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Never underestimate the power of prayer!

Updated: 2014-03-18T06:06:07.473-04:00


The joy of the Lord.


Ok, so I had a beautiful baby girl on July 14th. We named her Alexandra Spring. She has been nothing but joy to us all. We did this series with her while she was still in my womb. It was called 'Ministering to the Baby in the Womb' by Arthur Burk. I recommend every single parent to do this with their child(ren). It has to do with understanding generational sins, curses and blessings, dealing

A few updates or more so highlights from this year so far!


Here are some updates:I got married this year to the man God had promised to me three years ago on March 8, 2008. It was probably the biggest snow storm day in Toronto this season. But it proved to be an amazing day. My husband's name is Richard and he is awesome.We got our own little three bedroom townhouse a few blocks away from where I used to live. Which has proved to be very convenient

A year later! Has it been so long?


Wow, I thought this website had been deleted. My cousin just started a new one and it got me wondering about this old thing. I checked to see if it was still operable and low and behold it was. I realize that I haven't written in over a year but I think it needs to be taken up again. It was such a relief to be able to let out my stress, anguish, joy, frustrations, happy moments, life, et la,

Hi Y'all from Texas!!!


Hi Y'all. I am in Texas for training with American Airlines for two weeks. I arrived last night and had our first test this morning. It was a bit intense last night trying to get over jet lag and studying. There was a big build up regarding the test because it was a do or die situation. You had to pass with an 80% or else they turn around and send you back home on the next available flight.

Matthew and Jesus :-)


Two weeks ago, the most amazing thing happened. While my kids and I were doing morning worship my son was acting silly. (that's not the amazing part :) 'cause he's always silly) Anyway, after worship we prayed and right as we finished praying my son said something to me. He said 'Mom, I don't have Jesus in my heart'. I proceeded to ask him if he wanted Him in his heart. But not just that, I had

The last first...


How crazy is it when you have waited all your life for your last first. Well, yesterday marked the end of the old and the beginning of the rest of my life. The one God promised to me two whole years ago, kissed me yesterday and it was the beginning of a God-centred WOW life. I can not wait until the day we say 'I do'.I must admit that no matter how excited I am, I am just as scared inside. I've

Weekend Fun!


This weekend I had a lot of fun. I took Matthew, Alyssa and the neighbourhood kids toboganing. I have not been on a tobogan in years. I forgot how much fun it actually is. I remember when Skye was about 4 and I took her on some hills by my house. I made a smaller hill at the bottom so we could fly like superman. It was too fun. Our butt's hurt by the time we got home, but man that was too cool!

American Airlines here I come!


So I just got back from my second interview for American Airlines. This was the first job interview in many, many years that I was nervous going into. I guess I was nervous for a few reasons. This would be the first time in a long time that I have done something just for me, and yet the bonus is, it benefits a lot of others. Second, they basically said in the first interview that if you get a

Trusting, obeying, and letting God...


Two years ago this month God spoke over me a promise. I have struggled with this promise so much, mostly because I was looking at it in the natural. I didn't realize that God was setting in motion more than I could ever imagine in the supernatural. I went through a very rocky road, I like to call it a roller coaster that never wanted to end.The amazing thing that I see in all of this is that I am

'Tis the season...


Today we dug out the ol' Christmas tree and had a blast listening and singing Christmas carols while we decorated it. Usually the most frustrating part about the Christmas tree is the lights. However today, for some reason, we had almost no issues or annoyances with them. We decorated the fireplace too! This was a treat because we have always left it untouched. The house is almost ready for



Forgiveness is required by all Christians. It sometimes sounds easier than it is though. For the past week I have not exactly been completely myself. I was still angry about the situation that I wrote about in the last post and I seemed to allow it to grip me.I confided in a man from church about the situation and his response was to seek forgiveness for my actions and to say sorry. He said that

The calm, the storm, and now the leftovers!


