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My little piece of that Azure sky

A part-time working, full time Grad student mama's creative outlet.....

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Superbowl football pool - printable

Sat, 01 Feb 2014 23:13:00 +0000

My in-laws host a Superbowl party every year.  This year is extra special because it is likely the last year they host.  Their house is currently on the market and they will be downsizing and won't need the big TV.  We also have the "home team" in the running for the big title this year.  My sister has had blue and green hair for a couple of weeks and the 12th man can almost be heard from my house and I'm a state away.  The only person rooting for the Broncos seems to be Miss Payton Jayne.  Payton who loves horses is rooting for Peyton and the Broncos.  You can't hardly blame her.  But that spot of orange is going to be lost in a sea of blue and green tomorrow.  :)

My favorite part, besides the food, is the football pool.  I'm not a huge football person, but always have a great time on game day filling the squares and harassing our guests for cash.

Rather than quickly zip out a grid on a piece of copy paper with a sharpie, this year I decided to create a little graph that I can put in my scrapbook later.

Sell the squares.  We usually sell them for $1 per square.  After they are all filled up, have the kids draw numbers from 0-9 from a hat and fill in the shaded areas, 0-9 for each team.  Game time is a lot more fun for everyone now that we can root for scores as well as our favorite team to win. 

We usually do $12.50 for quarter 1 and 3, $25 for the half, and $50 for the final score.  

Download the football pool for free here.



clean slate

Tue, 17 Dec 2013 03:57:00 +0000

Well, obviously things changed a bit around here.  About a month or so ago I sent an email to Gossamer Blue and American Crafts to resign my position.  My priorities have just changed.  I am committed to my family and my students.  There simply wasn't time for everything and something had to change.  I have spent several years on Design Teams with affiliate links and holiday deadlines.  It feels SO GREAT to craft when I feel compelled to do so and to try different things.  I have been knitting and quilting and making home decor.  I will start sharing as it makes sense to me.  To be honest, it has been liberating and inspiring to make things for my girls and to create things for my home without the pressure of a deadline or a color palette or a trendy product that I need to sell.

I've been part of the crafting industry for too long to just disappear.  But this girl definitely needs to regroup.

XO.  Davinie

P.S.  Project 12?  Project 12 is mine.  Creating a monthly recap is a challenge that I have been hosting since 2008.  It appeals to me now more than it ever has before and I think it's the perfect form of memory keeping for the busy mom who still wants a creative outlet.  There's NO way busy Mom's are doing a daily record keeping system.  That just isn't realistic.  Stay tuned!

my first AC blog hop!

Sat, 07 Sep 2013 12:00:00 +0000

Hello from Paige's blog!I am excited to be participating in my first American Crafts blog hop.  It is such an honor to represent such an amazing company!We were asked to create a layout/project about each of us, and this what I came up with:I have been part of the papercrafting industry for a few years now.  For most of that time I worked part time in the health insurance industry.  It was a way to work from home and care for my girls without having to use daycare.  My career in health insurance was really a gift to my family.I got my BA several years ago.  When Payton went to Kindergarten I knew it was time to pursue a dream I have always had for myself.  It didn't make sense to stay home and craft all day while my husband worked for the family.  I felt I had something bigger to offer the world, I guess you can say.  I went back and got my teaching degree, my master's degree, and my Reading endorsement, and still managed the other parts of my life.  I am SO proud of myself.  I have talked myself out of this opportunity a few times, because I knew how much work would be involved.  I am so glad I finally followed through.The best bit?  I graduated, and right away, I got a job.  Yep!  I am a first-year teacher this year.  I teach 3rd grade and I am SO excited about it.  I can't wait to make a difference in the best way I know how.  I am obsessed with Amy Tan's Cut and Paste Collection.  It's a really smart, eclectic mix of products.  This layout started with the ONe Two Three pattern in this collection.  My eye was immediately drawn to the idea of '13 for 2013.  Because of the abstract way the numbers were created, I had fun with them and used my sewing machine to stitch a '13 amongst the pattern in the paper.  I then used my Silhouette to cut out the word "grad". I then chose patterns from the collection that complemented the coloring and also drew out the yellow in the gray print. In recent years, journaling has become more of a focus in my work, especially handwritten journaling.  It's faster than printing or typing something out.  It captures my handwriting.  It also often allows me to say more.  I don't pre-plan my words.  I just start writing and hope that it comes out straight.  I don't line up each line, as you can see.  I do try and offset it a bit so that it isn't just a clump of writing.  And then I often underline what I wrote.Other products include cut out accents, bits die cut shapes, and the rotary phrase stamp. Ultimately, scrapbooking is about capturing your memories, not creating a pretty page.  I am really focused on trying to utilize both, though.  I want to create a layout that sparks a memory later, or serves as a reminder to a great story, but also do so with products that are still interesting to look at years later.  Scrapbooking for me has also always been a creative release, so it's important to me to create pretty things too. All products on this layout are American Crafts, of course.  The cardstock, adhesive, and even the precision pen are manufactured by American Crafts. You can't have a blog hop without having another destination to head to!  But before I go, of course there needs to be a giveaway!  Blog hops are more fun when a giveaway is involved.  To enter, please leave a comment.  I will choose a winner September 14 and sending you a goodie bag of products from American Crafts. Here is the full design team list.  Next is Madeline Fox!Becki AdamsMeghann AndrewJill CornellLilith EeckelsKatie EhmannPaige Evans----> Davinie Fiero  Madeline FoxElizabeth GardnerKelly GoreeAngie GutshallAshley HortonCorrie JonesHeather LeopardGina LiderosPatricia RoebuckErin StewartDiana WaiteAllison WakenJanna WernerAmerican CraftsHave a great day!  And wish me luck!  School starts Monday morning.  You should see my room!  Kraft but[...]

