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Everyday Mom Ideas

Ideas that I use just about everyday for the home and Family. Digital Scrapbooking, Family friendly Recipes, Game ideas, Date Night Ideas,Get together games, coloring pages for the kids, lots of fun printables, craft ideas, Humor,Parenting tips and tricks

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Best Gifts For New Parents


It’s Christmas and most of us already have a list of people we have bought gifts for. Research shows that a large number of the population buys presents in a panic ahead of Christmas day, as they haven’t allowed enough time to think ahead and do some well-planned shopping. Instead, they purchase the first appropriate thing they see in the fear they will not see anything better in the short time they have ahead of Christmas day. You will most probably already have bought the majority of your gifts but if your best friend has just become a parent, choosing a present for him or her might be a challenge you didn’t think you would have to face. Here we show you the best gift ideas for you to offer your circle of new parents. Choosing a gift for new parents can be tricky (image: adviceNew parents often worry about everything that surrounds their newborn child, whether it’s feeding them the best way or getting them to sleep adequately, there is never enough advice one can offer to someone who has just become a parent. As you might not have children of your own and giving parenting advice might, as a result, be difficult for you, why not offer them a subscription to Innerparents? Your friend will find here everything he or she needs to know about the best parenting methods. A bibFood spillages are one of the biggest concerns new parents face. From puree to fruit compote, there are myriad ways your friend’s baby can produce stains. A bib will help them protect their baby’s clothing if this is worn appropriately. These days there are also a number of great ways you can personalize a bib, from printing a photo of your friend’s child on it to sewing sequins onto it. This post will help you find the coolest bib!A mobile Newborns are open to new sensorial experiences and it is a well-known fact that a young brain is at its most flexible. That is why a toy that will help your friend’s baby not only be entertained but keep learning actively and be curious about its surroundings might just do the trick this Christmas. Have a look at these beautiful mobiles and pick your favorite one!A dummyDummies or baby pacifiers are a great gift for new parents. They will offer this to their baby once this is six months old or so, as most experts recommend this is when babies should start making use of it. They are a great tool to make a baby wait until its next milk supply is ready and also reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Have a look at these wonderful dummies and choose your perfect Christmas gift!A toyWho doesn’t remember their favorite toy from when they were young? A beautiful and well-produced toy will become a baby’s first play-friend and interacting with a toy is a very important part in the process of growing up in a trusted and caring environment. Don’t know which toy you would go for? Browse through these cute toys and choose the one your friend’s child will appreciate![...]

Family Gifts To Enjoy On Christmas Day


When you’ve had quite a few family Christmases together, the activities you did one year too many can get a little boring after a while. That means we need to get a little more creative with what we’re planning to do this year; we still have time to set something out! You never know, you could actually end up starting a new tradition that continues for years and is always fun to put a spin on. Check out a few of these gift ideas you can give to the family for Christmas day to enjoy all together. SourceBuy an Old Board GameThe clue doesn’t have to be in the name when it comes to board games. Some excess gifts to wrap up for the kids to rip open on Christmas day are board games, as they’re fun to get competitive over, and crafting out little groups amongst ourselves means we can get the edge over the others and win silly little competitions everyone likes to dabble in! Board games are a family classic, and have stood the test of time for a lot of good reasons. Whether you want to fall out over Monopoly, or argue over how much your Pictionary drawings actually look like what they’re meant to represent, be sure to indulge in a few of these standard games for some old timey fun. Similarly, with the amount of new concepts being brought out each year, you can get a little untraditional in what you play with. Games like that of Pie Face are a good way to get messy with quick cleanup, and are fun for everyone to get involved in. No drawn out rules that are difficult to understand, and it can keep people's attention for a long time! Use Technology to Bring People TogetherAt least one person in a family has a phone, and that means you can use it to your advantage when you get bored. A lot of game companies make phone ports of traditional video games, so you can easily download something like Pacman to your mobile and try and beat each other’s top scores. On the other hand, you can also get plenty of family games on both android and iOS systems, so there’s something for everyone. You could also try out the Final Fantasy xv mobile game, which is a strategy game that can keep kids interested because of the flashy colors and plenty of options for playing. It’s a great family activity as when you’re taking part in your children’s interests with them, you can often monitor what they get up to in safe and friendly way! You could even just download a drawing program and make big pictures together, with none of the associated mess with paints involved! Let out your energy as a family and you’ll have a better time because of it. Take to the OutdoorsGoing outdoors on Christmas day is a lot of fun! There’s snow, sun, a bit of ice, and plenty of room to run around and make noise in! If you’ve finished unwrapping the presents, or you’ve just got the lunch out of the way, it’s time to spend any excess energy you still have on the great outdoors down the park or walking the dog. So when it comes to gifts you can use outside, turn back to the old time favorites of gym classes and competitive sports the world around. Frisbees are always a popular choice here, as are a baseball bat and stumps. It’s so much fun to do these activities as a family, as your kids can show off their burgeoning sports spirits and you can remind yourself how good you are. This could include volunteering if you want to truly share the love on Christmas day. Giving the gift of safety and security to people who lack it over the festive period is the best present anyone can make with their time. Of course, on Christmas, your family are the people who came first. But if they’re up to it or want to try it out, you can find plenty of organizations who still work during the festive period. There’s a lot of gifts you can fork out for your family; that means there’s a whole world of creativity for you to delve into. Make sure you put thought into your activities and then have fun! That’s the most important part, as giving and receiving needs to be worth it to make it matter. [...]

