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Accommodation with or without swimming pool only a short walk to the beach, maintained by local people.

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Neil Conway - Up In Labrador Territory

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Labrador Leads the World in Opposition
to Hydro Dams

Labrador Leads the World in Opposition to Hydro Dams. Please join our International Campaign @protectlabrador against the Government of Canada's Nalcor Crown Corporation, Boondoggle Hydro project, Muskrat Falls, Grand River Mishtashipu [lower Churchill] Newfoundland and Labrador [NL] Canada [CA]

Sat, 04 Nov 2017 11:19:00 +0000 Labrador Leads the World in Opposition to Hydro Dams. @protectlabradorPlease Join the International Campaign against the Government of Canada's Nalcor Crown CorporationBoondoggle Hydro project, Muskrat Falls, Grand River Mishtashipu [lower Churchill] Newfoundland and Labrador [NL] Canada [CA] Anitas Affordable Apartments Bookstore Supports The Labrador Land Protectors Facebook Twitter: Fighting for Grand River Mishtashipu, Muskrat Falls Newfoundland and Labrador [NL] Canada [CA] PLEASE SIGN THESE FIVE PETITIONS Thank You!The lack of a right and proper Environmental Impact study in the first place obviously provides sufficient grounds to shut down the Nalcor Muskrat Falls, Gull Island, Grand River Mishtashipu [lower Churchill] Boondoggle project Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada without prevarication and delay!!!1. Free Inuk Grandmother Beatrice Hunter: Labrador Land Protector2. Free Indigenous Labrador Land Protectors James Learning, Marjorie Flowers and Eldred Davis3. Help Stop An Act of Cultural Genocide at Muskrat Falls, Labrador4. A Call to Suspend the Dangerous Operations at Muskrat Falls, Labrador5. Adopt and Implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Public Items including Videos, Books and Audios supporting Labrador, Labradorians and supporters campaigning against Nalcor Crown Corporation’s Boondoggle Hydro Dam project, Muskrat Falls, Grand River Mishtashipu [lower Churchill] Newfoundland and Labrador [NL] Canada [CA] Twitter LinkVideos: Beatrice Hunter Labrador Land Protectors, Billy L R Gauthier Land Protector speaks with Justice Minister, Denise Cole Labrador Land Protectors, Eldred Davis Labrador Land Protectors, Friends of Grand River/Mistashipu, “Into the Wild” starring Dennis Woodrow Burden “Living Local in Labrador” Port Hope Simpson, NunatuKavut, NL, Canada and Books, Justin Brake Journalism Is Not A Crime...Labrador Land Protectors, Liz Solo: Everything is Leaking, Marjorie Mayflower Flowers Labrador Land Protectors, Robert Way Labrador Scientist, James G Learning Labrador Land Protector arrested!Links: #MakeMuskratRight: Labrador Land Protectors, Citizens wanting an RCMP Investigation into NL Government and Nalcor !! Contribute Labrador Land Protectors - Legal Fund, Delilah Miriam Saunders Labrador Land Protectors, FREE  Jim Learning Labrador Land Protectors, Jerry Kohlmeister Labrador Land Protectors,  Labrador United, Homes Not Bombs, Land Protectors,  Living Local in Labrador, make muskrat right-rigolet, Muskrat Falls Water Bottle Campaign, operation: mighty & united, NEW Online Auction, Labrador Land Protectors Peace Camp, Ottawa Local: Make Muskrat Right, Port Hope Simpson Phs Town Council, Solidarity with Labrador, The Truth About Muskrat....Stop The Dam Insanity, United Nations Panel says Halt Construction of British Columbia's $8.8 Billion Site C dam until Full Review of Affect on Indigenous Land…, Your Voice On Labrador, Further Links: Bloodwise The Blood Cancer Research Charity, Innu Nation, Government of Canada, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation, Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Truth and Reconciliation Committee of Canada, Truth and Reconciliation Committee of Canada Calls to Action, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Nalcor Energy, Nunatsiavut Government, Nunatukavut Government, Follow me on Blogarama[...]

Selfcatering Accommodation Holidays Mauritius, Luxury En-suite Air Conditioned Latanier Apartments Villas, Bookstore, Books Mauritius, Ebooks Mauritius, Photographs Mauritius, Map of Mauritius [Google]

