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Ivan Illich illustrated: Medical Nemesis - Limits to Medicine - The Expropriation of Health


Quotes from Medical Nemesis by Ivan IllichArt by Emma Holisterp 53 The Medicalization of Life"...some critics recommend enlightened cost consciousness on the part of consumers; (55) . . .  . . others, not trusting the self-control of laymen, recommend mechanisms to heighten the cost consciousness of producers.(56)Physicians, they argue, would prescribe more responsibly and less wantonly if they were paid (as are general practitioners in Britain) on a 'capitation' basis that provided a fixed amount for the maintenance of their clients rather than a fee for service...."... "But like all other such remedies, capitation enlarges the iatrogenic fascination with the health supply. ...People forgo their own lives to get as much treatment as they can.In England the National Health Service has tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to ensure that cost inflation will be less plagued by conspicuous flimflam.(57)The national Health Service Act of 1946 established access to healthcare resources for all those in need as a human right.The need was assumed to be finite and quantifiable, the ballot box the best place to decide the total budget for health, and doctors the only ones able to determine the resources that would satisfy the need of each patient.  But need as assessed by medical practitioners has proved to be just as extensive in England as anywhere else.  The fundamental hope for the success of the English health-care system lay in the belief in the ability of the English to ration supply.""notes: 55) John and Sylvia Jewkes, Value for Money in Medicine (Oxford: Blackwell, 1963, pp. 30-7, argue: 'It may be that, as electorates become more sophisticated, they will recognize they have in fact to pay for free services'; also that relatively cheap prevention through more healthy everyday habits is more effective than purchase of repairs.56) Fuchs, in Who Shall Live?, chap. 3, argues for institutional licensing as a substitute for the licensing of individuals.  Under such a system, medical-care institutions would be licenses by the state and would then be free to hire and use personnel as each saw fit.  This system would deploy resources more efficiently and proved more upward job mobility.  But the physician's control over care produced and delivered by others would be weakened.57) For a bibliography on socialized medicine in Britain, consult Freidson, Profession of Medicine, p. 34 n.9"The Medicalisation of Life (continued)p.123-124With the development of the therapeutic service sector of the economy, an increasing proportion of all people come to be perceived as deviating from some desirable norm, and therefore as clients who can now either be submitted to therapy to bring them closer to the established standard of health or concentrated into some special environment built to cater to their deviance. Basaglia points out that in the first historical stage of this process, the diseased are exempted from production.  At the next stage of industrial expansion, a majority come to be defined as deviant and in need of therapy.  When this happens, the distance between the sick and the healthy is again reduced.  In advanced industrial societies the sick are once more recognized as possessing a certain level of productivity which would have been denied them at an earlier stage of industrialization.  Now that everybody tends to be a patient in some respect, wage labour acquires therapeutic characteristics.  Lifelong health education, counselling, testing, and maintenance are built right into factory and office routine.  Therapeutic dependencies permeate and colour productive relations.  Homo sapiens, who awoke to myth in a tribe and grew into politics as a citizen, is now trained as a lifelong inmate of an industrial world.  The medicalization of industrial society brings its imperialistic character to ultimate fruition.Chapter 3 ‘The Killing of Pain’ Pages 151 to 154By 1853, barely a century and a half after pain w[...]

Ivan Illich illustrated: Deschooling Society


Quotes from Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich  art by Emma HolisterAn artist's perspective in pictures- un poco mas abajo - comics medico - en espanol -- BDs 'docteur' en francais - un peu plus en bas -"If we add those engaged in full time teaching to those in full time attendance, we realize that this so-called superstructure has become society's major employer.   In the United States sixty-two million are in school and eighty million at work elsewhere . . .The New Alienationp.46-47"Only if school is understood as an industry can revolutionary strategy be planned realistically  . . .  Alienation, in the traditional scheme, was a direct consequence of work's becoming wage-labor which deprived man of the opportunity to create and be recreated. ... Now young people are prealienated by schools that isolate them while they pretend to be both producers and consumers of their own knowledge, which is conceived of as a commodity put on the market in school. School makes alienation preparatory to life, thus depriving education of reality and work of creativity.   (oye, puedo tener vieques? ... o es tu roca a ti)School prepares for the alienating institutionalization of life by teaching the need to be taught.(emma's maggie thatcher cartoon circa '81 age 14)Once this lesson is learned, people lose their incentive to grow in independence; they no longer find relatedness attractive, and close themselves off to the surprises which life offers when it is not predetermined by institutional definition.  And school directly or indirectly employs a major portion of the population.  School either keeps people for life or makes sure that they will fit into some institution.The New World Church is the knowledge industry, both purveyor of opium and the workbench during an increasing number of the years of an individual's life.  Deschooling is, therefore, at the root of any movement for human liberation.(welsh football policemen, hav u met ufo policemen? hav u got any good ufo stories? i won't tell anyone)doctor cartoons spanishComics Medico - espanolBDs en francais - Comptes SoignesRebirth of Epimethean Manp.105"Our society resembles the ultimate machine which I once saw in a New York toy shop . . . . . . It was a metal casket which, when you touched a switch, snapped open to reveal a mechanical hand . . . . . . Chromed fingers reached out for the lid, pulled it down, and locked it from the inside.  It was a box; you expected to be able to take something out of it; yet all it contained was a mechanism for closing the cover.  This contraption is the opposite of Pandora's 'box'.The original Pandora, the All-Giver, was an Earth goddess in prehistoric matriarchal Greece.  She let all ills escape from her amphora (pythos).  But she closed the lid before Hope could escape.The history of modern man begins with the degradation of Pandora's myth and comes to an end in the self-sealing casket.It is the history of the Promethean endeavor to forge institutions in order to corral each of the rampant ills.  It is the history of fading hope and rising expectations . . . To understand what this means we must rediscover the distinction between hope and expectation.  Hope, in its strong sense, means trusting faith in the goodness of nature, while expectation, as I will use it here, means reliance on results which are planned and controlled by man. . . . Hope centers desire on a person from whom we await a gift.  Expectation looks forward to satisfaction from a predictable process which will produce what we have the right to claim.  The promethean ethos has now eclipsed hope.Ritualization of progress (p.50)“Pedagogical therapists will drug their pupils more in order to teach them better, and students will drug themselves more to gain relief from the pressures of teachers and the race for certificates.  Increasingly larger numbers of bureaucrats will presume to pose as[...]

Mandating Vaccines is Murder - SB277, the virology ideology and Pasteur's legacy of laboratories


