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What to do with this site now?

Affiliate junk, Motivation, Investment ideas & a serious can do attitude!

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My sabbatical consists of..


So while I was on this thought process, I realized what I am really good at! It's pretty exciting and I think that it will be fun to bring to the world soon. I finally took the one thing that I consider myself pretty good at and made it into something that has been really working for me. I would list my site but I don't the haters and the meanies coming to trump on it. I always wondered if this

I havent been around awhile


I havent written on this in quite awhile but I am definitely back. I have had to take a bit of a sabbatical to get my head on straight and understand that I really don't have to try to be someone I am not. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of me. I really appreciate itAlison G.Anything you read are my opinions & only my opinions.

My trip to Vienna


When looking at a vacation, I am excited about all aspects! The main aspects that I look for is the night life, tourist stuff to do & my hotel, its where it all begins and ends as you can see. I was able to hike in the Alps, which was very grueling but worth the sweat & the end view which was utterly amazing! I saw some plays & shows and that wasn't just in the theatre. I stayed in the nicest

How to Become Financially Stable the Frugal Way!


You ever wonder how people become so financially stable. I sure have. I wondered until I became financially stable. Then I started wondering if others knew this supposed secret. I figured maybe they did but they didn’t want to see what was staring back at them so obviously. I grew up having nothing. I went into adulthood not having more | digg story

Frugal Living: Another way to Invest


Being frugal is another form of investing. You are taking the money that you are saving and putting it somewhere where you feel is more justified. I live a somewhat frugal life. I save any & all change, throw it into my change bucket. I usually forget about it after 3 days. I came across a site called www.frugalwiz.comread more | digg story

Frugal Living By Carpooling


Want a really cool frugal tip? I thought this might make people think for a few minutes here. Ok, you know how the gas prices have been rising, right? There is a lot to be said regarding carpooling. I recommend carpooling because it’s a great way to make friends & establish potential business more | digg story

Official Google Blog: What's hot today?


Official Google Blog: What's hot today?This is definitely interesting to read. I like to see what Google comes out with

100% Legal Movie Downloads! Affiliate Program!


THE HOTTEST NEW NICHE OUT THERE!I was actually looking for this movie that I have been looking for, it's one of those movies you saw when you were a kid & now you have lost all hope of regaining back, haha. I even went to limewire & napster which completely suck now because it's ran by spam in the searches. I go on Google & was able to find this place that offered 100% LEGAL movie downloads! I

Prepare for Boot Camp...


When I signed up for the service in 1999, I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was getting into. I just remember looking at my daddy's & uncle's pretty medals, the spiffy uniform. I said, I am going to be just like you! They smiled, patted me on the head & said, "Sweetie, I am so proud of you!" I was 18 on the verge of 19, wanted to see the world & serve my country like any good american

Rich Jerk Real Estate


Maybe I am being impatient but I followed his directions to a T. I can't downloan my ebook for the life of me! It basically talks about how he is in Real Estate with no money out of his pocket, he seemed to have toned it down a bit in regards to his vulgarity. Arrrgh! The frustrations of this because it should be simple to download an ebook! I will let you know more when I read moredefinitely not

My working activities as a writer..


I thought people would be interested in knowing that I also have another blog over at Crack That Whip Affiliate I will try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to access everything easily. More often than not I'll create posts & then post them over here, & vice versa. I am really getting into this blogging stuff. I am also the author of About Austin, Texas So I have all my basis covered.

Looking to say hi?


I was browsing around & I found this site that I thought was interesting to say the least. The link says it all. Just say Hi A newer, possibly more improved dating site. I saw some good looking people in there but you know me, I love looking at anything that looks remotely interesting. The site seems to be new people, less spam bots.. They advertise to be free & they will help you get hooked up

Do you habitually sign up?


How many places have you signed up today at? Me I have about 6 places under my belt. I am noticing more & more that people are getting more savvier at getting your email so they can, what I consider spam the good living out of your inbox. I recently read an article where they think that email marketing is slowly starting to die. I think that's great because the net needs to be cleaned of the junk

My quest find the perfect solution..


I went on a quest to saerch out to maximize my blogging experience today, whew there is a buttload of information & I started to question what could my blog bring? Who could it help? I thought about this. i decided that I was going to let my blog get reviewed see if I actually have meaningful things to say. I really want to get out there. i have big dreams of helping people, making money to give

My letter to Myspace regarding forum spam


Hello, My name is Alison & I am currently a member, obviously. I am wanting to help crack down on the amount of spam that goes through the business forum. I am looking to help people get the legit answers that they need. How I can contribute is that I'll constantly update the board. You can expect at least a 6 month committment. I'll delete anything that goes against forum rules that can be set

Business 101


This is the candid journey of a start up company. We are going to start with our general idea then work ourselves to the other projects that we will have at hand. This is my 1st start up. I am full of ideas & ambition. My candid partner has just told us that the firm that’ll incorporate us suggests that we come up with a biography of what we will be doing & how we plan to implement everything in

Do you want help with stock picks?


I am trying something out. I am here to offer a deal that might blow your mind while the other side wonders what the catch is. I have been investing & playing the stock market since I was 17. Roughly 9 yrs and counting. I have not gotten tired of this passion of mine. In fact, I am even more fueled by the desire to help people to better investing solutions. I realized long ago that I had a talent

Have you Doubled your stocks?


You are new or seasoned, whatever the case you are here looking to double your stocks. I recently found some free info on how to double. It's Free info you aren't obligated to buy anything that you don't want to but this guy is good, I have made roughly $1100.00 using his newsletter. I recommend you seeing how he works out for you. He gives you 8 weeks free to try it out and if you are unhappy,

ICANN & Tornadoes


I got a whopping .09 cents from the icann something from Godaddy. They manipulate it that you HAVE to keep it parked in your customer account. Who wants to go to the candy store with me, hahaha!! Well this is a nice day, I am currently working on my "secret" project that is going to be super awesome! I hope to make it through since we are on tornado watch. I like helping people succeed. It's a

Unique Money Making Ideas...


What search engines don’t want you to find out!I am asked alot, in my personal life, how I am making money & I have to be honest with them. I tell them that I sit on my arse for xx amount of hours a day just researching stocks & making money by helping others find decent & reputable online income. I belong to a forum as you all may know that is amazing. I couldn't be happier with the results. I

Student Loan Consolidation


When I started in college, I went about three years before I had st get a student loan. I had to be sure that the loan that I picked out would best fit my student profile. Since I was a junior, I was able to pull out more, yet I had to be sure that I was picking a reasonable amount. Believe me I was super tempted to take out the max & live care free the duration of my college year. I had a very

Affiliate Motivation


One thing I am constantly seeing with Affiliates is their lack of motivation. At first they are all about, trying to get out there, making it their number #1 goal. They join as many groups, affiliate channels, buy as many books as they can and get sucked into every offer they see, your favorites are probably boggled with everything you have signed up for or are interested in knowing more about.

Driving Drunk in Austin


I have this friend, we'll call him Wilbert Simpson. He just called me about an hour ago, we are pretty good friends yet he just made a terrible mistake. He was driving drunk in Austin, Texas. Can we say stupid? Well I can because we are friends & we have that repoire. We also work for a law enforcement agency together. I feel incredibly bad for him because his life is about to go south on him.

Find me a stock pick!


When you think of the stock market, you think of a helluva task trying to find the best one. I plan on showing various different stocks that I have picked up, done research on & may have invested in it. Please do your own diligence, for I am not responsible for your train of thought...Todays stock pick of the day is - A good site to read


A good place to get SEO research