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hello there

Fri, 18 Sep 2009 06:51:41 GMT

It seems I have not used this in over two years.

This makes me a little sad. I loved livejournal so much.

SO much has changed since I used it last. Does anyone still use it? Anyone still read this?

Let me know!! I miss it and I miss my LJ friends!!

july, july...

Sat, 14 Jul 2007 02:04:32 GMT

i feel like the summer is going to go by really fast and before i know it, it will be winter again. blahhhh.

i am a bit pathetic. it seems that basically all i want to do is sit around reading books and/or eating food. if i didnt have niko... i bet id hardly ever leave the house. speaking of niko, ill be moving out pretty soon. in about 3 weeks i think. i really need to, its a good thing, but at the same time it sorta sucks. i cant really put my finger on why exactly. but it would be a whole lot easier if this wasnt the first time id ever have moved. and switching bedrooms doesnt exactly count, although at the time i almost felt a little sad. maybe ill just pretend thats all it is. i really think its time to move on, because im more responsible and mature than my parents seem to think, so it would be good for me to act on my own accord 100% of the time rather than like 50%, ya know? besides, like niko said, if i dont do it now, when will i? very good point sir. i want to, i know i should, the only problem is i want to take my room with me! that or paint my new walls the exact same shade of green. very tempting. i will if the renter people allow it. :) also, its the idea of telling my parents that i will not only be living with niko, but a couple other guys as well. to normal people this is no big deal, what, are they going to come in and rape me while niko went out to get the mail? its absolutely ridiculous. but to good old fashioned christians whove hardly ever put a toe out of line, this is like my one way ticket to hell. well almost, anyway. so really the only problem is telling them. and i dotn want them to see the house either, its not that its crappy, but they wouldnt approve. i wish they would just leave ti alone and trust my judgement for once. these are not bad people ill be living with. they are nice.

also, im reading an amazing book called devil in the details by jennifer traig. you should read it. i 100% reccomend it. an interesting thing ive found is that its made me realize that i am a little obsessive compulsive, but i think we all are to some degree.

katies back... back again...20 20 surgery by taking back sunday

Tue, 03 Jul 2007 05:32:02 GMT

hello there. its been an interesting... well month i guess. i have a lot on my mind right now. and i have no clue why i havent been using this. well anyway, heres a quick update.
i work at sears in the shoe department. to be honest, its really a bit boring, but i dont dislike it. my friend sarah just started. this other girl, i wont say names, lol, were kinda friends, well anyway shes a REAL big time slacker and liar basically. she calls in sick at least once a week and changes her own schedule and stuff and its real irritating. and now shes quitting. i like her as a person, but not in a work sort of situation, ya know? ok going on...
ive been thinking about switching over to appliances or something like that, because you make a lot more money over there with commission and everything. i told my mom this, and she says its a bad idea because i know nothing about it and because the only reason i want to do it is to be closer to niko. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! i pretty much wanted to scream. it seriously has nothing to do with where niko works at, good grief. and ive talked to some people who work over there, no one knows anything about it when they first start!! and theyre not experts now either. roiufgkdfjgvldfsgio thats how i feel. my parents make me feel like they think ill never be good at anything and theres no point trying something different if i dont know how to do it-- how will i learn how to do things without DOING them?!? these are some reasons i feel that its getting close to time for me to move out. this is going to sound 100% ridiculous, but it feels like theyre holding me back and doubting my determination and my ideas. (the "theyre holding me back!" is the ridiculous sounding bit, haha.)
also, ive been looking online at plane tickets to england. i could get a round trip for i think it was about $1,150, something close anyway, i bookmarked it. my mom rolled her eyes. but i want to go so bad!! i want to see my family real bad. you have no idea. the conflict is niko and i also are wanting to go to disneyland for a couple days at some point hopefully this summer, the total price being about the price of the england ticket, although i only have to pay half of it which makes it better. i think if i tried really hard to save up the money, i could do both.
another way im thinking of saving money is to get a 2nd job at the theater again. jezi is getting a job there. id be saving money in 2 ways- i go to lots of movies, so i wouldnt have to pay for it if i worked there, also id work there less hours than i would at sears, so i would put that paycheck into my savings account (probably about 15 hours a week at the theater) and my sears into my checking account, because when i move out it will be easier that way because ill be having to pay rent. and im lucky about that too-- if all goes according to plan, i wont be paying a penny over $200 a month for rent + internet/utilities etc. i realize not moving out would save me MORE money, but i dont know if i can stay much longer... lol. my parents are mad that i want to live with niko beucase its not a good idea according to them, and even if its not, im doing it anyway. thats up to my judgement. im just going to say something like, "i understand your point of view and everything, but i still feel its my decision and im going through with it. if it does turn out to be a bad idea, it wont be hard to move back in here." my parents are a little crazy...

i think tomorrow i will go to barnes and noble with my lap top and spend the morning writing fan fiction like the little nerd i am. :) i cant wait.

sorry about such a long entry, but it was good to write about some things.

ohhh!!!! ill be seeing harry potter 2 days before everyone else, thanks to my dads job, lol. i cant wait. but im also going to the midnight show on wednesday hehe. im totally dressing up as a witch.

hmmminority- green day

Tue, 03 Apr 2007 01:22:00 GMT

For some reason I have the strange urge to go outside and run as fas as i can. I'm gonna go do that.


