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Updated: 2012-04-16T05:23:30.279+01:00


Up, up and no way.


(image) A friend of ours offered to take both Krip and me up in his plane today. I politely said "Thanks, but no thanks" as I have already had that (ahem) pleasure once, and once was enough for me. I have been known to suffer from motion sickness from time to time - okay, I'll admit, I can get sea sick lying on top of a half-filled water bed or from riding a Merry-Go-Round if what I'm riding doesn't go up and down at the same time - so a time or two is putting it mildly. And the more I'm looking outside at the weather today in our little corner of Kent, the more I know I made the right choice.

Now, I'm wondering if Krip is still going to go ahead with his plans to fly in that very small plane. And does our friend's plane carry a barf bag (or two). Hope so.

Thank you, Krip.


I am sick. So sick. My throat is raw. My chest hurts. I have a cough, which in turn hurts my chest even more when I cough. My hands are cold. My feet are cold. What can I say. I feel like shite.

And guess who gave it to me.

Last of the summer wine.


I noticed for the first time today that our garden is looking a bit shabby. The leaves aren't as green as they were a month ago. The flowers not as spectacular. Even the grass barely needs cutting. Reminds me of what a nightclub looks like in the daytime. I guess no matter how warm the days have been lately, Autumn is just around the corner.

All creatures great and small.


(image) Like a lot of people, we feed the birds; we've planted bushes just to draw the butterflies. We also try to keep the squirrels off the bird table, mainly due to Barney going absolutely bonkers when he sees one. And I put out cookies in a cage for the little wood mice. We put their treats in there because they are able to get in and out. I even go out of my way to catch any and all insects that get in the house and put them outside - learned that from Krip.

However, there is one creature or creatures that I don't like in my garden. Rats. We now have a family coming into our garden at dusk; two youngsters and two adults.
Having a fish and chips shop, as well as a curry house nearby doesn't help.

Rats! Ugh.

Litter can make for strange bedfellows.


Yesterday, when I took Barney to the wood, the bin trucks had just come and gone. In front of one of the houses, evidently a bag must have gotten ripped and a few things had toppled out. Lying on the sidewalk was a pair of old thongs and two hamburger buns laying side-by-side. It was quite comical to see - those two flattened buns still attached together next to those old pair of undies. What is our neighborhood coming to. (Side note: I would have been so embarrassed if that had been my pair of undies.) So this morning, I noticed the old thongs are still there, but the much battered buns have scuttled further away from them...even they didn't want any part of them.



For awhile now, I have been getting up my nerve to approach the wife of one of Krip's childhood friends to see if she wanted to do something, just the two of us. We always get together as a couple, but never just her and me. So on Saturday night, at a party at their house, I took her aside and asked her if she would like to have a girls' day out and perhaps take the train to London.

"What the hell do you want to go to London for!!"

Reeling from her barking at me and wanting to melt into the furniture, the idea of perhaps lunch, and then a little shopping, or perhaps just visiting a museum was some of the things that popped into my head; however, I said nothing because I was, well just gobsmacked.

And that was it. Nothing else said. So much for sticking one's neck out.

Never again.

Richard the Third.


For four days, our garden has been graced with little brown puddles. It took four days of boiled chicken, scrambled eggs, and rice, with a little dose of medicine to finally cure that problem. It took the two of us getting up at all hours for three nights in a row to make sure that those little brown puddles stayed outside in the garden and not inside the house. And those little brown puddles gave us an excuse for an early exit from a party that we both agreed was getting rather dull.

But, it's Sunday! And no more little brown puddles. I am pleased to announce that our dog, Barney, is finally better and now there is only one firm brown Richard the Third in our garden. Yes!



A really strange thing happened this morning. Krip was taking Barney for a walk in the wood and came across a briefcase. He brought it home and told me about it. Being around 6:30 am, I didn't take much notice of what he was telling me. Anyway, when I finally dragged myself outta bed, I decided to investigate the contents of said case. Inside was a bunch of papers and lo and behold...a CV with all the information I needed on the owner of the briefcase.

I called the gentleman, and found out that his house had been broken into while they were sleeping and he had had quite a few things stolen. After a few phone calls, he came and collected his case. Not only had his house been burgled, but three other homes in the area last night met the same fate.

This is one thing we really don't have to worry about because if someone broke into our place, it would be to give us stuff...not take it away. Heh.

The most important question left unanswered.


Tonight, while watching our nightly dose of brainwashing, gosh did I say that? I meant watching the 6:30 news on ITV, after the segment on China's lost children and something about gorillas somewhere in Africa, we were introduced to a gentleman who has traveled all the way from Greenland just to give a verbal protest over the expansion of Stansted Airport. He was maintaining that the expansion of said airport would contribute to the shrinking of his beloved Greenland; you know, the butterfly in the rain forest, etc. Anyway, the whole time this person is going on and on about the cause and effect of the expansion, all I could think of was just one question that I dearly wanted to hear from someone, anyone in the vicinity of said person...