(note: SB18 enforces SB277 thus removing one's parental right to protest against government intrusion into the family ... your children are property of the state) Tom and Mae Torlakson's Family of 'innocence': The Visage of Vichy Revisitedsee also: ivan illich illustrated: deschooling societyHow do 'victims' of the pharmaceutical industry's business with poisons end up being the right (and left) arm of the drug mandators in government ?One might be forgiven for thinking that Tom Torlakson is one of the good guys . . .In view of his re-election campaign video that features his brother, the celebrated San Francisco artist James Torlakson, who touched the hearts of parents across the nation when he took up arms against the pharmaceutical corporations, following the ssri-related suicide of his daughter . . . Considering of the ethical overtones in this superintendent for public instruction's election campaign, one might think he's on the side of the parents who've lost children to drug damage? . . . Maybe if we were to ask him, perhaps he might tell us he went walk-about one day in the corridors of government, to put those drug companies straight? . . .  showing good form, asking for more transparency, in this perverse multi-billion dollar drug industry's insidious relationship with government legislators . . .But joking aside . . .  as far as transparency is ever possible in such murky domains . . .And here he is now, in European terms this is the 'minister of education', an important figurehead in this multi-figure-headed beast that is government . . . in this case an administration that is united in the industrial imperative of force drugging in schools . . .  the legislator$In view of the ingredients of vaccines, that people often blindly trust c/o the medical industry expert$ . . .  this involves force injecting children with poisons.What's more, on his arm he brandishes a pretty young wife . . .  who also kind of looks good, at first sight . . . but who is equally giving off most confusing signals in this domain . . . what with her love of parks and yoga, you'd be forgiven for thinking she was some force of nature come to save Americans from the evils of ecological devastation and corporate imperialism . . . ?However, somewhat like a cheerleader for pharma, she proudly exclaims in her biography that she not only likes parks and bicycles . . .  but also likes raising money for the pharmaceutical industry's vivisection laboratories . . . Dear girl you may be good at maths, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that cancer industry fund raisers, and other 'charities' of their ilk, have been ramming pharmaceutical propaganda and highly toxic drugs down people's throats since their origins . . . . . . with the best will in the world of course . . .So here we have the dilemma . . . these people seem so fair to the needy . . .  to the chemically poisoned and damaged masses . . . However, here they are looking virtuous . . . as the drugging mandates roll into American schools ... obliterating the health of the children, along with the basic human and civil rights of the parents and children alike . . .   They do look like heroes of the people  . . . is it that this proud parks-and-pharma loving chemo-cheerleader thinks that now she's got a name like a viking she should rape and pillage the country? . . . just jokin ... nuffink personal . . .Because I can't help wondering really . . .  advocating Spanish above English in America . . . But surely Spanish is just another crusty old imperialist tongue like English? . . . If we're talking about which ethnic group's language should be put top of the syllabus . . .  surely, in all fairness to ethnic minorities and history, when push comes to shove, rather the languages of the Native American People over that of the Spanis[...]

Health...Education...Which Planet?


bad mood . . .health budgets ... education budget ... more lawyers ... bureaucrats ... business men ... all day on the telly . . . lawyers . . . politicians . . .unhappy shoppers ... in the streets ... making a ruckus . . . want their money to be taken from them ... but spent nicely . . .bit like telling a mugger 'Take my money, be sure to spend it on my children's health and education!' enough blah blahthis day and age . . . era of communication (altho quite a lot haven't twigged) what with internet ... connecting up to jo blogs in the middle of nowhere . . .  easy these days . . . shouldn't need eleven extortionately expensive years of med school and brainwashing to get the essentials ... in training . . . . a year should do it . . .  less even for many basics . . .doesn't have to cost an arm and a legand instead ... this unbridled spending ... on centralized goodness knows wot . . . at heavens knows wot prices... controlled by the expert$ ... who assure us ... its the only way . . . and C/O the state ... huge concrete schools, hospitals ... for unhappy shoppers . . . . charming housing projects for the poor . . . and while we're in the neighborhood ... lovely view of the medieval prison (as we're on the subject) put to great advantage by inspired town planning committee (cough) . . .all very expensive and just not . . . pretty cooped up in a tin ... listening all day to neighbors' telly ... football . . . bedroom frolics  . . .  yappy dog ...locked up in a tin of pilchards ... instead of in the forest . . .  health and education . . . gigantic concrete schools ... vast concrete hospitals ...  huge concrete governments ....concentration camps . . . to be educated in institutionalized bullying, and book phobias ... telly's more attractive ... for the disenchanted . . . ultimatelycould set them freein the forestlearn about . . .trees . . .rivers . . .musical ufos . . .HANG MASSIVE - ONCE AGAIN - 2011 (HANG DRUM DUO)real free houses ... from adobe . .. the futurewe ponder ... how to fix the broken arm  . . .in a dream world . . . could send the wounded to the village bone menders . . . who'd have apprentices ... teaching everyone how to treat gaping wounds, mend bones, cpr, dentistry, midwifery ...even new imaging technologies for looking inside the body ...  without expensive, toxic radioactivity ..  what technology?  . . .   newer, cheaper, safer technologies, they do spring up ... then are promptly eliminated by governments, corporations . . . business as usual . . .meanwhile for genuinely helpful advice ... search elsewhere ...often back in time . . . yoga for exampleWORLD CHAMPION BIKRAM YOGA, KASPER VAN DEN WIJNGAARDhealth and education doesn't have to be rocket science . . .anyone can do it if they have a mind to ... even aliens ...problem with aliens? ...  'They come here . . . take all the good jobs . . . should round them all up and ship them back to their own planet'you racist?THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH - RIALTO PICTURES 35TH ANNIVERSARYmaybe they don't want your jobs . . .maybe they got better transportIGGY POP - THE PASSENGERhappy shoppers ... in black and white ... ups and downs, lefts and rights . . .maybe stuck in a box . . .maybe don't get wot you're on about . . .ART: FAR OUTFAR OUT FOOTBALLPHOTOSBODY FRAGMENTSYOGA for ALIENSDOCTORED ACCOUNTS[...]

Money or Currency? Wot Are You on About? Poverty or Wealth?


see also:Health...Education...Which Planet?Money or Currency? Wot Are You on About? Poverty or Wealth?bee in her bonnet  . . .having problems with states of consciousness.specially the state of consciousness pertaining to money and, REAL, politically-engineered and nurtured poverty of the masses aside (the type where people are dying of hunger, thirst and cold in the streets type of poverty) . . .ponder upon the use of the words poverty, money, shopping, financial dire straits ... in the more Western lifestyle type of context.those who say they are in a financially desperate situation ... asking three questions (for starters) . . . 1) Are you paying extortionate water bills?2) Are you paying extortionate electricity and heating bills?3) Are you a regular practitioner of any of the high-cost Booze-Ciggies-Junkfood 'therapies' to relieve your woes?they roll their eyes in agony ..  groan 'Yeeeess . . . can't afooorrd it'but why are you paying for it allwhy pay hundreds of euros, pounds, dollars each year to do number ones (and number twos) in gallons of rare, expensive water ... when you could do them in a salad bowl urinal ... with matching sawdust toilet ... and for FREE ...straight rather than flexi is better in the long term than this type requiring more maintenance ... but the principle is the sametoilets and washstand made from recycled curtain railsmatching set and portable washbasin/kitchen sinkwhy pay through the nose to make the nuclear industry stinking rich with juice-guzzling heating contraptions  ... when you could build a cheap and easy super insulated dome ... or heat pod ... and heat with just four 40w light bulbs instead?  just one example of a structure that can be heated with four 40w light bulbs . . . here it is still unfinished, not yet insulated . . . The dome on this occasion was insulated with nothing more than blankets bought for 2 euros each from a charity shop.I had no cash for fancy pvc windows so I made do one year with bubble wrap and a cut up transparent table cloth . . . not exactly the ritz, but I was warm all winter for nearly freemore pictures of the interior in varying states of . . . dome consciousness . . .improvised bubble wrap cat flap . . .what if my electricity gets cut off altogether ...simple candle lantern with flexy chimney below will bring temperatures up ...careful to add metallic surround for the chimney . . . the bigger the lantern the better ... that way more candles . . . NEVER use an open flame candle in your dome!Unless you particularly like BONFIRES . . . special bonfires IN your house . . .The same goes for electric lamps that should preferably be stuck down to whatever surface they are sitting on ... i put blue tack on their base so they don't fall over ... electric lamps are also a fire hazard if not placed carefully where they will not over heat near inflammable surfaces such as fabrics and wood, of which there are plenty in a dome ...A shielded heater can be created putting metal shields around a shelf of lamps ...  i use recycled oven shelves and panelling found thrown out in the street .. . and rarely use lamps more than 40 wattsSo basically be VERY careful to avoid putting too hot a lightbulb too close to wood or fabrics, or anywhere where something inflamable can over heat and catch fires.If one goes for the candle lantern option, then in a super insulated small space you need to evacuate the candle vapour with a chimney.If worried about not enough air in your small space ... add air chimney at top of dome and an air vent in lower wall.I didn't need it as this structure is not air tight and just opening the door during the day as you go in and out gives the air circulation you need.nice and cosy in the dome and other heat pods around the house, but what about the chilly in between times,[...]