Words on Wednesday - Live your Adventure

Wed, 07 Aug 2013 14:00:00 +0000

(Pinned from here)

As I was searching my Pinterest Words board for a quote to share, this decal from Urban Outfitters jumped out as the perfect post for today.  

My little family is heading out for a little California adventure.  It isn't as far south as we thought we'd go this summer, but we still plan to have a great time.  I always love getting my girls to the beach.  Morgan's very first camping trip was at the Northern Oregon Coast when she was barely walking, and a memory I'll never forget is how we'd set her down on the sand, she'd dash out to the surf, get her feet wet, and we'd pick her up and run up the beach to set her down again.  She had so much fun!  She ran and ran in her fleece rainbow pants from the Gap until she suddenly stopped, sat down, and cried, finally realizing how cold the Oregon waters were.  She's a beach babe and I love getting her to the ocean each summer, the beach being somewhere around a 5 hour drive from our house.  She doesn't believe that the ocean can be warm and we were hoping to prove it to her, but it turns out the water where we are headed isn't that much different from where she's been before.  Bummer.  But just like in 2005, we'll be chasing her out of the surf yet again, I'm sure, and Payton won't be far behind.  

Just like the quote, we are living our adventure.  I hope you still have summertime left with your family to do the same.  School doesn't start until after Labor Day here, so we have a few weeks left to soak it up.


Jane Austen fan here.

Sun, 04 Aug 2013 03:24:00 +0000

As I prepare to get crafty on a Saturday night, Pride and Prejudice (2005) in the DVD player, I can't help but be SUPER excited about this little number:

I mean, seriously.  Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice are a couple of my favorite movies.  I'm giddy.

I never watched Felicity (although of course I know about the famous haircut), but I am a Keri Russell fan, so I'm excited.  Two of my favorites from her are August Rush and the Magic of Ordinary Days (I think that was a Lifetime movie).  

The previews look so great (well, except for the Colin Firth cutout.  It should be Mathew Macfadyen).  I can't wait to drag my husband to the theater to check it out.  ;)

(Click the picture for the trailer).  


Gossamer Blue - August kit

Thu, 01 Aug 2013 19:56:00 +0000

A rainy Thursday hello to you.  Thunderstorms here.  Can't complain much.  It's keeping us from attending the county fair and I'm not a huge county fair fan - #soexpensive - I've been busy catching up on the Bachelorette and Big Brother because I've been camping all week and didn't have hookups or cell service.  This is great for family bonding but not for reality TV!  Poor Des.  I feel bad for her.  But I think Brookes did the right thing if he wasn't in love.  I get so tired of this silly shows that undoubtedly turn into a People magazine cover about the "breakup".  Why I get sucked in every time I don't know.  i think it's because it's easier to learn to knit when I am only partially attentive to the show I'm watching.Anyway....The August kits are up for sale at Gossamer Blue and they were so much fun to play with!  I opened my box and was inspired by all the travel themed stuff.  The challenge initially was that I don't travel much so didn't have a plane ticket stub and an Iphone photo of my kids in their row 7 seats C and D airplane seats.  That said, I didn't have to go back in time to find photos to play with.  I was able to twist the products to work with current life events and I am really happy with how it turned out.  I even used airplane veneer on projects about my girls and myself. The first layout I wanted to share was made with the main kit:I knew immediately I wanted to use this silly photo of my girls in Steve's high school graduation gown and my current Graduate school graduation cap.  It wasn't until I had the layout finished that I remember to double check the files Lori created for this kit and saw a similar title idea, lol.  I also LOVE the chevron paper that Mitchell designed, so grabbed that and used almost the whole sheet.  If you'd like to use "GoSeeDo" as a title for your layout, I made it available for download as a studio file.  I created this title with my Silhouette.(click the picture to get to the download)I have seen this title many times over the years but never really wanted to use it until now.  Isn't it funny how that works out?  The same goes with the Geotag, but I fell in love with the paper designed for the kit by Traci Reed, it's my other favorite print this month, and had to pair it with a large version in this second layout:Now that school is over and life is returning, I'm back to the library, overdue fees and all, lol.  I have been soaking up a lot of great novels I have missed over the last couple of years and had to document it on a layout.  Read anything good lately?  Please share.  Again, I created a Silhouette file for this layout, and I made it available for download via studio file should you want to use it.  I'm not normally this techy but had some ideas I wanted to try with my projects this month.(click the picture to get to the download)When I added it to my layout, I first printed it out a larger size in white, decided that was too big, cut it again, and then thought it looked great layered so went with it.  That's just how it is sometimes....Edited to add:  The font used for my title is called Lollihop.  I love this script because it isn't too slanty, and it welds really well with my Silhouette.  I don't normally pay for fonts but I must have with this one, because it's in the Silhouette store.  :)  My other go to favorites for scripty fonts are Pacifico and Lobster Two.  Both of those are free.  Lastly I created a card using more of that geotag paper.  I just love it:If you have any questions on my design process or anything, please ask!  If I were to do more step-by-step tutorials in the process of a layout I designed, would that interest you?  I'm thinking of adding that as part of my work each month so that you can recreate it if you want to.Hav[...]

