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Jobs in Dubai has been sold to an India–based investor for $9 million (Dh33 million).
Dubai: Online recruitment firm Jobs in Dubai has been sold to an India–based investor for $9 million (Dh33 million).

The firm, which claims to be one of the largest online recruiting portals in the Middle East, announced Tuesday that the deal was inked on June 7.

The company is now moving to finalise the sale of the eight–year–old company that claims to have the largest database in GCC and UAE of both jobseekers and companies.

Nofel Izz, Jobs in Dubai CEO, told Gulf News in an earlier interview that the aim of the sale was to find a larger entity that could take the success of the company to a larger audience.

Izz said he wanted to sell "to someone who would be able to understand the principles of the company and will be able to take it to a heightened success".

Jobs in Dubai was founded by Izz who first incorporated in 2002 and three years later opened offices in Dubai.

"Now we have an office in India, Dubai [relocating to the free zone] and Canada," he said.

Expatriate demand

The company is making money in Dubai where demand for expatriate expertise and labour continues to draw workers from around the world, although to a lesser extent than in boom times.

"The company has been profitable for the past many years… it has specialised paid services such as professional networking, profile search ranking, picture CV snap shot and more," he said. "Gross annual revenue tops $2 million and will only get better as the Qatar markets open up."

New Jobs in Dubai owner Ashish Agarwal, who is also CEO and owner of Tanisha International in India, said he plans to take the online jobs portal to a new level.

"Let's be honest, the traditional practice of dropping a paper CV at the receptionist's desk is a thing of the past. Just like an ever–increasing amount of people go to the ‘net for current events, more and more rely on it when on a job hunt," Agarwal said in a statement.

"One of the main changes JID will undertake in the very near future is a strategy to significantly heighten its timely responsiveness to its subscribers. Features like live chat access to its consultants will play an important role in that regard," he said.


Future growth will be backed by industry sectors that are emerging from the world financial crisis and are looking for workers.

"Obviously, the job market experienced a downturn beginning in late 2008. However, a year later, after the dust settled, we began to see a turnaround and the turnaround now in early 2011 is gaining further momentum, especially in terms of organizations turning to more strategic recruiting. Take the construction sector as an example. The job outlook in this sector is more than promising in that attention has turned away from real estate to more sustainable infrastructure projects," Agarwal said.

Future expansion in the region will include Qatar where the company will move carefully to grow its reach.

"Indeed. JID has already secured the "jobsinqatar" domain. But we will manage growth carefully, focusing on being "best of breed" in what we are currently doing before casting our eyes elsewhere," he said. The finalisation of the Jobs in Dubai acquisition should happen very soon, he said.

"The final due diligence phase of the transaction is already complete, so we would give it two to three more weeks to finalise," Agarwal said.

Gulf News – Dubai

Recruiting agency seeks buyer to help it grow – By Derek Baldwin, Business Features Reporter, Gulf News.

Dubai:, a recruitment agency, is looking for a buyer after five years of linking employees with employers at its Dubai offices.

Nofel Izz, managing director, said the outfit has been put up for sale in search of a larger entity that can take the success of the company to a larger audience.

"My reason for looking for an investor in Dubai is because our site's target audience is predominantly residents of here," Izz told Gulf News.

"We want to sell this venture to someone who would be able to understand the principles of the company and will be able to take it to a heightened success."

After working on his MBA in Canada, Izz first incorporated in 2002 and three years later opened offices in Dubai.

"Now we have an office in India, Dubai [relocating to the free zone] and Canada," he said. " employs 27 staff most of which are located in India and Canada with only the sales staff present in Dubai."

Izz said the company was making money in Dubai where demand for expatriate expertise and labour continued to draw workers from around the world, although to a lesser extent than in boom times.

"The company has been profitable for the past many years as it only caters to companies in Dubai, but also has specialised paid services such as professional networking, profile search ranking, picture CV snap shot and more," he said. "Gross annual revenue tops $2 million and will only get better as the Qatar markets open up. We also own the domain and have rights to and are looking to expand out there too along with our new investors."

Izz said the world econ–omic crisis did push recruitment requests and subsequent job offers in Dubai downward but said that the emirate was rebounding.

"When recession came in, definitely like all other companies, we were worried about the downturn and how it may affect us. On a relative scale we were affected, too, as we saw lesser job postings although the number was insignificant because our major partners who are with us have a strong standing, and still were hiring for various positions. Today there is a greater influx of job seekers, and because of our other services offered online it has helped us be stable overall."

On its website, Jobs in Dubai said that its clients had "immediate access and detailed information regarding suitable candidates, allowing them to view an array of resumes at the tips of their fingers on demand".

The company said Jobs in Dubai also offered picture profiles of candidates and the company's own social networking tool "to connect with HR Managers directly, find out who is hiring for which positions, and connect with industry experts working in your field".

For more information Email: 

Financial sector hiring to surge 20% this quarter
 Recruitment for the financial sector has started picking up in the region and estimates point to a 17 to 20 per cent increase this quarter compared to the previous three months. Industry executives said companies, particularly international ones, are expected to allocate higher budgets towards recruitment and training of their staff in 2010.As economic sentiment gets positive, the financial sector, which saw heavy lay–offs during the onset of the crisis, is preparing to seize business opportunities by hiring the right kind of people. However, the current focus is on hiring specialists and high–calibre staff who will help generate revenues and, in most cases, fill the positions that are left vacant.Robert Half UAE, a recruitment company that has published its Salary Guide UAE 2009–2010, said demand for finance and accounting specialists in the UAE continued, whereas there was a drop in demand for support functions such as human resources and IT.Placement consultants and analysts said it is an opportune time to hire staff at "realistic salaries". As per estimates there has been a 20 per cent decline in salaries this year and, with manpower available at lower costs, the analysts advise that organisations should not delay hiring further if they are to take advantage of the economy picking up.The financial sector, including banks and asset management firms, took a beating during the economic crisis and saw massive job cuts globally. A report by Economic Co–operation and Development (OECD) said 15 million job cuts took place between end of 2007 and July 2009. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimated global unemployment rate to increase to 7.1 per cent and 51 million jobs to be lost in 2009 compared to six per cent in 2008 and 5.7 per cent in 2007.Of the total job losses, the financial sector contributed a major share. However, the past three months have reported relative stability in job cuts globally and, if placement consultants are to go by, positive sentiment has started showing results in jobs markets.In a survey of 1,500 people conducted by Naukri?, more than 60 per cent of respondents said that had started to hire again."Companies have definitely started hiring now. Our survey showed that more than 60 per cent are recruiting people again. Jobs on our website have increased. Now, post Ramadan, there is an increase in activity," Rahul Khar, Zonal Manager of, told Emirates Business.After the job cuts, uncertainty about improvement in economic conditions has seen companies adopting a wait and watch policy. However, the same appears to be giving way to hope about betterment resulting in a focus on seizing the opportunities that businesses foresee in near future, the consultants said.James Sayer, Senior Manager at Robert Half UAE, said: "Finance and accounting has fared better than other sectors due to the need to having strong F&A functions during a downturn, with a real focus on treasury, financial control and accounts payable positions."Nofel Izz, Director,, said: "Jobs in the financial sectors are showing more stability now than in March and April of 2009. The increase would be approximately 17 per cent in this quarter as compared to the previous quarter."Charles Francis, Partner with GCC Partners, said: "In the past three weeks we have seen people starting to put plans into action. We have been hired for consultancy, received mandates to hire new staff and train new staff. The time has come not just to talk about it but actually start putting some of these things into action. "Besides, the markets are looking better. Across the world, markets are rallying, there is confidence. They are looking ahead rather than just looking over the shoulder. The financial sector is positive. It has become a lot busier. Asset management firms are looking to hire analysts, brokerages are in need of brokers – everywhere they are hiring."Large corporates, said consultants, are expected to allocate a higher share[...]

