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Addy's Blog

Getting toward mid-career & still finding my way...

Updated: 2018-03-06T06:36:55.105-05:00




Well, I started a new continuation of this neglected space over on tumblr. Stop by and check it out! Here's the about page. I don't plan to remove this blog- I like having the archive over here. Let me know if you're on tumblr, too.

Rambling post, aka 2015 has been a year of struggles


H left for Very Distant Country today, so he's gone for the next four weeks and I'm feeling reflective? Melancholy? I don't know, but I felt like writing something over here. Even if you know me on other social media, you likely don't know what a rough time I've been having.  I'm pretty sure I have depression (I haven't seen a doctor about it, because... that's another post). I feel so sad and

Catching Up


As you know, I haven't been keeping up with the blog. I haven't been reading blogs either- mostly because I'm not reading content through the blog reading apps these days. I'm more likely to read tumblr or see something Twitter, so I've missed out on happenings on the blogs. I realized it's been almost two years since I posted something over here! Let me catch up with some random bullets: D is

Student Death


It's been a sad week here in Small College Town.  One of our students was killed last weekend.  She was one of the best students I've had and just a genuinely nice person.  I've been trying to figure out how I wanted to blog about this, and think I don't want to say too much.  Just that this is so tragic and sad. And hit a lot of us at Small College Town U pretty hard.  H, D, and I went to the

How life is pretty sucky at the moment


Hey, remember me? Well, I think I know a lot of you on Twitter and Facebook these days, so it's not  like I've really been out of touch, right? Well, my semester leave is officially over, but of course it's summer now, so still no teaching for me. I had a fairly productive semester, submitting a big collaborative grant proposal, attending some conferences and meetings, working with grad students-

I got nothin'


Manuscript reviews, thesis defense(s), grading, teaching, service, meetings, & my addiction to political news means I have nothing much to say this morning. Defense #1 is this morning, then I'll stay on campus all day for another meeting and labs (I usually work at home Tuesday mornings). D has a band concert tonight. H has had a cold, then hurt his back on Saturday and won't go to the doctor- or

Blogging FAIL.


Well, this has not gone as I'd hoped! I'm already missing days, so maybe a more realistic goal is to blog at least 2/3 of the days this month (or post at least 20 times?). I am really swamped with work and have really been forgetting that I wanted to post! I was also caught up in the election- I even stayed up until 2:00 on Election Night when I had to teach at 8:00 the next day! Last night was



I've never really had much formal mentoring and H and I have often leaned on each other for support with professional activities and research since we're in the same field and have similar research interests.  We even went up for tenure together!  I always joked that he should have been an honorary PhD committee member for me since I worked on my dissertation long distance for the last 2.5 years

Already behind!


It's fitting that I missed yesterday since I feel so scattered and behind in real life right now. It's gotten to a busy time of the semester (only five more weeks!) and I have taken over the class I'm team-teaching. Plus there's more grading right now, I've gotten four manuscript review requests in the last few weeks, AND we had a campaign rally here in Small College Town which took up most of my

Planet Earth


NaBloPoMo Prompt from Thursday, November 1, 2012 Tell us your favourite quotation and why.  “We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent on its vulnerable reserves of air and soil; all committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and, I will say, the love we give our fragile craft.”  –Adlai E. Stevenson, 1964 

NaBloPoMo 2012!


It's November 1st, so what better time for me to get back to this blog? It makes me sad that I've given up blogging. It's been taken over by FB for the most part, but lately I've been using Twitter more (my IRL account- this one has also been neglected!) There are a lot of things I would like to blog about- work, family, life- and I'll be visiting those topics as I get back to blogging and try to

Migraines again


Given all the recent migraines, I've started posting over at Migraine Detective again. I don't know if it will help, but it has been interesting to read my old posts and see if there are any connections. Clearly, this time of year is not good for me! :P

Goodbye, Green Eyes (1993-2012)


In her favorite place.  The day I've dreaded for years arrived on Valentine's Day. We said goodbye to our sweet lap cat (let's call her Green Eyes), who's been with me since I was 23 and in my second semester of grad school (she was 18.5) Her kidneys had been failing over the last year or so and on Tuesday I decided to take her to the vet. She had pretty much stopped eating and was just

Warning: Bitching Ahead...