Mon, 27 Nov 2006 07:16:32 GMT

I wish I used this more. I like you livejournal.

I would write stuff now, but I'm tired and not really in the mood for typing.

I'm in a sad-ish mood. blah. Don't really want to talk about it, because only one person would understand anyway. And that person doesn't even read this, at least not that I know of.

So I'm going to try and come back more often k? k.


good evening

Thu, 05 Oct 2006 06:05:18 GMT

why hello there my little livejournal... I have not forgotten about you. I'm here now, it's ok. :)

Soooo news......... yeah I don't really have any. Work work work. School school school. Yeah that's pretty much all. Oh, and hanging out with THE Niko of course, jealous? I would be. So yeah. I've realized that I don't really have that many friends anymore, Okay well I do but they've all moved away and such. I don't have a lot of friends HERE. And most people I do know are always busy with sports and AP classes and work and whatnot. But whatever. I'm happy with the good friends I have.

Katie Z got a job at Dairy Queen! I'm pretty excited. She starts Sunday, and it's going to be exciting. I was originally supposed ot work the day shift on Sunday, but since she's going to be starting hten, I'm trading with someone.

On Saturday... I have to work 12-close. Which is 10. But I'll be there til like 10:30 or 10:40... blahhh. At least I get an hour break. I don't mind it TOO much, although it's supposed to be Niko and my day off, but Kendall would have been like REALLY shorthanded.. So we decided we'd  help out ya know?

Ummm.... something exciting... yeah.... hey LJ can you tell me about hte culture in India? can you that for me? No? okay. that's okay. I dont want to pressure you. awwwww...... how cute.

OHHH!!!! Niko and I bleached our hair. It's so sweet. :)

A lot of people around me are changing... like a certain person mostly... which I don't think I'll mention any names. She's becoming something she never liked. And is becoming (or at least acting) "too cool" for things she used to love. It makes me sad.

I feel really happy today. SUPER tired, but really happy. Not even Mark could spoil my good mood. (Mark=manager) Any other day he probably would have, but today, I have no clue. Just happy. Maybe I'm just finally realizing that I'm happy with my life and everything is perfectly fine, and good, and I'm just content. I'm starting to realize that I should have realized all this before. I really don't have a reason to be UNhappy, I just am sometimes and I don't really know why. But then I have days like this where I just feel happy, I'm just me, and everything is fine, just a smile. My parents although a bit strict sometimes, are great, and I LOVE my pets. I saw a couple of cats and a dog wandering around in the street on my way home from work and it made me so sad! I saw a dead dog, and I felt so sad. I hate seeing that type of hting. I love animals. Then I went home and played with my doggies and kitty. AWwwwww theyre soooooooooo cute.

The only complaint I have is that I wish I was a little kid again. There were a bunch fo cute little blonde kids at work tonight... 5 of them came in with their dad. SO cute. and these two little red headed girls later.... awwww! I miss the days when I used to go to DQ with my mom or wherever and get a little treat... those were the good ol' days. But it's not like theyre getting worse. I'm completely happy with everyhting pretty much, and Niko just completes that. And me.

There are so many things I wish I could write about, but I really need to research social norms and the culture of India and get started ont hat Sociology project.... So this is not goodbye LJ, just see you later.


blahhhbetter open the door- motion city soundtrack

Tue, 26 Sep 2006 04:41:58 GMT

I'm thinking about going to bed soon, I am SO tired. But I wanted to do a little entry first.

Niko liked his birthday presents, and I'm glad. :) that was a fun night.

ahhh.... everytime I'm with him my heart fills up with happiness.. hehe i wish i could be with him all the time!! I love being with him and talking to him on the phone or anything else.

But I'm so tired of life right now, ok not LIFE exactly, but how boring it seems to be a lot of the time and how its just repetition. I'm glad I have Niko or...i'd die. lol you know what I mean...

