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Podcast Rodeo Special Edition: Remembering The Brodeo

Tue, 16 Sep 2008 17:00:00 -0400

(image) (image) It's time for another Podcast Rodeo, but we'd be kidding ourselves if we tried to act like we could think about any podcast right now other than GFW Radio or, to us fans, the Brodeo. With Jeff Green moving on up to the EAst side, our favorite podcast will be monumentally different and we'll be looking forward to Wednesdays (or sometimes Thursdays) just a little bit less.

Yes, GFW Radio will soldier on in his absence and will probably continue to be a must-listen. But this week, we're remembering the way we were with some of the Rodeo's favorite GFW episodes. Give them a listen and feel free to share your favorites in the comments. The misty eyed action starts right after the jump.

Podcast Rodeo for Sept. 2: Western Ear

Tue, 02 Sep 2008 10:20:00 -0400

We're back with another round of required listening, but first we've got to point you to the special PAX 2008 edition of the Joystiq Podcast. It's different that the normal Joystiq Podcast, but it's still got a foreign guy, a guy with glasses and a guy named Kevin. ... Well, two out of three isn't bad.

The Moofcast: It's got a completely silly name! It's got a guy whose gamertag is BigDogg! It's got an actual girl (or an incredible girl facsimile)! What more could you possibly want? How about discussion of game reviews and nerdcore? Well, you're in luck, because those are there too.

NooBTooB: You know what we wish about the NooBTooB? We wish they recorded a bit more often. For instance, the episode we're directing you to today is like two weeks old. But if you want to hear talk of SoulCalibur IV and Pixeljunk Eden, you could do much, much worse than our friends Tobin and Yuzo.

Podcast Rodeo for August 19: An ear in my beer

Tue, 19 Aug 2008 15:00:00 -0400

What's that? Oh, well, we've missed you too. But let's not waste time with nostalgia, we've got some new podcasts to talk about.

Console Gypsies: This is a brand-spanking new podcast, but it's already making an impressive showing. This week, we're most touched by the early discussion of Pepsiman, one of the absolute best PSone games that you've probably never played.

1UP Show: We're recommending this video podcast this week solely because of the bit about Dead Space, which starts at about 2:45. Watch, and become a believer, both in the game and in Nick Suttner's complete inability to judge a game's scientific radness.

Podcast Rodeo for August 5: Ear Factor

Tue, 05 Aug 2008 08:00:00 -0400

Yes, it's been more than a week since the foul jellies you call eyes have been graced by a Podcast Rodeo. But let's not waste time with pleasantries: We missed you, you missed us. Let's talk podcasts.

ButtonMashers: One of our favorite activities on the Rodeo is finding brand new podcasts that have some promise and helping them to take their first steps, like Forrest Gump-style cybernetic legs. After just its seventh episode, ButtonMashers has already found itself a good flow, as well as a nice rapport between its hosts. In this episode, there's an extensive discussion comparing the DS and PSP, and it reminds us how much we like it when podcasts slow down and have a really thorough discussion of the topic at hand.

1UP FM: We're still trying to expose those who haven't heard about it to 1UP's excellent new feature-heavy cast, 1UP FM. This week, in addition to the usual stuff, there's a discussion of Skate 2 with an EA staffer and a discussion of the next generation of consoles that we are so not ready to have.

Podcast Rodeo for July 8: Ears of War

Tue, 08 Jul 2008 12:45:00 -0400

Nope, there was no Rodeo last week, and with E3 just around the corner, we'd say next week isn't looking so great either. What do we learn? Enjoy every Podcast Rodeo, because you never know when it may go on another 8 month hiatus.

1UP Yours: After listening to the nearly hour-long conversation with Denis Dyack that makes up the second half of this week's 1UP Yours, we're still not sure if we could ever put as much energy into thinking about the morality of message boards as he has. But we do know that everyone who uses the internet should listen to the discussion.

BigCast: Why should you listen to this week's BigCast? Well, it opens with music from They Might Be Giants, the world's greatest band. It then goes on to feature Akela Talamasca who, by our best guess, is the most stylish man in the video game industry. For. Real.

Podcast Rodeo for June 24: One without ear

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 18:00:00 -0400

Yeah, that's right, two weeks in a row. We're sore from patting ourselves on the back. So, are we going to have a big parade and a cake party, or are we going to start talking about some podcasts?

Yeah, we thought so.

