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Thoughts and points of interest from Jennifer Klyse.

Published: 2010-01-06T22:15:00-06:00




Just checking to see if this thing is still on/working......

RIP Milton Friedman.


I was first directly exposed to his work as a graduate student. He was an intellectual giant and I learned from his writing and I am surprisingly moved. May he rest in peace....

Explain something to me.


To get a driver's license in Illinois, you must present your Social Security card. This, they claim, is in response to Homeland Security and 9/11 and the dramatic rise in identify theft and whatever else. (Possibly bordering-on-paranoid ranting about why...

Say it with me, people.


I sent this link to a former co-worker yesterday because I knew that we'd have spent a good deal of time IM'ing about it if he still sat across the cubicle-wall from me. Say it with me: supply and demand....

Ctrl+Shift in notepad.exe.


I am a keyboard-shortcut junkie; I very rarely use the mouse or touchpad for commands that can be replicated using keystrokes. I do a lot of typing, and it slows me down to have to take my hands away from...

Haven't posted in ages...


...but for whatever reason (web-based conference calls, perhaps) felt compelled to do so today. I've let this site slip, not because I am without interesting (to me) things to say, but because I am without time to properly pull together...

The Beauty of Simplicity


A client photocopied the beauty of simplicity (no link available yet) for me last week (an article from Fast Company's November issue.) My favorite quote--which will not be a surprise to anyone who knows me or who has seen Edward...

Not yet a true Chicagoan, apparently.


I was out having drinks with a few coworkers last night and mentioned that I had gone to the Cubs game Saturday night. The what? my coworker asked, looking at me with an astounded look on her face. The Cubs...

Fool's Gold in The Economist.


A must-read for the week (from last week's print edition) if for nothing else than to see the context for this quote: One finishes this book persuaded by Mr Gallagher's thesis: that he is surrounded by idiots. That would certainly...

Renewal Madness.


I renewed my subscription to Reason Magazine today. I had a hard-copy notice in the mail, but I renewed the subscription online because it just seemed like it would be easier. It was not. The online renewal form wanted my...

Teamwork in Wrigleyville.


Thanks to a friend with connections, I ended up with a decent seat at today's Cubs game. The rain delay, while annoying in that standard rain-delay sort of way, was probably the most interesting part of the game (although there...

Test Upgrade


testing upgrade


test body...

Getting Customer Support.


I am happy to report that my company's website lists both a general and support phone number, right on the Contact Us page where you'd expect to find it, rather than hiding it as the companies described in Customer Service:...

Does this constitute cheating?


Over the holiday weekend we got to discussing the delicate line between editing and writing, which is to say, the point at which helping someone with a master's thesis crosses from helping to writing. (There was a context, but I...