Gold Tipped Macrame Wall Hanging (DIY For Beginers)


This three ingredients Virgin Sangrias is like Christmas in a cup! Simplified down into just Three ingredients you can now add this festive drink to any gathering. This is a fruity drink infused with Christmas spices that the whole family will love. This is a make ahead recipe. You will want to make this at least five hours before serving so that it is chilled. But it actually doesn't take much time to make. CODE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wood branch is cut at 2 feet wide and I tied some macrame rope from one side to the other for hanging purposes. In order to work on this macrame project you will need to have it hanging up while you work on the knots. For my project I used 16  pieces of macrame rope cut at six feet. And used a Lark's Head Knot to secure it to the branch. I have included a youtube video below that shows the knots I used in this project in great detail. I used the square knot all the way across for three rows down and then started dropping a knot on each side until I made a down facing triangle.Once I have my first triangle made, I tied in some spiral knots to the middle edge ropes to create kind of an earring look on the edges.  I used the spiral knot on the outer most four pieces of rope and tied eight spiral knots on one side and then eight more spiral knots on the other. The next step was to add the diamond design on the bottom to mirror the triangle on top. Out of all of the tutorials and step by step guides I went through to learn these Macrame Knots I like this youtube video by Place Of My Taste the most. She goes over the basic knots is a way that is super easy to follow.  allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">I frayed the edges of the rope by brushing it out with a hair brush then finished up the whole look by painting the edges of the fringe with gold craft paint. The gold paint makes the macrame yarn stiffen and also helps it not to fray further. This would also look beautiful dipped in colored dye and you would be able keep the softness of the frayed rope. After the paint was dried I trimmed the fray to a tampered point so that it looked a little more even and clean. Then I painted the edges of the branch and let it dry over night. Once one side of the branch was dried I painted the other side. It was now ready for the porch. I love moving this wall hanging around my house, so far it has been on the porch, my daughters bedroom, the dinning room and even the tree house. My next macrame project is plant holders! Remember sharing is caring! Please share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or save for later. [...]

Navigating Your Way Through The PTA


As a parent, there is a certain level of expectation when it comes to your involvement in your child’s schooling. There’s the help that you’ll do for school projects and homework. There’s the help that you’ll do if you volunteer to handle school sports teams and then there’s the PTA. The Parent Teacher Association, who - more often than not - can be quite intimidating to parents – especially the newbies at grade school! It can feel like the biggest clique in the world, as all the parents and teachers seem to know each other, like each other and get along really well. This can leave you feeling like you’re looking in from the outside, but never fear! If you want to be a part of it, there is a few things that you need to know. Image SourceThe PTA can be a step within the education of your child. You want them to have the best of the best for their education – every parent does – and the PTA helps supplement that education. They take every ‘Five Must Have Tips’ article in relation to raising cash and they hit them hard across the board. They want to raise as much cash as they possibly can to give your child and others the education that they deserve. The fights for teacher’s rights, full funding for different educational classes and even school improvements are big ones. The efforts behind bake sales, charity sports games and color runs all arranged by the PTA is huge, it’s no wonder you want to be a part of that. There are studies that show children to be far better off if their parents are involved in their school life and the membership that you pay to be a part of the PTA all goes toward paying for their education. Your school PTA will be open to all parents who are interested in being a part of it, and they should always send home information with your little one so that you can find out how you can be a part of it. You may find that every school has a different way of running their PTA meetings. Some schools love it to be a big, formal arrangement with regular meetings and everyone having a place and role. Other schools prefer the informal approach and it works really well. Being involved in the PTA gives you a chance to put forward ideas you have for the school, rules you would like to see amended or even new rules you would like to see enforced. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience, although you may feel like that when you first join. You don’t have to be the president, nor do you have to be any kind of leader if you don’t want to be. Sometimes, the best part of a PTA is the feeling of being heard and included. Image SourceWhen you get accepted onto the PTA, don’t be afraid to speak up! The whole point is to give you a voice and a chance for you to bring something new to the table. Your ideas may not always be taken on, but if you stay quiet about them, no one is going to know what it is you’d like to see improved. There are different committees that are available to join within a PTA, such as those who are strictly involved with fundraisers only, then those who only deal with the end of year dances and yearbooks. You also get the chance to socialise and mingle with other parents, which as a parent, can be wonderful. Like-minded people that know your children can make school life a lot less lonely for you and give you something to enjoy. Having a social life outside the children can be hard and PTA can give you that outlet and chance to meet and mix with new people from different backgrounds, all with a very common goal: making school life easier for the children. Once you’ve elbowed your way into the PTA, make a point of finding your place and being an active member of the school. Get to know the teachers and parents and get to know the way the school is run. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and be a part of something utterly wonderful. Your child’s school career can be enhanced, simply by you taking an extra step and going that extra mile with your time. Life at school can be [...]

