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dead apostle

proclaiming truth & dying to self

Published: 2007-04-10T17:31:41-06:00



I found this quiz over at Our Hearts are Restless and thought it would be fun, given that St. Drogos day is almost upon us; April 16. As it turns out, St. Drogos day is the same day as my...

Define Stubborn


I thought I would offer up a new definition for stubborness: Taking Advil to manage the pain of a toothache to avoid the potential pain of the dentist. The life and times of a slightly deranged coffee roaster.

What is it about funerals?


I don't know what it is about funerals, but the last 4 or 5 that I have attended have been amazing events. While I am sure many don't associate a funeral with an uplifting event, in fact, I have found...

Slaves to Stuff


Tonight we got into it about Kingdom living. At Disciple we, or more accurately I got onto a rant about the lack of Kingdom living we do, and part of why I think we struggle with Kingdom is that we...

A new blog on the list


Thought I would post to the blog, to at least keep the lines of program from becoming completely brittle. Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy and thought that his blog should be added to the list. Meeting...

congrats to felix


Just a quick note of congratulations to Joe over at felix-hominum for taking 2nd place in the best of Canadian religious blogs. I always knew that Joe would be famous some day.

Technivorm Coffee Brewers


BTW, transcend coffee now has the Technivorm drip coffee makers available on line. These are the only coffee makers approved by the SCAA for making coffee at home as they are the only ones which get the water hot enough...

Remembrance Day Rant


By the way, yesterday, being Remembrance Day, I was struck and disappointed with all of the radio stations in Edmonton except CKUA and CHED. CKUA honoured the 11 day and 11th month and 11th hour with our National anthem and...

Why Not


I think I should just give up on the blogging thing for a while. I look back over the last month and see two whopping posts. In truth, most of my web time has been focused on the transcendcoffee website....

Early Mornings


It is still dark out. It has also been too long since my last post. To be honest, I don't feel as though I have a lot to write about lately. My life is comprised of much of the same...

Back at It


Well the holiday is over and I am back at the shop. Actually I am glad to be back at work and enjoy the challenge of moving this venture forward. We had a great time away, relaxed and read and...

A quick post from Gabriola


We are on the isle of Gabriola enjoying the tranquil calm which is a stark contrast to the normality of our everyday lives. This is not to condemn life back in Edmonton in any way, but simply underscores the need...

Discovery Coffee


Today I popped by Discovery Coffee early, and had a chance to hang and chat with Logan. It was great to talk to someone who is on the journey as we are, and 5 months ahead of where we want...



Well, it has been a day and a bit since we arrived in Victoria. Thanks to Grant & Gill for their generous gift of an apartment right near the ocean and Beacon Hill Park. What a gem of a place....

Grand Opening


Well we had quite the day yesterday. It started off like any other day, a few of the regulars, but from there it took a pleasant departure. Dropping coffee off at Magic 99 and having Rob Christie plug me all...

What A Day


Well the day started slow, and then it picked up. Diane visited for about an hour while she waited for Gerome to finish her car and then Mark and Ronnene dropped by for a couple of hours. Norman stopped by...

Long Suffering


Eugene Peterson always talks about the work place as the single most important venue for spiritual formation. In the past I have often wondered about this, that is until now. Having opened our own business and spent the many long...



Now that I am awake at 5:00 am every day, I hear this voice talking to me on CHED and almost daily it is about the issues in Palestine. Today I decided to figure out who I have been listening...

A little Slow


Well this week has been a bit slow, to say the least, which figures as last week was not too bad. I am holding on to the notion that it is the last week before school and everyone is geared...

Coffee Quote Poll


Ok, I need a quote for the backs of the Transcend Coffee T-Shirts, please comment on your favorite. 1. "I would rather suffer with coffee than be senseless." Napoleon Bonaparte 2. "Coffee, according to the women of Denmark, is to...

By the Way


Two noteworthy birthdays to acknowledge today. My dear friend Candie Peake is celebrating a birthday, so if you know her give her a call and wish her a happy one. Our cousin Darcy Braun is also celebrating a birthday today.



Lately I have been in conversations which in one way or another center around the issues of evangelism and how we are best to effect this oft talked about but seldom acted upon notion. St. John's has just finished a...



Thought this pic would be a good post, as it says something about my son. As you can see, he already is into living life in a way that defies the traditional. Oh to be young again :)

Community Barbe-que


Well tonight we kicked off our Lendrum Summer Mission and had a great evening for it. We served up some Transcend coffee too, and actually got rid of over 150 cups of coffee! Now if I could only sell that...

Out of Cream!


Well we hit a new marker yesterday at Transcend Coffee; we acutally ran out of cream in the cream jug, oh what glorious little steps we are taking. Seriously, it meant that we actually had a fairly steady flow of...

