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Truck Drivers Responsibility - Trucking Safety
Let's talk about what exactly the truck driver is responsible for when it comes to hauling freight safely. To be on the safe side let's assume that the driver is responsible for absolutely everything unless I specifically say otherwise.

NASCAR In Bristol - A Truck Drivers Road Story
Prove yourself as a quality, hard-working, safe, reliable driver and get to know as many people in the chain of command as you can. You don't have to be a kissy-ass, but just get to know them, show them respect, and do an awesome job for them.

Choosing Your First Trucking Company
As you probably realize there are tens or even hundreds of thousands of trucking companies nationwide. There are some as small as one truck and some as large as tens of thousands of trucks.

A Cosmopolitan Job Search
With increased globalization and cosmopolitan approaches to life, the job hunting process is also undergoing changes. People are increasingly looking for jobs outside the borders or their countries in a more competitive world then ever.

University Selection
Even before you decide which course is your best proposition, you need to know which university can offer what your career needs. Read On!

Career Changes for Baby Boomers: Ability, Not Age, Matters
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data and projections indicate that by 2010 there should be 18.5 million boomers ages 45 to 49 in the labor force, as compared to 14.7 in 1995, and 16.8 million versus 10.6 million in the 50- to 54-years-old

Your Dispatcher Holds The Keys
The biggest factor in the level of success and happiness a driver will find will without a doubt be your dispatcher. Everything in trucking begins and ends right here....with dispatch

The Real World: Life after Law School
Gone are the books, the green lawns, and the campus Starbucks. In their places are charcoal suits, high-rise office buildings, and unrealistic expectations.

Vision Directed Interviews: How to Succeed within Interviews
In this article, you are encouraged to follow your authentic Career Vision so that you're more likely to successfully, and authentically, manage job interviews.

Ways to Make Extra Money on the Weekends
Do you work at 9 to 5 job seven days a week? If so, you are probably tied up during the week. In other words, you do not have a lot of time to chase after other money making ventures. But what about on the weekends?

Certified Schools Provide the Highest Quality Truck Driver Training for New Students
If you've always wanted to learn to drive trucks, the highest quality training will ensure you're on the right road.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Third Time Stupid
Ever wondered why you can't seem to find employment in the Fortune 500 companies? Chances are your resume might be blacklisted.

The All Important Job Objective on a Teacher Resume
A specific and concise objective helps set your resume apart from all the other teacher resumes. A good objective lets employers know you are interested in the exact job they are offering. Make your teacher resume stand out!

Mortgage Advisor Jobs Secrets
The key to being successful in the mortgage industry is persistency but getting fixed up with work requires something else, "exposure."

CeMAP Mock Exam Papers on eBay
You should be aware that the Institute of Financial Services (ifs) often changes the Certificate of Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) course content on a yearly basis and sometimes twice a year.

Who Took Your Million Dollar Job?
Have you ever wondered why all the good paying jobs just seem to go to someone else? Is there something you don't know? Ultimate secrets revealed.

8 Common Recruiting Mistakes made by Security Companies
Recruiting in the Security Industry is an extremely difficult task. Security Companies often compound these problems by making these 8 common mistakes:

Mortgage Advisers Wanted
The key to being successful in the mortgage industry is persistency but getting fixed up with work requires something else, EXPOSURE.

Mortgage Broker Training
If you are looking for a career change, you could consider the mortgage industry, as it gives individuals the opportunity to get onto the high earnings ladder, fast.

Committed to Nothing
My uncle recently retired from a 40 year career at the same company. Will you be at your current position or future position for the next 40 years? I highly doubt it and here is why.

Cheapest CeMAP Training Courses
We all strive for success by studying for university degrees, attend courses and continuously look for a spark for direction in life and it's not until we see a professional person in front of us that we realise that it's a job that we would like

Homework - I Mean, Working At Home
A sneak preview of why more and more people are turning towards working at home. And the pay's not bad too!!!

Kiss the Ring: Hierarchy Matters (It's not what you think)
Someone once asked a Washington insider how to deal with important people whom you can't stand. His reply? "You put on your respectful face and you don't blink." This strategy is known in business circles as "kissing the ring."

How To Leave Your Dead End Job
This is for everyone who is sticking with a job that no longer fits. Maybe it was right for awhile, for a certain time and place in your life. But not anymore. When was the last time you jumped out of bed with excitement about what the day would bring?

Making Lemonade: Starting a Business After Ending A Career
A big upset like job loss can provide a shift of perspective-- an opportunity to take stock. What is really important? What do you want to pursue at this point in your life? Is being your own boss the way to go? I spoke with several silverbacks to share their wisdom gleaned from these life changes with a new member of the pack.