DIY Plumbing for Girls: Make an Ecological Urinal-Bidet out of a Salad Bowl - Say Goodbye to Plumbers!


Don't let greedy plumbers make your life a misery: put a stainless steel salad bowl in a tiled plank and make an easy plug-in urinal-bidet for free.  When you get kicked out of your house, don't be glum, now you can take your luxury bathroom with you!This simple separation technique is a handy addage to any modern compost toilet system, reducing bucket emptying duty by at least 80%, a precious time and work-saver if you're a busy mum, a tired old fogey, feeling under the weather or just plain lazy.Simply add the washbasin/bidet evacuation and you're away.  If you live upstairs this one can feed directly into the compost bin outside below, or if you're in town you can easily plug it into your mains evacuation pipe. These flexi tubes are alright, but the straight ones are far better if possible . . . the flexi ones needing maintenance more frequently.Either 'flush' with a squirt of water from a recycled washing up liquid squeegy bottle filled with rain water from your butt, or go high tech and add mains plumbing with a tap and economy shower attachment.  Toilet paper can be chucked idly into a small washable bin, then emptied into the compost outside or added to your household refuse.Incidentally, here you have a fine view of my tiered raised gardens composting toilet system for the cats (this back and front trench caters for four frisky felines), all that needs to be done here is to take your fish slices and scoop out the doo daas, putting them into a covered bucket, awaiting bucket emptying day (into compost bin right).  All of these systems can be constructed indoors, as you can see, the compost bin is on stilts with a drain feed-off round the back, that either goes into an aquatic composting system or the drains. Here's another view of the unisex urinal . . . splendid isn't it.Recycle your washing up liquid squeezy bottles, by filling them with half vinager half water for giving the urinal a daily wipe over.  It is all you need to keep this toilet completely hygenic and odour-free.Definitely best if boys sit to wee, as their smelly splatter is not welcome in this super clean zone, thankyou very much . . .We decided on the hexagonal shape, with columns made from cut up curtain rails, so it would go with our latest gorgeous compost toilet (for number twos)Here is the old style bidet we had before, it was ok, but it had a serious drawback . . .And on that fluffy note I shall leave you for today, with just a picture or two to remind us of the joys of buckets and bidets . . .art in far out and the pierHere's the recent addition of a matching washbasin/sink and simple tapsalad bowl eco bathroom, so good u'll have squattersConstruction of a Humanure Compost Bin on a Paved Courtyard with Step by Step PhotosPermaculture Design - The only path to health is radical change in lifestyle and environmental consciousness[...]

How to Make a Geodesic Dome: Eliminate Heating Bills and Homelessness Panic Attacks


If you can't, or don't want to, pay crippling heating bills or if you suffer from visions of imminent destitution and homelessness, build yourself a geodesic dome home in your bedroom, heat it with a lightbulb . . . and flee with your dome when the bank repossesses your house!NOTE - THE DOME IS UNFINISHED IN THIS ARTICLE. SEE OTHER POSTS SUCH AS MONEY OR CURRENCY TO SEE ITS EVOLUTION AND DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS THRU THE YEARSrecent photos of life in the dome: MONEY or CURRENCY click hereAbove, dome nearly completed, without glass and perspex windows (its summer!) Above photo, interior of dome, nearly completedAbove photo, interior of dome, nearly completed.  However, most governments and legislators would prefer people of low income to live here . . .In 'charming' town planning projects that give the local medeival architecture a real boost to their image, eh hem . . . Spot Ales' medieval fort and, significantly, old prison, it's a job to find it, but if you squint hard enough. . . Anyway, enough of sad and unsightly things, let's move onto to more hopeful vistas . . .STEP BY STEP PHOTO INSTRUCTIONS . . .The first step in building a geodesic dome home is to fully understand and visualise the geometry of the structure beforehand. To do this it is essential to build a small model version that you can refer back to whenever you get confused or stuck. It's possible to build a dome without first doing a model, but you're more likely to get in a fix, which wastes time and money. To make a 50cm diameter cardboard model you'll need a pencil, a compass, a ruler, 15 sheets of A4 lightweight photocopy card in one colour, and 5 sheets of the same card in another colour, one large piece of thick cardboard for the base (from a big cardboard box will do), glue, at least twenty very small boston clips, thumbtacks and probably some other stuff too, we'll see as we go along. The two fluffy assistants are optional. I found a useful video on YouTube showing how to 'construct a geodesic dome' out of cardboard. The instructions are for children so even a maths moron such as myself could follow them! The dome is composed of 10 equilateral triangles that join together 6 pentagons, each pentagon being composed of 5 isosceles triangles. In all, the dome requires a total of 40 triangles, 30 of them isosceles and 10 of them equilateral. In order to attain the dome diameter of 50cm the 3 sides of the equilateral triangles must be 15cm45 long precisely (to be called length A). The isosceles triangles must have one side measuring, again, 15cm45 and the two other sides measuring 13cm66 (to be called length B). Being the congenital maths moron I am, it was impossible for me to calculate how to draw two triangles together (to save paper), centering them correctly on a sheet of photocopy paper. So I drew one, photocopied it, cut them both out, then stuck them together on a sheet of paper. In this way I had the template for two triangles neatly fitted together and centered on the A4 paper.  I then made 5 photocopies of the template below so as to get 10 equilateral triangles in lightweight yellow card.To make an equilateral triangle, use your ruler to draw a 15.45cm line at the bottom of your page. Set your compass to exactly 15.45cm. Putting the point at one end of the line, draw an arc approximately where the top point of the triangle should go. Switch the point of the compass to the other end of the line and draw another arc. Where the two arcs cross is the third point of the triangle. Use your ruler to draw the two other sides. To draw the glue tabs, draw a line 1cm parallel to all three sides around the entire outer edge of the triangle. Cut off its points, as in the triangles above, by drawing a straight line to slice off the points of the outer triangles so that the glue tabs can be stuck together withou[...]

UN Banning Natural Therapies, Promoting Nuclear Industry - Time to Ban the UN?



Cartoon by Emma Holister

There is little I can say regarding this latest man-made catastrophe at Fukushima Japan. I am desperate and powerless to help my Japanese friends and am increasingly concerned for my American friends as fall-out from the nuclear meltdown will not remain confined to Japan alone. It has been drifting across the sea to the American continent and the prospects are grim for everyone, for the planet.

As ever I am disgusted with the greed and shameless dishonesty of the political bodies that have been imposing nuclear energy upon us for decades and who continue to hail it as the 'best and only energy choice for the future'. A future they are swiftly deleting. The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is, of course, a disgrace.

