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Preview: Blog de Pierrick Le Gall

Blog de Pierrick Le Gall

Published: 2008-02-21T00:59:39+01:00


Ce blog a déménagé


Ce blog a déménagé : nouveau blog (français uniquement) Je suis en train de diviser mon site web en 2 sections : anglais et français. Je ne souhaite plus lire du français et de l'anglais sur la même page. Je pense que c'est déroutant pour tous les lecteurs. Le système antispam...

This blog has moved


This blog has moved to a new location: new blog (english only) I'm dividing my website in 2 sections: english and french. I don't want anymore to read french and english on the same page. I think it's confusing for both readers. The new blog antispam system is more advanced, so comments are...

Talend Open Studio 2.3.0M2 is out


Talend Open Studio 2.3.0M2 is out. Let me list you what's new concerning Perl generation, compared to the current main release 2.2.3. As you will see, Perl code generation is still in progress :-) 13 new components, 8 new features in existing components. In this blog post, I only list news about Perl code generation, there are of course more new features, they are fully listed on the official ChangeLog page in releases 2.3.0M1 and 2.3.0M2.

MySQL bulk update with Talend Open Studio


3 years ago, I introduced in PhpWebGallery a very fast way to update several lines of the same table, at once. See PhpWebGallery Subversion revision 625 for details. I don't remember how this idea came to me, but I've implemented it as a component in Talend Open Studio. The purpose is to improve speed on mass updates. The standard way to update several lines of a table, with different values for each line of course, is to perform a query for each line to update. In a web application it is a really bad thing not to know in advance the number of queries for each page. In any other situation, it's not good because it's very slow.

MySQL extended insert mode in Talend Open Studio


In feature 2378, I've implemented MySQL specific extended insert mode. Extended insert means that instead of inserting lines one by one, you insert many lines in the same insert query. Don't get confuse with a transaction mecanism, it's not. The advantage is speed. To illustrate the performance improvement we'll have in Talend Open Studio 2.3.0M2 using extended inserts, I've created a benchmark : we read lines from a delimited file and we insert them in a table. 3 simple fields per line (numeric id, firstname, lastname). 1 million of lines to insert.

New whitelist generator with TOS 2.3.0M1


I've updated the first Talend Open Studio "use case" I wrote nearly one year ago with release 1.1.0RC1. This time I use new feature from Talend Open Studio 2.2.x : tUnite and tNormalize avoid the temporary file and the "include sub directories" option in tFileList makes the job smarter. Full...

Talend Open Studio aux journées Perl 2007


Les journées Perl 2007 auront lieu à Lyon. Sur le campus où j'ai fait mes études d'ingénieur. Si la SNCF le veut bien, j'y serai pour écouter les autre présentateurs mais aussi pour co-présenter une conférence avec Richard, également développeur Perl chez Talend. Devant une...

Debian Linux as a Microsoft SQL Server client


We're using Debian Etch (with GNU/Linux) as a server at Talend office. We need to reach a remote Microsoft SQL Server database. The first step is to perform a select query in the command line. We need to install FreeTDS: FreeTDS is a set of libraries for Unix and Linux that allows your programs to natively talk to Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases.. We have to define an "interface" for the Microsoft SQL Server in the FreeTDS "interfaces" file. At the end of the line,w use sqsh, a command line client for Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server.

SSH, key authentication and batch mode


A long time ago, I've tried to use connect to a SSH server with my private key in a batch mode (with a cron task). I didn't find the way to do it. Now I have. It is as simple as to have no passphrase on your private key. Less secure (but still much more secure than FTP connection) but makes SSH possible in cron task.

Talend 2.2.0M1 and Perl code performances


Richard and I have both worked 2 weeks on a main improvement proposed by Richard. .----------------------------------------------------. | job | TOS 2.1.1 | TOS 2.2.0M1 | improvement | +------------+-----------+-------------+-------------+ | Scenario 2 | 20.8 s | 16.9 s | 18.8 % | | Scenario 3 | 81.2 s | 30.4 s | 62.6 % | '------------+-----------+-------------+-------------' Scenario 3 details in Talendforge wiki Scenario 2 details in Talendforge wiki