Loving Lately...

Sun, 28 Jul 2013 18:41:00 +0000

As I get in the habit of routinely blogging again, I thought I'd start with a post about what I've been loving lately.  There are a lot of beautiful things being created right now, brilliant products being perfected by science, and a lot of great creative inspiration out there. First on the list:  I'm a girl who likes to wear her hair down and parted on the same side.  I also have fine hair that can tend to curl, which means that the early morning hair decisions that I make will set the stage for the day.   I can't wear a hat unless the plan is to wear it all day or I'll have hat-hair.  You know what I mean.I tend to get sunburned on the top of my head a lot which eventually leads to peeling, which is just gross, so I am always on the hunt for sunscreen that won't grease my scalp and look icky.  My friend told me about this sunscreen powder and I checked it out.  It works so well I had to give a little shoutout.  It's called Colorescience, it looks like makeup, goes on without a trace, and works really well!  I have been using it all summer on my hairline and my face.  I use it on the girl's faces too.The initial purchase is a wee bit spendy but it has refills.  I've been told one applicator will last for a few months, which is perfect!  Skincare and sunscreens are a top priority for me lately, so I had to pass on a great product.  You can purchase a water resistant version, and there's even eyescreen!  I've never heard  of an eyescreen before.  That's new to me.  Next on my list makes my Iphone very happy:Orla Kiely for TargetI'm obsessed with this designer.  I smile every time I wash my hands in the sink, lol.  She's just come out with Ipad covers and Iphone cases, and I have to have this one I think:Okay, now that we have our faces and our phones happy.... The next thing I wanted to share are the Spring chinos from Boden.  I wouldn't begin to describe myself as fashionable or trendy.  I prefer to shop via the internet which means a lot of Gap, Old Navy, and some Banana Republic or maybe a touch of Ann Taylor Loft.  That said, the Boden catalog is one of my favorite pieces of mail.  I'd love to order one of each.  One of my staples this Spring has been these chinos.  I've been wearing them rolled up with flip flops or wedges and I just love them.  My favorites are the gray pinstripe pair.  I bought mine on sale and was just checking the site to order more colors and found them on clearance so had to share.  Maybe they are on clearance because they are called a "Spring" chino.  I don't know and I don't care.  I love them and ordered more.  True, they are running out of various sizes, but my favorite color seems to be in good supply so check them out.  $39 is a great price and it doesn't take much to get free shipping!  I was really excited to see these pants on Clearance.  I just added 4 pairs to my cart including Terracotta for $23.40!  Who doesn't need a little terracotta in their life?  Am I right?  And with summer soon over and a new school year about to start, of course I need a good planner.  I found Emily Ley and I really like her take.With August only a few days away it's time to get organized.  School, soccer practice, and maybe a little hip hop or hula dancing for the girls (we are still trying to decide), my kids certainly have a busy schedule coming up.  Steve is always trading shifts and working overtime so it's important for me to keep track of his schedule too.  And then there's me.  If I don't get my own classroom this year, I'm already on the sub list for three districts, so keeping track of my personal schedule is going to be crucial, because my crafty schedule needs to fit in there too.  It looks like the year ahea[...]

A new adventure

Sat, 20 Jul 2013 14:00:00 +0000

On a whim, I applied.  I use American Crafts products on every layout and have been a fan of what they've been coming up with lately.  I'm honored to be chosen to represent this company and look forward to sharing projects soon.  Have you seen the CHAS13 releases so far?  I'm excited!

Have a great day!