I just want to do something DIFFERENT!

and lately i've been getting into these kind of bad moods, which sucks, and I think it's cause I've been tired a lot more than usual, and I've been annoying myself about things I shouldn't be so concerned about, and I'm just sick of everyday doing the same things... except for the parts when I do stuff with Niko o' course. But still.. I want us to go do something differnet for a day. and you know what else is crazy? Lately I've been thinking about how willing I'd be to get drunk and ALMOST willing to have a go at the MJ and have a good time ya know, but it seems like the situation never arises for me. hmpf.. ... !

I feel like I'm going a little crazy.

But I'm seriously crazy about Niko. I know I've been writing a lot about him in here LJ, but that's kinda hwat you're here for right? Right. Seriously though.... ahh man. THis might sound a bit cheesy but I don't care at all. I hope we're together forever and we will be able to move in together sometime within the next couple years and we get married and have cute little Katies and Nikos. (eventually!) hahah awwwww.... is that thinking too much into the future? is that a bad thing? Oh well. That's what I want. He makes me happy, and he can cheer me up and I can talk to him and it's P-E-R-F-E-C-T. :-)

I applied for htis job at the cafeteria in the hospital. You get paid waaaaayyy more than DQ. We'll see what happens.

I CANNOT wait til high school is over and I'm 18.


Fri, 22 Sep 2006 04:37:34 GMT

Hello livejournal, I'm back.

Today i bought the rest of Niko's birthday present, and it pretty much rocks, I can't wait to give it to him!!! I'm also in the process of doing another part of it, but took a break from that. I'm not going to go into details though because he occasionally pops by and reads this.......hehe.

Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with Katie after school, and then we have to be back at school at 6 because the band has to play at this alumni dinner thing, and then we have to play in the game........yippeeeeeeee. I am just SO excited. (i'm really not....) and after that I'm going over to Niko's house and spending the night! yay! :)

I felt a little bit blehhh... today, kinda like depressed feeling, I dunno why though. But I'm fine. I went to DQ tonight and had an arctic rush and socialized with everybody's favorite DQ cutie, haha AKA Niko.

I still have homework to do.... ahh fuck school.

Okay... I'm ouuuuut.


Fri, 15 Sep 2006 05:45:34 GMT

some people at Dairy Queen are just SOOO ANNOYING!!! They're like the annoying brothers I never had... (Yes I have a brother but he's not annoying at all, thats why theyre the ones I never had, get it? heh)

DRIVES ME CRAZY SOMETIMES!!!!!!! They sit around and talk about ejaculation or something while I have like 9 blizzards to make, ugggh. SLACKERS! It seems like the only people lately who aren't slackers who don't mind sticking around a few extra minutes or whatever to help kendall with something or to help someone else with something are like me, Niko, and Mariah. uggh. And I can't stand the fact that someone is becoming a manager...ugh. I would be a better manager. Almost anyone would. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

On the bright side after work was great!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Ok I'm done.

new thoughtsPatrick- June

Wed, 13 Sep 2006 05:14:26 GMT

I really like my sociology class. We haven't done a whole lot in it yet, but I can tell I'm really gonna like it.

I wish I was more... extroverted. And not so "aww that shy cute girl that never talks" But I don't really have all tha tmuch to just talk about a lot I guess. At least not randomly to people I don't know that well. It's not all that I'm shy really, I'm not THAT shy, I just don't talk a lot. Does that make sense? Like in most cases I'd rather listen than talk sorta thing.

So I have finally come to the conclusion, after much, much thought, probably almost too much thought, that the whole smoking pot thing isn't really THAT big of a deal. I'm not saying that I LIKE it, I still think it's a little bit gross, and really bad if you're like addicted or hwatever, but other than that it's not..... the most horrible thing ever. I'm pretty much 100% sure that a person who hardly ever does it isn't going to totally be devoted to that and totally change into a different person because of it. So.... whatever. I don't necessarily like it, but you can't have everything right? I just don't hate it. I guess it does sound a little bit fun.... maybe a little bit.....hmm......

maybe I should expand my horizons and experience new things... even if only once. That way I could at least UNDERSTAND different things and perspectives... ya know? It can't be THAT bad. Yeah.... maybe that's a good idea. Maybe.

Niko and I sat on a rock next to the river in the almost dark... it was so great :) He makes me sooo happy.

Oh, this year I'm in jazz band, I don't know how many of you knew that so I'm just restating that fact, but I'm playing Bari Sax. At first I was pretty hesitant about it, but I don't think it will be that bad. I don't mind playing bari that much, and besides, i know NOTHING about playing jazz, so I would have the worst time ever playing alto in there. Bari has a couple solos every now and again, but it's nothing compared to Alto. I felt a little lightheaded when I played it today, and that thing is SO freakin' heavy! But I'll get used to it. It might be fun. Jazz band really was pretty fun today.