"Sir, how in the hell did you get from Greenland to here in Essex?"



There are several types of sport that I wouldn't want to attempt today, especially near or on the southeast coast. One is golf and the other is perhaps, sailing. Guess what Krip is doing right now.

He's playing in a golf tournament.

Wonder if his wellies are interferring with his golf swing.

I haven't a clue.


I've already started racking my brain to try to think of something to write about.

The weather and/or politics are boring. The weather and politics appear to be two entirely different subjects; however, think about it for a minute and you will note they tend to be very similiar. With our weather lately, nothing changes, except for the day, and nothing has really changed with the changing of the guard - different suits, same policies. We do appear to be in the grip of "The Great Global Warming" phase, brought on, in my most humble opinion by a lot of hot air caused, not by mankind, but by a tribe of blow-hards called politicians (led by Al Bore of all people).

So. Since I don't want to talk about the weather and/or politics, I suppose I will have to just bore you with a peek into our lives. Let's see, Krip is taking next week off so we (the two of us and my youngest darling daughter) are planning on taking on London, "The Great Moscow State Circus," and perhaps a walk or two around Kent's countryside.

That is of course, politics aside, if the weather decides to change it's tune. Perhaps we can get a few politicos to blow some of this weather we've been having out to sea. And use their hot air to our advantage.

If not, we'll just have to do a lot of "indoor" stuff.

Okay, I think I've really done it now.


Well, I decided I didn't like my old template, so I latched onto a new one. However, as you can see, I also wound up with no links to anyone else in the outside world. I suppose that's my next exercise...going hunting for who I had...or making new friends.

Guess this means I need to start blogging again.

Doesn't feel any different.


Goodbye to Christmas and 2006. Welcome to 2007 - hmmm, makes me another year older. Great, just great.

It's quiet here now. Yesterday, we put my darling youngest on the plane for her long flight back to the states. Summer break cannot come too soon. The countdown started today.

Have I mentioned how dull and quiet this day has been? Yeah, well, it is.

Been doing nothing but cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. All day.


A few notes from home.


As I am busily wrapping Christmas presents, I decided to tune into some live Christmas music on the Net. Would you believe it? I actually found a station from my hometown in Georgia playing tra-la-las. Feels weird to hear the adverts and such, but has put a little smile on my face. Makes me feel closer to my youngest.

Merry Christmas to me. Heh.

Pretty boy.


(image) I love magpies.

Never saw any, at least live ones, until I moved to England. I know that we have a pair that live somewhere very near to us because we see them from time to time and since they are known to be very shy birds, I get excited when I do see them. Anyway, lately one of them has been coming in to our yard - looking for a meal or two, I suppose. Today, I happened to look out our living room window and lo and behold! there was one on our feeder. He boldly chased all the doves and woodies off the tray to peck at the seeds. Later, I was very surprised to see him drinking water from the pond. Twice in one day! I consider myself lucky indeed.

'Tis the Season...Part II.


(image) Buying, writing, posting Christmas cards...who's idea was this anyway?! This is one Christmas chore, and yes, I consider it a chore that I dread every year. I mean, have you noticed you always seem to send cards to people that you see all the time anyway and will be in places that you can say "Merry Christmas, etc." all the time; to people that you never see nor probably ever want to see again; or to family...enough said. Heh.

That's why right now in our home there are box(s) of them sitting on the table with nothing written in them, along with envelopes with nothing written on them. We have until Saturday to get them off.


P.S. Still haven't gotten the tree yet.

'Tis the Season.


Well, I finally got my act together and sent out all the goodies we bought for everyone in North Carolina. Whew! We've finished shopping for my youngest. Double-whew! And now all we have left is to get Christmas cards, write and send 'em off. Krip is digging deeper into his 'Bah Humbug' mode and he only sees the £££££/$$$$$ signs (which, I admit can be a bit overwhelming), so I'm beginning to wonder if we will even do the card bit this year.

Speaking of which, Christmas cards, I mean...yesterday we got our first one for Christmas 2006. It was very sweet, with Santa Claus (Father Christmas) on the front, distributing presents under the tree and such. Opening the said card, I promptly read:

'Season's Greetings and Happy New Year'

ACK!!! Season's Greetings and Happy New Year???!!! The PC goodie-two-shoes have really taken over and to make it official, I think someone, somewhere needs to come out with a "Season's Greetings" song. You know something like, "I'm dreaming of a White Season's Greetings?" Or how about "Rock'n 'round the Season's Greetings' Tree." Or even better, "So, this is Seasons Greetings..."

