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This is the end.... kinda


Howdie Hoe everybody!.

I am officially done with Blogger, and Beer-With-A-Coffee-Chaser is now extinct. This is the second to last post on this site. I haven't given up on blogging, just changing venues.

1. The new project is . It is my Haiku Movie Review site. If it takes you more then 11 syllables to sum up a're not trying hard enough.

2. There will also be a personal blog site attached to the review site in the immediate future.
still working on that, but the name is probably have zombies in it....that or gojira....or maybe Chin!!!

3. Got my birthday prezzy from the parents early this year. a shiny little 20" lcd moniter. Now all my writing appears even bigger and crisper. Glorious. Also Serenity looks stellar on it.....go Wheddon!

4. Contrary to the rumor mill , I am in fact not a Cylon. Of course if I was a cylon, I most likely wouldn't tell!


O to Z of ME


Thats right. I am tired of having this task hanging over my shoulder. So as the new year is nigh at hand, I will endeavor to remove this from the must do list

O is for Ostler

In the medieval Society I belong to I am called Mary Ostler.

P is for Pratchett

My favorite author that is still alive is Terry Pratchett

Q is for Quincy

My favorite TV show from my youth was Quincy

R is for Radio

I am addicted to talk radio. CKNW and stations that replay 50's radio serials are my dealer.

S is for Suffragist

I fervently believe people should have the right to vote

T is for Timothy Lake

I spend a lot of my childhood summers up near timothy lake in the Cariboo.

U is for Unicycles

I ride unicycles. I own two, and basic and a high boy.

V is for Vinci.... Da Vinci

Da Vinci is my frak'n hero, that and all the other dabblers in mechanical design 4-600 years ago.

W is for Woodworking

I like woodworking. I especially like wood

X is for Xactly

I don't xactly have a word for X

Y is for Y do you care

Seriously, don't you have better things to do with you time?

Z is for Zombies

Zombies, Zombies, raa, raa, raa. Zombies, Zombies, ha, ha, ha. MMMM, I love Zombies!

I am planing on having a new type of blog in the future, as well and doing some audio and video blogging. Once I have the new home and stuff nailed down I'll post it here, and then abandoned blogger for ever.

N is for Neige (aka annoying snow)



Hello Boys and Girls,

Todays letter N is brought to you by Neige. I love snow, but I don't even mind shoveling the stuff. I find snow very annoying when its covered up the shoveled drive way before your even done half of the shoveling.....Doh! What I truly love about snow is I get to repeatedly throw snowballs into the face of Holly.

Your Fired!


Hidi-Ho Everybody

So Yesterday morning, I got my ass fired from Save on Foods. I was working in the price change department, peeling all those hanging stickers off the shelves and putting up new ones. Well I had given a month notice ( cause I'm nice, and stupid....mostly stupid), and with only 15 minutes left in the shift I got called up to the office. Well, as soon as I walked into the room, I was yelled at your fired. There was more dialogue than that, and after it was done, I asked her to repeat it so I could capture that special moment onto my MP3 player voice recorder.



M is for Movies



M is for Movies

I have always been a big movie fan, although in till this year my passion was generally tailored towards the Rental side of the big picture. Then I found friends that like film on the big screen. I seldom actually rent films now. I think I would still be renting alot of movies if there was a rental place like Shlockbuster (2nd & Lonsdale N.Van) in Port Coquitlam. The local Rogers video is fine if you want to watch the big Hollywood productions, but older and more obscure fare is right out of the question.

Top Five Films of All Time According to Me

1. Harvey
2. Emielle
3. Usual Suspects
4. Blade Runner
5. Fight Club

HM - Hudson Hawk, Lawrence of Arabia, Army of Darkness....etc

The Egg and how not to digest it.



Recently I had one of those conversations that demonstrated the strange strange areas of obscure knowledge I have collected over the years. In this case it was the bizarre stuff I know about uses of eggs pre-1650 that don't involve digestion. Yes I know...I'm special in the short bus usage of the word.

It got me to crack open one of the most interesting reads I have ever found. Its Giambattista della Porta's amazing book(s) Natural Magick. It was published in 1658, and is full of the strangest most obscure knowledge I have ever found. Best of all its online.


L is for Leland



(image) L is an easy letter to represent. My little nephew Leland is a little over a year old, and he rocks. Yes I am biased, and I don’t care. He likes me to read the animal sounds book, cause I make the sounds better than anyone else. Here’s a picture of the young rascal on rocking goat.