AP lit & comp is......... well not fun exactly, but not terrible. It's alright. I'm still pretty much scared of it. Today we had a 'socratic seminar' and it was kind of cool. I need to get rid of the shyness factor and speak up more though, because that's pretty much what a seminar is. You sit around in a circle and talk about a topic. Today it was the meaning of a poem- (The Fourth Grade by Thomas Lux) based on a question Ms. VanJaarsveld had for us.. "How does this poem relate to life in modern day society?" Something like that. The poem is soooo sad, I'm gonna search for it right now and post it........

Damn, that was a lot harder than I thought. I can't find it! Oh well... Maybe some other time I'll take the time to type it up... it's a good poem, although depressing and a little bit creepy.

Well.... I suppose I'll get off here now. Bye elljay.

boringi hear the tv

Mon, 11 Sep 2006 01:56:30 GMT

I have been sooo bored whenever I'm at home. Just so bored and wishing I could just go to work or SOMETHING, where I'm doing something, and that way making money. For some reason I'm way more bored now than I ever was during the summer. Blaaahhh. I need a hobby... or something. Any ideas???

I love when I'm with Niko the best. It's never boring. And it's perfect.

I saw Jason for the last time today for who knows how long. He leaves for college tomorrow. It's really sad. But I know he'll have lots of fun there,  he's gonna love it. Shane's leaving tomorrow too. :-(

It was so so sad when Allie left... I hate that she's not here! It's so wierd and I don't like it! Right now her dad is over here installing our brand new WHITE!! windows. they look soooo nice. They actually work.

I got to see my senior pictures today. They are really good.

I guess I'm gonna go watch tv or something...

phone callshang em high-static lullaby

Mon, 11 Sep 2006 00:09:28 GMT

So this morning everyone decided to call me, while I was still asleep. The rest of the day when I haven't been in bed talking on the god damn phone, no one has called! Hey people, do the opposite of this. J/K.... I'm not mad. I think it's just funny how when I try to sleep people call, but when I'm bored and having nothing to do nobody calls. haha.


When we kiss it's like our souls are reaching out to each other for an embrace that they have been waiting and aching and wishing to do, with that perfect person, for so long. Now they're finally home. Love is a powerful thing.

Um.......sorry? too corny? Too bad.

Did I just write that?

I'm making an update!wish i could forget you- silverstein

Sat, 09 Sep 2006 06:00:04 GMT

So not a whole lot has been going on, other than school just starting, which isn't all that exciting.

I am SOO tired right now, I have no idea why. I got enough sleep, and I haven't been doing stuff that would wear me out.. I need energy drinks in the mornings. Something.

Niko and I are greeeeaaat! I really do like him a lot.... more than a lot... I love the boy. *sigh* hehe. It's pretty exciting. I found somebody who listens to me, and cares, and thinks I'm beautiful, and well ya know everything else like that.

I've been thinking... I've seen a few high people come into the DQ at night for umm.. snacks lol and they are really kind of uh what's the right word, I don't know. But I don't really see the point of being like that, just being all ignorant and like not really knowing what's going on, and sounding like an idiot when you talk. Sure it might be fun... but can you confine that to your own space and not stink up my work place at least? lol. I really dislike the whole smoking pot thing, I really do. I don't think it makes you think faster or better, and I don't understand how people think that's what it does. (How can they comprehend the fact while they're high to say later when they aren't that it makes you think better?!) blah. OK, but here's the thing. I don't mind it TOO much if you don't do it often at all, and you aren't obsessed with it, and you don't smell like it, and you don't talk about it. That's where it REALLY gets out of hand. Just if you do it very very rarely, just with your friends for fun, not cause you LOVE pot or whatever the fuck people do. I would especially hate it if someone did it just to be cool or badass or whatever. But I like it even better if you don't do it at all! lol. Ok, I'll admit that I PROBABLY wouldn't mind trying it ONCE, just to see, just to understand or whatever, just to try everything once so you have a better understanding of a bunch of different groups of people's cultures/interests/backgrounds/what have you's. lol so there's my philosophy on that.

I also don't get the point of getting drunk all the time! This one isn't NEARLY as big of a deal though. I can honestly say, (I'm just not gonna lie here) that I would probably be pretty willing to get drunk at some point in time, in the nearish future. I've drank things before and well, it's pretty much tasty lol except beer is kind of disgusting. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is, partying?! It sounds kinda crappy. I wouldn't want to go hang out in a house with a bunch of people I don't even know who are doing god knows what all over the place and getting drunk. i'd much prefer just hanging out with some friends and having fun. But, I hate it when people do this all the time! Don't do it all the time. Just once in a while.

blahhhhhhhgh. I'm so glad that my friends aren't pot heads and drunks. lol. For some reason I had just been thinking about that stuff a lot lately, and wanted to write about it somewhere. Ah, LJ.