Gossamer Blue July

Sun, 07 Jul 2013 04:30:00 +0000

First, thank you so much for your kind words regarding my previous post.  I really hesitated putting it all out there, but it helped to write it down and look at it.  Life sure is precious.  And unpredictable.  The whole "enjoy every moment" takes on a new meaning when you realize how little control you really do have sometimes.  I managed to get a bit of my groove back in time for the July kit from Gossamer Blue, and I'm so glad I did!  It felt good to get creative again and I really like how my projects turned out.  The first layout I want to share was made with the main kit only:We bought a ski boat and have taken it out several times already this summer.  We have hesitated for years, sometimes wanting a fishing boat, sometimes wanting to do without a payment, but an opportunity presented itself to go in with friends on a used boat, and we jumped for it.  So far it has worked out perfectly!  We have taken it out together, and taken turns.  Our friends were a perfect choice because not only do we love them like family, our schedules also mesh.  Because of Steve's career with the Fire Department, and my soon-to-be career in schools, we aren't weekend people.  We can often go out on a Wednesday, etc.  Our friends, on the other hand, are M-F people.  So it's been great.We got a new tube for the kids to try, and in order to build up some bravery, we have to driver really really slow.  They'd rather stop and swim.  But we are working on it.  And we have been having a lot of fun.  To create the bubble background, I started with this image from the Silhouette store.You could create this yourself but I went with easy.  I resized it a bit smaller than 12x12 because I have issues with lining things up perfectly on my machine.  After I cut it out of the yellow print designed by Mitchel Kraft for GB, I started arranging my photos and decided to cut into it to make it a more interesting design element.  I just cut circles away until I was happy with the layout and then adhered.  After that, I trimmed some circles from cardstock and mounted them on pop dots, and then added alphas, embellishments, and of course, tons of stitching for texture.  The digital elements for the main kit weren't available to me when I created this layout.  My next project features only new release products from Fancy Pants Designs.  Every once in a while the kids play together with smiles and enjoy how lucky they are to have each other.  It's rare, but it happens.The title was created with my Silhouette and the Pacifico font.  I love many cursive fonts, but this one welds together the best for cutting which is why I stick with it.Another fun product from Fancy Pants is that chalkboard tape.  The roll is HUGE and should last a long time.  That was fun to play with.  This last layout was created with a mix of products from the kits this month:I've stared at that photo a few times with confusion.  I can't believe how old Payton looks in this photo! Her legs are so long!  I love the trend using die cut images on a square/rectangle piece of paper so layered a few pieces for this layout.  I also had to mix in some chevrons, the gray are hand cut, and added some fun buttons too. I put the layout under my sewing machine and winged it for the stitching around the heart.  I didn't always get it quite in the right spot, but that's one thing I like about stitching.  I'm not looking for perfection.  Did you like what you saw in the kit?  Check out this link from the Fancy Pants Designs blog for a chance to win the July 2013 kit.Check out this link to the Gossamer Blue blog to have a chance at this Fancy Pants Designs prize pack:The deadline for the prizes is July 17.Th[...]

Project 12 February in March

Mon, 04 Mar 2013 15:00:00 +0000

Well, February certainly swooped in and out like a flash, lol.  You wouldn't think 2-3 days off the end of the month would make such an impact but they certainly do.  I was happy to have an opportunity to use Basic Grey's True Love paper pad for my layout this month. I adore any color palette that includes a shade of teal.  I'm not a huge red person, so this was a great mix for me.  I had more photos than I thought I would to choose from this month.  Most were taken with my phone. I still made sure to get out my Canon to make sure I had higher quality digital photos in the record books as well.  On Valentines Day I took a photo of my girls holding a cardstock heart with both, to make sure I had images from both places.  I got a very special note from a very special friend in my class at school this month.  I am so glad I have a great way to preserve it.  It was just a little heart on a folded piece of paper but my heart about split in two and doubled, it touched me so.  It's proof that I'm totally doing the right thing with school.  I get so much out of knowing I'm making a difference. I had fun creating the printables for this month's layout too.  I used the color palette in the Bits & Pieces Add-on to influence the look of these two pieces.  As you can see on my layout I always trim a big border around my cards.  I also like to add layers and attach embellishments and stitching to my cards as well. The quote is a fun one.  As always, I shopped my "Words" board on Pinterest for just the right quote to use.  Of course I was looking for something love related this month, and found this quote by Jack Karouac to be a perfect choice.  You can download both printables together or individually here:Calendar and QuoteCalendarQuoteI am excited to use the March Bits & Pieces Add-on for my next monthly spread.  I like the paper pads a lot.  For March it was Color Me Happy from Glitz Designs.  FUN.  You can check out my layout and Michiko's layout using the March kit on my blog post here. My friends at SCT are playing along this month with a fun prize which includes Cards Map and a subscription to SCT.  Having these issues in your hands is always a fun treat so it's a good prize!Thank you for playing along and supporting this challenge!  I am working on getting .png files for my calendar and quote cards, so let me know if that interests you and whether you have any trouble with these items. Davinie[...]

Masking with Misting and Stitching

Sun, 03 Mar 2013 01:13:00 +0000

A few years ago I hosted a blog post on the SCT blog about masking with mist and stitchery.  I just happened to see it linked on Facebook and realized I never did post about it here so thought I'd share since this trend seems to be coming back again.Originally posted on the SCT blog September, 2011:I decided to play with the ampersand mask for this layout.  I’m going to creating a mask with the ampersand and spray over it with Mister Huey mist.  So to start, I needed to determine where on my layout I’d like this element to be.  Then I put my base paper in a box, to help contain the spray, and layered the mask over it.After doing that, I stood back with my spray, and lightly spritzed it over the ampersand.  I wanted a monochromatic look, and for the mask to stand out just a little, so used the color Clay over this mask.Remove the mask, and you’ll see the ampersand shape, with the misted color around it.I still wanted to maintain a monochromatic look, but I wanted my ampersand defined, so hand stitched around the edges.  To do that I used the same needle that I hand stitch with, and pierced holes around the edges of my shape.  Its hand stitching and I don’t want it to look perfect, so it was okay that each stitch wasn’t evenly placed.  You’ll also notice that the piercing was closer together on corners, etc., without being too close or you’ll perforate the paper.I then took my DMC floss, which comes in 6 strands, split it into 3 strands, and hand stitched around the edges of the shape.  This created a fun detail to this element on my page.For the rest of my layout, I created layers to add more texture, and a fun photo of my daughter with one of her chickens. A year and a half later and I still like this layout.  :)  That's a good sign!  Sunshine is still clucking along in the coop too as Morgan's favorite chicken.[...]

