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Preview: Online Money Making !

Online Money Making !

Online money making tips and moneymaking advice

Updated: 2018-01-19T11:16:55.686+00:00


Blog launch!


I wrote in a previous post that I had figured out one of my "online flaws" was that I would sell a blog pretty much as soon as it had started making decent money. I didn't know if my blogs could keep earning consistently for months. Selling them contantly put me back at square one. I made a goal to not sell any blogs until Easter while constantly growing them and building more.

That strategy has been going very well. My adsense earnings have been steadily increasing ever since my last sale and I'm earning enough that hopefully I won't need to sell a blog at easter anyway.

The blog I want to tell you about is clothing deals online. On that blog I track down the deals and discounts that Amazon has on so many of its items and I publish my findings. Its purpose for the user is to save them money when they shop. It covers clothing in a very in-depth way with entire sections devoted to womens clothing online and other types of clothes. I'm still working on the appearance of the site (the header graphic needs changing), but I have high hopes for it!

Growing the Right Part of your Online Money Making Business


My internet business involves blogs, a fair number of them. Sometimes I can wake up in the morning, check all my stats/earnings etc and think "what should I work on today, what is top priority?" Answering that question is easier said than done especially when you know that if you left everything alone for that day nothing negative (or positive) would happen. Sometimes it seems like everything I do is medium-long term, which means looking into the future is important.

I recently wrote about money making business opportunities that have developed simply by the passing of time. When the blogs that are working well stop growing so fast (but remain stable), its time to pick things up from the bottom and build those blogs up. Now that I've been 'picking up' my old blogs for a while some are growing faster than others, so should I ditch working on the ones that are not growing as fast and just work on the high-growth blogs (while maintaining the high-earning, low growth blogs). For now, the answer is yes. I'm ultimately diversifying while at the same time filtering out the less effective techniques.

It's the 80/20 rule coming in useful again. The 80/20 rule is the idea that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. Therefore if you can work out which 20% of your efforts are the most productive you can shift gear and only work on those things.

MoneyMaking Business Opportunities


(image) Making the most of moneymaking business opportunities online can be difficult. If you are anything like me you swing from having no moneymaking ideas to too many ideas all at once! Should you buy new domains to start new blogs on, buy domains that are aged already or something completely different?

An alternative that I have been finding increasingly attractive recently is reviving old blogs of mine that are already trusted by Google.

My Current MoneyMaking Strategy

Over the 18 months I've been blogging I've built up quite a few domains. I had a phase just over 6 months ago where I did a load of keyword research and bought some domains. I wasn't invested in many things online at the time so I needed to get back in the game. I installed Wordpress on these new blogs and wrote the first post just so Google would index my site with a little content. Often a problem with blogging on a new domain is Google doesn't trust it and you have to work extra hard to not be 'sandboxed' or at least to avoid very low SERPs rankings.

6 months has now passed and my little blogs are all trusted enough by Google to get decent rankings without having to post every single day and build links all night. All that's changed about them is time has passed! I've been steadily adding content to them in the last few weeks and they have been growing very nicely.

I suddenly realized... I have left this blog to the dogs! It's full of decent content, trusted by the search engines, why on earth was I not updating it? On top of that I know more about how to earn money online with a blog now than when I used to write here daily, so I decided (at the very least) to add some more posts outlining what I've been up to.

If your a new reader to this blog or a veteran from 'the old days', do leave a comment letting me know how your business making money online is going for you.

Business Making Money Online


I've been wanting to outline a key lesson I've learned over the last 18 months about running a business making money online. It is about having a long-term strategy that will stand the test of time, like this ruined castle in Ogrodzieniec.

One problem I've encountered that is disguised as a mini-success is that I create a blog and build them up so that they earn a small amount only for me to sell them. Some would think (including me at the time) that this was a good sign. I was creating something that made money by itself pretty much for free in terms of financial investment and then selling it to earn a high enough amount for me to get by.

The problem I've come to realize is that is a short term strategy. If I am to build up passive earnings from adsense so that eventually I am free from financial shackles, I need to hold onto my blogs rather than selling them off. Each time I sell them my recurring earnings go back to virtually square one. Sure, I may have an extra $1000 in the bank, but that runs out and then I have to sell my latest creation.

