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My Country Heart And Hickory Hollow Primitives

Primitive & rustic, Antique Mall shop, located at Brothers Antique Mall, 6132 Wooster Pike, Rte 3 South, Medina, Ohio 44256. 3 large spaces! ~ 330-723-7580 Email Me at:

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 ~ Candle Grubbing Freebie Tutorial!                                   Super Easy, No Wax, No Fuss!                                                                                                            by Kathie Givens                                                               So here we have an old metal grain scoop, one of my favorite items to find!  It inspired this freebie & easy candle painting tutorial.Take a large nail or sharp object and punch a hole with a hammer (on a soft surface, like an old rug), in the top and add some rusty wire to hang!  Perfect old and antique looking prim lighting.  Find an old white candle at thrift shop or in your basement.  Clean it up by dusting and taking any dirt off & trim wick if needed.  Here's a better look at this neat scoop.  They can also just sit on a table or cupboard.      With an ordinary dry paint brush, use a paper plate and pour some plain Nutmeg Brown Acrylic paint on the paper plate, do not add water, and paint it on candle.  It will go on very nice.  I just hold it by the wick.  Before it's dry, I sprinkled on some ground cinnamon, (did not roll candle in it).  I used ground cinnamon, because powdered cinnamon would not go on as well.  This process would be fantastic with the white flicker candles, that are out on the market now, that you would want to make primitive looking.  It works on tapers, too!    Let it dry overnight and set.                        Here's a closer look at how great the finish can look! This was a bright white candle!  Done!   I always thought paint would not stick to the wax, wrong!  Don't throw away those old candles!  Here's a preview of the big fat fabric pumpkin I just finished painting and sanding.  It is for sale you can send me an email.   Save all your pumpkin stems!!!!  You can glue them on your hand done ones next year!    Here's a finished old quart jar filled with egg gourds!  It's at Brother's Antique Mall, in Medina, Ohio, please come and visit if you are in the area!  We have 2 large spots filled with antiques and primitives. My freebie tutorials are for all you fellow crafters to use and follow for your crafting or sales.  And thank you for visiting and learning & please mention " My Country Heart" as to where you found it.(However, my written tutorials are not to be used without my written permission.)  ©                                                    [...]

~ Hickory Hollow's Primitive Tag Tutorial ~ ©


 ~No Baking and They Do Not Curl Up! ~ ©                                                                                     By Kathie Givens Hello Everyone one!It's been ages since I posted anything!  And it's time to get right back in the saddle... Hickory Hollow is a part of My Country Heart and we are now located in Brother's Antique Mall in Medina, Ohio. We moved out of our 8 room Farmhouse in Copley, Ohio.  Watch for lots more tutorials to come and follow us on our two Face Book pages :-) Had a very bad & rude experience with one of my tutorials being copied right down to the same-like photos!   But with that said and done....I post my tutorials for you to learn and make items for free.  It's nice if you would mention where you learned and you can sell them if you want, but please DO NOT copy my tutorial work and print it as your own work.Primitive tags tutorials are many on the Net, with lot of simalarities, here, but this is how I do mine.  After making so many tags over the years, I do believe I like this one the best.  It works very easy and they DO NOT CURL UP after applying the tint & no baking is required what-so-ever!  So here we go ~ hope you learn a lot here, it's a freebie!  Stop back and visit soon.Here is exactly what you will need for this project.  Gloves and Avery Shipping tags.  Out of all the tags I have used, these are the best ones.  String is cotton and antiques very well.  It may not work on any other tags you have.  I only use this brand of tags.I love to work right on top of my washer and dryer!  Just the right height and perfect lighting!  And I have a nice CD play nearby! I gather several  card board box pieces.  One to work on and a few to set the tags on after they are completed.  After the card board gets damp, it provides a great marking on each tag, just from sponging it on each one from the indention of the lines on the cardboard.  This does not happen until the cardboard gets saturated.Here's a few completed tags so you can see the great patina the coffee provides and the smell is Heavenly!  No other procedure that I have seen, provides this highly textured and deeply antiqued card.You will need an empty coffee jar, instant coffee, and dollar store vanilla.   I save all the excess perked coffee in the frig. in this coffee jar and when I start this project I simply pour the entire  container of vanilla in this perked jar of old coffee from the frig and shake.I only use a piece of cut off sponge that I had moistened and dunk into the perked coffee and vanilla mixture.   Below are the tags before being stained.And here below is the difference of the finished tag and unstained tags....So here is the secret of obtaining the above deep and dark textured look of these Avery tags.  After dabbing with wet sponge and not forgetting the string on both sides.  While still wet.....                      Open your instant coffee jar and pour a small amount of instant coffee onto wet card just as pictured.Then rub with the palm of your hand in the gritty instant coffee in a circular motion all over the card.  You will get results instantly.  Rub entire card - do not leave any un-rubbed coffee on card or it will get sticky and they will stick t[...]