Supermarket Psychosis


By Emma HolisterThis series of images is close to my heart because of its visually emotional revolt against the madness of consumerism. Its place on the Net has always been on my art website but I feel that it belongs as much these days on my natural health blog as I focus increasingly on permaculture and removing from my life the remaining vestiges of dependence on supermarkets. In fact I have developed the perverse pleasure of going on unshopping-sprees, where I walk through the radioactively luminous corridors of products and count all the things that I used to think essential and that I have now gleefully banished from my life. Growing my own organic foods has been a bit scary, being of the non-green-fingered sector of the population, but much of this anxiety has been assuaged by learning about wild perennial (grows back from roots each year) foods and forest gardening; albeit in the small enclosure of my courtyard. All I can say is thank goodness for wild roquette (creeping yellow cress), plantains and jerusalem artichokes (sunroots), that seem to be indestructible and require virtually no gardening skills whatsoever. However, being the brave gardening Amazon I am, I have continued to battle it out with the slugs and snails forever lusting after my precious sunflowers, the seeds of which I use throughout the year to grow microgreen salads in my kitchen window. And I have valiantly embarked upon new projects each year, be it Welsh onions (like giant chives), courgettes and runner beans. All very useful for their generous yield per plant and simplicity for growing and harvesting seeds, not to mention the fact that they are marvellous anti-candida foods. So the food autonomy side of things is going quite well really.Although I have to admit that striking sanitary towels from my shopping list was a challenge. But even those have now been replaced by nifty washable ones that I sew by hand, the pattern for which I will soon be putting up in the Permaculture Design section along with patterns for simple home-made clothes from sheets, blankets and curtains. I may sound like the contents of a laundry basket but you'd be surprised how normal I look despite this recent eccentricity in my wardrobe's contents. It has certainly helped to learn how to crochet, nothing like a bit of home-made lace to make those sheets look extra fancy! And I am particularly looking forward to the day I never buy underwear again . . . because yes, knickers and bras, you can make them yourself, even frilly ones!Anyway, back to Supermarket Psychosis, the first sketches of this series were done many eons ago in 1991. I finally did the drawings with the first round of colour prints in 2004. I have since redone the colour prints and the three main images are soon to become paintings as well.[...]

Martin J Walker 'Science is the New Politics' and Dirty Medicine: 'AZT: an AIDS Defining Drug'


NOTE: Please scroll down to also read Martin J Walker's chapter from 'Dirty Medicine': AZT: an AIDS Defining Drug' , a post I did in 2005, shortly after the death of my friend Mark Griffiths, English AID$ dissident living in France, Mark died shortly after embarking upon a lawsuit against the Pasteur Institute for fraudulent diagnosis (re HIV tests) with lawyer Philippe Autrive (see 'A veritable dictatorship' Sylvie Simon, Healing an Illegal Practice' in 'Health Freedom')+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Martin J Walker's latest essay Science is the New Politics reads like an encyclopedia of juicy (if rather unappetising) facts on the relationship between government organisations and pharmaceutical/chemical companies. It also reads like a horror story from the diaries of Dr Frankenstein. It is an essential body of research for anyone wishing to back up their opinions on political corruption and corporate science with minutely detailed references. When I wrote my last piece: Controlled Opposition, Twenty Questions You Never Dared to Ask, I deliberately refrained from naming names and pointing fingers because such volatile accusations of corruption require the most rigorous investigation and evidence of the sort to be found in hair-raising abundance in this latest essay of Martin Walker's.Basically, for those wishing to understand who is who and who does what with what dirty money and how, this is a must read. The following three paragraphs are a small sample of this hefty opus, that can be found in full on his website (p.50 Science is the New Politics)In the nineteen nineties, science education and policy came under the wing of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and from that time, corporate science and its organisations breached the boundaries of government and took control themselves of educating both MPs and the public about science. In 1998 with the New Labour's emplacement of the billionaire shopping magnet Lord Salisbury in the DTI, industry took over science policy. In Britain, greedy corporations met irresponsible government and together both parties began a campaign to deny all adverse reactions or other failings to the techniques or products of corporate science.With government and corporations organised against the laity, the legal system is often the people's first defence. The United States of America is a large diverse country with a legal system that appears to be able to be used on behalf of the people. On the other hand, Britain is two small islands with a tightly unified and controlling class, and a legal system populated with men and women who can no longer find the word principle in their dictionaries. In the US lawyers have fought for claimants against corporations,88 while in Britain lawyers and other powerful sectors have simply chosen to agree with the opposition that corporate science has never harmed anyone while doing under the table deals with government. In Britain health consumers have been deprived not only of their right to chose health therapies and produce, but also their right to defend themselves against harm from corporate science and its products.The pharmaceutical industry specifically, and the allopathic health industry generally, are worth billions, and along with the bio-agricultural industry they represent the apex of corporate science and the carry round with them a new ideology. It is then hardly surprising, that amongst the industrial and post-industrial lobbies, the 'quackbusting' movement, funded by the pharmaceutical industry, became one of the first to come out publicly in conflict with what the industry considered competitive alternative health therapies and products. This lobby was building on firm foundations, with lobbies and PR front[...]

Controlled Opposition : Twenty Questions You Never Dared to Ask


By Emma Holister1) What is a controlled opposition group ?A controlled opposition group is one that claims to be fighting the multinational drug and chemical cartels but that is in fact controlled by the very industries it alleges to be fighting, usually via funding or shared board members from those same industries. Although the links can be obvious in many cases, in others they may be more deeply embedded, taking the more subtle form of 'common interests', be they ideological, political or legislative. Grassroots campaigns that could potentially achieve a profound and positive effect against the industrial giants are therefore diverted or derailed into actions that will either fail or be subsumed into the established channels in compliance with industry needs. In most cases such groups maintain that their actions are not hindered by the funding or compliance with their mortal foes. The relative merits of this line of reasoning can be discussed ad nauseam, usually over cocktails in the executive lounge of some five star hotel during the board of directors annual meeting.2) Is there such a thing as a controlled opposition individual ?Yes.3) How do I recognise a controlled opposition group ?Most of the time you can spot them by visiting their website’s partners and funders page. If a group claiming to represent the interests of the natural health movement is sponsored by the pharmaceutical or pesticide industry this may give you a clue as to whether or not you can trust them.Often doing research on the board members’ CVs can provide useful pointers. If they worked for major pharmaceutical companies or were formerly directors of military intelligence, that is also a strong clue.Unfortunately not all companies are known to the general public and so it can be a challenge to figure out which are the ones with strong ties to the drug cartels. Becoming familiar with the industry at large is useful, finding out which giant company owns this or that company, asking around, doing research on companies’ histories and campaigns. 4) Are there other names for controlled opposition ?Sometimes they are called controlled interest groups, Trojan horses, Astroturf, front groups, or simply traitorous scum-bags or scabs.5) Is denouncing controlled opposition counter-productive and divisive ?Divisive yes, counter-productive no.6) If I denounce a controlled opposition group will they retaliate by accusing me of being controlled opposition myself ? Yes. This usually goes along the lines of ‘You’re a controlled opposition group !’ . . . ‘No I’m not, you are !’ . . . ‘No, you are’, etc. 7) How can I best oppose controlled opposition efforts ?Denouncing them and warning people about their subversively destructive methods is the only thing to do. Often directing people to internet pages setting a good example of how to denounce fake or corrupt activist groups that are derailing true grassroots activism is a good way to start. 8) Can good, honest activists be working for the cause of controlled opposition without even knowing it ?Yes, and this is often the case. Therefore, when someone manages to pull off a truly devastating piece of sabotage on an anti-drug-cartel activist movement, more often than not this individual may not be in the pay of the drug industry at all. However, the likelihood that they have been brushing shoulders for many years with individuals whose financial ties are less irreproachable than their own is inevitable in a movement that is saturated with industry concerns, whether directly or indirectly. The Health Freedom Movement is kept moving as much by doctors, scientists and company directors as it is by ex-patients. To what extent any individual can get through near[...]

Crochet Your Way to Free Food!