CAG Foreplay: As fond as we are of our own New Games this Week feature, it has some significant drawbacks. 1. You have to read it with your eyes and 2. There are no girls there. Cheap Ass Gamer's Foreplay has us beat in those regards, rich as it is in both audio and females, in the form of Mrs. Shipwreck, half of the marital casting duo. This week, they have a fight over Frogger, it's really quite sweet.

GFW Radio: Longtime Rodeoids know that the always excellent GFW Radio is part of our bread and butter. On this week's episode, we say goodbye to host Sean Malloy, but say hello to "Chuff Love," a new feature that follows the romantic misadventures of co-host Anthony Gallegos. Oh, and, at some point, games are discussed. We promise.

Podcast Rodeo for June 17: ... And Ear Back

Tue, 17 Jun 2008 16:25:00 -0400

Yes, you read that headline correctly. No one's favorite feature – the Podcast Rodeo – has returned from its self-imposed exile of eight months to put various video game related noises directly into your ear holes. Why the absence? We can't tell you, and we'd ask that you try to keep from meddling in our personal business in the future. ... So, that awkwardness aside, let's get to the podcasts.

1UP FM: 1UP launched a new podcast this week, and, in our opinion, it's a grand slam. The show (formerly known as EGM Live) lifts a few bits from its predecessor (like a review of new releases) while taking a deeper look at some stories and features that may otherwise have been breezed over. We especially enjoyed the discussion of the LucasArts firings, and we think you will too.

Daily Game Addiction: Our friend Luke Stapley is not just a nice guy, he's also a longtime video game podcaster and host of the Game Addict Hotline. He's now evolved that program into a new daily show that reviews the top stories of the week, just perfect for people too lazy to read.

Podcast Rodeo for Oct. 7: Earhead

Sun, 07 Oct 2007 08:30:00 -0400

Wow, did we ever miss you guys last weekend. It was crazy, there was this whole convoluted series of events that led to us having no Rodeo. But you know what? That's the past. This is today. And there are podcasts to listen to with our earholes.

Robotronic Dynomite - Thanks to Hot Topic, we've been avoiding any two words in which the second one is "Dynamite" for fear that we'd run into a sad bastard wearing a "Vote For Pedro" T-shirt. But, we imagined that the coast was probably clear by now, and we were pleased with what we found. The host of this podcast describes himself as "freshly mustachioed," and it's hard to go wrong with that. The content's about what you'd expect, though the movie section is a nice touch. But it's all presented by a group of very likable guys, which, in the end, is the most important thing anyway, right?

Joystiq Podcast
- Have you had the opportunity to see three grown men made to be complete fools on their own show in the middle of said show? If not, this is your opportunity, as the Bungie news rips reality asunder mid-cast. It's a powerful experience that, in the end, we hope will bring us closer together.

Podcast Rodeo for Sept. 23: Ear of a Black Hat

Sun, 23 Sep 2007 10:00:00 -0400

Don't even act like the Podcast Rodeo staff is upset that they didn't get to go to Tokyo Game Show, cause they're not. My crew of 8-eared carnival freaks don't even have time for globe-trotting, what with all the podcast listening that they have to do. ... Sniff.

The Wiire: We think The Wiire serves as a really good example of what a fancast should be. Instead of just covering the Wii and Wii-related items, the crew covers all of video games from a Wii fan's point of view. Of course, Wii business is discussed, including Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Virtual Console releases. Also, BioShock is discussed.

1UP Yours: Not only is this week's 1UP Yours brought to you from Tokyo, they also add old favorite John Riccardi and Kojima producer Ryan Payton. So what you're going to get is 2 1/2 hours of Tokyo impressions from a lot of different perspectives. It also sounds like a few members of the crew found a stray bottle of sake ... or eight. Of course, no matter what time zone it is, would it be 1UP Yours without drinking?

Podcast Rodeo for Sept. 16: Yes, ear

Sun, 16 Sep 2007 10:40:00 -0400

It occurred to me that if I'm doing the Podcast Rodeo every Sunday, I should probably be making some football predictions based on my deep knowledge of the gridiron. So, what better time to start than now? Here's this week's football prediction:

Feats of athleticism will be on display and a good time will be had by all.

That complete, let's get to the Rodeo.

Evil Avatar Radio: We haven't linked to this show before and, in the parlance of the 80s, it's my bad, because this is really nicely done. We're especially captivated in this episode by an interview about the upcoming Halo ActionClix. Try to detect the point at which you're completely terrified when you realize how much money you're going to spend on them. Also, BioShock is discussed.

