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Audio Books

An Introduction to Leisure Audio Books selection of downloadable books.

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'Niche Riches' is a Detailed Road Map To Niche Profits!

You really can make a fortune by selling products to little niches all over the Internet if you just know the right system for doing it. Obviously you need something easy to understand, proven to work and setup so that you can one step at a time with the last step being making money.

It only makes sense that you learn in a step by step, sequential fashion so there is no confusion or wasted time on your end. William (Billy) Brand realized this so he just started documenting every step of his niche marketing activities and out came some that are already being called amazing.

This isn't like any huge DVD course or 20 tape set box of crap you'll never use either. It's something you can digest in just minutes a day and take action on.

What am I talking about? Niche Riches - The Step By Step System For Finding and Cashing In On Little Known Niches! By William Brand.

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

1) How To Find Niches That Are Worth Literally Fortunes Super Fast!

2) Why You Must "Connect" With Your Market & How To Do It Easily!

3) Simple Product Creation Techniques That Get Your Product Done Fast!

4) How It's Easy To Cash In On Niche Markets!

Niche Riches shows you exactly how to find niche markets and make money from them right down to finding the niche, creating a product and actually selling it.

Nothing is left out in this tell-all manual and it's jam packed with insider info you can't find anywhere else - so download today via .Leisure Audio Books

Niche Riches(image)

Audio Books: TIME TO LISTEN...


Audio Books: TIME TO LISTEN...(image)






The Revolution Of The Audio Books
By: Paton Jackson

Audio books have all the right terms to become a popular trend in the near future. Going a bit more far, there is even a reasonable chance that audio books will make the concept of books as we know it today disappear.

Let us explain in the following lines how we have come to this extreme conclusion:

1. Audio books are not new – I have listened to books on tapes in the end of the eights century of the previous century – 30 years ago. The technology has developed but the concept remained the same – Audio book is a recording of the contents of a book read aloud.

All modern technologies have come to a maturity after existing for at least ten years in which their technology was improved. Take a look at digital cameras, LCD screens, Cellular phones etc. Now it is the turn of audio books.

2. User Friendly – In the last year the use of MP3 players for listening to audio books have become very popular. MP3 players are easy to use and have ideal functions for audio books - You can continue listening to an audio book from the section you have stopped or was interrupted. MP3 players which are used to listen to downloaded audio books are far smaller than CD players used to play audio books on cds and walkmans used to play books on tapes.

3. Variety of products – More and more publishers and book sellers understand the potential of audio books and publish new audio books each day. All the best sellers could be found in an audio book version. You should not have a problem to find the latest Harry Potter audio book or Stephen King audio book.

4. Maximizing time management and productivity – Time is money and in the modern world we live in every minute counts. Audio books maximize our wasted time – Businessmen can listen to the latest business journals on their way to work, Children could listen to educative children audio books in the bus back from school etc. So LISTEN UP!(image)



The advent of audio books, and the ever increasing choices available covering all possible interests, fiction and non-fiction, is a boon to those of us who love books - but do not have time to read them. The selection is wide and the prices affordable, so no excuse for not keeping up with the latest best-sellers!

Remember those good old days when you had to wake-up to an angry alarm clock, climb to your feet and eat breakfast before the school bus arrived? Uhh, actually now that I think about it, that’s pretty much everyday. The only difference is you now have a car, as opposed to riding the big yellow limo. Anyway, we all recall our younger years. The days of annoying teachers, tests, oodles of homework and the occasional book reports. Yep, it’s pretty great to be done with all that! On the other hand, I wish it would have been as simple as it is for children now days. I tell you, they’ve got it easy with the constant Internet access.

So this is what I used to rely on; when ever I had to concoct book reports for English or History class, I’d attempt to skim through Clif Notes and attain as much data as possible. O come on, I know I’m not the only one. However, herein lies the dilemma. To acquire such Clif Notes, I always had to venture outside of my home to a bookstore or library. Then I had to search endlessly to find them. In retrospect, it would have probably been a tad easier just to read the darn books. I guess I was no poster child for academic achievements. Anyway, this whole routine is gone with the wind. Cyberspace has changed the ritual of writing book reports forever. You want to know why? Because everything is online now. Kids of all ages can simply punch in a book title on Google, Yahoo, or MSN, and come up with countless results. They can access the book itself or a variety of reviews and quality notes. This makes writing these book reports rather easy, wouldn’t you say?

I admit, I’m a bit jealous of children now days. I merely wish that I had the access back in school that they take for granted now.

For all children who need to produce book reports and to all adults who love books - or need to bone up on the latest business - but do not have time to read them here is the answer.