Heres a picture of Leland dressed up as Godzilla. I was told it was actually a dragon costume, but Leland and I know better. RAAAAAAAA


Cannon Ball Run Record



I found this article on an attempt at setting a new land speed trans-continental record. Its a long article but i found it interesting, yet at the same time kinda terrifying. This dude could have put the hurt on someone so easily with this stunt. Full of High Tech and Low Tech James Bond goodness. Worth a read. Thanks Gayle for sending me to a different article, that led me to this on =D

PS. I haven't forgot about the A to Z of me, its just I got busy and lazy at the same time.....mostly lazy.

K is for Kayaks


(image) I have always enjoyed canoeing and kayaking. I unfortunately haven’t done much of either in years. I guess the biggest problem with kayaking is the cost. Rentals are expensive and to purchase a kayak is even pricier. I have a set of plans for a skin on frame kayak gathering dust for the last dozen years. I am not sure why I haven’t got around to building it yet. It is well within my capabilities to build it. It seems to be a lot easier of a build than a cedar strip kayak. I must admit the cedar strip kayaks are beautiful, but they just weigh so much more than a skin yak. I think a new project might be in the works….or maybe just wishful thinking. Kayaking solo probably isn’t the smartest move either.

J is for Johhny Dollar



Although I do have a story about jello wrestling, I have chosen restraint in this particular instance. J is another tough letter to represent

J is for Johnny Dollar

I have always been a sucker for those old time radio serials that you hear late at night. Most people at one time or another have listened to the Shadow (who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men…I DO). I have listen to countless hours of programming and I have developed a taste for the detective serials. The one that shines out from the rest of these dark themed shows was “Johnny Dollar ~ Insurance Investigator”. That’s right, The man with the action pack expense account was, is ,and always will be my favorite from those golden days of radio.

I is for Ice Caves


I is for Ice Caves


Well "I" is a hard letter to represent. I had to think real hard. This is another scouting story.

My favorite scout camp bar none was a large affair in Manning Park. RoVent (combination of Rover scouts and Venture scouts) was the yearly winter camp. Located at Cambie Creek in Manning Park, 600+ people would gather in the freezing cold to camp, and be retarded in that special scouting kinda way. There was a policy against digging snow caves, but rules always applied to other people. One year, John and myself dug a massive snow cave. You had to jump down into a 6ft hole, get down onto your hands and knees to crawl through a U bend tunnel to get into a large chamber. Big enough for two people and all their junk and still had room to spare. It was a claustrophobic nightmare! Absolutely dead quiet, and if I remember correctly It got up to a balmy 7'c. That's a big improvement from the -15'c + windshield. All those silly people sleeping in nylon tents on the surface...I pitied them!


H is for Holly & Harvey


H is for Holly.My family has always had dogs. Never cats, always dogs. Currently we have a big old goof of a black lab named holly. She is an even tempered dog, with massive hearing problems. Hearing only what she wants to hear, and tuning out the rest. She is getting on in years, and my dad has said that this will be the last dog we ever have. It will be a sad day when she goes, as even though each dog we have had are unique animals, the unconditional love that they gave/give is constant. Holly recent had a run in with the rocking goat I made for my nephew. The goat was placed a little to close to Holly's water bowl. When she went to get a drink she bumped the goat. The goat moved, dog jumped back and looked hard at the goat. She approached cautiously to see whats up with the goat. she bumped it with her nose. The goat moved again. The hackles were now up, and the growling and barking started. I saw the whole thing happen, and was laughing hysterically at my brave dogs attitude towards an inanimate object. Rocking goat had to live in my room in till it was given to Leland. Holly couldn't live in the same house with it. Yes that a rubber crocodile on her head. Good Dog!H is for HarveyMy favorite movie of all time is Harvey. Starring Jimmy Stewart as Elwood P Dowd, a drunken goodhearted rich guy who has an invisible 6ft tall white rabbit drinking buddy called Harvey. Harvey's existence or lack there of causes all sorts of problems for his family, and committing Elwood is proving more difficult than they thought. I saw this when I was in my teens, and it struck a cord. No film has ever compared to it. It makes me happy just thinking about the film.[...]

G is also for Glass


G is for Glass, Stained

(image) I have for a few years now been delinquent from my Stained Glass hobby. Its a shame, as I did enjoy making stuff in glass. Its just every time I start making stuff I am interested in , my mother starts placing orders for stuff I really, really find boring to make. I use copper foil technique, instead of the traditional lead came method. I have used both, and have even got so far as pouring my own lead came as described in Roman/Greek texts. I think if I ever got my hands on a glass kiln, I'd probably get back into it, as there are some really cool stuff that can be done with chemical glazes. I enrolled in a glass blowing workshop a few years ago, but had to dropout after the first day do to the heat causing me blistering up to my elbows. That's with wearing the protective gear they supplied. Note to self 1500' heat is bad for me!