Kathie's Famous Crock Pot Easy ~ Great Northern Bean Soup!



There is one thing that I love, and that is comfort food on a cold rainy or snowy night!  And here it is!  I have tried many a bean soup and this is my very own recipe and it is worth your time and effort.  Easy and smells up the house wonderful as it cooks.

Ingredients:  Cooks in a 6 Quart Crock Pot!

1 lg. can  (40.5 oz.) Great Northern (Hanover - if you can find it) Beans.

1 14-1/2 oz. can of College Inn - Garden Vegetable Broth (make sure you get the Garden Vegetable).

1 Sweet Onion, chopped.

2 Stalks of  Celery, chopped.

2 lg. Potatoes w/skins, cut up.

1 can Campbell's Cream of Broccoli Soup and 1/2 can of Skim Milk stirred up in another container.

Hand full of baby sweet carrots - cut in half

1 T. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Round slice of Bob Evans- pre-cooked ham slices cut how you like (they usually come two, to a pack) - add more if you like.

Add: Generous amount of Basil, 1T - & black pepper, Granulated Garlic powder, & Parsley Flakes, or to your taste....  This is enough for two for a few days!  Enjoy!

Cook 5 hours in Crock pot, on High ~

I always make one small box of Corn Bread mix and add a T. of sugar if you like!  Cook in cupcake forms of paper & aluminum on pastry paper, follow box directions - makes 8!  Delicious! ©

         ~Join us on Facebook for Antiques and Primitives! ~

AKA Kitty Boo-Boo & Love Those Hostas!


 I may have to frame this photo ~ because it was pretty darn hard to get....  Rusty here just does not like to pose or get flashed in the face for any picture-taking-nonsense.  1st-time-picture showing himself in his white tuxedo.    This is what you usually get....  I did have seven Himmey's  with now one elderly sweetheart left & am having a very difficult time without them.  Losing each one of them was more painful than I ever imagined.  So here/now is Rusty, aka kitty boo-boo - (when he does what he's told) getting the well- deserved press he such deserves.  He ventured on our porch one day, and never left.  And if I might mention, is immaculate in all his cat-cleaning attempts - not a single square inch of fur is missed, not even the 8 rings around his tail.  Hence, he really is a ring-tail-cleaning-cat with a huge attitude.More photo attempts here......Oh boy!  Looks like Angel wings on his back......Adding this here beautiful mum I won at my cousin's shower ~ what a neat way to win at a shower, if your birthday was nearest to the Brides at the table you sat, you won the door prize!!!!!  Thank you, Karen!Here's my still favorite spot on the lake ~  I changed it around a little this year and in the recent storm it was totally covered with mud and weeds.  But easy to clean with a broom and a bucket.The flowers look like they are doing great, even with the near frost we have had lately.  The 99 cent solar light is still doing its job at night - looks sweet!  All's well and the snail's happy with big frog. When you live with a lot of big trees, you get to grow lots of HOSTAS.  I tend to lean more on the huge Grand - Daddy varieties, and some are younger & and haven't taken deep rooting yet - but the older ones are gimong-ous!   And some are six foot wide/across and store little pools of water in their huge leaves!!!! And the Ivy is just going nuts with the ground cover - I have to pull it off the house and shed  quite frequently.  Anyone need an Ivy "start" ~ they take root in any glass container and come back every year with their shiny beauty!This Grand-daddy with almost white underside leaves is a youngster but still gigantic!  He is two years old and came from the Hosta Farm and has his own cement name tag.  The similar  Hosta right in behind him has been all smashed down by a deer, who had made a fresh bed right on top - but it will snap right back in the Spring, bigger than ever.  Being one of my favorites, here below, she is doing just wonderful!  Look at the leaf coloring - all I use, again, is the little blue fertilizer balls and water after I sprinkle them on.  They might just love living under the big pines.  Now, this Chinese Maple needs attention and staked up and has created a little picture widow for the rabbits to look out.....they are so lucky! Last year, Georgan, across the street, brought me a wheel barrel FULL of these fast growing beauties and here they are all lined up around another rabbit rock.  They all get along so well with the Hickory's....   Okay, here's the snowmen after they have been weatherized and now waiting for their finishing touches.  These old barn boards are well over 100 years old and the red paint is the original.  Great find! This old wagon wheel vacationed at My Country Heart, farmhouse shop for many years in front of the porch, so she now, is back home where she belongs keeping the new birdhouse company. Look at all these tiny little pinecones what a Blessing they are!!!!!  I have used so many in potpourri and they come right b[...]

