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Preview: Learn to make money from blogs

Learn to make money from blogs

This blog is about all aspects of blogging.

Updated: 2017-12-27T20:03:48.540+05:30


Proof-Reading Tools for Bloggers and Content Writers.


I am so glad to find more than one tool for proof reading the blog content that I compose in the blogger editing screen. When I started blogging in 2005, I did not know of any such tools. May be they were then too but I simply was not aware. I thought I was writing in excellent English. However, when I read my posts published even a week before, I am ashamed of myself.  It’s not that I am(image)

My blog reading tools replacing Google Reader.


I miss the Google Reader; I miss it very much. It was the best aggregator of my favorite websites and blogs. Here are some of the blog reading tools that I am trying now before I settle on the best. Google Reader was a wonderful feed aggregator; I wonder why it was shut down by Google. Feed readers are great blog content resources for bloggers, web content authors and professional web (image)

How ribbon microphone is superior to others?


Do you know why some stage concerts fail and turn away the audience in spite of employing exceptional speakers and high-end amplifiers? It is due to the quality of microphones used by the singers as well as the music instruments players. I would not say the money matters to such bands to buy the best gadgets but the lack of awareness of superior quality microphones such as the ribbon (image)

Can children be taught to blog?


I would say no if the said ‘children’ are below 15 years. However, if they are above 15 and if they are stilled called children ( I would not call), yes then, they can be taught to blog. One should not expect their blogging children to straightaway become popular. It is near impossible to even say “I am blogger” before two years. The cliché is modern technology is a trap and not a trap. It (image)

Blogging opportunity for US bloggers.


Here is a paid blogging opportunity for US bloggers. Topic: Green Tea Jewelry Payment: Not cash but the products About the products that require blog posting After I went through the exact details of that require a bit of look up in your blog, I thought the product is really unique.  The jewelry is made of wood!  There is a range of earrings that are made of lightweight wood and is (image)

Why the epiphone nighthawk is called the cousin of Les Paul guitar?


Epiphone nighthawk I wonder why the epiphone nighthawk is considered as the cousin of Les Paul guitar which hit the guitar market more than 100 years ago in 1952. I read that while the Les Paul was one of the Gibson’s that had seen more versions than any other guitar, the epiphone nighthawk was last seen in 1999, just six years after it was launched. Ask a veteran guitarist about his (image)

Result oriented blog marketing.


Blog marketing is done by every serious blogger. However, can just anyone that owns a blog do it effectively so that his efforts yield the desired results? I would say yes because I started doing it in the year 2006 with a bit of internet knowledge but applied more common sense then. If I could do it, you too can and that too with so many options. It is not a cliché that the content is (image)

Bloggers needed as influencers and brand ambassadors.


After a long time, I am happy to blog about an opportunity for bloggers who want to earn money by blogging. The blogs have replaced many a media as the best mode to advertise. About 11 years ago when I started getting paid to blog, little-known brands only were active sponsors but the scenario has changed completely. Now, world’s leading brands are hiring bloggers to act as influencers or(image)

YES or NO to PLR articles?


Would you buy PLR articles, rewrite and use them for your blog? My answer is "YES" ; only, I do not rewrite but use the titles alone to write my own unique content. I am easily inspired by looking at various titles of articles/blog posts because they give me an idea about the subject that follows inside the content. Believe me, it is an excellent way to find content for blogs. I thought I was (image)

Spending too much time on your blog appearance?


I fret over the appearance of my blog's theme if it is built on wordpress platform. The lack of coding knowledge used to make me frustrated if I can't make my blog appear as wanted to. The story is very different now. Oh no, I don't mean that I have learnt php to tweak my blog's theme; only I stopped bothering about it ever since 80% of visitors use mobile devices to browse. When you view (image)

To reproduce the exact effect the music player wanted us to hear.


When a professional guitarist is asked his opinion of vacuum tubes present in the new Fender Princeton Reverb, he may or may not have the knowledge of the components of the amplifier that he cannot perform without. I read that very few musicians know of the Tubes as the tone shaping components in amplifiers. Reverb amplifiers that are built with  tubes are said to reproduce the exact effect(image)

Is Spencer Stuart is looking for you?


My wife's motherly duties extend beyond the kitchen most of the time. However,  kitchen takes a back seat and her top priority seems to be always centered on meeting the demands of her son. Looking back, when my son got his engineering degree in computer science, I remember him saying that Ihe would like to be spotted by Dennis Carey. . I am sure many aspiring youth would like to be in (image)

Excellent sales converter in the web..