Jeff Randall in the Daily Telegraph today, has a great commentary about Christmas cards, et al, and if I could write as well as him, I'd be doing his job instead of sitting here writing on my blog. At any rate, here is a sample:

"The selection process is very precise. The discarded items have one thing in common: they are not Christmas cards at all, by which I mean, as well as having no Christian images, Nativity scenes etc, they don't even mention the "C" word. I'm afraid that "happy holidays" simply will not do."

Season's Greetings???!!! Flipping 'ell.

Just a bit of fun.



You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

I nicked this from Krip, who nicked it from b and God knows where she nicked it from. It's just a bit of fun; however, I am questioning the mental health it telling me that I'm a bit barmy????!!!

Not in the mood.



Christmas is coming, and of course I'm not even close to being ready. I have a package that needs to be sent to my oldest daughter and inside that package goodies need to be sent to my son-in-law in Iraq.

Have I wrapped the gifts I need to send?...No.

Have I gotten everything to be sent to my son-in-law?...No.

Have I located the incentive to do so yet?...No.

I'll let you know when I will.

Queen Elizabeth II opening Parliament today. Awesome.


(image) I just watched the Queen going up to Parliament for her speech to both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. I was fascinated by the Queen's person arriving at the House of Commons and getting the door slammed in his face, his beating on it to get admitted, and requesting the presence of that House to attend the Queen's audience. It was something to see the Prime Minister (Blair) having to stand at the back of the House of Lords' chamber with all others from the Commons. Hearing the speech the Queen gave, announcing what "my government" is going to proposed was interesting, even knowing that she didn't write the speech. Also, the keeping of a "hostage" from Parliament by the Queen only to be delivered back to Parliament once the Queen is back safely in her residence is a great tradition. Something tells me that the "hostage" and the Queen probably had a nice cup of tea and a little chin wag about the ceremony/speech before the "hostage" was return. At least, I'd like to think they did.

What I did find out today was that, even though the Queen has lost the majority of any power to govern, she signs the proposals by Parliament that makes them the law of the land. That I didn't know. So from this information, I am going to assume that if the Queen doesn't sign off, it doesn't become law. Interesting. She also can express her disapproval of proposals in private to the Prime Minister (and such), not that he needs to take note. This all surprised me. I thought the Queen was just a figurehead.

Anyway, as an American, perhaps I'm suppose to find this a bit much, but I think it's grand. And I hope it continues long into the future. I hope that every child in the UK has a chance to observe this tradition. It's living history. And if, nothing else, it's pretty awesome to watch.

Hello, again.


Well, I'm back. In fact, it's now my really third day back. Funny thing is, is that I was able to get up fairly early (around seven-thirty, quarter to eight) on Monday and Tuesday morns, and yet I wound up sleeping in this am and feel worse for it!

I had a great time with my grandkids. Six, three, and 14 months. Boys. Not a sensitive one among them. Wonderful time. How I felt after being there for three weeks? Exhausted.

The house was kept in pretty good order considering it was being kept up by a man. Only problem that I find when I leave is my definition on how to get rid of dust and his definition is two different definitions. I say get rid of it, and he says no point in even trying, it'll just come back. Guess I'll keep him.

My youngest arrives on the 16th of December for Christmas and we can't wait. Of course that also means that we are going to have to plow through the crowds and start our Christmas shopping. Keeping Krip from going bananas is a chore every year. He just hates the commercial aspect of Christmas (don't we all) and becomes such a grouch, muttering under his breath everytime a commercial comes on the televison.

I guess that's all I've got for my really first wade back into blogging. Now all I have to do is get back in the habit of looking and commenting on everyone else's blogs.

Taking to the skies...again.


Well, I'm flying out this evening, on my way back to Mr. K , Barney the dog, and England. I'll be back tomorrow morning. I've had a wonderful time with my daughter(s) and grandboys. You wouldn't believe how exhausted I am. Looking forward to my own bed; to seeing my honey; and to seeing our lovable flea-bag; AND I'm looking forward to, um, I can I put this delicately....quiet.

See you soon!




I lurve Autumn.


(image) Aaarrrggghhh! See what I've been missing since I'm in North Carolina? Not that it's not beautiful here, but I want to be there! I have one more week, then not only will I be back with Mr. K, but finally, I'll shake my lazy self free and actually start writing something.

Stay tuned....

Hot, hot, hot!


(image) Damn, it's been hot here lately.

"There is a 30 percent chance Britain would swelter in its hottest-ever day, with warmer weather than the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and southeast Asia, the Met Office said on Tuesday."

According to Reuters, "The temperatures being experienced at the moment are higher than those in Miami, Athens, Ibiza, Crete, Malta, Nice, Tenerife and Saigon."

Daughter: "but Mom, it's this hot in Georgia!"
Mother: "but you have air-conditioning in Georgia and we don't!"