Nofel Izz – A Bagful Of Jobs
Nofel Izz, a self–confessed ‘product’ of Dubai, is making a difference to people’s lives all the way from Canada through his online recruiting agency. The beauty of people in Dubai is that they understand any kind of accent without people having to repeat themselves," laughs 34–year–old Nofel Izz, entrepreneur and managing director of, a recruitment website serving more than 4.2 million job seekers the world over. "So, the process of getting my English accent right, or losing what I had, was a challenge for me!" Maybe it is because he was born in Dubai, his dad is from India, mom from Pakistan, and had Arab and Iranian friends, plus had moved to Canada, he sees himself as a blend of internatinal cultures. Nofel’s success story is not without the usual hardships. He moved to Toronto in 1997 to pursue higher studies and juggled several evening jobs. "It was hard to concentrate on school when you had to go to work in the evening," he remembers. His first real break came in 2000 when he joined the Bank of Montreal in Toronto as a relationship manager. "While I was working for the bank, I was still trying to figure out what I really wanted to do in life since I was good at IT solutions. I had completed my Canadian Securities Course and a year of E–Commerce before it hit me that the online industry was where I wanted to be." Even though it was the era of dotcom firms going bust, he started a company with three others, creating small systems for larger corporations like WebSonic. Soon after he branched out on his own and started By then, he had figured out how exportable skills were from Canada to Dubai, and vice versa. "Quitting a nine to five job was the start. I have always been inclined to start new ventures ever since, which is what I do every year, some successful, some not. It is a risk I enjoy taking," he points out. His parents were not happy with his choice initially, but a few years down the line they finally understood how it benefited him. Today, is a key ingredient in the UAE’s recruitment market. Although not the only jobs website in Dubai, Nofel relishes the challenge of competition. "I consider competition very healthy. It motivates us all to do better." Once Nofel was self–employed, there was no turning back. "I won’t say I am successful now, and I probably won’t say it in the future. All I can say is that I am doing well and would like to do even better." His formula for success? Nofel lists a few pointers: "Listen to the voice in your head and take risks in life, count the number of productive hours you put into a day, and, last but not least, make as many friends as you can." More recently, he has launched, which aims to be the largest Middle East–based networking website which will ‘connect’ people looking for employment and immigration–related matters. Nofel also offers advice for job seekers hit by recession that is affecting the Middle East and beyond. "Be patient! Many times job seekers register with a website or agency and want an immediate response. "It is important for them to understand that an employer is supplied with over 1,000 resumes per day. Feedback may take a while. "It is also vital to have an excellent resume, which has less chances of being overlooked by an HR manager." The basis for selection depends on what an employer is looking for in an employee. "Nowadays, nationality is becoming insignificant and a strong educational and career background has taken over for employers when they decide on the perfect candidate." As for those looking to follow in his footsteps and venture out into the business world on their own, Nofel says,"Do what you want to do and do not take advice from someone on what career path you should follow — what works for others might not necessarily work for you." "Do something productive with your time. We live in a world of technology after [...]

Surviving the giant eraser – Nofel Izz
Layoffs in the UAE? Yes, something that several months ago seemed almost impossible has happened and large companies, mainly in the property sector, are downsizing.One of the victims is Simon Moss. Mr Moss moved to Dubai this summer and looked forward to a long career in the Emirates. He was happy to leave behind the bad weather of depressing London for the sunshine and optimism of the Gulf.I wanted to try my hand at working abroad so I came to Dubai, and I loved it, the 25–year–old said recently.He believed that working as a sales representative for the property giant Damac would be good for his career, given the regions burgeoning real estate market. Within two months, however, he found himself out of a job after his company laid off 200 workers.I feel pretty gutted to be honest. Its not the result I wanted, Mr Moss said.Many in the region are echoing his sentiments as their employers come to grips with the slowing economy and re–adjust their business plans. However, if you have been laid off, or if your fear you might be next, your situation need not be hopeless. The economy is expected to grow this year, albeit at a slower pace. Though not as abundant, job opportunities will still be available. And while the UAEs social safety net may not be as comprehensive as those found in many countries in the West, the laws and regulations that do exist can serve to make your plight easier to handle. The problem is that most expatriates are not aware of their rights concerning unemployment.For example, did you know that when you are laid off you are entitled to a paid notice period, severance or gratuity pay at the time of termination, and that your former company must provide flights home for you and your family?Whats more, you could ask your former employer to extend your visa, which would allow you to remain in the country to pursue other career opportunities. Kerry Scott–Patel, a senior lawyer at the law firm DLA Piper in Dubai, said UAE law required companies to give employees at least 30 days notice or pay the employee for that period for redundancy terminations. The law also requires companies to give laid–off employees a gratuity package based on the period of time they have worked for the company. Ms Scott–Patel added that employers must compensate fired employees for any earned but unused holiday leave. Though laws regulating the termination process are few, Ms Scott–Patel warned that employers should treat the process seriously.A restructuring process can be carried out relatively rapidly as there is no requirement for collective consultation with workforce representatives such as is required in other jurisdictions. However, employers should be wary of selecting employees for redundancy on arbitrary grounds that might give rise to claims from employees, she said. If you have lost your job but want to stay in the Gulf, Nofel Izz, director of the recruitment firm, recommends asking your company for a three–month visa, which would allow you time to look for another job.This is not unheard of; in fact it is quiet common, depending on the relationship an individual has with the employers he said.Most importantly, if you think your job is in danger, make sure you understand your rights, and do not hesitate to talk to your companys human resources department as many times as it takes. Geraldene Dent, who has spent many years working in human relations for companies in the UK and the UAE, insisted that your company owes you that much. If your employer is a decent employer they should give you the news and then follow up the next day to make sure you understood everything, but if they're not doing that I think you should be going back and saying look, we had this discussion yesterday, can you just go over it again because I didn't understand everything, she said.This is admittedly not an easy task, and many who have been laid off complain of a lack of response from their former employers[...]

No dramatic drop seen in job postings by employers – Nofel Izz
Jobs In Dubai's (JID) reputation can be instantly discerned with a visit to its website. A click on its 'employers listing' helps us understand its standard of service. Clients such as Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Axiom Telecom, Arya Insurance, FedEx, First Gulf Bank and many more are a part of its team. Online positive testimonials from fresh graduates and experienced employees complete the picture of its reputation.JID is not just another recruiting agency website. All you have to do is click and the rest is done for you.In an interview with Emirates Business, Nofel Izz, CEO of JID, said his company follows the best customer service practices, encompassing knowledge, character and careers on a 'non–traditional' platform. It acts as a helping hand for the employers and job seekers by offering 50 trial accounts to more than 1,500 clients. How did the concept of online recruiting start?With the growth of the internet, our habits as information seekers, shoppers, applicants, etc, have changed immensely. The information explosion on the internet created a safe, secure, immediate and direct avenue for access to information. Traditional mediums such as advertising in the print media and faxing in of resumes meant that the process of employment took long and did not meet the growing needs of employers. Online recruiting was born out of this need and it has made the job search and recruiting process faster, easier, less cumbersome and empowering.You have also signed up with other recruiting websites. Why did you use this marketing strategy?The strategic alliances that we have created provide a better platform to increase accessibility of employers to a larger pool of worthy candidates. This approach also ensures that we are able to take job postings to a wider audience of job seekers. It also increases the success rate of JID as an employment portal.How are you different from other leading recruiting websites?We are committed to constantly improving our reach and appeal to employers and candidates alike. This unwavering focus has catapulted us to being the number one employment portal for jobs in Dubai. We have focused on establishing strong relationships with both employers and our pool of candidates and we have a solid track record to prove that we deliver well on our commitments. Besides, we are also an extremely cost–effective choice for employment needs.You have the largest database of clients and recruiters. How did JID establish its credibility?When JID initiated its operations in 2002, we were the second online employment/recruitment portal in the marketplace. We stayed true to our strategy of providing integrity in the employment process and remaining cost–effective at the same time. Like in any business, staying true to your purpose and strategy will ensure that you gain credibility in the marketplace. We've seen exponential success over the years and have built a strong brand–equity.Are people valued for their nationality or their career record?The employers firstly select candidates based on what they see in the candidate's profile and resume. Qualifications for the job, experience, skill–set, education, etc, rank among the first attributes that the employers would be looking for in a candidate. A successful career path will impress employers and increase the likelihood of selection for interviews.However, it is also important that the candidates present themselves well during the whole hiring process – especially if the job entails interacting with external customers. JID has made it easier for qualified candidates to showcase their resume and also to demonstrate a professional physical appearance. Our SnapShot feature enables candidates to upload their picture to their online account, thus offering employers more decision capability.One thing you would think is important for employers to understand on the recruiting front?E–recruitment is the way[...]

Axiom Telecom – Telecommunications Leader in Middle East and expanding!
In a span of ten years, Axiom Telecom has turned from a UAE phone distributor to regional retailer, wireless service provider, café and service center and will be starting as a virtual network provider in a matter of months. Axiom is the first company to invest in mobile phone repair facility called Phonecare. Its business unit, Axiomplus, focuses on add–on sales of services such as ring–tones, games, wallpaper, data backup and various other wireless applications. Multi–brand distribution makes Axiom the largest and most advanced telecom retailer in the Middle East and Europe; and is planning on entering the Indian market!

With annual revenue of Dhs.4.5 billion, it is likely to float shares by 2010 and is looking at manufacturing accessories of the same name. Axiom controls about 54 per cent of the UAE’s 7.2 million handset market with an estimated value of Dhs.3.17 billion.

Axiom is the largest mobile retailer and wholesaler for multinational mobile brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, LG, AL–Thuraya. In addition, Axiom specializes in wireless technology and is proud to announce that it has more than 250 outlets around the GCC, India, and North Africa, and has received the ISO 9002 certificate, in June 2007.

As the company continues to be supported by Middle East distributors, Axiom will expand, resulting in creation of more jobs for the Middle East and surrounding countries. JID is pleased to have Axiom as a registered employer and providing them staffing solutions.

ABC Consultants joins Jobs in Dubai's employer list!

ABC Consultants has recently joined the large pool of employers with Jobs in Dubai Inc. Although its base is in India, it is the pioneer of organized recruitment services with several international clients.

Their roots lie in management consultancy providing high quality permanent hire services. With focus on middle and senior management staffing for the past 38 years, they recruit across various industry segments for 350 multinational corporations and Indian business houses.

