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Musings of an old man

Musing []:Contemplation; meditation. A product of contemplation; a thought. “an elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections” (James Atlas). I probably won't be elegant and I don't know what "apho

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Nice pictures to see in these confusing times. The sound of freedom I think. Our local Air National Guard 104th Fighter Wing Base at Barnes Municipal Airport, Westfield MA is hosting an Air Show this weekend. The Thunderbirds are the premier event but there are lot of other attractions there also. For more info click air show link aboveThese photo's were all taken on Friday during the

4th of July,2010


July 3rd was the actual date for Westfield's 4th of July celebration. Westfield Kiwanis is the group that put it on, I am a member, now, along with my wife. This is our 3rd year of doing the event and we finally made some money. It isn't a lot but it is enough so we don't have to borrow from ourselves to start next years event. As you can see we had a flyover by two of our F-15's from th 104th

Where did Christmas Go


As I sit here, pondering the past few weeks or months, trying to come up with a respectable post I realized that the Christmas season was over. To me the Christmas season runs from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. The reason it starts with Thanksgiving is that is when the pre-Christmas sales begin and the reason it ends with New Years Eve as that is when people turn their Christmas lights off. Why



Here I am just getting back into blogging and a major malfunction occurs. I have had my desktop with my computer guy to clean things up and he did a good job. I just brought it back and set it up, plugged in my new Tera drive, then I put in a SD chip to download photos and BOOM. A bright yellow screen appeared with bright blue letters. What the.........? You must shutdown your computer, a problem

New Laptop and so forth


WHAT this guy just bought a new camera, a Cannon Rebel T1i no less, and now he goes out an buys a new laptop. What gives? Is he rich or what? An acquittance just posed this question to me last week. I would answer that I am just CRAZY! I have had this camera for a few months now and I still don't know how it really works. I never expected this kind of a learning scale to be involved. I didn't

Memory Overload


My computer was rapidly becoming full to overflowing with photos taken with my new camera, my Canon Rebel T1i. Because of the 15.1 mega pixel sensor the photos are all in the 3-5 megabits range on every photo and I was taking hundreds of photos. I resisted using my movie capabilities with the camera as I could picture megabits bursting out of the seams of my poor little hp computer besides I

Papa gets a new camera


This picture of the moon sent my heart racing as I looked at the camera and couldn't be happier. Got the camera with a 18-55mm zoom; a 75-300 lens; A tripod; backpack camera case; extra SD memory chips and a special one to use for movies. In case I didn't mention it has a 15.1 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor; 3" clear view LCD with live view;HD 1080p, 720p and VGA Video Capture. This is way more camera

Papa wants a new camera!


This was my graduation present, from my parents, upon getting a High School Diploma. I was thrilled, not about the Diploma but about the camera as it was a single lens reflex and a Pentax H1. I was very involved in photograph from about the age of 10 when I made my first contact print in our basement. My brother had received a contact printer and didn'treally use it so I just made it mine. There

Really getting old


As I write this posting I am 66 years old, which means that I have been on Medicare over one year and officially retired as I am soon to receive my first retirement check from the US Government. In this past year I have joined Kiwanis and joined Facebook. My wife and I went on diets and are really doing well at that and I need to share that information as we have discovered a new diet which we

Stanley Park - pre-spring visit


Stanley Park..../early spring visitMy Daughter, Grandson and I took one our nicer mornings off and headed to Stanley Park in Westfield. Sam was app pumped up about the Ducks in the park and had read a bunch about them and the Geese on line. The Park isn't completely open yet so you have to do a lot of walking to get to everything. There were a ton of people walking dogs but all of them were on

In a Perfect World


This is one of the best Political Cartoons that I have seen in a long time. I like political cartoons and I look at a lot of them. Some really make me laugh, as this one has, and makes me want to share it. Very rarely can I find someone that enjoys them as I do. Sometimes I don't get them but that is usually a product of my education or worldliness or lack there of. So I share this one with you

Securities and Exchange Commission


WARNING another political postingJust a reminder to not let your guard down, to keep paying attention. WE did, we let the ball drop; my generation did that. My fathers generation were the recepients of the last Depression and it scared them really bad, so much so that many still won't accept any credit for anything. They pay cash for their cars and for their homes for their groceries and at the

Depression, recession or ?