Don't Want July to End! ~


Today, being the last day of July ~ I needed to blog & cherish the Summer so far.  Rain being the flavor of this here Season, not complaining - I love it when it rains - but we had a doozy of a storm here in Northeast Ohio.  One of the worst I have seen for flooding.  It seems once a decade it rains in this region an extra proportion maybe to make the trees and earth happy campers. This handsome potted geranium is doing well in the front yard ~ has bloomed well with the little blue fertilizer balls as feed.  Can't complain & compliments all the necessary July flags.When you live on a lake all the insects, bugs, spiders, and flying UFO's are always much larger and you get well use to it.  This beautiful Dragonfly has a 4" wing span and never moved at all when he was being measures....I think he kinda liked it - haha.  What a beauty!We have here a Pinterest information experiment in the Angel Bird Bath!  Find some copper pennies (dated before 1983) and place a bunch in the water and see if less algae grows!  My niece in Illinois, is doing the same and we will find out very soon if it does indeed work! In the rear of my favorite wash tub here,  you will see some potted Cat Nip.... it has been hid here so it can finish growing and be planted.  Don't let Rusty know, because he eats the tasty entire plant down to the cores and when I got it to transplant nothing was there but dirt, so I see it has survived - somewhat :)  Here's a large pot of Golden Oregano and Rosemary, blooming and loving all the rain we have had - it's showing off in front of the Chairman of the Boards' Grandfather's vintage horse & wagon tie.  It's  indeed a treasured idem and will be repaired by me with some cement very soon.Along with the plants, the weeds are having a hay-day.  This here little area is an "after photo" because if you would have seen it before it was weeded, you would not have recognized it as a little path into the sun room :)After cleaning all the algae out of the rain gage - this depth was only a baby rain fall compared to the last one.Still not sure if I want to sell this weathered old red barn board with the Peace Rabbit I painted on it or not.  But do have three newly painted Snowmen boards that will be out for sale at Brother's Antique Mall before the upcoming Holidays.  And look for the newly poured wax turkey's - they turned out very well and look mighty good in a basket on the table with gourds.Here you have more weathered barn wood (my favorite, can you tell?).  Made for me by a friend.  But the best things about this beautiful porch planter is that the plant needs no care what-so-ever & I love it!   It's not real!Listen up here....I do want to make a prediction (runs in the family)!  Just looking at this Shaggy Bark Hickorys' branches and seeing all these extra nuts and hearing them fall already ~ it can only mean an early Fall here in Ohio!  Same thing happened year before last!  I might add that this little grove of  9-10 Hickory Trees are just one beautiful sight.   But do beware of nuts.Here they are!   The sweet little My Country Heart, signs!  I couldn't bare to sell them when I closed & moved the shop out of the 8 room Farmhouse at Copley Circle!  I did them up over 15 years ago and I still love them  like it was yesterday, here, under the big pines at home!  Many fine & wonderful memories they served!I can't part with this big ugly ceramic frog either.  He guards the front door & keeps the toads in line.More Pinterest good ideas -  making bird baths from pottery - try it you will love it!My first time in a long time that I had time to plant cherry tomatoes for salads on t[...]