One way to get around this to turn that into a positive. I am good at selling blogs, so perhaps I should just get quicker at building them up and continue selling them. I'm confident that business strategy would work in terms of making money, but it doesn't scale up to give me enough freedom with my time.

That is why I am setting a goal until Easter, to not sell any blogs in my old 'quick boost' approach. I will endure my bank balance getting a bit low with the aims of building a long-term business making money online. A few months of constant build up will almost certainly not be long enough to reach my overall earning goals, but it is a big step in the right direction for my business making money online.

Quick Last Minute Deals Expands!


Quick Last Minute Deals is rapidly expanding! A new section has been set up just for cars and I have bloggers waiting to start blogging there. The new section is called used cars and trucks.

I will be creating more subsections shortly so stay tuned!

Introducing And a blogging job!


I have just launched a blog for finding Quick Last Minute Deals for various items you may be searching for. I use eBay to do this and I use another site to give me a constant stream of ideas for what last minute deals to write about.

I've been launching lots of blogs lately... time to stop making new ones and start improving the old ones!

The Blogging Job

Quick Last Minute Deals is the type of blog where the more posts that are churned out the better.

I need bloggers who can write posts for I will tell you everything you need to know so that each post will only take about 5 minutes. You will be able to rotate your AdSense codes with mine to earn a cut of the earnings, so the more you post the more you earn!

If you want to do this email me at mattjones(at)bloggingfingers(dot)com.

Blog Plug For Rave Clothing Store


I've launched a new blog which contains a Rave Clothing Store, which sells items such as rave clothing for girls. We also have a section for rave lights and rave clothing for juniors.

This new site of mine makes use of the new ebay partner program and uses the PHPbay lite Wordpress plugin. I plan to make lots of small niche sites, like this one with a blog on the homepage and sidebar links to the store pages.

I'll update on how it goes!

Has anyone else launched any new blogs recently?

Tuesday Blog Plugs


I often write blog plugs over at Blogging Fingers and they have gone down well there so I have decided to introduce the writing of blog plugs here as well.

A blog plug is simply a favorable mention in a blog post. It doesn't have to be part of a list of plugs, but it can be. Bloggers commonly write blog plugs (although they may call them something else) as a way of sharing their favorite links with readers, as well as earning social 'brownie points' with the sites that they link to.

For fanatical devotion and talented programming I strongly recommend using Logicsmiths Web Design and Application Development Services

I've also guest posted at Shylock, so be sure to check out the post and give it a sphinn + stumble.

Download The Blog Monetization Strategies E-book And Win $300!


With great excitement I give you the Blog Monetization Strategies e-book. It is 16 pages long and 100% free! Monetization is my favourite blogging topic, which is why I chose to write an e-book and give it away for free! Every word of its content is brand new. Nothing is copied from old blog posts. This e-book contains my best material.


Enter your email address below to have the e-book sent to you.

I am launching the e-book with a $300 contest on Blogging Fingers. Check out the contest here

The e-book is kindly sponsored by FruitFulTime Task Manager to do list software, which you could win just by downloading the free Blog Monetization Strategies e-book!

Google Lowers Rankings For A Small Blog Of Mine


A small niche blog of mine about cheap airsoft guns called Cheap-Ass Airsoft Guns has had its rankings lowered by Google!

The site used to earn a couple of dollars each day from Google Adsense, so it wasn't a major earner, but it was a nice supplemental income given I very rarely updated it. I do not know why the rankings has been lowered! It was making money for a few weeks in a row, then suddenly the rank is lost for all its referring kewords.

The lesson is don't rely on Google for all the traffic!

My keyword experiment for ranking for Facebok was a success! Or at least it was temporarily!

Wilipedia - Another Misspelling


Remember earlier today I posted about Facebok? Well I am going to continue this crazy experiment by seeing if it will work for another misspelling! wilipedia!

I am awaiting the results to see if I can rank number 1 for both Facebok and Wilipedia!

Why don't you try something similar (but with different misspellings) and let me know the results! I'll update you about Wilipedia.

Google Search Misspellings: FaceBok


If you are reading this there is a good chance you came via the misspelling in a Google search “Facebok”!

It is a fairly well known fact among bloggers and domainers that money can be made from misspellings. I did a little research and I discovered there are several thousand searches for "Facebok" each month! This post is an experiment to see how fast this post can rise to the top of Google for the term "Facebok" instead of Facebook (of course!).

