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Published: 2014-06-17T18:13:36+01:00


Left facing tweeters cannot be trusted


When you look at your twitter feed you usually see the authors profile picture to the left of their tweet (see image below). When their profile picture is facing away from their tweet it gives the impression that they want...

No 29, Elvis said it best: "We can't go on together with suspicious minds."


In 1999 I read a book that excited me. I re-read it recently and think that it's more relevant today than ever. If you replace internet/intranet with digital and mobile you have got something that is a manifesto for a...

Mac at 30 - What about Jef Raskin?


Stephen Fry has been celebrating 30 years of the Mac and names many of the people who contributed directly and indirectly to the Mac. But I would like to call attention to the contribution made by Jef Raskin who has...


A prototype for an internet fridge from 2004.

Interact - The Physical Device


The Interact multi-media kiosk came in two different configurations. The 'stand-up' configuration came with a 19 inch touchscreen monitor with a built in video camera, printer and telephone. This configuration could be used in branch locations or in public areas...

Interact - A kiosk for all seasons


The Interact home screen would be visible on the Nationwide Building Society kiosks for much of the time, and rather than leave a single image on-screen the graphic designers modelled different images for different times of day and different seasons....

Interact - A touch screen application from 1995


Before the iPad. Before Internet Banking. In 1995, Nationwide Building Society introduced Interact, a multi-media touch screen kiosk designed to allow members of the public to understand financial services. Awards: British Computer Society 1995, Gold Award British Interactive Multimedia Association,...

Reading across time and space


I have got my original number one copy of Dr Who weekly from 1979 and here is a picture of Gabriel reading it with some old doctors.


A very old animated gif I made 15 years ago. But it doesn't appear to animate on Typepad. You can see it in all its animated glory here.

Data Quality - User Experience for Existing Customers


Marketing Executives are very focussed on the acquisition of new customers and the sexiness of new products, but as online markets evolve the existing customer becomes more important because of the low cost to switching to another service. The lack...