Rusty Watches The Little Herd of Deer...                                    & Sharing a Few Shop Photos!  One of my very favorite things, are old brass lanterns, like this one above ~ which has been electrified and redone for those of us in this here century.  It casts a delightful little glow.  It's up for sale along with the old coffee tin can with a candle lite on top with dried shells and such, sharing the window sill.I have two "inside looking out" photos for you all today.  My favorite old lace curtains tied back with raphia from the upstairs window of the shop.  We have 9 rooms, counting the upstairs area!  It has been so much pleasure having a shop of my own in this beautiful old farmhouse on Copley Circle in Ohio.Yep, when  you look out you see the Historic Copley Gazabo, in all its glory.  When I first opened, I hand stenciled every room......And the curtains to match.  (Pipberry garland is $18 ~ we use it over doors, also!) More stencil sampling.... using two different patterns, with a Moses Eaton (circa 1840s) to the right side of the above photo.We always welcome your visits!And finally, here is Rusty, our front porch rescue kitty ~ who loves to sit on the back porch and watch all the wild life activity ... a herd of five deer love to occasionally hide in the pines and get a drink from the here, snow covered lake, in the back.  Did I tell you Rusty does tricks?  He sits up on his back legs & quietly lets you know he is a tad interested in a treat.  I appreciate his creativity.Thanks for stopping in today,Enjoy a beautiful work week ~Kathie :)[...]



Making a Rosemary Topiary ~ And a Little Road TripThere is something about Rosemary, that is so darn special.  I found out by accident that even the little plants like these bought in the grocery stores can produce the sweetest little blue delicate flowers if kept cool, moist, & Summered out on the porch.  And red skinned potatoes take on an air of tasty brilliance with a bit sprinkled on them for the oven with basil.I've had my eye on Topiaries and would like to make these little two plants above into a starter topiary.  Pinterest lead me to a great looking site to get me on track & I am sharing it with you:   Even the faux topiaries are coming into view as great window decorations.  Covering the base in burlap or old quilt compliments the bright green foliage. Here's another great love, and when I find them, I like to photograph 'em!  Especially well done and looking like it just stepped out of circa 1830 ~ this quaint little log home in Smithville, Ohio, is a favorite!  Look at the details!Wide chinking and beautifully well done. Things were in small scale back then, even the lower door knob.  Love the wide hewn weathered boards and captured look of old!The little peep hole in the privy out back is as interested as it is adorable!  And the moss covered stone stepping, and the weathered vine wind blocking additions are sweet as sugar! .....Just a little road trip into the past & back :)....   Adding a few of the artist's primitive dolls that are up for adoption at our Brother's Antique Mall Location, in Medina Ohio. ~ And we also carry resale designer purses at an interesting cost ~ here are just a few !Always,Peace & Happiness,Kathie [...]