Stocking Up And Saving On Your Baby


As a modern parent, you have to spend more of your time than ever looking for ways to make your life cheaper, cutting costs without cutting corners, and stretching things as far as you possibly can. There is one way to save a little extra which a lot of people ignore, though. When it comes to making things cheaper, one of the best options you have is buying them in bulk. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the baby items you can do this with, along with some of the options which you should probably avoid.Photo by Daniela Rey on UnsplashBabies are very expensive creatures. From their need for food and shelter to their entertainment and play requirements, you have to make sure they are well catered for even if it costs a small fortune. Below, you can find some good examples of the different products which can be a lot cheaper if you buy more of them. Diapers: Unfortunately, along with consuming a lot, babies also tend to leave a lot behind, as well. To solve this issue, diapers were invented a very long time ago. But, reusable ones are very unhygienic, and disposable options are often very pricey. Using a bulk retailer, you should be able to save huge costs from this part of your baby’s life, while also ensuring you always have what you need at home.Pacifiers: Until you’ve experienced the trauma of a lost pacifier, you won’t understand the kind of pressure your child will put you under to get this item if they ever misplace theirs. By having a handful of these laying around, you will solve this issue nice and easily. Of course, though, you won’t need them for too long.Food/Milk: For the first few years of their life, you baby won’t eat much more than milk and special food designed for their age. By taking a look at these organic baby formulas, you can great examples of the products you need. Once you find one you like the look of, it’s just a matter of finding a bulk order site to get it from.Powders/Creams: Finally, as the last products to stock up on, it’s time to think about the powders and creams you need for your little one. When changing diapers, dealing with rashes, and going through teething, these products can be very helpful. Of course, though, they will only be able to support you if you have them around.Along with the items which can be bought in bulk for your child, there are several which should always be purchased on their own. Your child will be changing a lot as they grow up. So, it’s worth considering how this could impact the products you need for them. Below, you can find some examples of options to avoid buying in bulk.Toys: As a child grows, some of the toys you buy for them will be loved, and others will be simply ignored. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to predict this, though, making it incredibly hard to buy them in advance. In a lot of cases, buying toys in bulk will only result in wasted money, instead of saving as you set out to do.Clothing: Along with their interests changing and developing, your child’s physical growth will also impact the items you can buy in large quantities. Clothing is a great example of this. Buying too many garments will often leave some going unworn, finding themselves in charity or thrift stores, instead. This is completely avoidable, though, and you it shouldn’t make things much more expensive to buy clothing individually.Too Much: Finally, it’s time to think about the amount that you buy for your baby, and how much they’ll actually need over the coming months. Diapers, for example, will only be required for a couple of years, and buying two thousand of them would be over the top. Having items go unused because you simply don’t need them is a shame, and it’s one which can easily be avoided. Before you decide on any of your purchases, you should think about the future and what it might hold for them.Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking for new ways to save money on your[...]