Knowing how to make fractal technology like this....Will enable you to make high tech agricultural technology such as this....(skills: basic crochet / investment: 10 euros / employment requirements: 3 hours / strategic placement: window)Which will enable you to branch out into financially profitable ventures such as this....(financial investment: 0 euros)Leading to revolutionary culinary experiences such as this....Be Mad about Crochet . . . !!!Growing Micro-greens Salad, Photos Step by StepGrowing sprouts, step by step photosHere are the latest creations in my mission to never go into a clothes shop again. I did it all without any patterns or any ability to read patterns for that matter . . . it's all very simple to do once you know the basic body and sleeve shapes/measurements of a standard jumper that fits you. This can be copied from a favorite jumper you already have. I will publish the instructions for making the simplest of clothes in my permaculture section at some point, including how to hand sew a pair of tropical baggy (casual chinese) trousers for free - and from bed sheets! I wore mine all summer for keeping cool, and as pyjamas in winter. One sheet provided me with three pairs! Anyway, back to crochet . . .Here is a warm winter cotton jumper in seed stitch . . . Below is a sample of seed stitch which is no more than the two beginner stitches - 'double' + 'treble' crochet (UK) - alternated. These beginner stitches can be learned on youtube short videos in half an hour. By alternating them you get this kind of psychedelic effect. I prefer to use the French terms because they are more visual, less mathematical and far less confusing than the hundred year battle going on between the English and American ladies with their contradictory numerical terms! In French it's simply 'tight' stitch + 'braid' stitch alternated, with shell lace edging (itself just a sequence of braid, tight and chain stitch) . The reason a lot of people don't understand patterns and therefore never learn the invaluable art of crochet is because they are visual learners needing images, rather than linear numerical learners. We can blame the British and Americans for holding up the crochet revolution as a result. The best way of all to learn is via the diagramatic Japanese stitch chart system (examples below) which gives each of the basic crochet stitches a symbol - for example tight stitch (UK double crochet, US single crochet) is a plus sign. Below is the stitch chart for the shell lace edging.Symbols:chain stitch = ovals tight stitch (UK double crochet, US single crochet) = crosses braid (UK treble crochet, US double crochet) = crossed TsHere (again) is my crocheted salad hanger I made from that chart in two hours, with string, so as to have free, organic and nutritious microgreen salads hanging aestheticly in my kitchen all year round:And for staying warm . . . Blue cotton jumper, Shell + V stitches alternated . . .Here is a sample of this robust lace which is Shell + V stitch alternated. Shells and Vs are also composed of simple combinations of the beginner 'tight', 'braid' and 'chain' stitches (UK: 'double cr', 'treble cr' and 'chain')Lacey indoor gloves for busy ladies who can't afford a lot of heating in the winter . . . one pair can be made in two hours with a two euro ball of wool or cotton . . .Grey version . . . Manly ninja gloves for reading and typing in chilly rooms . . ....a girly fan lace jumper for Spring, the traditional granny doily, but this time the fancy lace version, joined together, mysteriously, as only grannies know how to do . . . Free Wool from Floor Fluff !all you need is one slightly hairy human and two hairy cats ... harvest your floor for p[...]

CANDIDA_you can call it "AIDS"_you can die of it_or not_up to you


By Emma Holisterclick on image to enlargeclick here to see the virology cartoonsBelow is an email I wrote to a friend in which I express my personal views on Candida and modern degenerative diseases.As for candida . . . candidiasis is generally the underlying cause of most modern chronic and degenerative diseases, and it is only medical industrial propaganda that has trivialised it as a superficial 'infection' and which has prevented most people from looking at it as a root-cause disease rather than as a minor symptom of some other condition, if any at all.The reason is quite clear; candidiasis is a chronic iatrogenic disease caused by industrial (pharmaceutical and environmental) poisoning, where all of the organs have been knocked out of kilter and the only way to remedy it is via life long, on going work to re-establish some type of balance.The drug industry are therefore liable and open to lawsuits if ever the alternative and dissident view were to take precedence over the mainstream medical definition of this disease as a (minor) condition of 'something else'.So, basically, the search for another underlying cause of one's continuing symptoms may be quixotic . . . although, with each individual the candidiasis itself may possibly be relieved by removing some 'underlying cause' of the candida's virulence; for example, many say vitamin B deficiency is one cause of its chronic and continuing spread, others say it's an enzyme problem . . . As for me, I don't know, I'm still searching.Anyway, as a root-cause disease it can give rise to diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, 'AIDS', Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia. . . you name it, candidiasis can cause it.The symptoms are massively diverse but usually have an underlying connection to endocrine (hormonal) and blood-sugar imbalance which, in turn, if allowed to continue without remedy, produce by-product toxins in the body that create disease but also addictions and difficult to break habits/vicious circles. In my opinion, this is owing to the ethanol and opiate effect. ("Acetaldehyde - A Common and Potent Neurotoxin" John Cleary)As you know, so far, the only really helpful remedies I have found are the abstention from blood-sugar and yeast-load aggravators (sugar, alcohol, yeast, dairy, starch, etc.) and to focus on green, chlorophyll-rich foods.I'm totally convinced that our spiritual practice has a HUGE effect on our immune system but also on our ability to discern what may be causing our particular weaknesses to take hold, whether physical or emotional.What I and so many people in the natural health and health freedom movement are struggling with is the way in which modern medical science has hobbled people's consciousness when it comes to the perception of disease.It takes a long time to overcome brainwashing and I'm no exception, having cured myself of a hideous skin disease that was eating away my flesh for the last seventeen years, simply because I realised that despite all my years of fighting that same brainwashing, I had still swallowed hook, line and sinker fundamentally distorted theories on disease. It was within two weeks of rejecting that last vestige of deadly-infectious-disease germ-theory that my skin disease disappeared.So much of our illness is our body's response to our mind's fundamental belief in the dogma of modern medical science, which is nothing more than witchcraft. If you tell a person they are going to die within the next year, backing that death sentence up with the entire scientific medical elite's immense authority, then that person, in many cases, terrified, convinced, will shrivel away and die in a state of emotional and physical helplessness. The str[...]

Virology is Religion


by Emma HolisterI have taken the liberty of quoting several paragraphs, respectively, from Olivier Clerc's 'Modern Medicine: The New World Religion' and Sylvie Simon's chapter from the Ten Biggest Lies about Vaccines, 'Lie No. 1: Pasteur was the Benefactor of Humanity'. I do this in the hope that friends, family and others will question their deep-rooted belief and trust in the dogma of medical industrial 'science', and more particularly that of virology. I believe the doctrines of virology to be at the heart of our culture's ideological and emotional fixations on disease, our relationship to authority and the nature of reality itself. I would also strongly encourage people to read Anthony Brink's Letter to MEGA TV, 'Manufacturing Greek Consent' on the issue of HIV-AIDS and the corporate media. It is a revelation in how easily and unthinkingly we have fallen into a state of trust in a racist, corporate regime. The pdf file can be downloaded at this url: have often shared Anthony Brink's eye-opening photographs of an AZT bottle, the substance that the governing bodies of the world are terrorising people into taking, or even forcing them. I have tried again and again to point out that there is something fishy going on when world-wide drug-industry campaigns are targeting the gay, black and hispanic populations, coercing them into doing polyreactive tests where a sore throat, pregnancy or a run-down immune system can land you with a death sentence you'll never escape. Not to mention the accompanying barrage of harassment to take deadly, toxic drugs, mandates looming on the horizon, electronic data-basing and tracking of 'high-risk patients' top on every government's list of priorities.Why is it so very hard to believe that the multinational drug giants who brought us the Nazi gas chambers, Agent Orange, pesticides and war funding galore would want anything other than to pursue their time-honoured mission of genocide? A mission focused most passionately on those of 'questionable sexual orientation' and black people - who for that matter are equally filed under 'questionable sexual orientation', since the sex disease HIV-AIDS is not only a 'gay disease' but a 'black disease'. One that is apparently spread by Africans who, despite starving in their millions, seem to be having non-stop, uncontrollable sex orgies, with monkeys even, and spreading their killer sex disease to the many alarmed white people in decent civilised society. What a shocking threat to national security indeed. Roll in the HIV testing mandates before we're contaminated and soil the sacred purity of our white bodies and souls. . .I wish I knew why I haven't been able to shake this unmoveable faith that even my most intelligent friends have embraced. I take comfort in the work of people such as Anthony Brink, Sylvie Simon and Olivier Clerc who, unlike me, manage to find the words that explain this cultural, spiritual, in fact religious crisis that is tearing our world apart. EXTRACTS from 'Modern Medicine: The New World Religion' by Olivier Clerc. . . the hidden religious dimension of modern medicine inhibits the free debating of already fixed beliefs, preventing them from being properly re-examined and criticized. Indeed, dogmatism, irrationality, and passions - all characteristic of the religious experience - take precedence over any calm and carefully thought-out argument, even over the most tenuous facts. The same vehemence that led Galileo to be condemned by the Church for his theories, in spite of the scientifically demonstrable facts, is now being used by medicine to reject any thesis that i[...]