Finally, Back to Blogging! ~ It's been a long -- time Country Heart ~ Friends!I haven't listed anything for sale on my dear little sweet blog in so long, I can't remember.  After setting up a picture trail  and two facebook pages  and presently relocating My Country Heart, our 9 room farmhouse shop, from our Copley Road, address, out to the new location: Brother's Antique Mall, in Medina, Ohio - whew - the work! (and fun!) - Ask the Chairman - thank you Mr. Givens!  And by the way, join us on Facebook & right here on this little blog!Thought I would take a breath and share a little photo shoot and birds eye view of the new location, which is open 7 days and sports an interesting to come, Christmas Open House and two absolutely wonderful Antique Flea Markets a year....the old fashioned kind that you love NOT to miss!  If you sampled just one of the Christmas Gatherings ~ you would never want to miss another! Not to mention the goodies brought in by all the dealers!We are known at Brother's as HICKORY HOLLOW PRIMITIVES By Kathie ~ & My Country Heart,  you can find our two large spots in the back of the large building by the above sign over the window & the salmony colored backdrop.   Now, I can finally have the "freed-up time to" hand-do designs and dolls with old textiles - one of my hearts' desires.....along with many other hand done stuff!  These old quilt pin keeps, are one of the new items in this old chunky basket that are up for your consideration ~ $6.50.  We can mail to your door.  This was filled, but still a great selection! Annie, pin keep, in the Civil War blue bodice & old lace is quite a favorite with me, I love to make Annies!  She is up for sale $45 and the gray cupboard just sold today, whoops sorry ~ but old tins and such are available!   Two of these are available, hand punched Irvin's tin lighting ~ so primitive and quaint....along with the old picket fence in the background which is a huge flower box made from old wood facing.  Email me for more information on these  Neat, heavy old feedsack, made into fresh and fluffy pillows.  I always like to mention how great they look on the porch!  Always 100% new fiberfill - filled (with an Ohioan stuffing license for 2013!)Lots of old photographs to take a short trip into the past.  Come in and browse!  We mail them too!And last but not least, presenting... my beautiful Pink Hyacinth, which I bought for myself....that bloomed on Easter less!  You would not believe how my entire kitchen was misted with the scent of this most delightful plant!  This year,  I found it at the thrift store for only $4.99 & worth every penny.  It has three big bulbs, which I always wait until the stems dry out and plant the bulbs by the front door for next Spring ~ what a simply great living memory to enjoy, of all the Easter morning's of the past and the flowers we use to bring to grandma and mom's house!    Peace and Blessings!~Kathie[...]



   This year, I purchased several neat pumpkins from  Lori - a dealer friend at Brother's Antiques Mall, in Medina, Ohio at the annual Flea Market in September (don't miss it this year!).  She had a bunch of neat gourds that her daughter grew that I have never seen before!  And this beauty, that I will call - a  Warty Pumpkin /Gourd!  It's pretty big and beautifully colored with a nice thick stem.  But the most interesting part about this sweet little pumpkin is the fact that its skin is thin and dried hard all by itself just sitting outside!!!  As you can see I just turned it over and started cracking off these wonderful pieces I gathered & put in a baggy.  I did lay them out on  pieces of cardboard right under a ceiling register for a day.  And they dried crisp and ready to string!  And look at all those warts!  Perfect for stringing a garland to enjoy inside all year! Here is one of several pumpkins I have setting out on a railroad tie for the deer, they make a little hole in the side and finish up all the seeds.    Here is an up close and personal look at this wonderful already dried out pumpkin.  And it looks just like the day I bought it home.  Just love it!  This resembles in its appearance, the peanut pumpkin, but the peanut pumpkin is all mushy and didn't turn out like this one!  Here's what the peanut pumpkin looks like!  Mush!  Stem is missing - already gathered that!  It was dried and ready for harvest.  Birds love to dig in for seeds too :-)    Make sure you save the pumpkin stems of all your pumpkins after the Fall Season - they look so primitive on handmade pumpkins just glued right on!  And they dry up so nice!  Here is Rusty following me all around the yard and is watching me gathering the warty pumpkin :)    Here is what this beautiful pumpkin gourd looks like up close.  This is January and I purchased last September - it has dried and the outside has become hard and crusty.  You can just break off all the neat outside layer in small pieces!  It's fun to scout out the back yard, we live in a hollow with a grove of shaggy bark hickory trees and pines which makes lots of dried stuff to gathers after the snow has melted.    Punch a little hole in all what you will need of the pieces and pick out the most interesting after they have dried a little.  This is the best material for garland that I have ever found!   If you have ever made a sweet potato garland - this will be much easier to poke a hole through.  Little effort to prepare the punch!  No more of those!  Easier on the fingers, too!   Lima bean pods, can be very gently punched for a nice little hole to string on the raffia that I used for this one.    Here are my beautiful chunky little lima beans all dried and ready for punching.   To dry lima pods with the beans still in them is very easy.  I lay them out on cardboard with no ends touching and they look fantastic in a week or so.  Usually you have to go to a farmer's market to get these.   Look at all these beautiful and crusty pieces that are already punched for stringing, it's most easiest to punch through the warty bumps!  Add all the neat pieces you have broken and punched a hole in and tie off each end for this garland I have used raffia, usually I use rusty wire - it lasts forever.  But a nice piece of the raffia is a bit more flexible.  You'll have to use a nice sturdy piece that the end won't fray.  And don't for[...]