Modern Fall Maternity Shoot (My Little Sister-In-Law)


I met this gorgeous lady about 16 years ago when she was just 11 years old. I was just dating her brother at the time. Flash forward all these years later... I have been married to her brother for 15 years now, just got done having my fourth child and she is now having her first baby. I have loved being apart of watching her grow into the beautiful young woman she is today and I love and admire her more than she will ever know. So excited to be there through this next journey of motherhood with her. This little pumpkin she is growing is due in October. A pumpkin for Halloween! Because she is having a boy I thought it would be perfect to shoot by this old historic pizza joint on the historic part of main street. It has all these blue chippy doors, windowsills, and molding. All that blue is just Blue-tiful! The Utah lake may not be a nice smelling place or a place you want to dip a toe in but it makes a pretty backdrop in this Utah dessert. I love photographing this chick, she is such a good sport and has been putting up with me for 16 years now. All my silly demands for her to twist and rotate her head in all sorts of contorted ways to get the shot just right, she always up for it. And she did it...He is here! Our newest family member! Isn't he adorable?! We sure can't get enough of him! Pinterest friendly image for pinning below. Hope this inspires you with your own maternity photoshoot. [...]

How To Choose Emergency Home Services


Home emergencies such as flooded basements, power outages, electrical storms, tornadoes, kitchen fires, and burst pipes are a common phenomenon for homeowners. Perhaps, the prevalent challenge is to learn how to respond well to such emergencies.A practical way to save the day is to call emergency home service providers. But are you sure you’re contacting the right company? Emergency home service providers should be highly credible and will arrive to your place of residence within minutes. However, there are other essential factors to consider as well. With a myriad of options, how would you know that you’ve selected the best one?Let’s explore the following tips to simplify the selection process.Demand Rapid ResponseWhen you’ve come across a home emergency related to your HVAC system, only a 1-hour delay can make the living space unbearable. Or if you notice a leaky faucet or a faulty heating system right before your party, you need experts that will come and fix the issues immediately. Therefore, never opt for home emergency service providers who don’t respond quickly to your emergency request, or don’t even answer your calls at all. To ensure if the service provider responds quickly, check out their reviews and research about their response times. If the company is credible, it will respond quickly.Don’t Wait For The Disaster To StrikeWhy regret later when you can manage home emergencies even before they occur? To ensure the process of calling plumbing companies and HVAC contractors goes smoothly, it’s always better to note down their contact numbers beforehand.Look For Licensed CompaniesYou may have different tools to carry out home repairs on your own. However, you shouldn’t risk it in situations where only certified professionals can perform the task well.Also, you’ll find a lot of people with plumbing or water damage tools offering repair or restoration services. However, the ones with a good reputation in the marketplace are licensed companies. A company possessing professional certification, like, guarantees that it’s equipped with the right tools, equipment, expertise, and experienced technicians who can handle emergencies efficiently.Get ReferralsPerhaps, the simplest way to search for a reliable home emergency service provider is via word-of-mouth. If no one in your social circle has ever experienced any sort of home emergency or home repair issues, make use of numerous online resources to contact the qualified companies.Once you get recommendations, it’s time to carry out your own background research. Obviously, you’d want someone who is best at this job. The professionals you hire for home emergencies should have the best skills, not the best offers. That’s because hiring a cheap contractor may incur higher costs in the long run.Clarify The Costs ChargedEmergency home service providers will inspect the plumbing and HVAC issues by visiting your house. They’ll conduct a cost estimate in terms of restorations, installations, repairs, and potential replacements.Before agreeing on the estimates, ask them for a detailed contract that includes all necessary details such as the services that will be provided, the materials that will be used, total costs, and a job completion date.Once you know all charges prior to signing anything, you’ll hardly have to deal with any surprises or additional charges later on. In case of any confusion, ask your home emergency service provider for clarification. [...]

American Historical Figure Tri-Fold School Poster Project (Plus 7 Ways To Make Your Poster Pop)