Lie No. 1 : Pasteur is a Benefactor of Humanity - from ‘The Ten Biggest Lies about Vaccines’ by Sylvie Simon


Translated by Emma Holister from 'Les 10 plus gros mensonges sur les vaccins' see also by Sylvie Simon: A Veritable Dictatorship"Each and every problem we face today is the direct and inevitable result of yesterday's brilliant solutions." Henry BergmanPraise for Pasteur is heard across the world and he is considered to be one of the most prestigious heroes of humanity, a reference to be reckoned with.Although the story of vaccination began at the end of the 18th century when the English doctor Edward Jenner undertook to inoculate with cowpox, a disease specific to cows, in order to protect humans from smallpox, it is Pasteur (1822-1895) who remains the father of vaccination and it is with him that the long string of lies begins.This clever, brilliant, hard-working man was an expert communicator and kept up to date with the work of his peers. His tactics never changed; he knew how to recognise good ideas but would begin by openly criticising them, then would shamelessly appropriate them to himself, claiming to be the discoverer. It is in this way that he became the benefactor of humanity and, above all, an untouchable myth.And in April 2005, during a television programme that clearly illustrated the decline of information and cultural standards, he was represented as second only to Charles de Gaulle amongst the “greatest Frenchmen of all time”. Adding yet another to the lies surrounding Pasteur, Prof. Axel Kahn, member of the National Consultants Committee on French Ethics, Director of Research at Inserm and one of Pasteur's most faithful supporters, didn't hesitate to affirm that it was thanks to Pasteur that women no longer died of puerperal fever during childbirth. In reality this discovery belonged to the Hungarian doctor Ignace Semmelweis, who had observed that women no longer died when those assisting took hygiene precautions such as washing their hands. It is worth pointing out that he provoked ridicule amongst his colleagues and was unable to convince them despite clear evidence. They claimed that the statistics he'd published were false and faked and he was suspended. And it would seem that women in childbirth may possibly have been infected in an attempt to discredit the truth of this observation. A despairing Semmelweis committed suicide. His work, published in 1861, was only given recognition in 1890 and this delay cost lives. Revolted by the behaviour of Semmelweis’s colleagues, another doctor, this time a writer, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, hotly defended him in publishing his biography in 1937. Evidently Axel Kahn has not read it. It is clear therefore that the myth of Pasteur persists on a foundation of totally false assumptions, but that the public at large blindly believes it because they 'saw it on the television'.However, numerous facts reported in perfectly authenticated texts, coming from those who were close to him or from historians such as Dr Lutaud, Dr Philippe Decourt, Dr Xavier Raspail, Adrien Loir, Ethyl Douglas Hume, Emile Duclaux, Gerald Geison and others, should suffice in pushing him from his pedestal. But the Pasteurian dogma is so deeply rooted in people's minds that nothing yet has been able to shake it and the French continue to idolise an imposter. It is forbidden, under pain of excommunication, to lay a finger on the man who vanquished rabies. And to date, as Pasteur is no longer here to pillage the work of his peers, it is others who pillage in his name.The subject of vaccines is no different from the case of Pasteur: there is no end to the lies that are unveiled. I can therefore only suggest to readers that if they want to learn of them all, they sho[...]

Why Macrobiotics is my Favorite Big Word - A children's book by Emma Holister


Originally published in 1998 in black and white by the Kushi Institute. Now available here online, in colour and free! Hello, my name is Lucy and I like big words. Sometimes people don't understand what I'm saying . . .. . . So I'll try not to use too many big words.One of my first ever favorite big words was 'vegetarian'. I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat meat because I like animals and I don't want to eat them, if you see what I mean.My Mum and Dad used to eat a lot of meat, especially beef and pork. So from time to time I would try to offer them a little friendly information . . .This is the story of how the word 'macrobiotics' became my favorite big word.My Mum wasn't feeling well so she went to the doctor's. He told her she had cervical cancer. A serious illness in the place in her tummy where babies come fromWe were all very worried.When Mum's friend, Brenda, found out she had cancer, she came round right away and gave Mum a book on the macrobiotic diet. She said it could get rid of the cancer.Mum was very happy that she could do something to help herself. She decided to give it a try.She gave up meat, sugary food and drinks, processed food and dairy products like cheese, milk and cream.And she started cooking whole foods including lots of fresh, organic, green vegetables.At first it didn't go too well. . .But Mum doesn't give up easily and she asked Brenda, who knew a lot about the macrobiotic diet, to come over and help her.Dad made fun of Brenda and said she ate 'macro-slime' and that Mum was going on the 'macro-slime-diet'.Mum said she would show him he was wrong and sent him out of the kitchen.And before long she proved that she was right. She began to make delicious, healthy meals. All she needed was patience, determination, and support from us.The person who wrote the book said it was also important to chew every mouthful at least fifty times, preferably a hundred. This is to make sure that when the food is swallowed it is completely liquid. This improves digestion a lot and helps the body fight illness. It is also important not to overeat, if the tummy is too full its job of digesting food is made harder.Going out and enjoying the beauty of nature was recommended too, so going out for walks everyday is a good idea. Walking is an excellent form of exercise.The author also encouraged other forms of gentle exercise.He said it was good to develop spiritually.My Mum is a Buddhist. She believes in the mystic universal law of life. And my Dad is a Christian. He believes in God.I like to see myself as an agnostic. . . I choose not to practise a religion. . . also, it's a really good big word.So, while my Mum chants more. . . And my Dad prays more. . . I like to develop my skills in levitation**to lift yourself into the air through the power of your mindI didn't have much success with levitation, but something else happened which was really good.Mum and Dad lost weight! They seemed to be falling in love with each other all over again, which was great. Although I was a little concerned when they began to talk vegetable language. . . It wasn't just that they were slimmer and falling in love again. They had more energy in general. What's more, Mum stopped being so crabby and Dad stopped getting so stressed all the time.In fact, I was amazed. They seemed so much younger altogether.When Mum went back to the doctor's, he said that the cancer was regressing. That means that it was shrinking. She seemed to be getting better.Now that she knew for sure that the macrobiotic diet was working, she continued even harder, as well as trying out the other na[...]

Outside Left Right Healthcare?


