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Metadata about Elvis impersonators


At last, the semantic web is complete. Extensive metadata about 81 Elvis impersonators, some with scary videoclips. (slurred southern accent:) "Thank you, thank you very much."

kings, pharoahs, presidents...


"The purpose of is to provide unique URIs for historical figures, and to publish some simple RDF containing identifying information."

Bug report from sourceforge project Introspector


"The Introspector enables the programming tools that deal with source code such as the compiler to communicate in a standard and neutral manner reducing the accidental cost of programming... The usage of RDF or Resources Description Format as the underlying representation is of essential importance."

RDFStore query use cases


Query use cases for sourceforge project RDFStore in one big file. Also available in separate files.

Dependencies among W3C CSS technical reports


Too bad the dependencies were identified using the "namespace", though.

Gregory Williams' image metadata


About 8 megs.

Agenda of the 62nd IETF meeting in March 2005


With meeting times and locations.

W3C talks


Talks given on W3C-related topics. Metadata often in the same language as the talk itself, and a variety of languages are represented (English, Japanese, Finnish, Spanish...)