Their network includes 9 offices spread across 7 major Indian cities and they have an international office in the UK and Dubai. They recruit for the following industries: automobile, consumer services, consultancy/finance, engineering research & development, entertainment & media, outsourcing and offshoring, pharmaceutical/healthcare, retail/hospitality, technology and telecommunications, human resources and legal. They also provide staffing solutions for not–for–profit organizations.

They have several urgent openings on the Jobs in Dubai website which includes Real Estate CFO, HR Director, Group Planning Manager for Highrise Construction, various project manager posts and the list continues. Through Jobs in Dubai, your application receives maximum exposure to companies in Dubai; however, knowing that a recruitment leader such as ABC Consultants is also helping expose your resume to ideal companies should be a plus point for any active job seeker.

If you aren’t a registered member with Jobs in Dubai Inc; sign up with now to triple your chances of being viewed by ideal growing companies in Dubai!

Apply Today!

JID alliance with SOS Recruitment

Jobs in Dubai Inc, a leading supplier of e–recruitment services to employers in the GCC world and jobseekers worldwide, is increasing their online presence by merging with SOS Recruitment. This is a powerful combination of online recruitment in the UAE.

Jobs in Dubai Inc will increase critical mass in the e–recruitment market and establish a position to deliver a more comprehensive service to job seekers worldwide. This merger increases Jobs in Dubai Inc online existence as a powerful supplier of online CV’s to employers in Dubai (UAE), Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Employers post over 500 job requests a month on Jobs in Dubai Inc, which currently holds a candidate database of over 60,000 live CV’s, making it one of the most extensive online job resource for job seekers who focus on Dubai (UAE).

This merger is a step forward in the online growth and development of Jobs in Dubai Inc by combining the traditional agency model of SOS recruitment through technology and advanced resourcing. This combination will allow Jobs in Dubai Inc achievement of greater mass within the e–recruitment industry.

Jobs in Dubai Inc will continue to help you get the edge you need, to ensure successful placement!

–Anna Gill

The Progress of the Emirates Is Steadily Gaining Momentum

Yasmin Ali

The government of the UAE has tried, and continued to succeed, to build up the nation into a global competitor.  This is largely due to the vision that His Highness Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.  He saw the unification of the emirates into one nation.  He ruled Abu Dhabi and presided over the UAE until the year of his death.  Without him, the UAE would be nowhere near what it is today.

To many people who have lived in the UAE since the mid–twentieth century, they could easily tell you that these developments seem to be a miracle.  All of the skyscrapers dotting the sky in the varying emirates were not there before.  A literal oasis has grown out of the sand.

Before the boom, life in the UAE was very simple.  There were no multinational corporations, there weren’t any busy highways, and there certainly were not as many people.

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, is no exception to the changes that the nation has faced.  It is renowned for its infrastructure, skyscrapers, landscape and overall ambiance.  All of these changes have occurred in several stages.

Under Shaikh Zayed, new institutions were created, helping the nation further itself on the international stage.  He created a hospitable environment where the private sector could enter and flourish. 

From the 1980s to 1990s, the UAE’s population increased exponentially.  The private sector also attracted many expatriates from around the world, making the UAE a diverse workplace. 

Today, the UAE is one of the fasted growing nations in the world.  It has countless projects and developments occurring simultaneously.  It is becoming a global competitor in a variety of industries: from oil to telecommunications to construction.  Not only is it succeeding in those industries, but also in the tourist industry.  Millions of people visit the UAE each year, eager to see this miracle nation that seems to be a depiction of a not–too–distant future.


Abu Dhabi Aspires to be Cultural Hub

Yasmin Ali

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has a desire to best its fellow emirates as the place to be for a cultural experience in the Middle East and eventually, the entire world.

Abu Dhabi set off their new initiative with their announcement of the construction of a brand–new Guggenheim museum.  The new Guggenheim will be the largest in the world at approximately 30 000 m² and costing around $400 million USD.  The ambitious project has goals of attracting three million tourists by 2015.

The new museum, which is an addition to the line of museums that are run across the globe by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, will be located on the new Abu Dhabi development of Saadiyat Island. 

The new Guggenheim will be yet another foray with the museum for world–renowned architect Frank Gehry.  His most famous work to–date is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.  The fact alone that there will be a Gehry work in Abu Dhabi will be sufficient enough to lure in tourists.  Many people in the UAE are sure he will bring the same style and flair to the Abu Dhabi museum and hope he will top his previous masterpiece and add a truly unique addition to the Abu Dhabi skyline. 
Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) and the Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) is quite confident in Abu Dhabi’s future as a hub for culture.  He is especially proud of the development of Saadiyat Island, where the new Guggenheim museum will be placed along with a slew of other attractions.  The government is expected to allocate approximately $12 billion USD for new projects in the coming years.

The long–term goal is to transform Abu Dhabi into an “upscale tourist destination” by adding to its already existing attractions. 

Investment In Saudi Arabia Increases

Yasmin Ali

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) is a government agency within the kingdom that issues investment licenses to foreign investors.  In the second quarter of 2006, SAGIA issued $19.2 billion worth of investment licenses. 

This is an astonishing 107% increase from the second quarter of 2005.  SAGIA has said that this positive increase is due to several factors.

Primarily, the government of Saudi Arabia has improved the hospitability of the business environment to foreigners.  It has allowed for easier paths for investment. 

Additionally, the global community, including that of the Saudi Arabian people, expresses an increase in confidence in the kingdom’s economy.  This may be due to the boom that the Gulf region of the world has been experiencing thanks to soaring oil prices.

Lastly, investment has increased due to the major step of Saudi Arabia becoming a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) as of December 11, 2005.  This has also increased the confidence in the reliability of the Saudi economy.

Saudi Arabia is More than an Oil Depository

Saif Mohammed

When most people think of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they think of deserts and vast oil fields.  Of course, this is true, but the Saudi government has been focusing lately on another sector as well – mining.

Recently, Saudi Arabia has been investing billions in a variety of mining projects.  There is a phosphate concentrate in the north that is simply waiting to be harnessed.  Two North American companies have already completed preliminary work for a future plant.

To demonstrate how serious they are about their new interest in minerals, the Saudi government has approved the establishment of a new economic city a few dozen kilometers away that will serve the solid mineral sector.

At the new centre there will be a di–ammonium phosphate (DAP) plant in addition to an aluminum smelter.  Both of these will be capable of processing well over half–a–million tons per year.  There will be a large power station, an ammonia plant, alumina refinery and several facilities producing varying acids (for example, sulfuric and phosphoric).  There will also be a new port to serve the city.

The government also plans to establish an extensive railway network to bring in raw phosphate and bauxite from distant mines.  Many hope that these new developments will diversify the Saudi economy, and by the looks of it, they most certainly will. 

Caution Nigerian Scam !

Nofel Izz
Operations Manager
Jobs In Dubai.Com Inc.
This is a new scam alert passed on by all employment agencies in Dubai. This is to make all candidates aware of a new Nigerian scam. Please read their general responses and familiarize your self with this organization. Please be aware that this is a bogus employer, we have no such dealings or affiliations with them in any form what so ever. If you have corresponded with them and have sent in your resumes, please avoid any kind of communications regarding employment. Do not follow any instructions especially regarding Credit Card information or Bank Account details, and take extra precautions when being approached by any websites that ask you to update your credit card or personal information, these sites can be re–created by scam artists to obtain your financial information and use it later for un–authorized transactions.


Here is an example of a typical email sent out to all job seekers as part of a survey conducted by employment agencies in Dubai.
========= Sample Scam Email ===========
The Recruitment and management team of Global Oil Refining & Petroleum Corporation Nigeria would like to commend your fast response and commitment to join its team. This is also to inform you that the Recruiting Department and the Board of Directors of Global Oil have gone through your resume which they find you qualified to handle the job, your duty in the project will be a supervising role to supervise a group of team on your qualified field of specialization which was stated on your resume.
     The contract details is on the attachment file of this mail so please study it and get back to us if you are interested.
     You can e–mail me on tanko@gloe–   or call me on +23480605005390 so I can explain what you have to do next.
Our web site is  www.gloe–
  Mr.Tanko Abu
========= Sample Scam Email ===========

A Campaign For Resumes !
Anyone interested in applying for Jobs In Dubai, please post your resumes here so independent recruiters can hire you directly from this group with no cost. This link would be listed on every search engines and would be emailed directly to approximately 2000 listed corporations in the UAE. This is a free service!  Click Here