Gossamer Blue - February projects and March LookBook

Tue, 19 Feb 2013 04:02:00 +0000

I thought I'd get around to sharing some projects I made with the February kit from Gossamer Blue this month.  Most products are sold out but you can still get your hands on some of the paper, and since this kit was full of love and lots of Crate Paper Fourteen, that means there's still plenty of good stuff to be had.  Check out what's left here.The first project I have to share was made with the main kit only.  This is what I came up with.Note:  I thought the base paper design would be dead center and trimmed off the first side before I realized it was a wee bit askew.  If you want to create an 8.5 x 11 layout with this print and want it centered like I did, be sure to measure better than I did.  It's only a wee bit off, but it's enough to drive me crazy.  :)The photo I used for this layout is currently my lock screen on my phone.  I love looking at it every time I unlock my phone and check my "countdown to graduation" app (which is currently at 72 days).This next layout was fun to make and inspired by sweets.  We like to watch Cupcake Wars when we can and my girls wanted to have their own war one day so I let them loose in the kitchen.  They had so much fun but wouldn't you know it....  they TIED.  Funny how that happens (wink, wink).  The little circle embellishments are inspired by all the little cupcake decorations they used.  Some of the hearts are the paper backing to the chipboard stickers.  I LOVE this Basic Grey alphas and they were very easy to sew right through.This last one is a labor of love that isn't quite finished yet.  As I opened up and stared at the hearty heart love fest that was the February kit I couldn't help but get Valentine-y and as I went through my files I realized that 2013 marked the 10th Valentines Day with my baby girls.  Morgan was born in January 2004.  That inspired me to make a very treasured mini album full of photos of my girls and little bits from the kit.Lori always packs the kits with care and chipboard.  The only thing I added to this album were the jump rings. This is the cover.I'm a little behind and don't have it finished yet.  Of course I wanted to also include a photo from this year and I think that led to the procraftination.  Procraftination.  Yes.  I have started seeing this word on Pinterest lately but I swear to pete I coined this phrase years ago at Studio Calico.  Yes I did.  That along with kit clues, which started as a game of Pictionary.  The whole last minute thing worked with my mojo over the years, but unfortunately, doesn't translate well to school work and student teaching so it's been a bad habit to break.  But procraftination.  Yes.  It needs to be added to the dictionary.The heart with confetti inside was made using a glassine envelope in the kit.  I used different hole punches and this teeny little heart punch I got at Walmart, I think, a few years ago.  Love it.  I made the frame with my Silhouette. That was all I had time for with the February kit.  I had big plans to make a heart garland with the digital files and other fun things but just ran out of time.  Heck, I still have some Christmas stuff out.  Time is flying!  I did save the February Bits and Pieces add-on to use for my Project 12 February layout though.  That will be fun.  I'm searching out the perfect quote to use in my layout as we speak (I'll be sure to make a file to download from the Gossamer Blue site too).In the meantime, check out the March LookBook: Have a great day!  Take a photo with your kids as part of Aleida's challenge and take time to enjoy this precious life.    DavinieETA: &nbs[...]

a note to myself - 2013

Sun, 06 Jan 2013 23:38:00 +0000

Profound.Enlightening.Inspiring.and a bit of magic.To read a note I wrote to myself on 12/31/12, written one year earlier, was a truly super cool thing.  Nobody knows me like me, right?  Nobody knows what I truly want for myself like I do.  And nobody knows just what to say.  I am SO glad I did this.  It was easy to commit to doing it again.This year I did a different approach.  I created a layout.  There's a lot of layers here, but in the center is an envelope and in that envelope is another letter to myself, that I won't open until 12/31/13.  I'm really excited about this one, because I have some serious goals and I'm really looking forward to opening it up and checking off a few things from the bucket list at the end of the year.I had fun with design on this one.  I used goodies from my January kit from Gossamer Blue as well as items from my stash.And just like last year, I included a recent family picture, this one was from New Years Eve, as well as a self-portrait.  I took that one with my new iPhone.  I'm not normally a fan of self-portraits but you need to get yourself in the picture every once in a while.I hope you had a chance to play along with this challenge.  It isn't too late!My plan is to tuck this layout in at the end of my scrapbook so it'll be easy to find at the end of the year.2011 is here.And the first time I did this I created a pillow box.  You can check that note here.InLinkz.comHave a great day!  The kids and I are both back to school tomorrow.  I'm headed to a first-grade class this time.  I'm super excited about it!  I graduate in May! XOXO Davinie [...]

