends. A little excerpt: "...we end...

Road trips are soooo fun!


On our way to Napa last week, Krista and I were in a freak accident with an 18” iron pipe. We were driving on the freeway going about 70mph when I saw a slightly curved pipe in the road. Before...

YAY for Vacations!


So my friend, Krista, came for a visit last week and boy-oh-boy was I ready for a vacation! We had a lovely time laughing, sight-seeing, getting ourselves thrown out of restaurants, nearly getting killed and shopping. LOTS of shopping. We...

Seasons of Life


It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry for the long absence--life got in the way. As most of you know, I started a new career as a real estate agent this year. It's been a wonderful adventure having spent the...

This post is for...


...Harvey because he says I'm naked. >:-0 We certainly wouldn't want to offend his delicate sensibilities now would we! heehee...that made me laugh. I'm taking a vacation from life this next week but I'll be back to posting soon! YAY!...