Podcast Rodeo for Sept. 9: Ear 1

Sun, 09 Sep 2007 09:10:00 -0400

To mark the Dreamcast's eighth birthday, we were going to solely feature podcasts that are Dreamcast-centric. Surprising no one, we came up empty. We hope that you can still enjoy this week's offering despite its lack of colorful swirls.

EGM Live: With little fanfare, EGM Live has gone from a little brother of 1UP Yours to a really entertaining listen in its own right. Instead of a long show, they've switched to a more broken up format, with each episode containing a series of features. Just this week, for example, you'll hear Factor 5 defending Lair from critics and hear from a couple of moms who Nintendo is targeting to spread the Wii message for them.

Video Game Jocks: Arrgh! We're angry at the VGJs. The idea of using Kanye West's new song "Stronger" as an intro is so good that we wish we'd thought of it. Ah well, we're going to rise above and recommend that you go listen to all the talk of Halo, Halloween and (war)Hawk that you can handle.

Podcast Rodeo for Sept. 2: A jury of your ears

Sun, 02 Sep 2007 09:45:00 -0400

OK, it's official (and we never thought we'd say this): We're sick of BioShock. No, not the game, that's still (insert your superlative here), we're tired of listening to people talk about it endlessly on every podcast. We're officially putting the kibosh on it. Please spread the word to the rest of the internet.

The GameSpy Debriefings: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's Creative Director Paul Barnett has just been promoted to one of our favorite people. This interview with him is priceless. For instance, we wish we could get his spiel about why video games are like shampoo tattooed on our arm. Also, his way of setting MMOs apart as hobbies rather than games is a real eye-opener. If you listen to one podcast this week, make it the Joystiq Podcast. If you listen to two, it must be this. Also ... BioShock is discussed.

PC Gamer Podcast: We often will feature podcasts when they're having handicapped episode. Maybe half the team is absent, maybe they're pressed for time, but we find that a mixed-up show can often just ooze freshness. This week's PC Gamer Podcast, with a crew of "second-stringers" is a lot of fun, especially their conversation about the death of the internet. Also ... BioShock is discussed.

Podcast Rodeo for August 26: Three ears!

Sun, 26 Aug 2007 18:30:00 -0400

Realistically, we should be working to not break the triumphant three-week streak that the Joystiq Podcast has enjoyed. We'll get to it, we promise. There have just been some technical glitches keeping us away. But there's no glitch powerful enough to slow the Podcast Rodeo, which we'll now proceed to demonstrating.

GFW Radio: Oh my, look who's back! It's the Whiskey Nerd with a triumphant return to the Rodeo with a nostalgic take on classic gaming as told through the last pure form of artistic expression: Haunting piano rap. There's also some nice (if slightly spoilery) bits about Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Gamesweasel: You know what rules about this show? Length. Far too many podcasts play fast and loose with our time. With the Gamesweasel, 13 minutes and you're out. Also, the host is affable and the whole thing is slickly produced. Consider our attention held. Beginning their news segment with two-soccer related bits reminds us that this cast is definitely aimed at the UK set, but we think Americans will find more than a few things to like here.

Podcast Rodeo for August 19: Ears - Where everybody knows your name

Sun, 19 Aug 2007 09:20:00 -0400

Is the game drought at its absolute worst? We've got a show that's chock full of demo reviews, one show that's leading off with a free arcade show and one that takes a bullet for everybody and plays Thomas the Tank Engine. Fall can't get here soon enough.

Gaming Noise: If you remember Chip and Zach, you are very old. But, you are also among the privileged few to have heard one of the best gaming podcasts in history. A podcast BEFORE podcasts were even called podcasts. Old school. There are some technical glitches in this return episode, sure, but these guys are still really fun to listen to.

Radio Ninty: You know what the world needs more of? Podcasts with the guts to start their shows off with a review of the Japanese version of Thomas the Tank Engine for DS. Plus, they're from the UK, and you know that the Rodeo is a sucker for that.

Podcast Rodeo for August 12: Ear or far

Sun, 12 Aug 2007 10:20:00 -0400

We hope you all are out there finding new podcasts to suggest, recording your own podcasts, and, with any luck, making a little room in your heart for some new additions. Without further ado, we offer the latest candidates for your love.

Xcast: We like the Xcast, which is solely about 360 news and happenings, because it manages to be unabashedly a fan podcast without being annoying. It's just a couple of guys sharing their opinions with little aspiration to be a slick show, which is surprisingly refreshing. On this episode, expect Shadownrun talk and, of course, some price drop discussion.