I have some actual topics I want to blog about but this post will probably just be a rant- about a couple of things.   First, some people at work are really driving me crazy. We have recently made some administrative changes and will soon be hiring a new chair. We are also scheduling Fall classes- and it seems that the committee I serve on should be helping with this. The chair of my committee



I was at a PhD oral exam this morning and the student failed. For the second time.  It's not clear what happens now, but s/he will not be getting a PhD in that program. I have not served on many PhD committees, because my department does not offer them. I am on several committees in related disciplines, but few of them have gotten this far in the process (a few students dropped out before this

Monday evening RBOC


Yay! Random bullets!!I really need to write this abstract (due tomorrow!) for a regional conference that will be just-up-the-road in late April, but I can't seem to get my act together. I was at work all day (7:15-5:00) and just toasted some pecans for cookies I'm going to make (instead of writing the abstract). H was lovely enough to cook dinner tonight (and wash dishes), so I actually have the

Feeling out of whack


We have had a very strange winter around here- no measurable snowfall yet and much of December was in the 40s and 50s. I don't love the frigid weather- or shoveling snow- but it makes me confused about what month it really is. We got our first "wintry mix" last night, which means everything has a thin layer of ice over it this morning. Thankfully, I don't have to drive anywhere until later today.

Time for a change


I have been neglecting this blog like never before and I miss it. I decided to update the theme to one of the newer blogger themes, but also think I'd like to change the name soon. I started blogging when I was an untenured assistant professor (in late 2005)- and just updated the name to include "tenured" when I did get tenure- but that was over three years ago (!) I miss the contacts I made over

Poor lonely blog & family drama


Despite my neglect of this blog, I have no plans to shut it down. Just think of it as a special treat when I actually manage to blog over here! Sigh.I've been having a crazy semester, as usually happens when I teach three classes. I'll talk about that more later, but the thing that brought me over here is something I won't write about on FB. Most of you will recall, that my father disowned me

We're back!


We've been home for about two weeks from our amazing trip to Very Distant Country and as usual, I'm having trouble getting myself back to work. I have managed to get a little syllabus revision done, but mostly my days have consisted of running errands, going out to eat, and playing Angry Birds. I have a lot to do before classes start in two weeks, but this time of the year is also a chance to get

Off on an adventure


Today, D and I are off to Very Distant Country to meet up with H, who has been there doing research since June 3rd. This is our first trip and we're very excited about it. It will take two 8-hour plane rides and a 7-hour time change to get there, but we'll arrive tomorrow night! We've been mostly packed since Monday. We've got snacks (larabars & homemade cookies) and entertainment (kindle, iPad,

And now for something completely different...


A blog post! I can't believe it's been almost two months since I posted here. Although, I can because this semester is a killer. I am just counting down the days until Spring Break so that I can have a break from putting out teaching fires and spend some time catching up on research (whatever that is). I don't feel like delving into the details of my teaching so far, but it's been extra hectic-

Because I can't bitch about this on FB...


Ugh! My relatives continue to hurt my feelings from afar. You may recall this incident from over the summer. Well, visiting my brother was fine and I always feel close to them when we visit (which is not often). We sent them a package of gifts for Christmas and got one from them (I always feel like they send too much, really) and I called and texted my brother on Christmas. No response. Nothing.

It's been five years...


...since I started this blog! I love to think how many people I know (mostly still in a virtual sense) that I wouldn't if it weren't for blogging. I also love having this place to share my day-to-day work and life experiences in a format that isn't FB. I wish that I would write over here more, but I am making an effort to get over here at least a few times a month. To reflect on the last five

Less than two weeks left!


Next week is our last week of classes at Small College Town U, which puts finals week uncomfortably close to Christmas. My last exam is Friday of that week (the 17th!) and grades are due the 21st. Ick. I finally figured out a few years ago that putting up the Christmas decorations over Thanksgiving weekend is the best plan for me- otherwise I'm in the middle of end-of-semester grading nightmare.