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The Novice Guide to Visiting Dubai
The UAE and the emirate of Dubai have both experienced a massive influx of tourism in the past several years.  For many people, there may be a feeling of culture shock.  The UAE has a distinct Western ambiance while still maintaining a strong connection to Arab tradition.  Some tourists may not know how to act or what to do when they get there, so here is a handy guide to get you on your way to an unforgettable visit to Dubai.   Customs   Tipping:  Like in many Western nations, tipping is a common custom.  It is recommended that one tips 10% of their total in restaurants and other such establishments.  In addition, it is also recommended to tip people such as taxi drivers and deliverymen.  When doing this, one should simply round to this nearest Dirham.   Other Customs and Traditions:  As I mentioned, Dubai and the UAE does not forget about it¡¯s presence in the Arab world.  There are many things that would be acceptable in Western nations that remain frowned upon in Dubai.    –         It is strongly advised to refrain from any sort of public display of affection. –         Refrain from wearing exceedingly revealing clothes.  Modesty is key.  There is also the important fact that decency laws are in effect in Dubai. –         Try to be polite to others.  A scuffle or obscene gesture may land you in jail. –         In Arab culture, showing the soles of one¡¯s feet is considered to be rude and disrespecting.  As a result of this, avoid putting your feet up on chairs, tables etc.   Useful Facts   Here are a few helpful details that will make your trip to Dubai a little more convenient.   –         Cash Conversion:  There are many cash converters and bureau de change in Dubai that often times have superior rates than the banks.  Many of these establishments also accept traveler¡¯s cheques.    –         Automatic Teller Machines (ATM¡¯s):  ATM¡¯s are located throughout Dubai.  They accept most credit and debit cards.  Be sure to check with your bank to ensure that your card is compatible and to be aware of any overseas usage fees you may face.  –         Banks: There are a number of local and international banks located in Dubai.  They are open Saturday through Thursday.  All banks are closed on Fridays. –         Emergency Numbers:  Police (999); Ambulance (998); Fire (997)   Visiting Periods   –         Weather:  Dubai is located in a very hot part of the world.  The most sweltering months of the year are May through August, with the latter being the hottest (on average 40¢ªC). The coolest time of the year is December through April.  September to November it is quite hot and dry.  The wettest month of the year is February with January being the coolest (on average 23¢ªC). –         Holidays:    Date: Holiday: January 1 New Year¡¯s Day Varies Eid ul–Adha August 6 Accession of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Varies Mi¡¯raj of the Prophet Varies (possibly October 22, 2006) Eid ul–Fitr December 2 National Day     Useful Words and Phrases   English: Arabic: [...]

The Dubai Marina Will Leave You in Awe

Sofia Mendelev

Usually, marinas have the sole purpose of serving as a place where one can leave their boat, get it fixed, or something along those lines.

The Dubai Marina, however, goes far beyond that.  This will be an entire complex constructed by Emaar Properties.  By the time it is completed, the Marina will play host to a whopping 200 high–rises.  The atmosphere of the Dubai Marina is to provide a cosmopolitan ambience while maintaining the distinct feel of marina and waterfront life.

It is close to other developments such as Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City in addition to Dubai Knowledge Village.  Living in the Dubai Marina will give residents access to the many festivities that the boardwalk is sure to play host to. 

Having property along this waterfront will allow owners to have a piece of some of the most exclusive and desirable land in the world.  It will surely attract UAE nationals and expatriate workers with the allure of a truly unique lifestyle.

The construction of the Dubai Marina is a long and complex one.  Skilled workers are hard at work and always in demand to finish the Marina in its designated timeframe.  The first phase of this project has been completed.  The Dubai Marina, once completed, will be the largest man–made marina in the entire world. 

Dubai: Perfume Capital of the Middle East

Tasneem Farouq

When many people think of perfumes, the image of the massive perfume houses of Chanel, L’Oreal and Dior come to mind.  These are all located in the nation of France.  However, Dubai’s perfume industry is booming as well. 

It is approximately worth $250 million USD.  The entire perfume industry is estimated to be worth around $5 billion USD.  This includes not only the revenue from perfume houses, but from the chemicals that are used to make the fragrance itself.  When one includes other beauty products, the amount significantly increases further.

Experts say that this growth is a direct result of the huge growth of tourists visiting Dubai in the past several years.  When these tourists come to Dubai, they spend large amounts of money on a range of goods and services, including perfumes.

A major concern that has arisen in recent years is that of the counterfeit perfume industry.  According to Dubai Customs, in 2005 greater than $2.5 million USD worth of fake perfume had been seized. 

This is an issue that faces not only perfume houses but fashion houses as well.  This is very worrying for both the fashion and textile industries.  The only way to fight the problem of knock–off products in any industry is to emphasize the brand itself.  It is the brand that truly separates one from buying a real product as opposed to a fraudulent one.

Bush Encourages the Concept of Middle East Free Trade Area

Tasneem Farouq

The United States and the nation of Oman are in the process of working on a free trade agreement between the two countries.

US President George W. Bush sent a bill to the American Senate to see it approved.  The approval of the bill would hopefully lead to the creation of a free trade agreement between the nations.

If the agreement follows through, it will be among the likes of American agreements with both Bahrain and Jordan.  The US Senate has made some recommendations for changes for the approval of the bill.  Among these include the addition of terms regarding goods created with the use of forced labour.

Larsen & Toubro to Further Expand into Kuwait

Sofia Mendelev
JID News

Larsen & Toubro Limited is based and headquartered in Mumbai, India.  It is India’s largest engineering and construction conglomerate.  They are a highly knowledge–based firm which is renowned for its sophisticated and timely projects.  It has revenue of upwards of $3.5 billion USD.

Now, this giant of a conglomerate is seeking to expand its operations into the Gulf nation of Kuwait.

This, coupled with Kuwait’s booming economy is surely to be a highly mutually–beneficial move.  Kuwait’s GDP is composed of 75% earnings from the oil and gas sector.  They have an open economy which makes it alluring to investors and firms. 

Larsen & Toubro will serve Kuwait well once they expand into the small nation.  The conglomerate has many connecting industries with the oil and gas sector, for example, technology, engineering, construction and infrastructure.

This expansion will increase the shortage of human resources in Kuwait.  There will be throngs of open positions awaiting qualified job seekers.  Most recently, Larsen & Toubro made an agreement with Kuwait Olefins Company for the deliverance of an ethylene oxide reactor.  Many future projects await Larsen & Toubro in Kuwait and there will be a large demand for skilled workers in engineering and related fields as a result.

GCC Economies Flourish

Sofia Mendelev
JID News

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) consists of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  Combined, these six nations have control of almost 50% of the Earth’s oil deposits.  In this day and age of high–paced consumption, construction, and human beings’ seemingly endless dependency on transportation and the automobile, this simple statistic is a very good thing.

Global demand for oil has soared over the past decade.  Within the past year or so, people worldwide have seen the price of oil and gasoline soar.  In the industrialized nation of Canada, the price of gas has climbed to well over $1.00 CAD/litre almost constantly since the summer of 2005. 

However, all the way on the other side of the world the six nations of the GCC were giddy with delight.  As a result of oil price increases, the GCC’s current account shot up to $152 billion in 2005 (World Bank).   The nations will almost certainly record budget surpluses for 2006 thanks to the rise in oil prices.

Dubai: The Diamond Capital of the World?

Sofia Mendelev
JID News

For centuries the Belgian city of Antwerp has been regarded as the top centre of the global diamond industry.  It outweighs cities such as New York and London, and countries such as South Africa when it comes to diamond–related commerce. 

Antwerp doesn’t have a vast wealth of raw diamonds lying beneath its streets.  No, Antwerp is the head of the processing of diamonds and the diamond trade.  There are craftsmen, tradesmen and other artisans who work there transforming the uncut, raw diamonds into beautifully polished and carved pieces of art. 

So, what does Antwerp, Belgium have to do with Dubai?  The two are not directly connected, but it is Dubai’s lucrative investor appeal that may be causing Antwerp some trouble.  You see, Belgian legislation requires frequent checks on the use of money obtained by firms from their diamond processing.  This lack of privacy defeats the original appeal of Antwerp when fewer questions were posed to diamond companies.  Now, the lack of privacy is luring companies away to Dubai with its tax–free zones. 

In addition, Dubai also has a convenient location which is close to several diamond–producing nations.  Another large appeal of the emirate is the fact that it has a low crime rate.  Antwerp has gained such infamy for its diamond industry that it has lured thieves to its streets in addition to diamond firms.  These thieves have pulled off some costly heists of the cities big companies.

Some of Antwerp’s finest firms have Dubai on their minds.  This would mean a whole new field of opportunity in Dubai for not only the real estate industry, but also logistics, business, trades people and crafts people. 

As the world slows down, UAE picks up the pace

Mina Jehan
JID News

The world economy is en route to a downward spiral due to rising oil prices, falling stock markets and trade imbalances. This will result in a slight 5.0 percent increase in the global economic growth, the International Monetary Fund is saying.

According to the IMF, the economic dangers have clearly increased throughout the globe caused by increased inflation and interest rates in the Unites States. This has caused financiers to lose confidence in the US economy.

Fortunately, the UAE economy is not taking part in the global blunder, and is instead anticipated to grow 10.5 percent this year, as indicated by the International Monetary Fund’s Middle East and Central Asia Department, who was in attendance of the opening of the IMF Regional Economic Outlook for the Middle East and Central Asia.

The UAE has joined the IMF since 1972, but does not currently have any outstanding loans or financial arrangements with the international institution because of the region’s continuing thriving economy.  