Sometimes it can be so hard to come up with ideas to help your child make their school poster projects. I have wished more parents shared these kinds of projects to help other mom's get the ball rolling faster. That's why I'm sharing my son's Famous American Historical Figure poster project. In case it can help any of you moms and kids out there. I used two black thick poster boards to create this tri-fold. I just cut one of them in half and taped them to the sides to add the flaps. The Movie posters From Houdini's Life open up to show real-life photos from important events of his life. This helps the display be more interactive instead of something just to look at. We wanted to create a simple yet eye-catching title artwork for the middle of the poster and was inspired by some of the artwork and typography from Harry Houdini's era. We wanted something that wasn't just glued to the poster and incorporated the ropes for a real-life 3D effect,  the ropes also tie into some of the equipment Harry was famous for using like being tied up. We used felt for the curtains because they are easy to cut and glue and the fabric does not fray. So no sewing required. Then we added a touch of gold glitter to add a little bit more detail. We really wanted to incorporate some wooden stage flooring and we accomplished this by printing out some old wood planks on several pieces of paper and then cutting them out side by side to span the width of the poster board. I am a graphic designer and design posters for businesses, events, and project all the time, I try to take some of the things and rules I have learned and help my kids incorporate them into their projects. It's also a great way to pass on some of my skill to them. So here are some essential tips to creating a great poster that people will notice and remember. 7 Ways To Help Your Poster Project Pop:1. Mix up your material: Don't just use paper, try to think of other materials you can add to mix it up and add some character. 2. Get Interactive: Try to at least add an element that is interactive. Your poster will leave a lasting impression if your audience isn't just looking at it, but actually, have something to touch or hear. Even something as simple as opening flaps can add a whole other level to your poster project.3. Design with a color scheme in mind: Don't just put any colors you can find on your poster. The color scheme is more powerful than you think. They can envoke an entire feeling and look to your poster. Choose between only three to four colors you utilize in your poster. It will look better organized as well. 4. Typography: Using fonts can be a strong design addition if you use it right. So many fonts come with their own personalities and style. Try not to use more than three fonts or you will font overload your project and lose some of the functionality and power of the font. 5. Add a splash: I like to have one flashy main element to any of the posters we make. It could be a super large cutout picture, battery operated lights, or a realistic physical item that is relevant. Whatever it is, make it stand out and the main focus of your poster. Then the rest of your elements should be side supporters of your main images or feature. 6. Think outside the box/poster: Try adjusting your project frame by making your poster not just rectangle and all your elements inside. Try Adding to the top with a banner or cutting special shapes out of the side of your poster to break away from the square look. On our poster above we added a simple star. Even though it is simple it adds a lot to the project and breaks away at the confinement of the square poster. 7. Don't use a lot of words: People try to fill up their poster with a lot of information but when it comes to posters people don't read them. This i[...]

Keeping Psoriasis at Bay


Many women of all ages, including young moms, often deal with a mysterious skin condition called psoriasis. This is an immune-mediated disease that causes red, raised, scaly patches to appear on the skin. These symptoms can show up anywhere, including the mouth, eyelids, skin folds, even the nails, causing many moms anguish for two reasons - psoriasis can be intensely itchy, and it is unsightly. Of course, psoriasis is a problem for everyone - approximately six million Americans, in fact; scientists don’t know exactly what causes it, but they do now that the immune system is involved. Although it can appear at any age, most people show symptoms between 15 and 30 years of age. Sometimes, various members of one family battle the disease at once. Indeed, one is more likely to develop psoriasis if another family member has it.  Photo by ian dooley on UnsplashPsoriasis Prevention and TreatmentsTo avoid psoriasis, it is important to avoid any known irritants, including harsh cleaning and skincare products. Vitamin D supplements may also help (blood tests are necessary to find the right dosage). As a busy mom, you may not have enough time for yourself as you’d like, but it is important to find some time every day to be in the sun (one of the best ways to power up on Vitamin D). Those who do sunbathe regularly report a big improvement in their skin’s appearance. For some, the change can be dramatic, with patches almost disappearing in the warmer months. Sun exposure should be increased gradually, to ensure skin doesn’t burn. Start out with 10 minutes daily and increase the time by 30 seconds to one minute each day, observing how your skin reacts to the exposure. UV phototherapy is another highly effective treatment, offered by dermatologists and specialist phototherapy centers. Since there are different types of rays, ask your doctor to recommend you to a specialist who can determine the right treatment for your condition.  Another interesting way to promote scale-free skin is hyperbaric oxygen therapy - thus far, studies show good results and no side-effects from this gentle treatment.MedicationBig strides have been made in terms of medication for psoriasis. Until the 1990s, doctors have very few options for those suffering from moderate and severe psoriasis. To date, there are a wide variety of treatments, including topical corticosteroids and retinoids, synthetic Vitamin D, salicylic acid and deeply hydrating creams to battle dryness. For serious cases, oral or injected medication can be prescribed. Recently, scientists have been testing a specific new biological treatment which differs from traditional drugs in that it is based on molecules the body makes naturally; the treatment, called tildrakizumab, saw patients make a 75% improvement, as measured by the standard Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI).Psoriasis is an itchy, sometimes painful condition that unfortunately affects 100 million people in the world. Prevention mainly involves obtaining adequate amounts of Vitamin D, and experimenting with phototherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In severe cases, medication is necessary to reduce symptoms; patients will often try a select number of treatments before finding what best works for them.[...]