My parents are getting on my nerves. Senior year is not supposed to be so structured! lol. I've been having so much fun though...this whole summer, and I can tell it's not going to end any time soon.

I'm so happy with my life right now. It would be nice to be done with school and going to college and to be 18 BUT.... still. I am so happy. and that will come soon enough. :)

I hope Niko and I are together forever... I know that probably sounds corny or something but I'm afraid of losing him!

Thu, 27 Jul 2006 06:52:43 GMT

hello lj. i havent been here in a while, but neither has anyone else.

i'll just say a couple quick things.

ive been floating hte river a lot, its been fun. ive also been hangign out with niko quite a bit, which is even more fun. hes great, i like him soo much, hes like perfect. :) also last night was the ween concert. it was great.

im in the process of redecorating my whole room, its so crazy. im getting a bigger bed, painting the walls greenish, i have a COUCH! its a little black futon thingy, and getting rid of my dresser and desk. it will be sooooo awesome i cant wait! and im not gonna ahve everything on my walls. its going to be different. im taking like everything out. i cant wait. :)

 the DQ is pretty much fun. i dont even mind being at work that much. its great. especially when youre closing shift with kendall. and then it rocks. people that work there are so awesome, i cant even believe i work at a fast food establishment with these great people. imean ya go to wendys and theyre kinda creepy, but we dont really have any of those kinds of people. its great. i also get the feeling that whatever mark or andie put down for me and niko to be doing,s he changes it so that were together. because stuff i have is always crossed out ont he list that tells us what were doing that night and says im doing the same thing niko is. for example, niko's said headset/drive thru, and mine said reg. 1 counter but it was crossed out and said runner/drive thru instead. its kinda cool but crazy! its the best running with celena with niko on headset, cause celena rocks. we found out tonight that we were in ballet togehter!!! crazyness. but pretty much everyone there is absolutely wonderful.

well that was a rather boring and ongoing post.... sorry lj. goodnight. ill try and be back soon!

cali here i comedon't stop believing-journey

Wed, 12 Jul 2006 00:50:40 GMT

I'M GOING TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!!! heck yeah. tomorrow i am leaving to go to Santa Cruz with Laura, her mom, and her mom's friend. yay!!! we're going to san fran for a day too. its gonna be awesome. i'll be back next tuesday. (July 18)

bye guys!!!


Tue, 11 Jul 2006 18:27:38 GMT

Wow.... David is gone. it's so wierd. I'm talking to him on AIM now. It's so wierd that one of the greatest friends I've had is just gone. Ok, well I'm lucky he didn't die or anything, but he's all the way across the country. It's so sad and so wierd to have one of the people in your little group of friends, which has seriously turned out to be more like my family than just some kids i hang out with, is gone. It's liek there's this gap in it that Dave used to fill and now he's not there to be with us. Dave is like a brother to me, seriously. We've all gotten so used to dave being around and so used to him just being there that, it's really hard to cope with the fact that he's NOT ere and we CAN'T just call him when were bored or just go over to his house and do some random thing. It sucks. And it hurts. Dave is an extremely great person. I can safely say that I have learned a few things from him, and I love that kid. He wants to be here too. He wants to be back with us. His other family. I was so lucky, I was one of his best friends here. Well I still am one of his best friends and he's one of mine. But Els, Becca, Brett, and I got the opportunity to drive him to the airport yesterday morning. of course it involved us getting only 3.5 hours of sleep sunday night, but it was worth every second. we got up at around 5:30 and left Becca's at about 6:20. I drove to Redmond. It was so wierd, just us, his best friends driving him there. It made it so much more.... I dunno. You know what i mean... maybe. I guess I don't need to explain it all out. I know David and I, and the rest of us, will be friends for a very long time.

Alright, enough with the sad stories for now. I do have good news! I have a boyfriend and his name is Niko and he is perfect. :) You have no idea how happy it makes me. He said that I'm amazing. Yay! :) I can't stop smiling.

cool new bands that I loveRisque-Cute is what we aim for

Sat, 08 Jul 2006 03:21:54 GMT

Cute is What We Aim For
The Academy is...
Funeral for a Friend
Hawthorne Heights

"Cute is What we Aim For" is one of my new all time favorites. And i happen to be listening to them now. My favorite song by them (and one of my favorite songs) is "Risque." It's the kind of song I could put on repeat for well, a long time.