G is for Gozilla


G is for Godzilla


(image) Since I first saw Godzilla, way back when rocks were soft, I have been an big fan. There’s something about the big gray killing machine that captures my imagination. Maybe it’s the destructive nature of the beast that appeals to me. How often do we get to destroy things in real life. Maybe it’s the fantastical nature of this iconic monster. Maybe it’s the large and varied array of other monsters he does battle with. Over the years he has changed from enemy of the people, to hero, and then back again. He has been mechanized, baby sized, and brutalized (re: Godzilla Hollywood's version). Godzilla vs Mothra, and the original Gojira are my two favorite monster films.

F is for Fire


F is for Fire

(image) Hey everyone, lets all have a marshmallow roast, fire is at Moli!. Today I arrived at my workplace to find allot of people standing around in the cold damp parking lot. Alarms were screaming, and Firetruck sirens were off in the distance. Apparently a research cell had vented in an incubator, and had caused a fire. When a grand total of 10 firetrucks, 2 ambulance and who knows how many police trucks(image) showed up, we all thought that this might be it for Moli. With Traffic helicopters buzzing the site, and all traffic directed away from the industrial park, we eventually got the news, that the fire had been contained to the immediate area of the original incubator going up. What we do have is allot of smoke, and water damage from the sprinkler system. Since allot of my work areas (image) and office is in the immediate area of the restricted zone, I was unable to go into our area, and was sent home...hurrah. I spent my illgotten extra hours on prodigious napping.


E is for Ent


E is for Ent.

When I was 17 I joined scouting. It was the last year I was eligible for Venture Scouts (14-17). Since most of my friends where active members of either Ventures or Rovers I decided I wanted to be a part of the cool stories I kept on hearing about. At first it was kind of strange, as although scouting in the older stages had been Co-Ed for sometime, females were still very much in the minority. The next year I moved on up to Rover Crew. 5th Poco Rovers had only formed up the year before, and as such alot of the trappings and ceremonies hadn't either been made yet, or were rough in the extreme. The one thing that was decided on very quickly was the name for our crew. The Venture company had been named the KGB. Kinda Good Boyz. A meeting was held, and after much ringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, the crew settled on the name, the Knights of Ent. Knights due to the crew following a knighthood/ squireship theme (the original 5th rovers Mark, John, and Joe had squired to 2nd Burnaby south knights of Loxley). Ent was from the lord of the rings (walking talking fighting, slow to action but when full riled complete terrors). I was squired to John, and was invested around 6 months later as a full knight. The 8 years I was active in scouting were some of the happiest times in my life. I miss having a chance to hang out with my crew mates on a regular basis.... ah memories.


D is for DumpTruck Haircut


D is for Dump Truck Haircut

(image) My dad has owned and operated a dump truck for most of my life. It was a shiny red ’68 Mack truck, with a cool little bulldog mounted on the hood. It was either the late 70’s or the early 80’s, and I found myself sitting on my moms lap in the truck. I don’t know where we were headed, but at some point during the trip, my dad complained that he couldn't see his outside mirror cause my big ole head was in the way. My mom, trying to be helpful pushed my head towards the windshield. Now this wasn't a fancy truck, it didn't have a lot of bells and whistles. The defogger was a plain old fan mounted to the dash. The fan, my head now firmly shoved into the grill, caught a hold of my waist length hair and wound it up nice and tight. Well, with much crying and yelling, and a few futile attempts to yank my hair out of the fan, my dad finally cut the hair out with his pocketknife. I now was sporting a lovely 2” tuft of hair dead center of my hairline. Didn't really go with the waist length hair. For the first and only time as a kid, I had a short hair cut.


C is for Coffee


C is for Coffee.

(image) Now really, could have there been anything else? I have been a caffeine addict for almost as long as I can remember. Now I am not a latte swilling arabica bean snob. I like my coffee black, strong and bordering on toxic. You now the type... the stuff that's been percolating for three days on the Coleman stove. Spoons disolve in the stuff if left in it long enough. hhmmmm good stuff!

C is the Cock & Bull Tavern

C is also for the Cock and Bull Tavern. I have my special occasions licence for selling alcohol. I used to run a fun little tavern at the local SCA (society of Creative Anachronism). It was an attempt to be better than all the other Inn Keeps in this area that thought a decent tavern was a cash box, some plastic cups, and a garbage can full of ice water. I built full tavern sets , had aluminum tankards (not good, but better than plastic beer cups), I hired musicians to serenade costumers...and to eventually drive away the loiterers. It was a fun job and I enjoyed doing it, but liability insurance just got to damb expensive. The Tavern may be done, but I still have the sign hanging in my wood shop.