Visit the new Picture Trail website ~ !


We are just adding new stuff & finishing touches to our new Picture Trail website ~ come and visit, lots to see!!


Angel of the Garden......


This little primitive doll has an interesting little olde feedsack dress that ties at the neck ~ she has a burlap sack of drieds and has her signature heart on her hand.  She is one of a kind and has beautiful flax hair & old button eyes.  $47.00 plus postage....send me an email if you are interested in owning her...   Thank you for looking!


Missy Primitive ~ Agetha, Up For Adoption!


Here she is with her little watermelon & old quilt square apron, ready for the Summer fun.  Little hand wrought Agetha is ready for adoption.  She is just so darn cute, painted & distresses, and loves everything primitive. ~ she also loves to sew,  is one of a kind, with my signature heart on her hand,  & sweet as sugar.  You will love her vintage little dress!.....$47.00 plus postage ---send me an email & I will send her to your door:) ~ Thank you! SOLD ~

Cinnamon Pumpkin ~Tutorial ~ FREEBIE for Blogger/Facebook Customer & Friends


Hi Everyone! ©Thought I would take a minute to share with you, my classic "Little Cinnamon Pumpkin Recipe" and Picture Tutorial! Hope you enjoy this "How to" in the Fall and make them every Halloween and Thanksgiving. If Halloween and Pumpkins are your favorite, like they are mine, you will really enjoy making these little beauties that smell so wonderful!Please do bring me some links and likes, & do give me your credits- Many thanks & enjoy!Ingredients & what you will need:Medium bowl & spoonTin Cookie SheetPastry paper roll2/3 cup applesauce (least expensive you can find)1 cup ground cinnamon ( a little more if needed)2 tablespoons white glue (Elmer's or whatever white glue you have)Nutmeg 1 t. or apple pie spicesLittle cut, sticks or cut grapevine is fine, not too bigBlunt knife & scissorsMix ground cinnamon, applesauce, glue, & nutmeg - all together to a clay-like kinda of dry consistency in a bowl, see photo below & add more cinnamon if needed. Mmmm, smells good & lasts along time! (I like the mix a bit dry so it takes a minimal time to dry out.)They turn out a beautiful orange/brown color you will love. You can cut the sticks before you make them & on a slant at the top, with a scissors. Grape vine is nice because it has the curly cues. Here is what you need... Grab a hunk in the size you would like your little pumpkin to be & roll in your hands to get all the cracks out and smooth. (Just like making mud balls :) You might want to sprinkle cinnamon in your hands... With the blunt edge of a knife like the one below or a butter knife, gently just lay the knife in the top of the pumpkin & "lay it down" to the bottom" to make your crease, making sure all your lines meet and "not cross at the bottom" I find it looks a lot better than dragging the knife. Six lines on each one just about looks good. I like to press the pumpkin down a little but careful---not "too much". I sprinkled a little powdered cinnamon on top of these before they go into an oven -- but in hindsight, I think I like them without the sprinkles.... Place them on a section of pastry paper the full size of your cookie tin and in a low temp oven of 150 degrees. Each batch will be different--- some I leave in longer than others, watch them close, about 45 minutes will cook them fine then I place them out to air dry on the tray & keep turning them over for up to 3 days. Trial an error and see what works best for you. It also depends on how big they are....Don't forget before placing in oven to now place the little stems/sticks in the top. Be careful not to "press thru" This is the crowning glory and they now look just like little pumpkins. I have one pumpkin that has lasted 5 years and still smells wonderful & looks great! Here they are.....all dried and beautiful. Each one will look like that cute little pumpkin you have always dreamed of to place with your craft project or arrangements or just in a bowl!Feel free to make our shared tutorial, BUT YOU MAY NOT COPY THIS TUTORIAL AS YOUR OWN WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. ©   AND PHOTOS ©~Kathie Givens ~ My Country Heart, Copley Ohio~[...]

