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Tandy 1989


tandy1989, originally uploaded by carlphillips408.


I am voting republican!


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Kefalonia Island, Myrtos, Greece


Ionian Blue!, originally uploaded by ptg1975.

How can I not love the Mediterranean?

Zakynthos Harbour


Zakynthos Harbour., originally uploaded by Annushka_74.

More Zakynthos. Again from Annushka's photo stream on Flickr.

On the beach! (Kefalonia Island)


On the beach!, originally uploaded by ptg1975.

More Mediterranean.

Shipwreck Bay (Zakynthos)


Shipwreck Bay., originally uploaded by Annushka_74.

Another photo in the series of my Mediterranean love. This is from Annushka 74 on flickr.

On online relationships


Ahu Dagli has written a short post about how to get intimate with women on the web. Especially this part is funny:

Asking too much questions and waiting immediate answers

That's another big problem. Anybody surfing the net is distributing her time accross more than one window. Apart from that, we have also daily routines like standing up, going to kitchen, taking a coffee and coming back in front of the computer. These take time. So, when you ask a stupid question and wait for an immediate answer, that's just waste of time. You claim that you want to know more about this woman but in fact you just need affection. You seek affection in immediate answers to your silly questions. That's desperate. Instead, keep cool and wait. Do something else.

And this part here is soooo right:

Putting your appearance forth instead of your mind and soul

That's another big problem. Women are not as much attached to physical beauty as men are. Emphasize your knowledge, passion, credibility. Your look is not as important as you think. Who our are and your mind and your soul is more important. Your pleasure may be dependent on your eyes but ours is not the same. Our pleasure not depends on what we see but what we hear. So, talk nicely and meaningful.

link: How to get intimate with women on the web?

And thank you for your link Ahu!

Bearklektor's face and body paintings set on Flickr


There is a nice set of body and face paintings on Flickr from Bearklektor.

Here are a couple of them:


New body paint pictures


It has been a while that I didn't check for new body painting pictures over the net so here is my latest findings :)


photo credits: nanynany, bearklektor, gragsie from flickr. Images are CC licensed.

The Aegean


The aegean, originally uploaded by S@mbo.

Can't stop posting about Mediterranean. It is very very beautiful.

I am in Mediterranean


After having talked so much about it, I am now in the Southwestern coasts of Turkey, which is obviously Mediterranean. This is so re-freshening. Since it is September, there is no wild sun and no wild heat. Everything is calm and it is very relaxing. It isn't cold either. But it is very windy.

Maybe I can make my own photos here, instead of wandering all around Flickr like mad.

Questions questions


Well, a friend of mine who recently visited my blog asked me about why I do not continue on my posts with my ongoing therapy and depression. I decided to share my answer.

At the time I have started blogging, I was in a therapy and it didn't went really well. I had to find my own way to cure my depression and I did that, at least to a certain degree. However now I believe more in dynamic type of psychotherapy instead of cognitive therapy. Anyway, that's a technical issue.

What I do instead is to concentrate on beautiful imagery. Some of you may noticed that I primarily blog about photos around Mediterranean (my famous Mediterranean love) and body paints. Although body paint pictures in my blog draw more attention in comparison to photos of sea and sun around Mediterranean, I love them more :)

Anyway, for those of you who were curious about the same thing, that's my brief answer.

By the way, if there is anything you want to ask in private, just use e-mail. It's on my profile page.

Garden In Monaco


While my Mediterranean love continues, I am now looking at HDR photography over on Flickr. I have to confess that I don't like the idea at all. The photograph you see above is an HDR photo. I don't really have too much information on this technology but I simply don't like it.

The above photo is a nice example of HDR. Not every HDR photo is that nice though. I am not against photo manipulations. However it just takes the beauty of the nature and the truth out of a photo.

What truth, you may ask. I mean the truth we share through our naked eyes and that truth is reflected on photography. Anyway, I respect the hard work of technology but... that's it.

Banned commercial


(via moodr)

Body Art


BodyArt, originally uploaded by Ernest Poletaev.



Leaving, originally uploaded by macropoulos.

So this time, it is Crete. The beat goes on with the Mediterranean love.

Mediterranean and relationships


I am always hearing about that the Mediterranean people are more talkative than other people around the world. As far as I know records on cellular phone conversations belong to Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

So, as communication is the most important thing between couples, I think Mediterranean people are happier in relationships.

What would you think about that?

Streets of Rhodes


Streets of Rhodes, originally uploaded by kimlawton.

Another scene from Rhodes, Greece.

Rhodes balcony


Rhodes balcony, originally uploaded by kimlawton.

I am still looking :)

I am searching on the net for the prices of real estate around Mediterranean, for photos of different Mediterranean countries etc.

And this is a scene from Rhodes.

Red Brown White


Red Brown White, originally uploaded by Stabilo Boss.

This is exactly the scene I am going to create.

Western Spaghetti



Young fish in bed


Young fish in bed, originally uploaded by blurredfoto.

Of course, sea food is part of my love to Mediterranean.

Anyway, I told you that I was looking, checking, searching for a house around Mediterranean. I am still looking. I looked at France, Italy and Greece yet.

I will consider Spain and Turkey too. However I see that the most convenient real estate prices are in Italy and Greece. Turkey's real estate market is too much fluctuating, it doesn't look trustworthy. Maybe you have to check more.

Black goat on a mountainside on the Greek island of Crete


Waiting to sail


Waiting to sail., originally uploaded by .Jes.

I would like to present another group from Flickr: Traditional Mediterranean Fishing Boats.

I especially suggest you to look at this if you are into yachting or fishing or simply in love with Mediterranean like me.