This going to be fun! Has anyone ever done something similar?

2 Hours Of Blogging In 2 Minutes


Here is a vid I made of me blogging for 2 hours speeded up into 2 minutes. You can catch more Blogging Ideas over at my blog Blogging Fingers

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Online Money Making With Blogging Fingers


As many of you know my new blog over at Blogging Fingers is about blogging ideas, tips creativity and money making strategies for blogs.

It has advice about building traffic, online money making and lots of unique ideas. I highly recommend you head over there now and subscribe to the RSS feed (What is RSS?).

I recently sold a blog of mine for $1000. On Blogging Fingers I have written a 2 part series on How to sell a blog. The blog I sold was only 3 months old, so you can do the same thing!

If you are looking to start a blog for online money making then be sure to check out my page about web hosting packages which will tell you everything you need to know to get started with a blog with a domain name of your choice (unlike this blog).

My New Blog - Visit it Now!


My New blog is Blogging Fingers. I hope you like it, and don't forget to subscribe to it's RSS Feed!

Clinke Bidding Directory Released!


Daryl from Earn Money Blogging recently announced the launch of his new bidding directory which he has called Clinke (as in 'putting Link in cost effectiveness'). Clinke's development is recorded on the directory blog. Clinke allows you to buy and sell backlinks, which is important for SEO and improves Google Page Rank. Each backlink counts as a 'vote of confidence' for your site in the all-seeing eyes of the search engines and so they are fundamentally important.

To get his new site of to a flying start Daryl launched a blog post contest where everybody is a winner! The best post will (which he will judge) will receive $20. This seems like a pretty small first prize, but there are 5 prizes and everyone who takes part wins the 3rd,4th and 5th ones! Why not enter the contest and be guaranteed a prize!

UPDATE: Since writing this I have been added to the Clinke bidding directory and experienced first hand the special bonus which Daryl mentions on his post. If I told you what it is I would have to spam you to death (how else can you kill someone via a blog?), but rest assured it's worth entering to find out!

Whats up with Feedburner?!


I just checked my Feedburner subscription and I was greeted with the horrific sight you see above. Every site has been reduced to 0! I'm guessing there is some sort of malfunction and hopefully it will all return to normal!

Has anyone else's Feedburner RSS count suddenly been reduced to 0?

It's all fixed now and back to normal. The world is safe for another day...

Online Money Making


Online money making has become a major business and a way of life, or at least an ambition for many many people. A Google search for "Online money making" reveals over 90 Million results, 722 thousand of which are blogs. I think of this massive increase in bloggers blogging about online money making as a booming industry, not unlike the industrial revolution, or the massive emigration to America, to explore the new world.

It's an exiting time to be alive and blogging, with everyone looking to get a knee up from the wealthy online money making bloggers who got in early and have grown powerful.

The great thing about online money making bloggers is that they are both competition to each other, while at the same time provide traffic to each other and sustain each other while teaching you (and me) How to Market Your Blog. We all visit each other’s blogs, being traffic in ourselves, as well as exchanging links and helping each other.

The other common practise is linking to other blog posts we like. This creates friendly competition that is very rewarding and fair for those involved. Good content simply means more links from other bloggers, which increases traffic directly as well as improves search engine rankings.

The other great thing about online money making is that it encourages creativity. This is important, not only in writing creative blog posts, but in coming up with entrepreneurial ideas. Anything is possible; people are becoming millionaires by online money making all the time. Just imagine what the blogosphere will be like in 10 years, will it still exist?


PayPerPost Love


Unles you have been living up a tree for the last several months you will know that PayPerPost is a make money blogging site which sponsors blog posts. In other words they are a middleman. This blog was accepted by PayPerPost about a month or so ago when I crossed the '3 month old' boundary'. Since then I have completed just two sponsored posts from PayPerpost; mostly because until the recent Google Page Rank update many of the opportunities were unavailable to me.

Those two posts have made me a humble $14, of which $6.50 was actually paid into my PayPal account this morning. That money (I know it's not much!) will go into my general 'Gap year fund' which comprises of personal savings and other money I have made online.