Project 12 - 2013

Thu, 03 Jan 2013 21:36:00 +0000

Yay!  It went live so I can share how I will be doing Project 12 this year.Gossamer Blue, a wonderful scrapbook kit club you should definitely check out, is going to co-host the Project 12 challenge with me this year.  I couldn't be more excited!  Lori is one of the most supportive, gracious, and genuine people in the industry and I can't think of anyone I'd rather host this challenge with.  Here's the epic post with details about Project 12: Scrapbooking has always been about preserving your memories.  Art has become an additional way of expressing yourself on your pages, but traditionally, scrapbooking involved photos and memorabilia to document your life.  Becky Higgins brought the traditional form of scrapbooking to the forefront again with the concept of Project Life.  You can read more about Becky Higgins and her memory keeping system here.I loved the idea of Project Life but knew it wasn’t going to be something I could commit to in the way it was intended.  I am a busy Mom.  I work outside the home.  I have other hobbies.I want to run a half-marathon this year.I want to sew a quilt for my bed.I want to knit a scarf.I want to DIY some home décor projects.I want to make things with my kids.I want to read a book.I need to be able to clean my house, make dinner, and do nothing if I want to.  I am also a slow scrapbooker.  I knew that committing to something weekly wasn’t going to work for me and I’d quickly lose interest and motivation as I fell behind.In 2009 I started hosting a challenge on my blog that took on Project Life in a different way.  I called it Project 12.One two-page spread per month.  12 layouts per year.  I have enough content to fill a two page layout per month, with photos to spare for regular scrapbook projects.  I have time to commit to one 2-page layout per month.  I have space for two 12x12 albums per year to house these layouts.Traditionally, I created a two page layout.  In 2010 and 2011, I hosted the challenge on the SCT blog and Becky Fleck designed sketches for me.  In 2013 I have decided to try something different.  I wanted to try something that allowed for more photos per layout on my 2-page spread.  I decided to utilize the divided page protectors and go back to scrapbooking’s roots.The Project 12 challenge is simple:Whether you take 1 photo or 100 photos per month, you have a life to document.  Each month, your challenge is to document your life on a layout.  I am going to be using divided page protectors and documenting our life on a 2-page spread.  I will have 12 2-page layouts per year that will be housed together in 12x12 albums and displayed so my family can look at them anytime they like.This is what I came up with:There are 14 photos on this layout!I cut my title with my Cameo.  I created a vellum pocket and added confetti.  I layered the dots on top of the page protector.  I used 14 photos!  I'm thrilled that I used 14 photos.  TIPS:I use my phone a lot and will be using a lot more phone photos in 2013 for my Project 12 spreads.  I use Instagram a lot.  I love the Earlybird wash (my username is Davinie).I also love the Momento app.  I can type in notes when we do something fun or my girls say something funny.  It also keeps track of my Instagram feed and Facebook updates too so that when I begin to put my layout together, I have all of our memories in one place.I love this challenge because it allows you to share more of your story in a way that your family can easily enjoy.  You get a chronological look at your life.  The time commitment [...]

note to self - a New Years challenge

Thu, 27 Dec 2012 01:17:00 +0000

Hi friendsI just realized that in just 5 days, I will get to open this:On 12/31/11 I wrote a letter to myself.  It lists some goals, resolutions, and thoughts.  It was a letter I wrote to myself for 12/31/12.  I wrote it picturing what I'd be doing and where I'd be with my life one year later.In 5 days I get to open it and see where I'm at.I think New Year's Resolutions are difficult to keep.  It's also hard to come up with a big idea or plan that I can stick with for a year.  But this letter was different.  This letter was about life goals and plans and attitudes and ideas and I am SO excited to see if I lived up to what I was hoping for myself.  It's words of encouragement from me to me. 5 more days!This is a personal thing.  It only involves me.  I don't know about you but I don't always do the best job of nurturing my soul.  This is a way to do that without involving everyone else.  It's just for me.On 12/31/12, I'm going to open that envelope and read a letter from my past with hopes for my future.  I'm pretty excited about it.In the meantime, I think it's time for another letter.  It's time to make some new goals and encourage my future self and get thoughts on paper. I want to challenge you to write a note to yourself and seal it up tight, to be opened 12/31/13.  And then I challenge you to scrapbook it somehow.  I plan to do just as I did above and put it in a page protector with some other photos.  I think I might even do as I did above, and include a current photo of myself with a current photo of my family.  These will be fun to compare as the years go by!I'm going to be working on this in the next day or so and I'll share my new spread.  I already happen to have a self-portrait and a family photo to use.  As one who doesn't take many self-portraits, that's a big accomplishment, lol.  I think I'll write the letter on 1/1/13 after I have read this one first though. Join me!  :)I hope you had a wonderful holiday!  We hosted the Christmas gathering and it was filled with fun and family.  Morgan got a sewing machine, which thrills me to bits because she's so creative that my world will soon be filled with lots of fun fabric creations, and Payton got a bigger bike which she really needed.  It's pretty frosty outside so she's been busy testing it out up and down the hall.  They wanted Furbys but I'm not paying $50 each for one of those suckers.  Santa wasn't going to either.  lol. Mama got a new phone and a photo printer.  I did research, and that's the one to get if you like instant gratification like I do, and use Instagram a lot (my Instagram name is... Davinie.  I'm like Madonna.  Actually, I wish it was DavinieFiero but there's just so many vowels, lol).  I'd also advise extra paper.  Holy Hannah was I spoiled.  I got a scarf and slippers and a winter hat, and, and.  WOW.  This certainly makes up for the Starbucks gift card that was my Christmas gift in 2010.  A girl doesn't want to be selfish, but you need to try a little harder than that, husband.  haa.  Methinks he learned his lesson.  HA!Have a great day!  Davinie[...]

