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more than milk

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our new home is over here now.

dear more than milk


should I keep you?

kind regards,

oh yes


Yeasayer coming back to SLC in April. Finally. (via Stereogum)

mp3: Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

Have you seen the video for this single? Fa reaky. If appropriate.

a weather does christmas


Round here we love free downloads from good bands of classic Christmas song covers. Especially since the 25 Christmas albums that play at work begin to feel more like the same one album on repeat. Thanks, Team Love.

mp3: A Weather - Baby It's Cold Outside

you'd think this was a jack white fan blog


I Cut Like A Buffalo
Directed by Jack White

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For a second this makes me want to watch "Help!" and then for a second Jack reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic.

sarey poppins


Sarah of Belle & Sebastian has an Etsy shop? Yup. And she's got good taste in fabric. Of course.

the wait is over


Some of my friends made this thing that they worked so hard on and we waited so long for and now it's finally here and ready for you to see.
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(I sort of consulted on the music for the trailer. Apparently I'm into darker things, but that's as close as I'll ever get to my dream job of doing music for movies. Unless.)

I am dying just watching the promo videos. Like when Jeru tries to style Mike White like a fundy, or when Sam Rockwell gives her a hard time for eating a lot (as if).

Broncos is out now in several major cities and more next week, check for times and get yourself there asap.



Haven't heard of it? It's the next dessert trend. Invented by this 6 year old who happens to be my cousin and who should be famous and adored all over the world one day, along with the rest of his talented siblings.

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I'm never having kids cause they'll never be this cool.

like a doctor without a prescription pad


Hallefreakinlujah. The Rachel Zoe Project is finally back! I don't care if you love her or hate her, this is irresistible guilty pleasure television. No matter how stressed out they get, that is a dream job--swimming in couture all day and sitting front row at fashion shows. And how badly do I want to hang out with her assistant Brad? Do yourself a favor, if you are into fashion or celebrities just a little bit, watch it. And for true fans, has recently launched and you can get daily emails and see some ridic photos of RZ.


some watch porn. i watch this.


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like a buffalo


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Saw The Dead Weather last night. Twas the best show of the year at least. Jack and Alison are archetypal rock stars. I can't get enough. I have to clip my ipod to my underwears because I don't wanna stop hearing it just because I have to put my jimjams on. (The only working ipod doesn't plug into a stereo here.) When customers leave the shop I quick plug it in. There's a new plan to woo Jack with a De Stijl quilt. That's right, get ready. As per my new policy of not taking photos at shows (distracting and inevitably disappointing), I have no photos. This is better anyways.

thanks for the plenti


There has not been enough music on mtm of late. Hopefully there will be more when I decide where to host mp3s from now on, and hopefully they will stop taking down the music when I post it. For now, we'll have to put up with 3rd party hosting.

Let's talk about how awesome it is that Paul Banks of Interpol is putting out a solo record under the moniker Julian Plenti and how awesome it is that it's a good record. Unwind is my new song of summer.

mp3: Julian Plenti - Unwind

By the way, what's this about Carlos D. not going by D. anymore?



I was in Santa Barbara a couple weeks ago for a wedding. Since I was in the neighborhood, I took some wedding flowers and went to Neverland Ranch to pay my respects to MJ.

This place is seriously in the middle of nowhere, people. Like 3 hours from LA. On the way there I saw... not Neverland.

Security said the media had cleared out in the last couple days. That's where security hangs out.

The shrine had taken over the entire entrance to the property and then some.

It was 9pm and a constant stream of people, of all sorts.

The house is 2 miles in from the entrance, so these brick walls are really all there are to see.

It was probably a good thing I went as I'd been kind of obsessing and it got MJ out of my system. Or back to the usual baseline amount that's in my system.



I'm kind of obsessed with these Google homepage themes from the Audubon Society.


MJ forev


I know it's MJ everywhere, but for good reason.
This one was my all time favorite.

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you all need to see the brothers bloom. it's a quite perfect movie. rinko kikuchi, prague, exploding barbie dolls, and so many little things. not to mention adrian brody.
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it's late and i need to sleep but i just wanted to say hi. hi, internets. sometimes you break my heart. i hope tomorrow you decide to play nice.

so guess what. i went to pittsburgh. you should read about it at suppose. (but don't look at my hideous hair. it's cut now.) then i went to chicago and wisconsin. for the record, madison wisconsin is totally dope. next, oc. then lalalondon.

i'm just putting it out there that i am rooting for kupono on sytycd. also, you should watch southland. it's super intense and the best cop show in years. and especially interesting having grown up watching the l.a. news every night. plus little ryan atwood is grown up all strong and protecting you with a gun.