Update notes, cartoons and links_11-11-16We do not need 11 years brain washing c/o costly (deadly) medical industrial complex in order to know the basics in self healing, prevention through healthy wholefoods diet, exercise/yoga, the basics of emergency medicine too, bone mending, treating gaping wounds, CPR, midwifery and dentistry.  These ancient arts must be brought out of the authoritarian grip of industrial fascism: medical universities, away into the villages, through grassroots widespread education in the basics of emergency medicine ... to complement our growing autonomy in healthy lifestyle . . . free of Doctored Industrial sectorSince writing the below blog post in 2009 I see a clearer path forward, out of this oppressive political superstructure of conventional left-right politics of the modern era.Top of the Budget Agenda of all corrupt political systems now laying waste to our civil and human rights across the globe, are the two main items of extremely costly expenditure of the tax payer's money . . . the education and health sectors.Solutions: join the homeschooling revolution . . . if you can home school, DO it . . . the more people home schooling the more this revolution of Deschooling Society will take root, making the governments' theft of people's hard earned money for the 'education' (aka state controlled brain washing and traumatising) of their children unjustifiable.Included in this Do it Yourself education revolution is the need to Dehospitalise society.  (may the spirit of ivan be wiv u . . . amen)art in Far Out Football - on the bench translation below: gift in german = poison, giftig = poisonoussee alsoMandating Vaccines is Murder - SB277, the virology ideology and Pasteur's legacy of laboratories: Tom and Mae Torlakson's Family of 'innocence': The Visage of Vichy Revisited (this article includes a link to San Francisco artist James Torlakson's artworks on his daughter Elisabeth's anti-depressant-related suicide)Controlled Opposition : Twenty Questions You Never Dared to AskIvan Illich pages from Medical Nemesis: The Medicalisation of Lifescroll to the bottom of this page for further recent discussions ... here back to the old blog post 2009 . . .Questions about the NHS, the alternatives, the lack of alternatives, and other burning questions...that may remain unanswered...I can't be the only person in the world who is horrified by what both left-wing and right-wing political parties have lumped us with in terms of healthcare, surely? On the right is the chaotic plethora of private insurance companies - that cover mainly alopathic treatments, that generally ignore natural health methods and that people often opt out of because they don't want to (or can't) pay for it - along with various government-run (or non-government-run) spill-over schemes for the poor that nevertheless leave huge amounts of people with terrifying medical bills if they get 'unlucky'.On the left you've got 'universal healthcare' which has produced staggeringly high government spending on, again, allopathic treatments care of the Medical Industrial Complex.  A mandatory no-opt-out scheme that extorts vast sums of money from people's taxes for the honour of being handed over to, amongst other undesirables, the pharmaceutical industry. Who in turn, delighted with this business deal of the century, makes billions with the 'industry of disease', using the tax payer as fodder. This type of government-controlled healthcare system, such as the NHS in the UK or the French 'carte vitale' social security sy[...]

Growing sprouts, step by step photos


by Emma HolisterSprouts are hugely nutritious, cheap, home grown organic food...the ultimate survival food....everyone should know how to grow them! The best ones to start with are mung, sunflower, all types of lentils, fenugreek and chick pea.1- Put the organic beans in a cleaned bean or coffee jar, fill with water, cover with mosquito net or muslin and fix with elastic bands.2- Cover with a towel so that light cannot reach the beans. Leave them over night to rehydrate.3- In the morning they will have swollen.4- Drain the water. You might want to hold the elastic band with your hand in case it comes off, as you don't want to lose your beans in the sink. Fill with water again and drain again in order to rinse them thoroughly. If you use hot water by accident, which is easier to do than you'd realise, you will kill the sprouts, so always be careful which tap you're using!5- Place the drained beans on a dish rack or some other type of rack (cleaned shower bottle-rack for example) at a slight angle so that the water can drain out, but not completely upside down with the beans crammed against the net. Maximum air is necessary for them to breathe. Place the rack in a bowl or tray to gather the drops of water.6- Cover. Rinse morning and evening, or three times a day, depending on how hot the weather is - the hotter the weather the more rinsing is needed to avoid mould developing.7- After a few days, mung beans, fenugreek and large yellow lentils tend to have grown quite fast and therefore need to be divided into two jars. The green ones on the right here are mung and need to be rejarred. On the left we have chick peas that don't expand as much. They are more vulnerable to mould, however, especially in hot weather, and are less difficult if grown in the winter. It is usually enough to rinse them more often.8- Now you have three jars of sprouts, if you'd been doing large yellow lentils there would be even more. All of the sprouts are edible at this point, even though they can grow a lot more than this. However, if you're in a hurry to eat them, they are very nice in salads at this stage.9- Cover, continue rinsing twice or three times daily, as usual.10- After a few days, up to a week, you will have lots of teeming sprouts ready to eat, either in salads or stir fries. Once they begin to fill the jar be careful to remove them or they are likely to get so crammed that they will be difficult to remove without damaging them.11- If ever beans start to get a bit smelly, put them in a colander and rinse very well, shaking them a bit with the fingers. Taking them out of the jar makes it easier to clean them more thoroughly and exposes them to more air, reducing the risk of mould. Chick peas are particularly vulnerable to mould so it's important to keep a close eye on them. Always be sure to sniff your beans before and after rinsing, to make sure they're not going mouldy.12- Either leave them on the kitchen counter...13- ....cover and leave to grow for a few more days as usual....14- ...or, after having rinsed and left to drain for a while, pour them into a kitchen towel....15- ....tie the corners with an elastic band....16- ...and put them in the fridge, where they will remain fresh for several days, and even continue to grow, very slowly. Once in the fridge, they don't usually need to be rinsed as the cold prevents them from going mouldy.Finally, remember that growing sprouts is a versatile art. Although the jar method is one of the most effective, the colander method is also good, although it takes up a bit[...]

Growing Micro-greens Salad, Photos Step by Step


Growing your own micro-greens is not only the easiest, cheapest and most rapid way to grow your own salads, but is also a guarantee of the highest nutrient level, freshness and organic purity of your food.Sprouts and micro-greens have a far higher nutrient content than normal vegetables, for example lettuce, even if that lettuce is organic and freshly picked, something you are anyway unlikely to obtain from your local shop. I recently saw in a central Nimes store a tiny handful of these same sunflower greens, packaged in polystyrene and plastic, being sold for over seven euros. With rising food prices and the poor quality of the chemical-ridden produce sold in most stores, learning to grow your own organic greens indoors is potentially a life-saving art. It is also a means to become self sufficient if you are able to produce your own organic seeds. Two of the most delicious micro-green salads are black sunflower seeds and snow peas. This demonstration is with black sunflower seeds. You can grow the flowers in your garden throughout the summer and harvest the seeds to provide you with fresh salads throughout the year. Sunflowers are easy to grow in a variety of climates. I grew this batch of micro-greens end February/early March. Because they are grown indoors next to a window in any warm room, it is possible to grow these salads throughout most of the year. Only in the very dark and cold months of winter might this method need a supplement of electric lighting to boost its growth. The average tray of micro-greens takes about a week to reach full maturity, at which point you simply harvest them with a pair of scissors and put the used soil mat into your compost bin where it will be recycled into fresh nutrient-rich compost within two to three months. A rotation system of two compost bins can be set up outside or even under a table in your kitchen. This method will be explained at the end of these instructions.Black organic unhulled sunflower seeds are the best for growing micro greens because the seed pods come off the leaves more easily, producing a neater crop. Attempting to grow greens from hulled sunflower seeds will produce messy crop full of rotten seeds, as not all of them are whole or alive after hulling.1) Put three table spoons of seeds in a jar2) Fill the jar with water, preferably spring water or filtered3) As the seeds are full of air, they will float. Some people like to jam them down with some type of weight. However, I find that simply pushing them with the fingers so that they all become fully wet is sufficient, even if they continue to float.4) As with your normal sprouts, cover the jar with mosquito net or muslin attached with an elastic band5) Cover so that the light cannot reach them, leaving them preferably in a shadey corner to assure maximum darkness for the seeds to flourish. (The only time that seeds should ever be exposed to light is when they are pushing through soil to reach sunlight in the form of leaf shoots. Therefore it is important to remember that all your dry seeds should always be stored in a dry, air-tight glass jar in a dark cupboard. The jar needs to be air-tight to avoid mites getting in and feasting on the seeds.)6) The next day your seeds will have rehydrated and swollen in size7) Pour out the water and hold the elastic band in place if you're not sure it's tight enough, otherwise you may risk dropping all the seeds in the sink. As with all sprouts, refill the jar with water and empty it again, in order to rinse the seeds. [...]