Kid Crafty - Macaroni Snowflakes

Sun, 23 Dec 2012 19:30:00 +0000

Payton's First Grade teacher asked me to come up with the class Christmas gifts this year.  I've been so busy with school that I jumped all over the chance to participate with her class AND do something crafty.What I came up with were macaroni snowflake ornaments.  Her teacher also asked that we incorporate a photo with their gift, so I snapped photos of each child when I was there too.This is what we came up with:How to make macaroni snowflakes:Supplies:wax paperMacaroni - I used the large wagon wheel shapes, and also a small flower shape.  Fiori, I think they were called.Aleene's tacky glueglitter - largeribbonI began this project with an example.  With kids this age, you need to give them an example.  Not all of them will be willing to come up with their own design, and with a class of 25, it was best to work with them in small groups of 4-6, and have a set example.I started by having each child use one wagon wheel for the center.  Then they each picked out 7 fiori/flower shapes and put them around the outside.  Originally I planned to have them use paintbrushes in the glue, but then a brilliant little 6 year old boy suggested we dip each macaroni piece in the glue, and that made the project much faster and easier.  Kids are so smart!After that we got one last round of wagon wheels and put them on the outside.  The project does stick to the wax paper so if you don't have time to rotate, peel carefully.  When I did this project, the kids created their snowflake, and then I took them home and spray painted them white.  Then I took them back to school the next day and they painted glue and sprinkled glitter on the project.VARIATION:Another way to do this project would be to mix equal parts Elmers glue and white tempera paint, mix in the macaroni, and have students get their hands dirty and assemble that way.  This is a messier way to do it but it's one way to get the whole project done in one sitting.  After their snowflake was assembled they sprinkled the glitter and were done.I punched out their photos with a circle punch, punched a hole, had students choose their ribbon, and then had them write 2012 one side, and their name on the flip side of a little tag that we also strung on.  And then voila, they were done!  The kids loved them.  We put them in paper bags that the kids decorated by cutting geometric shapes to create a snowman.  It was a great project!I had to play with this at home too, but this time, I let the kids do their own design:Morgan is making a snowflake picture frame.  This is a fun, easy, and very inexpensive craft.  I will have macaroni for a long time.  That class of 25 students didn't use up one box of either type of macaroni. This would make a fun winter/ Christmas craft to do while the kids are on vacation from school!Have a great day!  Davinie[...]

how you can help Sandy Hook

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 17:10:00 +0000

We have all been shaken by recent events in Connecticut.  I'm a parent of a first grader, and I'll be a student teacher in a first grade classroom in January.  My husband is a firefighter.  This event was so close to me it has been overwhelming.  I couldn't look or let go of PJ all weekend. When Monday morning came I didn't hesitate sending my girls to school though.  If my kids can't be in the safety of my arms, their school is the safest place for them to be.  Nobody cares for our children like their teachers.  Teachers at Sandy Hook showed us that.  It's something I will never forget, and something I really took to heart. I am in Oregon and have struggled with wanting to help but feeling far away.  However, in recent days there have been a few opportunities I just had to share.  I can't think of a better way to help the families in this community.The Connecticut PTA is doing some wonderful things for Sandy Hook.  You can check out their web page here. Sandy Hook students will not be returning to their school.  They are fortunate to have a middle school 8 miles away that will be their new home.  The PTA wants to welcome them to their new school with a winter wonderland, and are asking for snowflakes.  Can you think of anything more beautiful than for students to walk into a school filled with millions of snowflakes, everywhere?  It feels magical to me and it's a simple way to make an impact.  It's a simple way to put your arms around those kids.  Imagine if each snowflake represented a hug. I will say that my girls are blissfully unaware of the recent events.  I couldn't think of how to approach the subject.  I didn't know what to say.  I'm going to tell them that some kids back East are getting a new school and need a warm welcome, and that's probably it. If either of them ask me about the event, should they hear about it, I intend to answer their questions without offering too much information.  May they remain innocent about the evils of the world. The CT MOMS club also has an idea you can support; they want to build a memorial park for the victims.  You can check out those details here.   Lastly is something I saw right away that made so much sense to me I immediately tackled the cave that is my messy craft room.  Damask Love  is putting together craft kits for the kids.  I know what crafting does for me, so I can only hope that giving kids an opportunity to create art will do much for their soul, and I'm so happy to be able to contribute.  I stuffed a box full of my stash.  I have kits that were filled with mini alphas that I never used.  I think kids would love that.  I have beautiful papers from my favorite manufacturers that I've been hoarding since 2008 that really needed a loving home, and what greater love than the art of a child?  Amber's goal was 50 kits, but if she gets boxes like the one I'm sending, she will be able to far surpass that goal.  Help her out! Embrace the magic of the season of giving.  Hug your families close.xoxoDavinieETA:  The brilliant Ann Curry has also come up with a great way for all of us to contribute, to heal, and to make the world a better place.  It's called #26acts.  Make a list.  Do something nice.  Pay it forward.  26 acts of kindness.  It is already being reported on the local news.  All over the country, people are participating in 26 acts of kindness, and are the recipients also.  How wonderful!  It makes paying for the drink b[...]

it's that time again.... December Echo Park Blog Hop

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 14:00:00 +0000

Hi there.  It's time for another blog hop with Echo Park Paper.  There are a lot of fun Collections being released right now, and along with the rest of the team I wanted to share a project I created.  This card was made with the Winter Wishes mini collection:This is a cool color palette that's perfect for a winter themed project.Recently on the Scrapbook and Cards Today blog I was asked to create something to celebrate Hanukkah.  I thought of this collection immediately, so just wanted to share what I came up with.  I created a dreidel garland:There are a lot of pretty patterns in the Winter Wishes Mini Collection.A blog hop means a giveaway.  All team members participating in the blog hop today will have an opportunity to give away one collection.  Please leave a comment on this post and I will draw a name for a prize on Sunday.  I reply to the comment here on my blog so if you don't leave an email address, hopefully it notifies you that way or you check back.Here's the list of team members playing along:Echo Park Paper: Smith: Sue Anderson: Tripodi: Auclair: McNabb: Stringfellow: sure to leave a comment at all blogs for more chances to win!Have a great day!  Hug your babies close.Davinie[...]