You need ask for any second opinion; the ultimate sure fire way to generate more sales is by offering ‘discount coupons’ and ‘free’ samples.  Go ahead and do your research using the friendly Google. Within a few minutes, you will conclude that I am right. I place a challenge. I urge the modern social media marketing buffs to join a debate with me on this issue during which I promise not to (image)

Have you looked at the features of Casio Privia Px 150 Keyboard?


I am given to understand that the musicians are a sentimental lot and they don’t often  shift their allegiance to a particular brand of music instrument for any reason and that include, price variance, technological modifications and size. Well, that said and understood, I was recently asked to look at the features of weighted keyboard casio px150 at and compare it with a (image)



By clicking on the link below, you will get seven very useful ebooks for free. On the other hand, before you click on the link, you may want to know what exactly you are getting even if they are free-right? Well, I go with you. Here they are-the 7 ebooks for bloggers and Internet Marketers. Out of the above 7 gems, my (image)

Selling custom adbloks on your blog.:


Even though I have been earning money from my blogs by selling ad space since 2006, only of late I realized that customizing ‘adblocks’ to different brands is essential for higher remuneration. I read that when choosing a well known brand to associate with, I must given the best of my site’s space and I must be ready to think out of the box (literally) to customize the ad size that is (image)

Why the Quincy Jones headphones are the best in the world?


I must admit I did not know much about quincy jones headphones till a few years ago but I have experienced the real ‘sound’ through them when my son first bought it from guitar center (his bookmarked site for all his guitar needs). Oh man, how I enjoyed listening to Santana and Carpenters listening through one of the Quincy Jones series of headphones. Only much later, I happened to (image)

Free resources for bloggers.


Image via: Those headline above, do they attract you? Would you like to have them free for your blogging business or just to upgrade your blogging knowledge so that you can pass it on to your fellow bloggers? If you are a serious blogger, you must build a bank of resources consisting of ebooks, short reports, power point presentations and (image)

How to find blogs of your interest?


When I was actively running my blogging training sessions, frequently my blogging trainees question me how I stay updated all the time in blogosphere. I told them I read several number of blogs daily by subscribing to their RSS feed. How to find such blogs in the first place? After all, there are millions of blogs on all kinds of niche. It would be a herculean task to filter-right? With(image)

Allen and Heath mixing desks for the professionals.


Oh, I almost forgot. Before you read further, don’t let the title misguide you. This most respected allen and heath product among the DJs and recording people is also suitable for entry level sound studio owners too. On our gated community’s annual day on 28th Jan 2017, we the residents were kept captivated by just a 17 year kid who was the anchor of the show as well as the DJ of the day. (image)

Forgotten web tools.


I was just digging into my tools and resources bank for bloggers and refreshed my rusted knowledge of various Internet tools. On that topic, I even maintained a specific site that got abandoned by me as usual. How do one check whether a web page is currently cached by Google? Type into the Google search bar. Backlink Analysis Backlink analysis is done through (image)

Hey bloggers, where did the Stumble Upon go?


Stumble Upon-one of the best community of Interneters in the yesteryears but not used much at present due to the astronomical growth of Facebook and Pinterest. Around 2006 or 2007, I too used to linger around Stumble Upon, do same blog post sharing but mostly stumbling fellow bloggers' shares on it and I liked to linger around Stumble Upon for a long time each day. If you ask me if it brought (image)

Save up to 80% on Woodwind and Brasswind music instruments.


If you wish to buy trumpets and saxophones, you can save up to 80% in wwbw shop, the international online store of Woodwind and Brasswind music instruments. OMG! 80% off is a real money saver-don’t you think so? Saxophone Choose from world famous brands that include: Getzen, makers of excellent brass musical instruments like trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns Jo-ral mutes D'Addario (image)

Increase blog readers immediately using Pinterest group boards.


I recently started training a few women entrepreneurs in Bangalore about using Pinterest to make their brand seen and aim for followers first and then explore the ways to increase the sales. Most of my trainees are not even aware of Pinterest as a visual social media and it is the best place to market anything globally. I completed already 9 sessions of training yesterday. The last (image)

Pre-written hashtags to promote in Instagram.


Do you use instagram? I do not but I keep myself updated by reading all about the usage of Instagram by a blogger. I like Pinterest and I will stick with it as far as promoting my blog posts in visual social media. Oh yes, I use hashtags in Pinterest, twitter and FB though not very frequently. I think I am yet to learn how to effectively write hashtags. I must admit I would welcome pre-written (image)