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Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
Are you frightened to speak in public? Just been asked? This article helps you see the fear for what it is and will help you overcome that fear or, for some people, perhaps terror.

3 Ways to Ruin Your Speaking or Singing Voice for Life
If somebody told me, "Go out there and ruin your voice for the rest of your life", I could do it in less than 1 year. Here is what I would do:

Performance Anxiety
This article provides information about how to handle the performance anxiety. It also gives information about symptoms and treatments of anxiety.

You're Always Public Speaking So Be Prepared
Many people think they can fly by the seat of their pants when giving a talk, but being fully prepared gives you options that those people simply don't have.

The Things That Stop Most People Presenting in Public & How to Overcome Them
It's the number one skill that's guaranteed to position you head and shoulders above the competition, so why do so many people avoid it? We examine the reasons behind public speaking fears, dispel the myths and show you how you can overcome your nerves and learn the skill that can increase your audience by over 90%

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4 Ways To Locate Public Speaking Jobs Online
Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to join speakers bureaus in order to get a public speaking job. The Internet offers leads to prime opportunities IF you know where to look.