(embed) (embed)

B is for B-Movies, Books, and Bruce


That's right, just like I said last post I am not going to restrain the Encyclopedia of meme to just on item per posting.B is for B-MoviesI have aways had a soft spot for B-Movies. Those especially bad low budget midnight specials. Movies with names that start with Attack of the______, The Curse of the______, The man with______. Over the years I have seen allot of these masterworks, and although not for everyone, these cheesefests will always find an appreciative audience with me.B is for Bruce CampbellYou can't talk about the genre of B-Film without eventually bringing up my second favorite actor ever. Bruce Campbell "the Chin" is a cult cinema icon. He's been the perennial favorite of director Sam Raimi, and the Coen brothers. His catalogue of film roles be them small or large is impressive. He has been the star of two television shows Jack of All Trades, and Brisco County Jr., as well of co staring in the USA networks Burn Notice. He been a zombie killer, Elvis Presley, the King of Thieves, secret agent, lawyer, bounty hunter, industrialist, soap opera star, old spice spokesman, astronaut....etc. Hes done it all, and somewhere in all that ado hes managed to pump out two books. If Chins Could Kill, Confessions of a B-Movie Actor, and the hilarious Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. which brings us to the third listing todayB is for BooksI have always been a fanatical reader. I will read just about anything but there are a few authors that I can never seem to get enough of. Douglas Adams, Jim Butcher, Terry Pratchett, Kurt Vonnegut, Christopher Fowler, Bernard Shaw, Andre Dumas, Conan Doyle...etc. One of the scariest things I ever watched was an episode of the twilight zone, where Bridges Meredith character survived the end of the world, and had finally enough time to read all the books in the library. Then his glasses break. There is something about that... sends shivers down my spine.... brrrr.[...]

A is for Alcohol


My friend Racheal has been doing an encyclopedia of meme. One thing about herself for every letter of the alphabet. I really liked this idea, so I am stealing for my very own. I am not limiting the list to just one thing though. Also I have content for 26 posts without really thinking about it. :D

A is for Alcohol

(image) I have always liked drinking. Drinking to excess is not really my style, but quaffing a good pint is one of the more pleasurable things that enlighten my world. My family has never been big drinkers, so my palette has been self taugh. Beer has always been my alcohol of choice, with Gin being a close second. I wish I enjoyed wine, but every time I go to buy wine in the liqour store my eyes start to cross at the mind numing array of choices.

I had a pint of beer in belguim that I still remeber fondly. It was Belle Vue Frambois, and I have never been able to get it imported into canada. I have tried on 2 occasions, but there is always some problem...doh.

A Plague of Students


A new Co-Op semester brings new students to my work place. I will admit I normally don’t take an interest in the students as a general rule. They are the nameless hordes that cycle through the cubical farm on an endless basis. I have been known to refer to them as student 1 or 2 (the computer id assignment for them…the students change, the computers never do). This term is even looking gloomier than ever. Why? The last set of students Sharmista , and Jeffrey (yes I even botherd to learn their names) were actually pretty cool individuals. They actually talked! There have been a few students that wouldn’t talk even if you asked them a direct question.

What is different this time, over all the other Co-op terms is Model Plant (my little slice of R&D purgatory) has been assigned our very own new student. This means Probie (the newest employee in model plant) finally gets to be referred to as something other than Probie. She of course was gloating about this today. Thats when I pointed up to the white board that we share, and Natalie’s half of the board has her new name…. Nat Nat Bobat.

She wasn’t amused!


She's back


Hello All,

My summer has officialy come to and end. I know that the official end to summer is still some time off, but I still say the end of labour day IS the end of summer. The summer itself was pretty uneventful for me, but the last weekend was A-OK. There was movie watching, drinking, construction, drinking, socializing, drinking, sleeping in late, hanging out with friends, not sleeping at all, more drinking, and more movie watching. With every sliver lining there is always a cloud. The cloud this time is that announcement that "Evil Film School" will be shutting down after the end of the month. The lady that runs the monthly double b-movie feature is moving back sad. I got a little misty eyed when I read that...d'oh!

anyhow... I have to get some sleep.

Don't mess with rocking goat!

Gone Fishing


I have decided to close up shop here for the rest of the summer. I am not inspired to sit in front of the computer and type , so I'm not gonna do it anymore. I'll be back in September when its cooler, darker, and Halloween is within striking distance.

Till then

remember shoppers

Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart

Dial Up Pergatory


Hey all,

I haven't given up on posting to this blog. Its just I am having huge problems with a staticy land line. Yes I still use dial up. I just refuse to give up the email address i have used for almost 14 years.

Not much to report at the moment.

My Meetup experiment BCAS will be having its first outing this friday. Were going to the Evil Film Schools presentation of Turkish Starwars. Looks Like loads of fun.