I should write more on a daily basis than a bunch of days in one entry....heres whats been going oncan't stop rock 'n roll-AC/DC

Sat, 08 Jul 2006 03:16:53 GMT

It feels wierd when people ask "how old are you?" and I respond with "17." I remember thinking that 17 seemed like this old age where you can do like anything you want, you pretty much are "grown up" by then. The only difference from being 17 or 18 is that when you're 18 you can legally move out. That's what I used to think. (well a few years ago.) I don't feel 17. Some of my best friends are 18, and that just seems almost weird. I mean with Allie I remember when she was 5. I can't remember much before then however.Another wierd thing... David goes back to Germany on Monday. He's staying at Becca and Elsbeth's house the last 2 nights because his host family leaves for Shasta either tonight or int he morning... can't remember which. The wierd part is, he has become such a big part of a bunch of people's lives, including mine, and it will be sooo wierd for a while without him. He has just become a part of our little group of friends, and then suddenly he'll be gone. I mean we will still be able to talk to him, and he's coming back next summer, (he's going to see me graduate!) but still, it will just be so hard. I remember at the beginning of the school year when he didn't really know anyone and he seemed kinda shy and he always wore those capris that we seemingly talked about. And over the duration of the school year, he's become a good friend of mine. Last night we went to Dairy Queen because Dave wanted an M&M blizzard so I got it for him 1/2 off of course, and Niko was on his break so Dave got to meet him which was cool. He "approved" haha. Dave is like a big brother to me. Then Brian and John came in and Dave and I decided to go to munch & music with them. So we went down there, it was awesome I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a long time. I saw Devon, Keenan, Sam, Arielle, and I saw Andie, Kayle, Katie, Molli. ahh there were more but I can't even remember now. It was cool seeing Sam, he just got home from Spain and had a blast. He gave me the longest hug ever, haha it was pretty random. We almost fell over. And Arielle, I haven't seen her in about a year because she did the Page program thing in DC but she did it for a whole year instead of just one semester. Then Dave and I left and drove past the Old Mill 10 because Devon said there were a bunch of people dressed up in pirate attire going to the midnight showing of Pirates of the Carribean 2. It was awesome! And then, we went to my house where we uploaded all Dave's music on his Ipod onto my Itunes where I now have 5,738 songs. I'd say its about time for a bigger Ipod. But seriously, it's pretty much like, you name it I've got it. Nearly.Wednesday night David and his host dad took me, Brett, Becca, and Elsbeth flying! It was AWESOME except that I started feeling pretty sick. It was cool though. Dave did everything but the landing. We were going to fly to Sunriver and go to Goodie's, but they were having trouble putting the seats back in so there wasn't enough time. But we flew around Bend and looked at all of our houses. Do you realize how HUGE Bend is? Haha it seemed sooo big from up there. I even have a few pictures! Type your cut contents here.Elsbeth and I Els and I being goofy I had to throw this one in its Dave!!! Awww Brett and Becca and of course Brett looks wierd haha
I've got a lot to write about. Stay with me. Tuesday... Tuesday was glorious. Coincidentally it was the 4th of July. Let me tell you about it. Well my wonderful friend Niko and I, well it was mostly me, but he wanted to come so yeah, decided to go downtown to the parade and all the fun Bend 4th of [...]

BUSY!bubble toes-jack johnson

Thu, 15 Jun 2006 02:54:24 GMT

"over my head (cable car)" by the fray = really really good song.

wow, i've been soo busy lately. not getting enough sleep,(im really tired right now in spite of the fact i napped for 2.5 hours today,) final projects all over the place, work, just school in general, a bunch of stuff to do on weekends. i've hardly gotten to spend time with friends in the past couple weeks. just at allie's graduation party thing and at school and at the cascade winds concert. (and today when katie, dana and i went to taco stand during d block, haha!) i havent been feeling very good this week either, ive had a headache and a stomache ache that comes and goes. mostly when i eat. i've not had a good apetite the past couple weeks. blah.

but now its all over. no more final projects. the last final i have is a big english final test. shouldn't be TOO hard, but it won't be easy either. kyle and i and the other girls in our group finished our video project for french, its so cheesy and awful. but hilarious of course.

its wierd, today there was nothing i had to do, and it was wierd NOT to be busy. kind of nice, but really wierd. during a block, i really didnt want to sit and do absolutely nothing for the whole time, so about halfway through she said i could leave and wrote me a note to the band room lol. i went there for liek 5 minutes, then went to tebeau's class and just kind of joined it for the day. it was fun. jeff couldn't really talk this morning, he went to the dentist for fillings and had a lisp and looked funny because he couldnt feel his lip and tongue and stuff, haha. he had to give a speech like that too, he said everyone couldnt stop laughing, haha poor jeff.

brett and i got in this fight/arguement thing for a couple of days, but now we're okay again and i'm glad.

saturday i'm having a sweet BBQ in the afternoon. a bunch of friends are coming over and were hanging out in my backyard with traditional BBQ food and trampoline. lets hope to god the weather isnt shitty like it has been. at least it didnt rain today... and i hope ti doesnt saturday.