If anything, my experience from being with PayPerPost has reinforced the phrase 'don't put all your eggs in one basket'. This phrase has become a bit of a cliché in blogging, but that is for a very good reason; it is 100% true.

(image) (image)

SEO Class


SEO Class provides SEO Training by what are apparently marketing specialists. Of course there is no qualification that defines who is a 'marketing specialist', but every SEO Class presenter has an online presence at either, WebmasterWorld Forum, Threadwatch, Search Engine Land or SERoundtable.

At the class you will learn about:

1. Content creation.
2. Organic and Paid Link Building and Management
3. Research Techniques
4. Social Marketing
5. Paid Marketing Campaigns
6. Technical Setup
7 SEO Tools (free and paid ones).

To me it looks like SEO Class will teach you a lot about SEO. However, whether most of that knowledge can be found online for free is another matter. I suspect a lot of it can be found, but the SEO learning curve (much like the blogging one) is long. The advantage of SEO class is that you can learn it all in one go.

The cost is a whopping $2999 (did I forget to mention that?). This is way over the budget for most bloggers in the online money making niche. In addition, one of the major plusses of the SEO class would be that you can get 1 on 1 help from the experts, however, without the experience of trying out their techniques it would be hard to make the most of this offer.

There are no seats currently available for the May 2007 (they must be making the sales somewhere!). SEO Class is best for young online businesses, where the webmaster has only a moderate or little amount of SEO knowledge.


Sponsored Reviews Refunded Me!


In my last post I explained about how I wrote three sponsored posts using Sponsored Reviews but two of the purchases were made using stolen credit cards and so I only received payment for one of the three posts.

Yesterday I found they had sent the other $21 they 'owed' me into my PayPal account! They also sent an e-mail outlining what they had done:

"With that being said we have gone through and credited all bloggers for the amounts they would have earned for the work they completed. Since payday was this past Saturday and you were not paid for these reviews, we have gone ahead and completed a special payment run"

I am happy to now have restored trust in them and I will keep using Sponsored Reviews, especially because it is not part of their TOS to refund me but they did it anyway. As well as issuing this "special payment run" they outlined some changes they have made to their system:

"We have restricted access for certain countries that are known for this type of fraud, as well as implemented new procedures to weed out potential problem advertisers."

It's great to see they are in touch with their users and provide an adaptable service. I like to think that perhaps my last post influenced them ;p. Whatever the reason it is for the best and thanks for the unexpected refund Sponsored Reviews! This is a step in the right direction for those of you looking for a trusted site to make money online with.


Sponsored Reviews Stole My Money!


Remember yesterday there was that batch of 3 sponsored posts? Well, now there is only one. I thought I had earned just over $24 for writing them and I should have been paid that by the end of yesterday into my PayPal account. All was not to be.

This morning (25 minutes ago - can you still feel the rage?) I received this email:

"Dear Blogger,

It has come to our attention that fraudulent purchases have been made through our system. You were approached by an advertiser to write a review for one of the following Domains:




Unfortunately, these purchases were made with stolen credit cards and we have no choice but to return the money to the credit card holder and delete the order in our system. This means that we are unable to pay you for the review that you completed, and ask that you remove it from your site(s).

We apologize for this inconvenience and for the time you spent writing the review. We assure you that we are taking measures to prevent this from happening in the future. This sort of fraud is rare and difficult to catch through standard fraud prevention schemes.

We appreciate your understanding and your continued support. Please submit a support ticket if you have any questions"

I thought perhaps there had been a mistake, but then checking my PayPal account revealed only the payment for the first review had been paid. The payment history in Sponsored Reviews told the same story.

I checked the Terms and Conditions and of course they don't have to pay me. Its quite ironic that I have an entire site devoted to uncovering internet scams and then I got scammed myself by what we all thought to be a respectable company.

Admittedly it wasn't technically Sponsored Reviews who 'stole my money' but it makes me wonder if it's worth writing more sponsored posts via them. I know there is no such thing as easy money online but the ratio is pretty bad, 2/3 of the purchases from them were by stolen credit cards! I have never heard of this happening before, has this happened to you?

Maybe I am just being punished for selling my blogging soul to the Sponsored post devil...


Blog About Your Blog... and get a free fridge!