Wii Cafe's Open Mic Night: Have you ever been checking out at Gamestop, and heard two cashiers passionately sharing their opinions with each other, and possibly frightening their customers the the volume and intensity of their discussions about how much they love the Wii? Someone has apparently been recording those guys. Also, be warned, this episode is pretty old. But the passion, ah, the passion, she is timeless!

Podcast Rodeo for August 5: Tip of the Ear

Sun, 05 Aug 2007 11:00:00 -0400

Wow, did I ever miss you guys last week. Long story short, I was killed, tragically. I came back, eventually, suffice it to say: A crow was involved. I've gotta go get some vengeance later, but first I've got some delicious podcasts for you to put inside your head.

Joystiq Podcast: Oh Em Gee. There have been few podcast that have resonated with an entire country, heck, an entire generation, the way that Joystiq Podcast 011 has. Download with abandon! ... OK, you got me. I've started producing the podcast and I need your feedback! And downloads! And souls!

The Hotspot: This may seem like the usual from GameSpot's podcast, but fans of the show will most certainly notice the absence of one Rich Gallup, longtime host of the show who has left for the East Coast. Am I upset about the loss? Of course. But I was also the guy that was depressed for a week when they changed the mom on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. We fear change.

Podcast Rodeo for July 22: Britney Ears

Sun, 22 Jul 2007 08:45:00 -0400

We've got a very special competition this week. Actually, it's a competition to see which show can be the very specialist, the one where the NooBTooB guy proposes, or the one where GFW makes fun of people who want to do it with imaginary animals. Two shows enter! ...We leave confused.

Best Damn Podcast Ever: If you still haven't gotten enough info on Marathon: Durandal, you'll enjoy this interview that BDPE did with Bruce Morrison of Freeverse Software. Whether or not you're interested in the game, you have to give it up for BDPE for kicking off with "This seems like a miracle to me almost. How did the guys who made Totemball (laughter) go to the guys who made Marathon?"

GFW Radio: Do yourself a favor, go straight to 1 hour and 14 minutes in. Basically, it's Shawn Elliot reading through what has to be the greatest forum thread in the history of mankind, namely, people wondering if the Digimon that they've fallen in love with would love them back. Seriously.

Podcast Rodeo for July 15: Ears and Jeers

Sun, 15 Jul 2007 09:00:00 -0400

With the Gradold Man officially dead, I've got to thank my friend Zach for some of the images I'll be using the in the coming weeks. It's especially appropriate considering he hosted one of the original podcasts (before they were even called that) called The Gaming Noise. OK, enough history. To the future!

In-Game Chat: We're linking to it, but, honestly, this show kind of freaks me out. You know when you were a kid and you were riding home from a party with your parents, and they would tune in that obscure oldies station with that super-mellow DJ? This show is hosted by that exact guy. Forget the nasal, ladyman voices you've come to expect from podcasts, this guy (who's mainly wrapping up E3 coverage with his partner) has pipes.

Video Game Jocks: This episode features Jem Alexander from our sister blogs PSP Fanboy and PS3 Fanboy. In case you're wondering, his analysis of the PS3 price cut and other Sony news is truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. Bet he's never heard that gag before.

Podcast Rodeo for July 8: Norman Ear

Sun, 08 Jul 2007 10:00:00 -0400

It's pre-E3 week, and almost everybody is phoning it in. Not one to buck tradition, the Rodeo's also taking it easy this week ... if you can call any week where we slog through the podcast trough and bring back them gems taking it easy. Here's what the hardest working act on the Internet found for you this week.

NooBTooB: If you haven't kept up with the NooBTooB duo this year, there's a perfect way to get started up now, an encapsulation of all the best moments from their first year all reduced to one manageable, 15-minute morsel for the mom on the go. This episode is a video-only cast, by the way, so don't go hunting for the audio.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show: We've always believed that this show hit its stride at episode 99, about 23:50 in, but it's definitely still worth your oh-so-precious time. The show's main draw is that callers can get a chance to weigh in via Skype, but Blackwolf, a slick, well-informed host, is certainly no slouch. This week, hot topics are broken DSs and XBLA discounts.

Podcast Rodeo for July 1: Head Earleader

Sun, 01 Jul 2007 10:05:00 -0400

It's an exciting week on the Rodeo with some new faces (voices?) and some returning friends. It's so exciting, in fact, that we're going to get started right ... now.

