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More Southern Cooking Techniques
Want to cook Southern? Here are some techniques used by the best Southern cooks. Want to know why you should put sugar in a sour dish? Or why fat biscuits are better? Try these techniques to improve your down home cooking style.

3 Tips for Easy Meal Planning
Where has the family dinner hour gone? In today's fast paced world, we need more bonding time with the family. Wouldn't you like to get back to the way it used to be?

Chocolate Fountain Description and Help
How does a chocolate fountain work and what can I do if my home fountain doesn't work properly? This article explains how chocolate fountains work and how to get the most out of your home fountain.

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Quick and easy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Captn Salsas Grill Roasted Yard Bird
Delicious golden brown moist and tender, some of the best melt in your mouth grill roasted chicken you will ever eat.

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Data Loggers: The Way to Monitor a Freezer or Cooler's Temperature
Find out the leading technology required to monitor, measure, record and document temperature. Important for those who need to need to stay below the Health Department radar.

The Best Way to Check the Temperature in Your Freezer!
Data loggers can do more than just checking the temperature in your freezer!