WARNING: Another Political postingAs I write this it appears that the Republicans and Democrats are close to a compromise on the bailout plan. Its called a bailout plan because it is bailing out wall street. I'm not for that but whatever it takes to keep this country out of a deep recession I would be in favor off. Another thing I don't like is the fact that the bill contains 6 billion in Pork

Baby Boomer Panic


Fair Play


WARNING: Political postingInformation in this article was heavily borrowed from articles in our paper by The Associated Press reported by Lolita C Baldor about the Generals and Rachel Beck and Ellen Simon for the CEO story. Thank you ladies.I am going to put up a political posting but I am very reluctant to do so. Over the past 300 or so posts I have refrained from politics, except of course to

Sunflower Barn


GG sent me this photo of a Tobacco Barn. Barns are great background for any type of outdoor photo. Thanks GG

Update on tobacco


A few weeks ago I put up a lovely posting on shade tobacco grown in the Connecticut Valley. The only picture of the tobacco leaves I had were none. Today I was driving by the barns of one of our local tobacco growers and lo and behold there was the perfect opportunity to get some good photo's of Tobacco drying and wouldn't you know it, I didn't have my camera. We turned the car around and headed

What's in a chair?


So what is so big about a stupid chair anyway? Well to start with it's my chair. I like it because its comfortable. It's stationed in our small garden at the end of our driveway and it is attached to the house. It is ripped and torn and soon it's going to die. I have already been thinking about when that day comes, am I going to rebuild it. You know, new webbing and that's a lot of work.

Opting Out


It seems that we are on way to many special mailing lists Today we received a wedding announcement in the mail telling us that the young couple had recently been married and it requested that no gifts be sent but prepaid MasterCard and Visa gift cards would be acceptable. A reasonable request I imagine. We received an invitation to an anniversary party of some friends of ours and this would be

It's Hydrangea Time Again


Saying "It's Hydrangea time again" is a harbrindger to New England's most beautiful season, Fall. Our temperature this morning was 45 degrees. We do have a few tree turning but the full leaf tree experience is a while away, meantime we should enjoy Hydrangea Time. Our cemetery is bursting at the seams with the beautiful white blossoms of hydrangea quickly reaching their peak. We have Hydrangea

2008 Olympics


2008 OlympicsThe 2008 Olympics are now over. Hooray! Now I can get back to watching the Red Sox and Cops on the tube again. Not really. We thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics and I have found a new love for Volleyball which was invented in Holyoke MA now home to the Volleyball Hall of Fame. Of all that the Chinese did, I will have to say that the thing that impressed me the most was the fireworks

Big Trouble


These are really two cute little dogs just minding their own business. Molly is on the left and Bridget is on the right. Breaking away from play long enough to eat and pose for a picture. I think they look too innocent and as I looked at their bowls, I notice that Molly's bowl of water has turned dark brown as the water bowl is full of dirt.These two get to play their day away in the garden next

Shade Tobacco


One of the interesting sights as you travel about the back roads of our Connecticut Valley is the sight of acres and acres of white tents. These tents shade the valuable Shade Tobacco Crop. The Connecticut Valley is a major source of some of the world's finest wrapper leaves. This golden colored wrapper tobacco is highly regarded and praised by many cigar makers and connoisseurs. Connecticut

Pink Roses


These are photo's of some pink Roses that we removed a few years ago at a grave in the cemetery. We don't allow them on the graves because people tend to not take care of them and just let them go wild. They get very tall, after a while and there is nothing more exciting than mowing at 8-10 miles per hour, next to a stone with roses and the wind blows them in your path. Usually it means a trip to

Here's looking at you


Boo-Ellen, Michael and SamsBlack Lab! This is their computer wallpaperMolly on left and Bridget on Right. Our Dogs Howling. Maggee, Easthampton. GG's dog. This is the wallpaper on my outlook express. 1st thing I see every morning when I turn on my computer. Love It!Ellen's garden frog. Can you tell she is a teacher? Woops, My Bad!