CAG Foreplay: You know, Cheap Ass Gamer's new podcast on the block has had a pretty easy time of it so far. The husband and wife team of Shipwreck and Mrs. Shipwreck have been reviewing the new releases for a few weeks now, but they've been doing it during one of the slowest release windows. In 28-game-deep Episode 5 though, stripes are earned, tears are shed and (one can only imagine) love is strengthened.

The Best Damn Podcast Ever: Is there any truth in this podcast's title? No, of course not -- we all know what the height of podcast evolution is. But if you're interested in hearing why John Carmack is like a kid giving a first book report or why GrimGrimoire's developers might possibly be time travelers, you could do a lot worse. Also, the guys have slight southern accents ... you know, for the ladies.

Podcast Rodeo for June 24: E.A.R.

Sun, 24 Jun 2007 10:35:00 -0400

Aww, snap. The Ro-to-the-deo feels just terrible. Not only did we take a week off, we also neglected to give a link to someone who mentioned us on the podcast, which, much like telling a waiter at Chili's it's your birthday, is a guaranteed way to get a freebie.

So, we're sorry, GFW Radio, it's been corrected. We hope that our two nations can now live together in peace. You should absolutely go listen to GFW this week, there's a rap battle, you'll love it. Here's a tip to everyone else though, if you give the shout out, let us know when you do and where in the podcast it's located. Sometimes we go through the Wendy's drive thru and we may turn the radio down, and you don't want to miss your moment in the sun because of a Frosty, do you? More picks after the jump.

Podcast Rodeo for June 10: There's A Tear in My Ear

Sun, 10 Jun 2007 14:58:00 -0400

As you can see, the old man died tragically in a fire, sacrificing not only his life but his bitchin' Grados for a stock clip art iPod in the blaze. But hey, the Rodeo continues to bravely soldier on without him. Audio ahoy!

The Weekly Geek: We were originally going to write something mean about TWG after host Chris complained about being not included in the Rodeo. Infuriatingly though, we ended up really liking the show, spoiling our plans entirely. If you like to hear grown men ranting about Shrek, we think you'll like it too.

Press Start: After an extended absence, Ky-Ky Baby (Mr. Orland if you're nasty) and his harem of two game experts talk about the slow decline of the retail games industry. To some of you? A relief. To the more materialistic of you? An 18:48 horror show. Listen at your own peril.

Podcast Rodeo for June 3: Eared Science

Sun, 03 Jun 2007 10:15:00 -0400

Much to your chagrin, the old man is back, and he will continue to be back until we go one week without someone commenting on his whoop-tushie headphones. Podcasts. Dig 'em.

BitCast: It's like Bits Bytes Pixels Sprites that you read with your ears! The only difference this week is that they've temporarily done away with the Canadian that normally resides on their program. We're notoriously xenophobic here at Joystiq, so that's good enough reason for us to link them. Also, one of the guys sounds exactly like Kevin Bacon.

CAG Cast: The First Rule of Podcast Rodeo©: You do talk about Podcast Rodeo. Second rule: If you do, we will probably totally link to you. This CAG Cast is good, but it gets especially good at about 8:58. Oh, and if you were curious, the third rule is "no shirt, no shoes," which I don't even fully understand.

Podcast Rodeo for May 27: From ear to eternity

Sun, 27 May 2007 10:30:00 -0400

So, if you're traveling this weekend, you've probably already left. But if not, we've got some audio to make the time go by a little quicker. Or, if you're listening to the smooth, mellow, honey-dipped tones of the Joystiq Podcast -- a little sexier.

CAG Cast: For the first time, Cheapy D and Wombat are totally live on their newest podcast, where they play Name that Videogame Tune and even take a few calls. Well, they're not live when you listen to it, but they were live when they recorded it. That's not to say they're not still alive, because we're pretty sure they are. But, we guess it's possible that they're not. So, you know, listen while you can.

Podcast Rodeo for May 20: Ear's Johnny

Sun, 20 May 2007 10:05:00 -0400

This week at the P-Cast Ranch, game audio had to compete for ear time with the release of a new They Might Be Giants album. Was it tough to find the time? You bet. Was it worth it to help our beloved readers out? Yes, yes, 1,000 times, yes.

Downloadable Content: As many of you have pointed out, the Penny Arcade guys have taken much more regular breaks from earning mad coin to record their podcast. Here, Gabe does battle with V.Smile and (as near as we can tell) is defeated.