As unto a coffee bean


Last night we were treated to a session of prayer and encouragement by our good friends Don and Carolyn. To be honest, the excitement and adventure of starting the business has been eclipsed somewhat by the pressure and overall exhaustion...

By the way


By the way, an old friend, Dave King stopped in on Friday with his buddy Kevin Saff. They enjoyed some coffee and I enjoyed a catch-up. Stop by Dave's blog and check out some cool pics that Kevin took on...

A favour if you please


Just before I head to bed, I would ask a couple of favours of those of you who dawn this humble blog. Transcend's web site is now up, and while far from complete, it is now at least a presence...

Too Busy.


Man, I stopped by Joe's blog and realized how behind the times I am. It is amazing how all consuming starting your own business is. If I am not at the shop, I am thinking about the shop and if...

Almost Two Weeks


Well it has almost been two weeks since we opened up the doors for business. It has been a slowish start, which we knew would happen. Nonetheless, the review on the coffee has been great and day by day new...

Two days and a trickle


Well we have officially been open for two days, and as my friend Brian says, at least we have some cash flow; which is true, up until now the cash has all been flowing out and now, finally there is...

Something to think about


As I am listening to The Vinyl Cafe this morning, I was scoping out Stewart's website and came across this story about the Tall Grass Bakery in Winnepeg. Take some time to read it and remind yourself that we can...

Health Inspection a Success


Well, the Capital Health inspector, Richard, came by yesterday and gave us a thumbs up, so we can open the doors for business on Monday. I am sure it will be a shaky start, but that is OK, as I...

I Need A Holiday!


Per usual, it is 12:15 and I am still at the computer. Actually this occurrence is less frequent lately as I am just too tired for this late night frolicking anymore. Up early to roast, and late to bed, I...

No Seriously...


I have been saying we are nearly there for over a month now. Lesson number one when going into business for yourself; always double the time you think it will take to get going. Ah well, what do you do,...

Nearly There


Well, we are nearly finished the long journey. The front of the space is almost finished, but for vinyl baseboards and some touch up painting, we are done. My espresso machine should be running today, and I am roasting like...

New Pics


Is there any better way to grow spiritually than to enjoy one another's fellowship, especially around a camp fire. Clive Lewis would be proud. Check out the new pics. Yes I know, I will get Transcend pics loaded soon.

Longing for Home


What a day. Thanks to all who offered prayers up for the sermonizing this week. I believe it went well by the response from this morning. If you have any interest check out and you can have a listen....

To the Faithful


Again it is late, this time I must blame the world cup as I was watching England beat Ecuador to advance against Portugal in the next round. To you faithful who tune in only to see a week old posting...



Tomorrow is the day that it begins in earnest. The roaster is installed, and with a little wiring, the gas should flow and the coffee should begin to roast. The day will be spent seasoning the roaster and getting it...

Brief Update


Well, as usual it is late and I am still up, the twist is that it is 11:40 pm and I am still at the shop. I have been roasting some coffee and getting some little things done, as we...



My grandmother finally passed away, she had been on death's door for too many months now. Death should have came more quickly for her as she suffered greatly. She was a strong woman, and I, having been asked to give...



Once again, this evening has reinforced the importance of food and fellowship. We were hosted by our dear friends Don and Carolyn for a delightful dinner and evening, where we were treated not only to great food but awesome conversation...



I have been locked out of my blog for the last week, and finally can post again. Talk about frustration, wanting to log on and not being able to. I think I will look back on these past two months...

A Model Prayer


Today, one of my friends was helping me at the shop. As we worked he talked about his 2 1/2 year old daughter and her prayer last night befor she went to sleep. She apparently had a rough day fighting...

Why you should go to school


As I was digging a five foot deep hole for a drainage line, I was struck with why school is a good idea, it prevents one from digging holes for a living. For real, my roaster arrives today, and I...

Meanwhile at the Shop


The Roaster is in Edmonton, and should be delivered to the shop today. Now we just need the chimney and we could actually start roasting some coffee which is what this is all about anyway. Four weeks later, I am...

The Da Vinci Code


The new Tom Hanks movie coming out is raising quite a ruckus. Even within my own household, we can't seem to agree on the significance of this movie. Check out Joe's blog too, and follow the buzz of activity. Too...

Yes I am Alive


Well, another week has almost passed since my last post. Being my own contractor / labour force is pretty much all consuming, to say the least. Nonetheless, we inch onwards. I got my building permit on Friday, with some additional...

Why I go to St. Johns


Take a read of this article written about Jeff Shandro a young guy who goes to SJE. This is why we attend SJE, as it works authentically to live out the gospel.