Project 12 REVIVAL

Thu, 13 Dec 2012 19:49:00 +0000


So much to tell you but today I just have a little thing to say.  It's something I've been working on for a while, well, since 2009, and it's something that's going to be extra fun in 2013.  I'm excited about the change.


Yes.  Project 12.  My baby.

When Project Life first received new life I was intrigued.  It's not a new idea.  I have scrapbooks with rubber cement from my childhood with bits of my life and photos mixed in.  My grandmother has scrapbooks documenting life.  But Becky Higgins sure knows how to make it look super cool and it has become a phenomenon.

I love love love Project Life, but doing a spread on a weekly basis is impossible for me.  Even when I worked part-time it was impossible.  I am not that fast.  I can't do fun things one day and record it in my scrapbook every. single. day.  I can't save it for the weekend.  That's a major family time.

It was just too hard.

I'm not that organized.

When would I do regular layouts?????

Documenting my life on a monthly basis has always been ideal.  And since 2009 it's been every single month.  It just works.  Not everyone is home all day.

When Scrapbook and Cards Today hosted the challenge with me and Becky Fleck created sketches for this challenge, that was a lot of fun too.  I never had to think about the design of my layout.  I just had to choose what to add.  But in 2012, it has been difficult, because having to choose from previous sketches didn't flow as easily for my design process, so the project lost it's sparkle.


New inspiration has hit big time.  I have a new host and oh my goodness, I am totally excited.
I also have a new format.

I am totally inspired.

I can't reveal all today, but I've been thinking about it a lot and as I work on my December layout and my December Daily, I had to shout a little bit.

Speaking of which, I love my December Daily album and will be sharing that later this week.

Anyway, more later.  Just had to put it out there.  Davinie = inspired.  And Project 12 = the best way to document your life.

That is all.  :)

Have a great day!


Echo Park winner

Fri, 30 Nov 2012 20:01:00 +0000

Hi guys

I forgot to post my Echo Park Collection pack winner.

The winner was:

I really like that woodgrain paper! I can think of tons of Christmas pictures that would look fantastic on that paper! Love your layout. And that picture really does capture the essence of your family.

Congratulations Heather!  Email me at daviniefiero @ and I will get you in touch with Echo Park.

Have a great day!


Words on Wednesday - the long haul

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 05:12:00 +0000

Oh my goodness.  I was just pinning and came cross this quote and had to share it.  This is so appropriate for me right now in many ways.  Set goals.  The time is going to go by anyway.  Make it count.XOXODavinie[...]

for the front door - Fall Wreath

Fri, 23 Nov 2012 20:50:00 +0000

Now that Thanksgiving is past I guess I should share my fall wreath.  :)

I went simple and bought a straw leaf form.

I added the grass and then some silk sunflowers and tied it with ribbon.

This time of year my front door gets hit hard by the elements so I needed to use something that would work well in the weather.

I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I hope you are having a great day!  November is almost over.  It's time to start thinking about December and Christmas!



Words on Wednesday - Thankful

Wed, 21 Nov 2012 15:00:00 +0000

PinnedI have a lot to be thankful for.  Don't we all?  I have a roof over my head and plenty of food to eat.  I'm renovating a bit at a time and it's taking forever, so much so that I often want to sell the house and move on, but I need to remind myself that to own your own home is a huge feat, and to have an opportunity to make any changes, even little ones, is more than many people can do in this economy, so I should be grateful that I have an opportunity to paint walls in any color I choose, and the option to purchase that paint as well.  I am thankful for a healthy family.  My girls barely get sick at all, and Steve and I are doing fine too.  I have friends and acquaintances who have faced challenges in their health this year and feel so fortunate that we are all doing so well.    I am thankful to have had the opportunity to go back to school.  I just finished my fall student teaching placement, and I had this big speech for the students about setting a good example, going after your dreams, setting goals, and I'm so proud of myself for doing it and thankful that I was able to make it happen.  I'm going to be so much happier for it.I am thankful for great friends who support me and have helped make school successful.  I have a pile of cheerleaders and it feels good to know that I have support.  I am thankful for new opportunities that have come to me lately.  It feels good to feel wanted.  It feels good to know people still think I have something to offer creatively.  I could go on, because there's a lot of frivolous things I'm thankful for, like Starbucks, my Mac, Amazon Prime, Nutella, new blades on my rotary trimmer, my Cameo, moisturizer, Yankee candles, and scarves, to name a few, but I'll leave you with these.We are traveling to the soggy land of Seattle for Thanksgiving.  Steve is on duty so we'll leave first thing in the morning when he gets home.  I'm not sure if we have any plans for Black Friday other than the local parade and a few fun toy stores.  We are also going to visit my Dad before coming home on Sunday.I hope you have a wonderful holiday and are able to give thanks to those special people in your life.Take care and travel safely!Davinie[...]