also on saturday my aunt, uncle, and 3 little cousins get in from england!!! their plane arrives around 8. im so excited.

i think thats all ive got for now.

so sad

Wed, 07 Jun 2006 21:33:43 GMT

well... I am very sad. today was the awards assembly for the seniors meaning the band had to sit up on the stage the whole time to play the music for it.

no more seniors. no more best friends. no more allie, jason, thomas, shane, joe, david....... its very sad.

but next year it will be me.

ah........ im NOT looking forward to graduation and crying.

i loved my senior wills though. i got one from jason and thomas. no one else did it i guess?

its so sad. but its not like i'll never see them again. im going to hopefully go visit allie in montana or she'll probably kill me (lol) and im definitely going to go to eugene to see jay...... and shay..... and tom and everyoen else will be back during breaks and ills ee them. so its not quite the end of the world. but im still extremeyl sad. DAVIDS GOING BACK TO GERMANY. ahh. im trying to convince my parents to let me go to germany next summer when i go to england... have i mentioned eyt that im going to england again next summer? yeah.

this summer shall be fun. my aunt and uncle and cousins arrive from england the day after school's out. :)

dave's birthday party is today. yay!

long one

Tue, 06 Jun 2006 05:05:33 GMT

I have some stuff that I've done recenly to talk about in my post this time. Hopefully it doesn't bore you.

Well first, let me say that Poseidon is the most awful movie of all time and should be destroyed on the double. Haha, ok, not THAT bad, but bad. Saturday night Brett, Kyle and I went to see it, thinking it might be an okay/maybe good actionish type thing. Boy were we wroooong. SOO CHEESY. But it was really fun anyway.

Earlier that day on Saturday, I went to Brett's concert thing at the tower and heard his band play! It was really cool. They're pretty good. This summer he wants to teach me how to play the guitar (I'm likin' the idea too actually) and then I'm going to do the "school of rock" thing in the central oregon school of music or whatever its called, and it will be AWESOME. Hehe.

Sunday was my brother's 30th! surprise birthday party. It would have been a surprise if my aunt hadn't called him and asked if she needed to bring anything.....omg. Anyway. He still enjoyed it, and it was fun. Funny story: during english today, Sarah was asking how my brother's party was, I told her about it, and told her his friend gave him an airsoft pistol. He and all his friends were shooting each other with it and shooting the old car thing they ahve of course. Chelsea overheard us talking about my brother doing airsoft and was like "oh, you're little brother plays airsoft too? that's cool!" and I was like "haha yeah.... well my brother's 30." and it was really funny and nerdy. She laughed and said her brother is 14. LOL.

Today is Brett's birthday! I brought him a smoothie into his a block class which conveniently happened to be Hulbert's class, so I told Hulbert to embarrass him. Although he didn't do much but that's ok. Then I went to Soba for lunch with Jason and Allie, the last lunch out with them EVER probably, sadness. :(  well at school I mean. Then during our open d block Jason and I went to Blue and it was fun! I got a sweet t-shirt with fish on it.  (its way cooler than it sounds) Then after school, Brett and I went to some tennis courts and he taught me how to play tennis. He was really good at teaching me how to play it and he was really nice and said that I did really good for not ever playing before. It was really fun. We're going to be playing tennis a lot this summer I'm guessing. Then we went and got more smoothies. And then went home and played WoW. hehe.

Tonight was the last band concert. :( it was good. I love concerts, they're usually really fun. Jason won the awesome John Philip Sousa award and Brett won the....... I forgot what it's called but he won one too. lol. And we sang him Happy Birthday of course. (this is getting really detailed....hmm lol I'm almsot done I swear.) There was cake and ice cream afterwards, and MIKE! yay. And, unfortunately, I got picked up by Autumn and got tossed back and forth between Autumn and Jezi, sometimes it sucks to be small, lol.

And now I'm home! :)

The senior's last day is tomorrow. :( im sad. Friday is graduation. woohoo......

