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Strategic Negotiation - What Do They Really Teach you
Having come originally from Egypt where bargaining attitude is a way of life and where every thing is negotiable, you will be eaten alive if you try to use any of these negotiating tactics you learned at a course when you negotiate with these people.

10 Keys to Guaranteed Success in Negotiations
Negotiating is a skill that like warfare tactics must be honed. It is important to be mentally prepared to win. Do the ground work well before your reach the negotiating table and decide on the "path" you are going to take. Positivity will help as also a sense of confidence and self esteem. Set aside any doubts you may have and stride forward prepared to win at all costs.

More Than Just Money: Barter
By definition, barter is when parties swap services or resources. But in business terms, it's an exchange that ends usually with everyone a winner. All parties involved in bartering hold onto their cold hard cash and don't lose a cent. There's no worries about getting ripped off as a buyer or seller, so it's an exchange that's high on trust, low on tension. And finally, the government doesn't get its hands on any of the proceeds. Bartering is such a great system, it's no wonder it's been around nearly forever.

Negotiations: The Art, Science, & Sport of Online Deals
Negotiations can seem as complex as physics, and in fact, people go to college to study the science of negotiating just as they would the laws of nature. At the same time, negotiation is like an ancient art form, some sort of Zen mental jujitsu. When neither the Zen nor the science works, though, no one wins.

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