Construction of a Humanure Compost Bin on a Paved Courtyard with Step by Step Photos


A humanure compost bin such as this one is where the contents of your compost toilet are transformed into top quality compost. This simple set up totally eliminates the need for costly and polluting plumbing infrastructure, sewerage stations and septic tanks.The following photos show how we improvised our compost bin, using Joseph Jenkins' design for a humanure hacienda in 'The Humanure Handbook' as a rough guide. Because of lack of space and funds we were unable to build the whole hacienda (two bins with a rooved section between them for straw) so we decided to do it bit by bit and build just one bin to start with, and next year we will build a second. A bin like this should take about a year to fill with our small family, and once it is full, we will leave it for a second year for the compost inside it to mature, while filling the second. After two years the compost in the first bin can be emptied and used, which liberates the bin for the next year's new load. In this way a two year rotation can go on indefinitely. We live in a residential street in a country town and only have a paved courtyard with a tiny strip of earth at the back. Most people wanting to build a humanure hacienda will have fewer problems than we did because as long as you have a small amount of lawn, the bins can simply be built straight onto the earth as explained in Joseph Jenkins' book. However, we couldn't decide which of several options to choose from for the drainage of the leachate (outflow of compost juices) which, if you don't have the bins on a lawn, is your main problem. Because of this indecision the bin was built, dismantled and rebuilt three times! This was because I didn't want to condemn our back soil trench which was our only piece of earth that wasn't raised garden or pots. In the end, condemning the trench was the only sensible option. We initially built the bin with its drip-off tray over the edge of the soil trench. But on completion, it was clear that the whole set-up was unsatisfactory because the soil trench was cut off from light and sight by the bulk of the bin, so we'd pretty much lost it anyway, and it took up too much space in the sunny central area of the courtyard. So, seeing that my wish to save the trench had been thwarted, we dismantled it, pushed the whole thing back by about a meter and put it directly over the soil, hoping it would drain that way. However, the workings of the hole we made in the corrugated base of the bin made it too complicated and it was likely to leak, especially in heavy rains, because the trench is very narrow so its drainage is slow. Now the back drip-off tray goes directly into the gutter that leads to the mains drain. Joe suggested that had we wanted a completely closed system we could have had the leachate drain into a bucket with sawdust that could be thrown back into the bin, but in the end laziness won out and the mains drain gets the leachate!We used larch, which we were told is a strong pinewood that fares well outside and doesn't rot. For the base of the bin we used some cheap sheets of galvanised metal corrugated roofing. For our straw (the compost's cover material) we currently put it on a palette covered with a tarpaulin. As for the water needed to rinse the buckets, we have a water butt that is attached to the house's gutter. The reason we decided to do this, despite our restricted space, is that we wanted to show to people who live in towns that it's possible to set up an attractive, cheap and [...]

Crochet: Reclaim a Traditional Survival Art and Halt the Clothes Industry Slave Trade


by Emma Holisterrelated articles:Money or CurrencyCrochet RevolutionCrochet your way to Free FoodCrochet: Reclaim a Traditional Survival Art and Halt the Clothes Industry Slave TradeI am learning to crochet with the aim of never buying another item of clothing ever well as doing my bit to avoid contributing to child slave labour in the international clothing industry: (Radiohead - 'All I Need': For me it has been a way to connect to the women folk in my life, especially my mother who taught me the first beginner stitches, as well as reclaiming an ancestral survival art that the clothes industry has tried to make us forget. During the potato famine in Ireland many women were able to support their families by crocheting clothes to sell.Here is my first attempt at making something, I skipped making scarves and hats and threw myself in at the deep end with a button up tank top. Not bad for a first ever project without a pattern, eh? All totally free too as I made it out of an old jumper that mum and I unravelled (well, mostly mum unravelled it actually...very hard!). I made lots of mistakes, but learnt a lot. A top like this takes about a weekend going at a slow beginner's rate. The stitches are the most basic ones. Crochet your Way to Free Food[...]

Twig Stove (aka rocket stove): how to build one in an afternoon


by Emma HolisterIf the price of gas and electricity is getting you down, build a simple rocket stove and cook with twigs! It's free and it's sustainable. Cooking with a rocket stove is another big step towards freedom from extortionate energy bills and the multinational giants ransacking our planet and our bank accounts. A rocket stove can be used outside in the summer, on your terrace or balcony, or indoors in the winter, hooked up to a chimney with a hood. Because of the insulated interior, this stove gives off far less smoke and carbon monoxide than a normal fire. Only when igniting and putting out the fire is there really any smoke worth speaking of. This simple design creates a strong air suction that makes the cooking flame very intense with just a few twigs. Using bigger and more twigs gives a stronger flame which will heat your pans faster than a gas hob. You can reduce the flame by reducing the amount or size of the twigs.My rocket stove is very rudimentary. I've never done metal work before so I was as new to this as the next person. You'll need to forgive the unintentional advertising for the sunflower cooking oil...the 25 litre / 5 gallon tin was perfect for my stove! In Europe it's quite difficult to find this size barrel and you may need to go begging at the back door of your local restaurant for their empties. If you are worried about the paint on the barrel then put it in a fire to burn away the thin layer of paint. However, once I got my stove going, the main part of the barrel, being well insulated with ash, doesn't get hot at all, only the top edge gets charred.In the photo below you can see the 25 litre tin of sunflower oil I found dumped next to the public garbage bins in my neighbourhood. It needed a bit of a scrub to remove the excess oil and a bit of rust that had started to build up. Inside this barrel will go my old iron stove pipe, one straight piece and one elbow piece, that I got out of my cellar. It has a diameter of 13cm (approx 4 inches). In the video the chap uses a thin tin stove pipe that he then changed his mind about as it can release toxins. My stove pipe is a tough old iron thing that had to be cut with an electric metal disk saw. However, cutting it with a metal handsaw would have been possible, had I been brave...The tools you'll need:Leather gloves to protect your hands - without them you will gash yourself!A felt tip pen for marking where you'll cutA chisel and hammer to make the first hole in the tin before cuttingTin snips to cut the tin barrelA metal file to smooth off the rough edges of the cut tinEither an electric disk saw for cutting the iron stove pipe or a good metal hand saw (and plenty of patience)Pliers to grip, bend and squeeze the tin into shapeA ruler, tape measure or piece of wood to measure the length of stove pipeThe first thing to cut in the barrel is the bottom hole where the wood will be fed into the stove pipe. This is done easily by using your pen to trace around the diametre of your stove pipe placed 5cm (approx 2 inches) above the bottom of the barrel. This gap is to prevent the base of the rocket stove overheating. Next, take the hammer and chisel, hold the barrel so it doesn't slip, give the chisel a good whack in the centre of the traced circle to create a hole in the tin, then work the tin snips into that hole, cut towards the edge, then all around the edge till the hole is complete. Cutting slightly inside the t[...]

Permaculture Design - change of life and vision


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