beck is amazingkate-sambassadeur

Mon, 29 May 2006 04:59:15 GMT

Well, I'm finally going to make a quick update.Last night was the Decemberists/Beck concert and it was awesome. I got soo close to them, almost close enough to touch the guy from the decemberists that kinda came down to the audience area. The ampitheater is a really cool place for concerts! Anyway, the Decemberists played a bunch of awesome songs, and it was really amazing, and then a while later (after they fixed a projection problem or something) Beck came out! I was with Allie, Holly, Thomas, and Scott, we were soo close to the front. I actually got kinda shoved into the very front row which was really cool. I was soo close to Beck hehe! I got a few pictures on my phone but htey didn't turn out so good. A ton of stupid people got over the fence thing that separates the crowd from the stage, the security guards were going crazy. One guy actually got up on the stage, right next to beck, yells something like "Beck's a scientologist!" and then jumped off the stage and was almost back in the crowd before the guards could get him. It was funny but kind of stupid at the same time, lol. Beck does lots of awesome things, like there were people dressed up in bear suits taht came out, I guessed one was Beck? And there were marinets (sp) behind him, with a guy taping them and the it was projected on the big screen behind hte band. There was also a really funny short film they had made in hte old mill district earlier that day, with the marinets going on an adventure, it was great. Scott kept saying everyone was getting raped, and kept saying how i was raping Thomas and how Tom was enjoying it, haha. We couldn't move at all, we were all sooo close together. And there were lots of crazy girls behind me going crazy and someone had their back to me and their butt was like rubbing up against my butt really intensely, and I couldn't move to do anything about it, it was kinda gross lol. Lots of people were smoking cigarettes and pot, so it smelled really bad. I saw Sam there, that was cool, I talked to him for a bit but it was hard because of how loud it was. He got to meet the Decemberists after the show!!! lucky. I gave in and bought a maroon Decemberist t-shirt that has an old fashioned type bike on it, and a beck sticker. I want to buy a Beck t-shirt as well. It was all just amazing. Allie and I are planning on going to the Ween concert and Modest Mouse, right now we're for sure going to Modest Mouse, and fi she doesn't go to Ween I'm gonna have to find someone to go with because I want to go really bad. It would be so fun. I'm really looking forward to Modest Mouse. Tonight was Allie's birthday dinner, it was good/fun. I'm sick though, so i didn't feel too peppy or anything. It sucks, i just woke up feeling pretty sick, and it just keeps getting worse. I have a sore throat, I'm coughing a lot, bad headache, kind of ache all over actually. I'm gonna get to bed in just a little bit here. I'm sad, I was gonna hang out with Becca tomorrow and Dave too, but now I can't, I feel like this will only get worse and I have lots of homework and studying to do anyways. Jason and I finished our psych final project in just one day, yay! It was kinda fun, dream interpretation is really interesting. And, he burned me a few cd's which I'm extremely happy/excited about. Kaiser ChiefsSufjan StevensMyloBen Foldsall of which I had heard before (except Kaiser Chiefs-heard of them just hadn't heard them) but now I have the cd's so its all good. I also downloaded all the latest Neighborhoodies[...]

voidbubble toes-jack johnson

Thu, 25 May 2006 04:22:48 GMT

I miss lj, it used to be one of the things I looked forward to doing when i got on the computer, I think I'll get myself back into it. People seem to be so much more intelligent here... most the time.

Sadly right now I don't have the time to do an interesting entry. Hopefully later, or tomorrow. There's plenty of stuff I wouldn't mind writing about.

my weekendnothing as of yet

Sat, 20 May 2006 17:02:03 GMT

last night: went to david's house and watched the chronicles of narnia. mckenzie heinrich was there eating dinner, then she did her hair and left, and they all said "have fun at the movie!" does she go there all the time or something? lol. and there were a bunch of little-ish kids and rafael upstairs listening to a game extremely loud and punching the floor according to david. haha its always entertaining at that house.

today: what did i get myself into? i'm planting flowers and mowing the lawn for my grandma's friend, but she's paying me lol. then i have to go return cans... joy. at least its money. then tonight, thats up for grabs if i find anyone that wants to do anything.

tomorrow: shane's birthday celebration! hehe. red robin and the da vinci code, i cant wait to see it.

that's all folks! i'm going to go play wow

3rd person

Sat, 13 May 2006 00:56:37 GMT

yesterday afternoon, katie shyly stepped into the hospital doors accompanied by her mother, to visit her step grandma and great uncle who both recently had surgery. theyre both fine, and theyre both getting out pretty soon. katie felt awkward in the hospital, it was kind of depressing for her. but everything is fine.

today katie is in a surprisingly good mood. although it seems as though a ton of her friends have recently acquired boyfriends or something of the like, and a part of katie wishes things this cute would happen to her, but also isn't sure if she wants that sort of relationship.

today is also katie's mom's birthday although they aren't really doing anything to celebrate it. she got her mom a rose thing, some balloons, some peanut butter cups, and a kenny rogers greatest hits cd. katie's mom loved it.

tonight katie is going to accompany her pit orchestra friends to the cast party at one of the main actor's house, and she's looking forward to it. it goes til 12, and it should be fun!

katie needs to find a job. she has applied at AE and ben & jerry's, but neither place has called her back.... yet. she doesn't wnt to go back to the theater unless she really HAS to.

now katie is going to go call her friend brett and watch some tv for a little while.