Primitive Sunflower ~ FREEBIE Tutorial!!!!


I just love to come across a neat freebie pattern that gives me a good idea ~ so, hopefully, today, here is one for you. This big sunflower is hand sewn together, and stuffed with raffia, or if you can find the primitive green stiff grass. Then a wood slat, as a stem. ( A fat tree stick would also work very well.) I love it weathered and about 2' tall and 1 1/2" wide. Then you can wire or glue a holder on the reverse side to hang on your door, or make a few to stick in a crock.Use a big dinner plate and a smaller one as your circle guide. Cut two round bigger gold canvas cloth circles, then one smaller wool felt circles. Use big stitches and stitch thru all three layers of fabric. It goes fast.Then cut thru all around the outside for petals, almost to the brown center in both layers of the gold cloth.You can't go wrong on this pattern. Come into the shop and you can see them made up, or send me an email if you would like to purchase. Turn over and cut a sliver thru only one layer of the flower backing. This is where you will stuff with raffia, then glue a wood slat in as the flower stem & tie a strip of green homespun around it or wool. I don't have one here to show you, but stick it in almost to the top & apply glue to the stick first. Do this, after you have stained & dried with your favorite coffee or tea recipe.... I always use one of these foam brushes to apply the darkening. The petals will curl up nice and look neat & prim when dried. I use cardboard cut ups to dry any item I have "antiqued" they work nicely and keep things clean. You can carry and stack them real easy ~ and reusing them are a dream. And there you are, enjoy!(Thank you for giving me credit if you use this pattern)~ Kathie[...]

January/February Ohio Country Register Ad!


Sharing our new year of 2011, Jan/Feb, Country Register Ad. (Hand done by me.) Come in and pick up a free copy of this great little newspaper, devoted to all those who love the little primitive shops around Ohio!
Pictured here is a beautiful, wooden Angel, up for adoption & hand made from one of our wonderful artists! Come and see us soon!

Angel's Creampuff Princess,,,,,


Here she is. Her name is Cream Puff, And she has lived up to that name every minute of her 16 years. If fact, she will be 17, in March of 2011, & still let's me know that she is the #1 cat of five, special & sassy in every way! She is a Blue Cream Point, Registered Himalayan, and white as the pure driven snow flakes falling, and just as pretty! Here eye color has always been this beautiful Caribbean blue with a big fluffy plumb of a tail & the trademark white spot on her mustache. And I taught her to wink at me when she greets me in the morning. And the "cat Greeting" is something you just cannot ignore.....they all so take it soooo serious!!!!!!! All I had to do was get her attention & repeatedly wink & finally she did it back!!! So do the other Himmies!!!! Try it! And, even that head-strong, fat-little, red and white Tabby, Rusty, that was rescued from the front porch, is winking back (sometimes; when he feels like it)!
Now, there is something more special & quite inspiring about this little peanut, Creamer of mine......she went totally blind 3 years ago & I thought she was dying. What a scare. But she pulled thru with flying colors, with hand feeding, & help from a Vet, and is still brightening my day, as usual. Cats are pretty darn smart. She remembered where the food was, and all I had to do was show her where I placed the litter box & there she was using it like a pro in all her glory! Her little Kitty Cube is right next to my bed and, she still goes to the register to warm up this winter & knew where it was located. And travels everyday to her water and dish, way down the hall, which all I have to do is tap her dish so she can hear just where it is.
What a blessing when she comes to my chair to be brushed. You have taught me many lessons Cream, and how courageous & smart you are! Love you special-Creamy-Puff!
Oh, & did I mention, that she still winks at me, when I call her name.........