The UAE’s booming economy can be accredited to numerous sectors including the property, construction, aviation, aluminum production, tourism, re–export commerce, telecommunications, hospitability, financial and at the hub of it all, oil sector.

These big industries have prospered and flourished throughout the UAE, and is continuing to expand at a rapid rate due to consumer consumption, investors and tourism.

The government’s agenda to diversify the economy industries from oil revenues would also attend to the increasing amount of tourists in the region, by expanding the tourism sector within the UAE by constructing hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and reconstructing airports and duty–free zones

The issue now for the head hunters of Dubai and surrounding states is to find skilled and educated individuals to recruit to various positions in their company hierarchy to keep up with the demand in the UAE.

Overall, the future is undeniably looking bright for UAE economic development, according to the IMF, considering that the oil industry is projected to grow by 11 percent, as a result of the construction completion of major oil production facilities by the end of this year.


Possibility of an Islamic Common Market

Colin Neville
JID News

The prospect of an Islamic common market will be discussed this June at the Organization for the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Foreign ministers from member nations, which total over 50 nations, will discuss several issues of importance, including local, regional, national, and international concerns.  

Among issues on the docket will be the Palestine–Israel conflict, the conflict in Cyprus, Afghanistan, Iraq, the entire Middle East peace process and economic development.  Another major topic that shall be thoroughly discussed is that of Iran and its persistent nuclear ambitions.

There will also be the economics–heavy discussion of a common market for Islamic nations.  The implications of this are very interesting.  A common market for Islamic nations can be very beneficial.  As seen though the European Common Market, a zone such as this can aid in the movement of capital (flow of money) across borders and the flow of people across borders.  Workers from all over other Islamic nations will be able to move easily in and out of nations.

There are also talks of a common currency among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations.  This monetary integration will also symbolize a step forward economically for the nations.  There will be an ease of transactions across borders.  Business owners will not have to worry about exchange rates and neither will tourists and other travelers.  

This particular conference will prove to be a stepping stone for the Islamic Summit in late 2006 in the state of Senegal. 

New Trump Hotel to be the Centerpiece of the Palm Jumeirah

Colin Neville
JID News

Two of the biggest players in the property development game, Nakheel and the Trump Organization, have decided to collaborate on a new project in the heart of Dubai.  

One of the most exciting real estate developments occurring in Dubai, UAE at the moment is that of the Palm Jumeirah Island.  As many of you many know, the Palm Jumeirah is the set of man–made islands extending off of the coast of Dubai.  

It is the first of the Palm trilogy and the sheer idea of in can induce excitement.  Imagine a majestic place that was literally raised out of the water.  It has the appearance and shape of the many palm trees that surrounds it.  It is scattered with hotels and entertainment areas.  With all the amenities one could possibly think of, it surely must be a little taste of heaven.  It will surely become on of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

Set in the middle of the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah will be the collaborative effort of Nakheel and Trump Organization: The Trump International Hotel and Tower.  This tower will soon become an image and landmark of Dubai, much like the island it sits on, or the Burj al–Arab.

According to Donald J. Trump Jr., Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions, the new project will be, “a 48 storey mixed–use condo hotel and residence comprising a 300 room condo hotel and 360 free hold residential apartments.” 

This is what makes the project unique and interesting: it will be both a hotel and residence.  Trump Organization has developed similar properties worldwide and has experienced enormous success out of them.

Nakheel will serve as the developers of the hotel.  The construction of The Trump International Hotel and Tower will begin in late 2006 and is expected to reach completion by 2009.  The entire joint project is expected to cost $600 million USD.

GCC Members to be Connected with Railway System

Maryam Ali
JID News

It was recently announced by the Kuwaiti Minister of Transport that at the next Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting of transportation ministers that they would discuss the future railway system that shall connect all GCC members.

Dr. Ismael Al–Shatti, the Kuwaiti Minister of Transport, announced that first there would be a focus on national railways systems, one of which Kuwait is planning on establishing.  He said that is was absolutely key to establish a modern–day railway system in Kuwait, and eventually expand out to establish connections to other GCC members.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has already planned for their modern railway system with links between Mecca and Medina.  Many other nations plan to follow suit.

Not only would this contribute to further cooperation and integration of the nations, but it would be highly beneficial economically as well.  It would greatly increase the ease of mobility for all GCC citizens who travel between the countries.  This is very helpful as it eliminates the need to fly and is more cost–effective to the many businesspeople that must travel around the region as their job requires.

In addition to this, the creation of a railway system will aid in the flow of goods across borders.  Companies will no longer be required to rely on costly flights or time–consuming ships.  

There will also be the economic benefit of increased employment and decreased unemployment as a result of hiring the massive workforce needed to plan, design, develop, and lay the railways.

Once the tracks between the GCC members are complete, there are even suggestions to expand the system internationally, with connections in Japan and the Netherlands.

Members of the GCC nations are meeting in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to discuss the feasibility study for this development. 

Dubai Studio City – What Opportunities Lay Behind This Door?

Maryam Ali
JID News

Dubai Studio City comes after the creation of Dubai Media City.  Both of these zones are part of the super company Dubai Holding.  As Toronto and Vancouver, Canada can be considered Hollywood North, Dubai Studio City will certainly be the Hollywood of the Middle East.  It will be dedicated to film, television and music production at all levels.

Dubai Studio City will span a massive 22 million square feet across the desert.  It will integrate all stages of production.  From pre–production, to casting, to filming to post–production – all of it will be capable of being completed in Dubai Studio City.  

There will be Hollywood–style sets, sound stages and back lots to rival the infamous Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California.  Workers at all levels will be congregating in DSC, from actors to directors to set designers to costume designers; all of them will find work in this haven.

At the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards in 2006 the aspirations of Dubai Studio City were made known.  The director of Dubai Media City said the he hoped that there could be an integration of the massive Indian film industry into Dubai Studio City.  This would be a big step forward for DSC if they were to get business from the Indian film industry, the world’s largest film industry, surpassing the United States in the amount of movies released each year.

But wait, there’s even more to Dubai Studio City.  Not only will Dubai Studio City serve as a home for talent, it will serve as the birthplace and educational institution for talent.  There will be residential areas for workers and staff, cinemas, amphitheatres and film schools.  


Dubai International Financial Exchange is on the Move

Sophie De Villiers
JID News

The Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX) is just as ambitious as any other venture that occurs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Not even one year old yet, it has proven that it can stand among other great Dubai projects.  

People are flocking to Dubai to become part of its booming economy in addition to joining companies such as the DIFX.  They are not to be blamed for taking advantage of such a beneficial opportunity: live in an oasis and work in a job within one of the fastest growing stock exchanges.

According to their official website, the DIFX “aims to become the leading stock exchange between Western Europe and East Asia.”  This is quite the statement since that would mean the infant exchange will be competing with the likes of: the London Stock Exchange ($3.25 trillion USD market capitalization), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ($1.38 trillion), and the Milan Stock Exchange ($0.89 trillion) among many others.

At first is seems as if the DIFX has bit off more than it could chew.  However, it has proven since its inception that it can stand up and among these giants. Earlier on this year, it was announced that the DIFX would obtain the lucrative listing of Kingdom Hotels and Investments.  This is a firm that has freshly acquired hotel giant Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.  This listing has proven to be a stepping stone to bigger things for the DIFX.  

The stock exchange also has ten member banks some of which include the biggest banks in the world, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays Capital and several others.

The DIFX is an attractive exchange for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members to be able to financially interact with the rest of the region, and vice versa.  The financial world can expect great things from the DIFX in the near future if their first year of operations serves as precedent.

Dubailand – Dubai’s Answer to Disney World

Sophie De Villiers
JID News

You may not have heard of it yet, but you’ll definitely be hearing about it in years to come.  No, you did not read the title of this article incorrectly, it really did say Dubailand.  

Dubailand was first announced in 2003 as the brainchild of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s current ruler.  Think not of it as a mere amusement park, no, this is a fully–fledged city upon itself.  To put things in perspective: Dubailand will be twice the size of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  There will be six worlds that each has its own unique offering.  

The first phase, City of Arabia, has an estimated $4 billion USD price tag.  It is not as if reception had been lukewarm at first for this eccentrically wondrous idea.  Private investors exceeded expectations by providing a whopping $6 billion for it.  As of now, the groundwork for this prime attraction of Dubailand has been laid and soon rising out of the sands of Dubai’s deserts will we see the infantile stages of Dubailand.  Then we will truly begin to fathom the scale of this project.  The City of Arabia itself will not be completed until 2008.  

The City of Arabia will be the heart and soul of Dubailand.  The City will include everything from residential areas to shopping malls.  The Elite Towers will serve as both a residential and commercial area.  There will be living space, boutiques, hotels and office space.  

The Elite Towers do not seem to sound nearly as amazing when compared to the Mall of Arabia.  This is going to be the Mecca for shopaholics.  The Mall of Arabia will be the largest shopping mall in the world.  It will be a massive 10 million square feet big. There will be 1000 stores of all kinds housed on four floors along with a 15–screen cinema.  There is also the educational dinosaur–themed park, Restless Planet.  With over 100 animatronic dinosaurs and real fossils, tourists of all ages can enjoy the area.