being about to sleep and all, there are no mp3s or even links here, but you should still totally listen to
the new phoenix
the kitsune maison 7 mix
and some other stuff that maybe i'll blog about later.

just because i don't blog doesn't mean i don't miss you.

summer reading lists


Was cleaning off my desk and found the summer readings lists from Uni High School in Irvine, CA, which I had picked up last year when I went to my childhood library in Irvine with Brooke. (Which, by the way is such a cool library. There was this spiral ramp leading up to the grown up section that was fun to play in.) We wanted to see how many of the books we'd actually read, and use them for ideas of things to read. As if we needed that. Since I've held on to these lists for so long, I thought I'd share them. You too can see how much (or little) you have in common with the literary habits (or coercions) of today's youth and add fodder to that to-read list on Good Reads. I've only read a few of these. Should I be ashamed? This is the high school that I would have almost gone to had my family not moved and put me in Catholic prep school, which just brings back horrible memories of staying up all night while my mom read Lord of the Flies out loud to me so I would stay awake because the summer reading test was the next day which we had only barely found out about since I had only barely enrolled...University High School Summer Reading ListIncoming FreshmanEnder’s Shadow, Orson Scott CardCharms for the Easy Life, Kaye GibbonsThe Good Earth, Pearl S. BuckSister of my Heart, Chitra DivakaruniThe No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Alexander McCall SmithTimeline, Michael CrichtonIncoming SophomoresA Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Betty SmithThe Red Pony, John SteinbeckFalling Leaves, Adeline Yen MaBless Me, Ultima, by Rudolfo AnayaTheir Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale HurstonPeace Likre A River, Leif EngerA Lesson Before Dying, Ernest J. GainesIncoming JuniorsThe Forest House, Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Crystal Cave, Mary StewartAbsolution by Murder, Peter TremayneThe Queen’s Man, Sharon Kay PenmanThe Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, Robin MaxwellIncoming SeniorsThe Alchemist, Paulo CoelhoNervous Conditions, Tsitsi DangarembgaThe Bean Trees, Barbara KingsolverTortilla Curtain, T.C. BoyleThe Samurai’s Garden, Gail TsukiyamaFive Quarters of the Orange, Joanne JarrisThe Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel HawthorneSo how many can you check off this list?[...]

better blipper


Blogger and those other douchey types are really cracking down on the mp3s, which is partly why I haven't posted a lot of music lately. So instead of getting sued or at least getting the blog taken down, I'm going to rely on blip more to share music with you. basically it's like twitter, but for music.

you'll find my blip updates in that reliable sidebar and you can follow me on

freakin cutest thing you've ever seen in your entire life


My mom and brother are both getting little Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. These are not them, but this is what they'll look like when we get them in a few weeks. I kind of think I need one for myself. How can I convince my roomies to let me bring one home?


other than running a fabric shop, here's what i've been doing


Had escargot for the first time in honor of Erica's b-day. Went to the Paris Bistro in SLC which was super delicious.
Attended a fake wedding b-day party for a friend's daughter, at which her father dressed up as Macho Man and stayed in character the entire time.
At the last minute JD got us tickets to the Postsecret event at USU. Lucky day, though it turned a bit too group therapy-ish at the end.

Saw Glasvegas. Swooned the whole time.

Dyed Easter eggs with Rosie despite not having any kids around.

Continued to be obsessed with my monkeyniece who likes to play this game where she blinds me.
Carry on.

you're barely alive


Word is, the lineup of the Twilight Concert Series in SLC this summer is shaping up to be pretty impressive. Better not plan any vacations for July.

July 9
Bon Iver
Jenny Lewis

July 16
Black Keys

July 23

July 30
Sonic Youth

August 6

August 13
Toots and the Maytals

Now if this snow would just die already.

Dear Butcher Boy,


Wow, that was an amazing article in the Times. I'm sorry that I didn't have a photo of the mysterious baby teeth in the mysterious wooden box for your music video. I still hope I can get my hands on your album.

But most importantly.

When are you coming to the States?


holy liberty


People it is here. Libbie Linton has finished her first full length album, some of which you can listen to at her myspace. It's beautiful and thrilling. Please go see her upcoming shows in Logan and SLC. Especially the CD release on April 23 at the TSC Auditorium at USU. Oh, and how much do you love that album cover designed by Jory Jory Dayne? ps. Libbie's birthday is July 4th so it is fun to think that Libbie is short for Liberty, even though it's really Elisabeth. Banjo for freedom!

at least it's something


So much to say. I finally blogged about the grand opening over at Suppose blog. It went very well and we are having a blast.

Really this blog post is about how I really want to do this. This is from a friend's brother's site. I am kind of speechless about it. Brilliant.