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Preview: Blogging to junior devils

Blogging to junior devils

Updated: 2014-03-18T15:46:16.393-07:00


The beginning.....


Well my students, those nasty people over at microsoft told me that I couldn't set up a blog on their system just yet, but they told me that their rival would be just as bad for me. They said that the system was foolproof and that no one would be able to read this unless I invited them to. So my fellow devils, this will be my new way of communicating with you and only you. It is vital for you to be able to understand the schemes of our enemy which is why I have included a list of just some of their blogs in the sidebar. We of course want them to remain totally ignorant of what we are up to. So it is important that they remain unable to read our secret blog.

So my students, I will begin this blog with a view to helping you in your jobs as fledgling tempters. Of course this has been done before in SNAIL MAIL form but that system is so inefficient. If Screwtape had been as wise as he thought he was then he would have embraced this technology AGES ago- as it is I beat him to it! Screwtape did of course have some useful things to say, even I will have to admit that, but with this blog I can reach a much wider audience than he ever could. After all he only ever wrote to ONE devil, I can interact with all of you my students and answer your queries for the benefit of all.

As newly appointed devils I am quite sure that you are all supremely confident in your ability to tend to your charges. You probably think it will be easy, after all arent there so many temptations on offer these days that you will almost not need to help? Well you may well think like that, but remember the sad tales of those who have failed before you. There are far too many devils these days who think they know it all and will fall into the same aweful fate of those who loose their charge to the other side, or worse still, if their charge is already ON the other side find that their charge becomes adept at CONVERTING people away from our side to the enemy's. The wrath of our master knows no bounds in such circumstances!

So I will be here to help you my dear students, I will do my best to give you some advice, but for now, I must away.

Remember, until my next blog post, the golden rule which I have drummed into you at devil school- whatever else you do keep them away from the Book and most of all from "Preaching" which is such a vile thing that even the mention of the word is enough to make the bravest devil tremble.

Of course I don't mean what passes as preaching in most churches these days- you have little to fear from that. But whatever you do, keep them away from REAL preaching, and believe it or not there are still some places you had better not allow your charges to go- if you ignore this advice do not expect any help from me when you are hauled in for questioning........