What more could you want in life? The Blog About Your Blog Feed Contest is well underway. All you have to do is subscribe to their feed, leave a comment and when they reach 200 subscribers they will give away a 'state of the art' mini fridge. If there’s one thing that the ladies go for, it’s a man with a mini fridge.

As I write this they have 105 subscribers so they are over half way there! Note that only US residents can be sent the fridge, so no fridge for me I’m afraid (story of my life... :p).

I may usually be one to 'game the system' but with Feeds my views are a little different. I always think of feeds as a very accurate measure of the quality of a blog’s content, because unlike e.g. the Technorati favourites, subscribing to a feed has consequences and means getting posts sent to you (so people don't just subscribe on a whim). However, Blog About Your Blog does have quality content, which 'lessens the blow' and there seems to be no reason why people can't unsubscribe from the contest once the fridge has been awarded.

But Wait, What is 'Blog About Your Blog'

"We are a community blog where we feature quality bloggers with quality blogs. We ask bloggers to share their articles with us, providing links to their own blog, as well as traffic and readers."

I heard about Blog About Your Blog a while ago, but for a reason I am unsure of I never actually visited them. They have a simple and effective layout (which apparently is new) and a distinct lack of Ads which makes a refreshing change.

It was good to see a few familiar faces posting there. I would try to become an author there myself if I had the time but as you know I am looking for guest bloggers myself.

- This is a sponsored Post - (not sponsored to be positive!) -


Online Money Making - SERPS Madness!


I have woefully mentioned a number of times before (at least I think I wrote it out loud... ) that when I started this blog 4 months ago I had no SEO strategy. However, it may have been a blessing from Google, or just shear luck but yesterday I found myself on page 6 for the term 'online money making. OK, so Page 6 isn't great, but it's defiantly something to work with, and given the competitive nature of that keyword phrase I couldn’t resist a chance to get to page 1 on the Google SERPS (search engine results page) and suck up some juicy traffic.


Above is the Sitening graph that shows my position on the Google SERPS for the phrase, 'online money making' over the last few weeks. Up until today I had been planning a little 'victory post' showing how I fought the battle and made it to Page 1 in Google.

All was not to be
For a totally unknown reason I disappeared without trace from position 67 for 'online money making'. Perhaps this has something to do with the Page Rank update? Or a simultaneous algorithm change?

All is not Lost
I am going to get the to bottom of this murder mystery Sherlock Holms style. ... All I need is a Sidekick! I will do a little 'experimentation' and perhaps a little more 'blog science'. Stay Tuned!

Have you found you have suddenly disappeared off of Google or maybe shot up the SERPS?.


Freedom From John Chow!


Before the Page Rank Update, one of the many ingenious methods I used to increase my future Google Page Rank was to be on JohnChow's top commentator list. I managed to do this using the URL of Affiliate Programs and Internet Scams. John had a PR4 but updated to a PR6.

Those of you who think of yourself as somewhat 'wise owls' will be dying to tell me that Google Page Rank is constantly being updated and that what the Toolbar shows is 'only a snapshot'. I have to admit I really don't understand why people bother saying this. The whole reason why I (and many other bloggers in this niche) were so exited about the update is because having that 'snapshot' is all it takes to convince advertisers that our site actually has that Page Rank; which in turn allows for easier and more lucrative site monetisation. It is only about your sites search engine optimization, what it displays as PR matters too.

You might say 'isn't he being a bit cheeky to the advertisers?'. I say I am defiantly not. The next update probably wont be for another solid three months and so by then I would have easily gained that Page Rank the 'white hat' way; and probably rise above and beyond the stated Page Rank, giving the advertisers even more than they bargained for. If I were some backwater vagabond who was going to give up his blog, this would not be the case, however, fortunately I am not!

If you think about it, Page Rank is just like Gold. It doesn't really have a practical use, it just looks nice, but we have developed around it in such a way that it carries great value. I.e.:

We want it, because we make more from advertisers,
Advertisers want it because they can make more from other advertisers
etc etc, It just goes on for ever.

Nevertheless, according to my Sitening Tool Google has only updated some of the 'data centres' and will be updating the rest shortly.

Trick of the day:
I am mind numbingly happy I no longer 'need' to be on John Chow's top commentator list. However, if you are looking for a devilishly cheeky way to get an easy PR6 link at the next update, you may want to consider giving it a try!