2010 Akron Children's Hospital Annual Tree Festival



Sharing a picture of this year's, Country Heart's donation to Akron, Ohio's, Children's Hospital Tree Festival!

I usually do this every year, since my son was hospitalized as a toddler, on Christmas was devastating to have a baby that was so sick with croup ~ and in the hospital on this night of nights. He was so brave and treated with so much good care...I have always showed them my full appreciation for this service ---with a donation.

My theme for this year was "The Star of Bethlehem Wreath" with three sparkling golden Stars in honor of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the past I've been surprised & awarded a Ribbon for one of the 'Best of Shows'....which was also an honor and a treasured memory.


Favorite Old Quilt Santa



Here he only hand created Santa for this year of 2010! He is made from almost one whole, old battered, red & white quilt. My own pattern, and lots of sewn on wool with a hand sculptured face. He is big and ready to be shipped for adoption. May only be making a few more from his pattern. His leather belt was a great find, fits his plump waist to a "T". Comes with brass bells and his own pair of little red mittens, also antiqued several times. Little sheep on wheels and bag of greens is an extra perk, handmade candy canes are sprinkled with diamond dust. Sports an antiqued tag that reads 1861-1865, and a signed and dated sewed on tag. Country Heart's signature heart on his hand ~ says he was made with love, especially for you..... thank you for checking Santa, out, email me if you are interested,

This Santa has been me if you would like to place an order....Price: $148.00 + postage.

Hand-Done Wooden Prim Spices & Drieds Rack


(image) One of my favorites! Brown Labels done in the favorite font, filled with usable herbs and spices! Finish is red and black rubbed paint....visually very interesting!


September/October 2010 Ad for Ohio Country Register!


Here's our little Pumpkin patch ad, hand-done for the Country Register Newspaper, which you can pick up FREE at the shop....Stop in and see all our Halloween neat stuff set up in the kitchen of our farmhouse shop!!! You will love our Halloween tree, with handmade ornaments & more, by: Barb Bakita of Barberton, OH!

Ms. Raggety with Crazy Quilt Piece Dress


She is a sweet little girl who is just off the drawing board and up for a new home in the Primitive & Olde Country Style decor! She will bring her mustard wool hooked star and all her special detailing.

(image) Wool hair, nubby wheat linen and darkly coffee tinted attire & body, pantaloons, with a hand stitched face!

(image) Always, whole body is finished, not just arms and legs!

Signature heart, on hand, making her a Country Heart Originally-done pattern and hand stitched finishing!

(image) Year the war ended, a worthy date to remember!
Priced @: $75.00 + Postage, email me for info...

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Agetha ~ Crow Woman & a Trusty Friend!


Here she is in all her beautiful-glory, and up for a new adoptive home. Mrs. Agetha, Crow Woman, a Country Heart original, $75 + pony express, comes signed & dated, smelling of vanilla, cinnamon spiced, and coffee. And she is a big girl! Totally hand painted, and aged to perfection, with old linen for an apron,a neat brass bell necklace, signature heart on "wing", lovely hand stitched face and hand a big stitched sunflower & travel bag. Her bloomers are equally "pretty", check out her little feet and humble expression. Email me if you would like her sent to your doorstep-she is not on my website yet... THANKYOU! CROW WOMAN HAS BEEN SOLD!![...]

Historic Copley, Ohio


(image) Here's a cute little picture of our little ole' Copley Township train station! Physically moved a few blocks on Route 162 and nestled in front of the tracks. Come and visit us and stop at all the neat shops in the area.....expecially this cute vintage Train Depot, 1/2 mile from our shop. Right next to it is a beautifully restored caboose! Besides our beautiful gazabo to check out, right across from our shop, located at 3564 Copley Road, Copley, OH 44321, we have the Copley Antique, Cannon, located at the Townhall another 1/2 mile from the shop. The Townhall just had a big renovation, too, adding from the original plan, an awesome Bell Tower, with the original vintage bell. Bring your camera.....lots to see. And don't forget to stop in at My Country Heart....lots of primitive handmades and stuff you never know what you will find.

Shop Keeper/ Craft Artisan