Of course, there are many other aspects to Dubailand apart from the City of Arabia.  Areas of all sorts of themes will make up Dubailand.  Such areas include: Global Village, SnowDome, Dubai Autodrome, Dubai Sports City, and many others.

With all of these advancing projects there is a call for people to aid with the labor.  Dubailand not only provides the opportunity for tourists to visit Dubai and have an unforgettable experience, it also offers the opportunity to job seekers across the globe.  From architects to engineers to housekeepers to chefs, Dubailand encompasses almost every imaginable sector.  There will be endless opportunities at Dubailand for job seekers heading to the UAE.

Dubai Culture Village – The New Epicenter of Culture for the Gulf

Sophie de Villiers
JID News

Tourists have been flocking to the Gulf region in recent years.  They seem to be drawn to the wonder of the very thought of an oasis in the middle of the desert and Dubai has arguably become the tourist destination of the Gulf.  

Not only does this place provide a haven for multinational corporations and their desire to infiltrate the lucrative Gulf market.  No, Dubai provides such wonder and endless escapes for tourists that the need for a centre to display Arabian culture has become imminent.  

Following in suit of other Dubai Holding establishments, Dubai Properties announced their plans for this park to the world.  Dubai Culture Village shall provide “an elite lifestyle.” The new Village will be a harbor for cultural activities and events.

It will cost approximately Dh50 billion (approximately €10.8 billion) to construct this 40 million square foot tourist project.  It is planned to be located around Dubai Creek.

Dubai is known world–round as a destination for multinationals, and many feel it is time show how highly valued tourists are.  This will all be done through displaying Arabian culture and art together in one centre, as the chief executive officer of Dubai Properties, Hashim Al Dabal, described.  The thought of the future Dubai Culture Village seems as though it shall be an ultramodern Paris or Rome.  But it shall not ignore any traditional past – after all, it will include aspects of Gulf culture from both past and present.  Art connoisseurs can come in awe of Dubai Culture Village as it shall become the Arabian culture capital of the Gulf region.   

When in Dubai Culture Village one will be immersed in a surreal place.  Tourists will be walking on cobblestone paths with water features surrounding you and the Dubai skyline not far away.  There will be several exhibits and attractions for people to enjoy.  These will include museums, art galleries, an amphitheatre, and many other things.  Dubai Culture Village will play host to many exhibitions and festivals, there will never be a shortage of entertainment.

Of course with Dubai’s booming economy and the drive for increased tourism (Dubai hopes to attract 15 million travelers by 2010) there is the inherent need for labor.  The size of the workforce to meet the needs of these millions of people must be addressed.  This is yet another aspect of Dubai that makes it such a worthwhile destination for all parties.

A tale of two modern cities in the desert

Mina Jehan
JID News

The glitz, glamour and money to be earned in the UAE are infinite. This week the Dh100 billion Bawadi project launch commenced the building of thirty one hotels and other services within the next eight years and Dubai is still craving for more innovative plans since there is so much capital to work with within the region.

Since Dubai is receiving millions of tourists each year, last year reaching to six million and forecasted to reach fifteen million by 2010, it is necessary for contractors, businesses and the government to accommodate to the influx of tourists, estimating 80,000 additional hotel suites to be made by the end of the decade.

There are still dozens of tourism projects still in the works. Currently the contractors are in phase one of the 2010 deadline to include the Bawadi project which includes inspirations of legendary buildings from across the globe to the dazzling skyline of Dubai. The subsequent phases will be primarily investor ventures which are expected to be completed by 2016.

Dubai’s neighbouring emirate Abu Dhabi publicized it would increase tourism projects worth Dh100 billion, which would include their own ski slope to be placed in Marina Mall. This slope will further enhance Abu Dhabi’s image as a central attraction for sightseers and consumers alike.

The Trump Organization in association with the Nakheel Hotels & Resorts are also adding their contemporary spin on the cities by install a hotel edifice in the heart of The Palm Jemirah, one of the three largest man made islands in the world.

Nevertheless, these large scale projects require large scale workforce, and investors and companies are seeking highly skilled and educated individuals such as Engineers, Architects, Construction Workers, down to the hospitality staff to reap the benefits of a rewarding salary and bask in the bright lights of the UAE. 
The never ending possibilities are becoming reality in the UAE, and the investors, government and companies are welcoming outsiders to have a piece of the profitable pie. 

Health care benefits for all in Abu Dhabi

Aaliyah Medina
JID News

The General Authority of Health Services (GAHS) is a local government body in Abu Dhabi which is in the process of establishing health care and insurance policies for expatriates under the latest law consented by His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This step to free and premium health care will be accessible to all Abu Dhabi residents as of July 1st 2006.

The Health Care policies include an essential plan for individuals earning less than Dh3,000 per month. The standard plan also includes emergency visits for visitor and a premium plan for all others that will comprise of vital product offers and benefits.

The plans would be renewed annually, and the insured is not permitted to reclaim the premium. The standard plan includes all diseases stated in the plan schedule, excluding diseases or treatments not mentioned.

Diabetes, cancer, rheumatism, asthma, blood pressure, cardiac diseases, immune deficiency, psychiatric diseases, tuberculosis, diseases and osteoporosis are chronic diseases that will not be considered a part of the Health Care plan except for patients with residency period in Abu Dhabi that exceeds six months.
Those recipients from this plan may transfer to various plans with different coverage, at their own additional expense. 

This Health Care plan is not a substitute for any employers’ present obligation to provide insurance and workers' compensation. In spite of everything, companies are required to supply health cover according to the code of regulations, in addition to respecting current contracts with workers.

Abu Dhabi’s Executive Council and GAHS have agreed upon Dh600 as the premium for the basic product plan. The premium will be calculated by the duration of the residency and in regards to market expenses. GAHS will monitor and manage the costs of healthcare products and services to ensure inexpensive supplies to all.

The Health Care provider is even going so far as to grant health services to a party which is insured, but not for a particular medical emergency, regardless if their insurance covers the treatment or not. The authorized healthcare supplier will then be able to reclaim the expenses of the medical emergency from an authorized insurance supplier.

These proactive measures of supplying adequate health services taken by the government and GAHS are to ensure that all residents within the region are being taken care of appropriately, and to ensure a hale and hearty workforce whilst increasing the standard of living, enhancing productivity which will concurrently generate the emirate's growth and development.

Nakheel making fantasy become reality

Aaliyah Medina
JID News

Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world, due to its innovative and tropical spin on life beyond the desert. At the forefront of this modernization, is Nakheel, a developing company that created some of the most phenomenal residential developments which has simultaneously put Dubai on a pedestal.

As a visionary, Nakheel’s tourist and residential developments are now the gem stones of Dubai’s treasure chest. By designing brilliant ideas and implementing them through extensive research, planning and construction, each property development has become a unique quality piece of art for people across the world to enjoy. These gems include the Palm Islands, Dubai Waterfront and The World.

The Palm Islands are comprised of three palm tree shaped islands consisting of residential communities and resorts built upon them. The Palm Jumeirah, Jebel Ali and Dumeira islands are made of wide continental shelf found off the coast of Dubai.

There are plans to build five star hotels on The Palm Jumeirah, which includes Trump Organization’s International Hotel & Tower which will be at the heart of the island.

The palm leaves will be covered in luxury homes and villas that went on sale in 2004. All three Palm Islands are still currently being constructed. The Palm, Jebel Ali will also physically formulate an Arabic poem written by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as the island’s palm fronds. These innovative ideas transpire amongst the world class employees recruited to the company.

The World development consists of a miraculous 300 private islands which include private homes, estate homes, dream resorts, and community islands and is scheduled for completion by 2008 with skilled and educated personnel as the foundation of the business.

As Dubai tourism expands, the business ventures and developments expand, and they need unparalleled individual to join the ranks – from Accountants, Engineers, Sales, Construction, Marketing, there are endless job opportunities to fill.

There are several companies in Dubai that are involved in such projects of this magnitude, and companies like Nakheel are looking for outstanding individuals to realize  their vision of making Dubai the leading tourist destination in the world.

All on board, connecting GCC through the railway

Tristan Blanche
JID News

The six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have decided to move forward with their ambitious plans to construct a railway system that will connect its neighbouring countries. The railways system is estimated to cost SR22.5 billion, ultimately expanding to additional Arab states.

The GCC is the highest population growth percentage in the world, which has at the same time affected passengers seeking to move around the region. Nevertheless, commuters have to play the waiting game for up to two days for a seat on the plane during the busy seasons.

To resolve this issue, the Transport and Communication Ministers assigned a commission encompassing global specialists to conclude the feasibility study for the railway system, as well as seek assistance from the World Bank for technical assistance.

An initial proposal consisted of two railway lines, one of them being 1,970 kilometers long, extending from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and through a bridge to Qatar, and from there to the UAE and Oman. The subsequent line would be 1,984 kilometers, spreading from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia and the UAE with the final destination in Oman.