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allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" src="" style="font-family: Tinos; font-size: 16px; font-weight: normal;" title="YouTube video player" width="480">       Holiday deals self catering accommodation in Mauritius Choose from a selection of self-catering holiday villas and apartments, vacation rental accommodation, guest house, bed and breakfast and hotels.   Anitas Affordable Apartments Bookstore[Amazon][Smashwords]Books and FREE EbooksBooks and E-Books Borrow or Buy1. Budget Vacations Europe2. Adventure Vacations Canada3. Historical Fiction4. Mysteries5. Personal Journals6. Photographs Nain Tourism Nunatsiavut, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada7. Vacations Canada8. Mauritius  9. Self-catering Accommodation Mauritius10. Volunteering, Voluntary Service Overseas, VSO1. Budget Vacations EuropePhotographs of Rome Italy of Rome Italy consists of 100 coloured photographs taken from 10-17 October 2004 which emphasise the ancient history of the city. Llewelyn Pritchard M.A. ISBN/EAN13:1481018698 / 10:9781481018692Malaga -Torremolinos Spain Malaga -Torremolinos A Spanish Budget Holiday. Photographs of a budget-based Spanish holiday and useful background information about Malaga -Torremolinos situated on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Llewelyn Pritchard M.A. ISBN-13: 978-1468040333 ISBN-10: 1468040332Nice France Nice France Holiday [English Edition] Nice France Holiday Un Presupuesto Corto Descanso [Spanish Edition] Nice France Holiday. Brighten-up your days and nights by enjoying all the Fun of the Carnival along the Promenade Anglais; the Flower Market; Parcs; Harbour and Old Nice in this most enjoyable, whistle-stop tour of a short-break budget holiday in Nice, France. Llewelyn Pritchard MA. ISBN-13: 978-1468045475 ISBN-10:1468045474Pope John Paul II, Vatican City John Paul II Colour photographs of John Paul II within Vatican City including his Apostolic Blessing; Swiss Guards; St. Peter’s Square; Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican. Also includes St. Peter’s Square as a place of holy pilgrimage; works of art, sculptures, architecture; views of Rome from the Dome of St. Peter’s Church and Face of Jesus Rome, Italy 10-17 October 2004. Llewelyn Pritchard M.A. ISBN/EAN13: 1481011987 / 9781481011983Beautiful Bude! Cornwall England UK Bude! Great Beaches, History and Awesome Rocks: A charming family seaside resort in South-West England UK [Paperback] [E-Book] A selection of 157 colour images with useful [...]

Flic En Flac background information,Grande Baie [Bay], Tourist Attractions, Bookstore, books Mauritius, maps Mauritius

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Flic En Flac background information“IntroductionFlic En Flac's beautiful beach is its major attraction lying just inside a sheltered coral lagoon making it an ideal beach-based all-year round holiday destination. It also offers diving, local and deep sea game fishing, sea trips, excursions around the island, a good range of public amenities as well as the local Spa shopping centre and a large range of accommodations to suit all budgets. It's location away from busy main roads makes it a relatively quiet location. It offers the best range of value-for-money self-catering accommodation on the island. The main area of new housing development is on higher land on the outskirts from Bambous, overlooking the town. HistoryFlic en Flac derived its name from an Old Dutch phrase "Fried Landt Flaak" that literally means "Free and Flat Land."During the 1960s the village was known only for its cemetery where people from nearby villages came to bury their dead relatives. There was also some artisanal hunting of wild ducks and birds in the marches of the region.Unlike Grand Bay who knew a “wild” development in the north, the development in Flic en Flac was monitored by the authorities. Strict rules were applied to constructions and commercial outlets. For example, to avoid Flic en Flac becoming a slum, only 40% of a given plot of land should be used for construction.During the '70s and '80s the economy of the country was oriented towards sugar and textile exportation. At this time the authorities were reluctant to develop the tourist sector. Licenses were not granted easily to International Hotels who wanted to open 5 star hotels in Mauritius. The authorities then were talking about “containing” the amount of tourist visiting the country. Charters were not allowed to land in Mauritius.Facilities were given to foreign investors to develop manufacturing industries and give jobs to workers in Mauritius but wages rose rapidly and the investors moved to other cheap labour countries like Madagascar and Pakistan. The price of sugar on the world market also fell drastically. Hence the government review its policy and encouraged the expansion of the tourism sector. In this perspective, several five stars hotel were allowed to be built in the region of Flic en Flac. They have exclusive use of the beaches in front of the hotels. When Flic en Flac became popular, wealthy Mauritians settled abroad bought land in the area to build bungalows where they intended to stay during their holidays. During their absence they rented it to other tourists and rapidly Flic en Flac became known for its self catering accommodations. Progressively all facilities became available in Flic en Flac. It has now its bank, pharmacy, supermarket etc.GeographyFlic en Flac is found in the district of Black River on the western coast of the island of Mauritius. The area has the nicest beaches of the island protected by the surrounding coral reefs. The region is protected from the South east trade winds by a chain of mountains.It is significant to note that some wet marshes of the region have been covered with land-fills and buildings allowed to be constructed on them. This is a concern for some ecological organisations who warn of the risk of floods during rainy seasons.TransportFlic en Flac has also a good bus route to the other regions of the country. The roads are in good condition.” Source: Wikepedia with citations / verifications needed in places.An alternative view…"The wonderfully named town of Flic en Flac marks the beginning of a superb stretch of beachy coastline that runs down on and off to the very southern Le Morne Peninusla. However, unless you’re staying in one of the many high-end hotels, you may feel a little cheated of the tropical paradise promised by the postcards. Development here is in overdrive with the result today being that Flic en Flac has lost its charming village feel and is threatening to become one long strip of hotels, expensive restauran[...]