For the past few days I think I have felt every single emotion that the human body has. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, scream or hit something, be mad or sad, and sometimes I don't even care. Yet somehow in the midst of all this emotional turmoil God has managed to give me peace.I just went through something that I never wanted to go through. I told myself that I would never let someone



Well, I have been officially homeschooling my children for just over a month now. We had a bumpy start but everything is smoothing itself out. I find that I am liking being a teacher and although I don't know everything there is to know about every subject, the curriculum I chose makes it a lot easier than I imagined. My children say they really enjoy homeschooling too! Besides being in the

Camping blues!


Ok, so I was looking forward to going camping with my children this past weekend since I booked the site way back in May. The day finally arrives for us to go and we're off to Sauble Beach. The only problem was, it rained all weekend long. It was nice for us to spend time together alone, with my children and my niece. Luckily we brought cards, the game trouble and some books or we would have been

Attack, attack!!


So, I've been having to deal with a lot of situations in my life this past month. It has been a little rough but with God's help I keep finding His peace. It seems ever since I got back from my amazing trip to Nicaragua, Satan has been trying to attack not only me but my family and friends. I can't even begin to say all that has happened. But I can say that both my dad and my uncle got hurt

Christians cannot remain neutral.


Ok, so I was really peeved and now I'm over it! I knew writing in the blog would help. I just wonder how I got through the earlier part of the year when I neglected this blog.Anyway, while looking on the net for this that and the other, I hopped over to a site called and listened to a very interesting clip regarding Israel. It is definitely worth a hop skip and a jump over to the site

Really peeved off!!


Every time I am heading right in the direction of the Lord, something always has to come and try to knock me over.This time it had to do with work. They accused me of something that I never did and would never do. Others backed me up and they still wanted me to sign something that said I did what they were accusing me of. Of course I would not. After feeling mad, angry, upset, disappointed, and

Proverbs challenge.


Every day I receive in my email daily devotionals. I am sure a lot of us do. Today I read one that suggested if you want to change your life for the better forever that you should read Proverbs every day for a year. Seeing as Proverbs has 31 chapters and most months have 31 days it suggested that reading one chapter a day for a year would revolutionize your thinking because it is loaded with

Pictures are up.


I just posted some pictures from our trip to Nicaragua at flickr. Link is to the left if anyone is interested in seeing some cool pics. :-)

We're back from Nicaragua!


I just got back from my first mission trip. A team of 28 of us went to Nicaragua, my daughter included. It was our churches first children's mission trip. We all stayed in an orphanage in Managua but visited many places such as Leon, Granada, Matagalpa, Selva Negra, and Jinotepe.It was so amazing. God used us in so many special ways. A lot of our team didn't want to come back to Canada when it

Trying once again!


I haven't posted in close to a year now but something inside of me couldn't delete this blog. I know I've said it before but I really am going to try to get back into the swing of things and post, as I once did, on a regular basis. I probably have no one visiting this site that once did but, it will resurrect. I have faith. :-)

What an awesome God I serve!


I find God so amazing. When I think I can't be more amazed, He amazes me again! I just found out an amazing testimony that one of my friends shared with me a few days ago. God just knows how to encourage, uplift, strengthen and give hope. I knew that before but each time I hear of what He has done or is doing it just blows my mind. For anyone that says He's not real or doesn't work anymore

Tears of Joy!


In church this morning as we were singing 'How great is our God', a little girl got up on stage and started doing sign language to the song. As I watched tears welled up in my eyes, tears of joy, tears of happiness, tears of awe. I can't say it was only because of this little girl, but just for the awesomeness in the Almightly. He really is Great! He just blows my mind day in and day out. And I

Finding peace in the midst of a storm.


In the midst of any storm, the Lord always proves to be great. He is always there and never tries to flee. He is the one we can count on, the one we can trust and the one who loves us. I found out not long ago that someone close to me has been having problems in her marriage. But through everything that she has and is going through the Lord is the one who comforts, provides and strengthens her

Early Christian Church Unearthed


By Cynthia JohnstonMEGIDDO PRISON, Israel (Reuters) - In a maximum-security jail just down the road from Armageddon, Israeli archaeologists have unearthed what they believe is the oldest church discovered in the land where Jesus was born."This is one of the most important finds of early Christianity," archaeologist Yardena Alexandre of the Israel Antiquities told journalists on a tour of the