Saudi Arabia’s contractors are currently looking for skilled workers to begin construction of a rail link from the Arabian Gulf to the Red Sea as well as connecting the western cities of Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah.
The Governmental Sector Development stated that the GCC ministers also assumed a contingency plan which will be executed on GCC harbours in the case that Hormoz and Bab Al Mandab straits are not accessible.

Financial options and career prospects are open which includes the private sector through the establishment of stock companies and government subsidies. A distinguished and qualified construction firm is anticipated to be named shortly to undergo the project.

Officials guarantee the railway system will not impinge on supplementary means of transportation.
GCC officials are requesting all GCC states to cooperate with linking the bloc, since it is essential to the prosperity of their economies.

Arab financial brokerage company establishing in Dubai

Aaliyah Medina
JID News

United Arab Investors Company’s auxiliary branch, Aman Securities of Jordan, publicized that it agreed to establish the largest Arab financial brokerage company with Osool Securities, a brokerage company in Jordan and Al Mal Capital of Dubai, a UAE investment company.

The newborn company, christened Al Mal Securities, will commence with Dh312.2 million worth of capital and intends to be a public shareholding company functioning from its head office in Amman, Jordan.

Al Mal Securities will also be a shareholder of Al Mal Capital in UAE and Saudi Arabia to assist the development of the business ventures and district extension projects. Being a shareholder will also break ground for more collaboration and joint ventures in Arab stock markets.

The three companies held a press conference in Dubai where they all signed the agreement which solidified the new company. Those in attendance included Younis Al Qawasmi, Chairman of the Board of Aman Securities, Naser Nabulsi, Executive Chairman of Al Mal Capital–Dubai, and Hatem Al Shahid, Chief Executive Officer of Osool Securities, as well as other notables in the economic industry such as Haitham Dahleh, Deputy Chairman the Board of Osool Securities and Dr. Fayez Tarawneh.

Al Mal Securities will soon be the leader in the Jordanian stock market and will therefore be recruiting for the cream of the crop to join their financial brokerage company to supply outstanding financial services in addition to advancing the Jordanian public shareholding companies from the local to district markets.

In addition, they will be introducing its brokerage service to customers in the UAE, since acquiring all the compulsory authorizations. These services include customer access to UAE stock markets, asset management and investment banking.

Ras al–Khaimah going online, with the help of FedEx Kinkos

Aaliyah Medina
JID News

Ras al–Khaimah (RAK) is one of the seven emirates which has sought the help of FedEx Kinko’s to convert all hardcopy government documents into a digital format to complete their government's e–initiative.

His Highness, Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah envisioned an accountable and transparent government by supplying residents and citizens with government information through technological advances, which would also attract investors to the emirate.

They will achieve this vision by hiring FedEx Kinko's for this massive project to streamline and convert all government practices and documents into an electronic format and library, improving the effectiveness and immediate government information accessible to the general public on the whole.

FedEx Kinko’s is demanding highly qualified technical associated individuals to partake in this revolution of information in Ras al–Khaimah. These positions vary in regards to job requirements and qualifications.

A prominent player in Document Management Systems and Services, FedEx Kinko’s has significant abilities to provide an excellent solution promptly, which is precisely what the RAK e–Government initiative requires. They ensure they will finish this project productively with the support of the talented personnel they will employ. 

FedEx Kinko’s also plans to further expand itself from UAE and Kuwait to the rest of the GCC bearing in mind the opportunities available in the Middle East, they intend to widen and improve the products and services offered. They intend to increase career opportunities in the region to improve service. They ensure their focus remains on clients and staff which will foster positive growth within the company.

GCC market welcomes Korea’s cosmetic chain

Aaliyah Medina
JID News

Missha is a high quality cosmetic chain from Korea, which will be opening fourteen stores in the GCC by the end of 2007. This agreement was made in alliance with Dubai based commerce giant Al Tayer Group and the Korean cosmetic company Able C&C Co Ltd that has rights to the Missha brand.

The first store will be opened by the end of this year, and to ultimately reach all ends of the GCC by the end of next year. Missha has a wide range of products varying from skincare and makeup to fragrance.

Al Tayer Group believes that the Missha brand will add diversification in products to consumers and will be as successful as the Al Tayer brand Areej, the UAE's second largest perfumes and cosmetics retail chain.

With new brands being provided to the GCC market, sales are increasing dramatically, subsequently affecting the demand for retail employment for sales positions to advertising position for retail companies like Missha.

The Arab World which includes the GCC states and UAE will receive $1 trillion in total investments to generate 100 million new jobs opportunities by 2010. These investments like Missha, should be directed towards the manufacturing, retail and service sector rather than the already booming real estate and construction sector.

Language workout for the mind
Aaliyah MedinaJID News Majority of employers in the UAE and GCC are looking for well articulated individuals that will be able to easily communicate with clients, colleagues, management and officials. Currently, majority of individuals in the region are stuck within the general bounds of the English language, communication for most expatriate and residents are in appalling language shape. Regardless of the job type, everyone needs to be able to communicate through both writing and oral communication. Individuals that communicate well use a diverse choice of words and think before they speak, so their sentences come out flawless, devoid of stutters or the infamous “uh” or “like”.  Well, it is not necessary for you to become a novelist to improve your language abilities, all you need to do is widen your vocabulary and implement wit to your sentence structures. Dubai is a modern and sophisticated place, full of culture and opportunity and communicating in the English language is the tool of choice for doing business. Unfortunately, working professionals have a tendency to write and converse in the same bleak manner, with no confidence in their speech, attempting to fragment popular sayings together which materialize into incoherent chatter. To fix this horrible habit of botched English, I propose simple language workouts which will quickly whip you into shape for Dubai employers or so you can astound your current employers by tactfully selecting words and punctuation while preparing what you want to say. These word selection exercises should be employed daily to tone and nurture your vital tool of communication. Quick Language Workouts:  • Listen to a well recognized news radio station and watch television shows and movies with impeccable dialogue. Other entertaining ways of improving your vocabulary and wit is by attending theatre productions and watching British television which still maintain well structured sentences and enunciation in their dialogue. • You can also increase your vocabulary knowledge by signing up for free to well known dictionary websites. These websites will send you a “new word of the day” with a thorough description concerning its meaning and origins. • Go to the library or the bookstore and replenish your mind with a wide range of interests. This exercise will assist in discarding your native dialect and industry jargon out of your speech. Make sure to read through an assortment of genres in order to pick up words and concepts not widely used.   • Interact with a mixture of people to hear the way they speak and listen to their opinions. By doing this, you will be able to improve on the way you speak, by picking out their flaws, as well as formulating your own opinions about issues being discussed and familiarizing yourself with what is going on in the region around you. Wherever you go, you will end up adopting with the vernaculars of that region, both constructive and dim–witted lingo. The solution is to take time to refresh yourself with the afor[...]

UAE maintaining strong ties with India

Lisa Lopez
JID News

The ideal investment choice for Indians is the country where they have had centuries of good economic trade and ties with, the UAE, and like a good neighbour should, the UAE always welcomes India’s business.

Last year the UAE’s GDP increased to 26 percent, with over 60 percent coming from sectors other than the oil industry, 50 percent of which originated from the service sector.

Indians have always viewed the Emirates as their second home, a luxurious and profitable home at that. Even now, UAE is experiencing insightful Indian investors and residents who know they will be able to achieve immense magnitude of wealth through business, job opportunities and property all throughout the UAE.

Currently, India's prime construction and engineering firm, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, is seeking a partnership with a Gulf based company, since they consider the region to foster growth and prosperity.
Indian companies understand that all states within the UAE and GCC are big venture destinations, and are willing to invest tremendously in each state to make money, careers and satisfy their clientele.

Larsen had recently established a joint venture with Kuwait's Bader Al Mulla Group, where they intend to delve into oil, gas, power and infrastructure projects in Kuwait.

Although Kuwait has considerable refining and oil and gas associated ventures and career opportunities, Larsen does not plan to stop there. They are also launching joint ventures in Qatar and the UAE.

The investment options in the UAE and GCC regions are endless for many Indian investors, which simultaneously generates economic growth for the Indian and Middle East economies.

Dubai World Trade Centre offering Training Program to Graduates

Colin Neville
JID News

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) announced that they will be providing graduates an employment and training program to nurture gifted students and facilitate them to develop the region’s booming sectors such as hospitality, property, finances and tourism by the important occupational positions they will achieve with this program.

This and similar programs have been produced to allow UAE nationals to attain extensive business skills such as managerial, technical and professional and assist them to achieve their full potential.

Students will receive a compilation of practical, theory and mentoring training and education through the graduate management plan. Students in the program can become business specialists in real estate development, hospitality, finance, event organizing, and engineering, or they can enroll in the general business program, which will have a complete overview of DWTC procedures and strategies.

The DWTC Senior Staff will provide mentoring and training of each department of the facility to the students throughout the program, and upon completion of a section of the program, students will be evaluated on their performance and comprehension of the diverse divisions to make certain they have a comprehensive experience with DWTC's processes.

DWTC executives will admit fifteen graduates to the program, and each additional year they will admit more new entrants. Students will receive a full time entry level salary during the process of the training program.

