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Convert Visitors Into Repeat Buyers
In this article I extensively cover how to slice your advertising costs to almost nothing with time. It covers customer loyalty, how to get it, as well as how to get more brand recognition

I wonder why do procurement departments still exist today ?
The overall success of any procurement department surely comes from its ability to increase the competitiveness of its organisation in the marketplace.

Outbound Training in India - A growing trend
Brief description about the advantage of OBT helping your company's team management.

Why can a family-owned business fail?
Business management in family-owned companies is conditioned, as in any other company, by economic and organizational factors, but also by emotional issues.

Achieving Competitive Advantage through Collaboration with Key Customers and Suppliers
In the past when companies pondered corporate strategy, operations had been peripheral to the discussion. Operations were considered a technical matter with one way of doing things and therefore not, strategic. Strategy is about products, markets, and competitive advantage with divergent possibilities

Business Competition Best Practices: Win Loss Research
Win Loss Research for sales process improvement is a business competition best practice that is an easy, relatively inexpensive and powerful technique to improve your sales results.

The Do's and Don'ts of Cash Management
Following these dos and don'ts will enable you to optimize cash and to highlight inefficiencies in your processes that must be remedied to better serve customers. It will enable you to build stronger partnerships with your suppliers across the total working capital value chain. This translates ultimately into improvement in bottom-line results, often a good deal quicker than you might expect, and helps clarify the senior management focus on strategic imperatives.

To Invest in a Qualified Business Plan is a Fundamental Strategy
Your Business Plan is your "road map" of your enterprise and shows you where you want to go. It is to become your checking list to follow up, the same way an orderly routined pilot does, before taking off his plane.

Minding Your Global Manners
Guidelines to help you find your way through the maze of international etiquette rules that apply whether you work on-line or in an office.

Business Plans are for Wimps!
Traditional Business Planningis boring. Originally people wrote them so a banker would lend money. Truth is fewer than 10% of the fortune 500 companies even used bnak money to start. They got it from friends and family. So why write a plan.

Numbers Don't Lie; Interpretations Might
Five major areas you might review to better know where you really are financially.

Free Patent Search Training
Free Patent Search Training is provided online by a Patent Search website in India and the author Ramaswami Natarajan provides the Free Patent Search Training.

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Planning for Success - A Positive Approach
Some people are under the misguided impression that planning is a waste of time and effort. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Types of Staffing Services Explained
Staffing companies help organizations with their manpower requirements. There are primarily three different types of staffing services offered by staffing firms.