This is an mind stimulating and lively professional environment where students will be exposed to a variety of techniques and procedures of the international organization. The program will provide with the building blocks and essential skills that will be useful throughout their prosperous careers.

The DWTC has also publicized the commencement of a National Leadership Program for veterans which will offer leadership training and development courses for successful candidates, to facilitate their full potential by supplying resources from several of the world's primary business schools.

Those partaking in the program will be taught useful qualities such as financial awareness, behaviour, communication, emotional intelligence, people management, business competence, time management and technical competence. The DWTC’s objective is to endow the substantial resources and reform their personal skills and qualities to form their professional route. In addition, to generate a nucleus of trained staff around which the organization can develop and prosper from. 

Investors and Job Seekers fascination with Qatar

Lisa Lopez
JID News

Presently, increasing amounts of companies and job seekers are open to venturing to the Middle East, especially the oil rich state of Qatar, where vast opportunities await and the economic development is promising. 

Blessed with vast natural gas resources, Qatar aspires to be the leading exporter of liquefied natural gas globally by 2012, and plans to plunge into massive development to the region to promote the economy to first class status by leveraging the gas profits. This is evident with the Doha construction site developing into a spectacular skyline, flooded with skyscrapers and breathtaking structures.

There are numerous companies that have set up shop in Qatar at the moment, and officials anticipate the numbers to grow. The capital city is an ongoing construction site, comprised of rapidly progressing infrastructure projects and others still on the drawing board which has already stimulated the economy by providing investment opportunities, employment and an abundance of resources to be maximized upon. 
Hiring is a major issue the companies need to resolve. They have endless development projects and work opportunities such as design, architecture, master planning, scaffolding and cladding among others, but still not enough dexterous expertise to execute the projects.

Qatar is seeking contractors and qualified individuals with the know–how and experience in designing and building road and rail network, industrial parks, land transportation systems, building airports and ports, environmental services and constructing the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions industry.

Oh man, what a place to be !
Tristan Blanche JID News Oman is now discovering its potential to become a tourist hotspot and is taking action by diversifying the economy, luring investors and generating jobs for expatriates and nationals. The state is thus far very successful in their endeavours to generate tourism and the national economy. The Ministry of National Economy figures show the international arrivals consist of investors, workers and tourists are increasing by 8 percent, as well as hotel occupancy rates went to 70.1 percent in 2005, which conveys a high tourism growth spurt. This economic growth trend will carry on through 2006. Such development implies that Oman is on the suitable path to constructing new hotels, similar to that of neighbouring Dubai’s large scale resorts. Oman’s newest development the $200 million Barr Al Jissah located in Muscat opened for business in February, offering the finest of entertainment and dining experiences, surrounded by three towering lavish hotels. And they’re only getting started. Oman has several major resort developments scheduled to begin construction such as Muscat Gold & Country Club, The Wave, and the Yiti Beach Resort. The Blue City is an additional resort to be built in the Sohar vicinity, with comparable space availability to the Barr Al Jissah, but the Blue City resort will also be home to opulent residential estates which foreigners can purchase, which will hopefully magnetize wealthy visitors to spend more time in an extravagant ambiance. Other sectors also need to spruce up in order to accommodate the growing tourist industry. Airport services will be the main concern for Oman’s infrastructure reconstruction. Seeb International Airport which capacity is at 2.5 million travelers yearly, accommodates the bulk of sightseers holidaying in Oman. This capacity was exceeded in 2005 to 3.8 million, which is evident that Oman is in desperate need of more Airport facilities. The Omani government is dedicated to the expansion of the International Airport to accommodate 12 million passengers, in addition to the commitment of the expansion of Salalah airport in the South. They are also investigating constructing a airstrip at Ras Al Hadd to manage tourist flights in that region. Oman is not only a happening place for tourists, but also job hunters. Oman is encouraging employment growth in the region, by offering the diverse amount of job prospects from construction to engineering, the offers are endless. And the opportunities are anticipated to increase over the year due to high development projects expected to commence. Oman is eager to please their tourists by providing a variety of unique events to experience such as the successful 2005 Khareef Festival that celebrates the breezy monsoon weather of the Indian Ocean from July and August which had 200,000 visitors present. The Ministry of Tourism also plans to refurbish Oman’s abudant historic forts, as well as play[...]

Thousands want to work in UAE’s telecommunications

Tristan Blanche
JID News

30,000 people have applied for jobs in telecommunications field making it UAE’s employer of choice. Job seekers around the world are flocking to the region, energized by the possibility of working for a reputable and booming UAE company.  Of those applying  to the telecommunications sector, many are expected to hear call backs from numerous companies, because of the demand for employees and UAE’s booming economy. People are excited to work in the emirates and customers are excited to reap the benefits of the high quality of products and services offered by the plethora of companies based within the UAE.

HR departments in each company goes through each resume and will contact those who are deemed qualified and interesting. UAE employer’s are in quest of the best and the brightest talent in the UAE. UAE employers value their applicants, and although they cannot ensure a job to everyone, they do guarantee that all applications will be reviewed, and stored for upcoming potential positions.

Within the Telecommunications industry, employers are offering job opportunities in various business departments with positions such as technology, finance, sales, marketing, and procurement which will all partake in providing consumers with internet, fixed line, mobile, Pay TV services across the UAE.
Employers recognize that it is the human capital resource that is scarce and therefore the most valuable. They need a strong foundation before they can begin to build their empires. Job seekers should not be discouraged, because the UAE is full of potential jobs.

Billions of dollars worth of projects calls for more professionals

Tristan Blanche
JID News

Global oil prices are soaring, concurrently increasing the success of Middle Eastern oil exporting countries economies. The governments of the UAE and GCC states have invested billions of dollars worth in innovative projects to be built, which has heightened the demand for experienced and untrained individuals. The companies within the UAE and GCC regions are importing the crème de la crème from outside and neighbouring states.

Saudi Arabia currently is bringing in majority of the skilled individuals to ensure their projects are executed accurately and therefore is spending billions to the employees. The figures from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Country Data indicate that the UAE also spends a considerable amount on foreign labour to accomplish their goals of a modern Middle East.

In 2005 the deficit in the UAE grew by 8 percent which was easily compensated by oil revenues, which therefore implies that the booming economy in that region is a product of a substantial growth in the amount of expatriates. Similarly, Kuwait witnessed 9 percent growth due to increasing foreign workers coming into the region to aid in designing, building, and managing full–size projects.

Additional regions where existing transfers deficits were Qatar, Oman and Bahrain that also revealing the thriving industries such as construction in the Gulf and the extreme reliance and demand for foreign personnel.

Canadian online recruitment company opens permanent office in Dubai.

Jobs in has opened its doors in Dubai with an office in the city.

Jobs in is a fully interactive international online recruitment service operating a franchise in the Middle East under the name JID NetWorks.

With the rapid growth of Dubai as a business and commerce hub, the demand for qualified personnel has been increasing exponentially; accordingly, employers are having to look further afield to fill their essential positions. The benefits of an online service allow a subscribing company to browse a series of snapshot profiles of potential candidates, complete with photo, which is a unique service provided only by Jobs in, selected under the specific criteria that match their needs, allowing them to make a shortlist selection quickly and easily before reviewing full detail CV’s from candidates all around the world. 

With a database of over 3 million candidates to choose from, finding the right person has become easier and, for an introductory period, at a considerably lower cost than many traditional recruitment services. In fact, Jobs in are offering a 30 day subscription absolutely free! The service is already free to candidates from Dubai who wish to post their resumes with the service, so now is the best time to get online and get the ideal job or find the right person to join your team.
Online recruitment is becoming the most commonly used form of connecting employers and job seekers in the US and Europe. The expanding use of the internet in the Middle East now means that these services are becoming available to a wider audience and Dubai is the first location to join the international community. 

For more information, the Jobs in website is just a click away.
The People You Need are at

Gulf TodayPress Release

United Arab Emirates Booming

The United Arab Emirates economy is booming, even with the tensions that exist between Iran and Iraq. According to UAE officials there are about USD500 billion worth of new construction projects being projected and underway in the Gulf region, which means more jobs in every sector with jobs ranging in fields such as construction, architecture, engineering in turn the financial field the most.

The financial industry is booming because of the increased credit needs of the Gulf area. The airline industry is seeing a ripple affect as well. Airlines such as Emirates, Gulf air will be increasing their fleet to accommodate the booming economy of the UAE. The government is predicting the tourism to double in the next 25 years. The Government has committed to invest over 45 billion AED to grow the Dubai International and the Dubai World Central International airports to keep up with the growing needs of UAE.

The number of investors is increasing by the minute in Dubai which is a key market for companies like the Gulf Finance House that started trading on May 14th 2006 on the Dubai Financial Market. The GFH alone reported profits of over 140 million for last year and is looking to grow in the telecommunications segment.

Another breaking news is the Union Bank of India planning on opening its first office in Dubai. Union Bank of India is the fifth largest public sector bank in the country. The Dubai Internet City is the biggest success for the UAE economy. They have over 200 companies in their waiting list right now. Every time the DIC expands the space is already rented or sold out 2 months before its actually completed.

Benish Shah
JID News – Toronto