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Mover Mike

Mike is a retired stock broker, and now supports his wife's furniture business. He is her warehouseman, deluxer, and marketing guru. In addition, he writes poetry and finds abundance, health and joy in the world around him while pondering life's little

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Grumpy Old Bookman: Selling A Woman from Cairo


Grumpy Old Bookman: Selling A Woman from Cairo




I am making a move to my own dns: I have appreciated all that Blogger has done for me. It has allowed me to go from a lowly slug to a large mammal, getting almost 200 page views per day. I got tired of the slow publish times and have made the move and will be winding this site down as soon as I figure out how to move everything over.Mover Mike

John Maudlin Outside the Box


In the latest John Maudlin Outside the Box is a column Of Bonds & Zombies By Anatole Kaletsky. In it Kaleysky notes Two weeks ago we noted that the biggest factor which was holding down the yields in US and European bond markets was the price-insensitive buying by three investors groups: Asian central banks, Western pensions and insurance funds and, most importantly, Japanese private

A Day of Hat Tips!


Hat tip to Kirby's Reports. Mother Jones has a good recap of the arguments before the Supreme Court re Kelo v New London in Why eminent domain is nothing to fear -- so long as its abuses can be curbed.and Redevelopment has some people on uneasy street in San Diego.They fear the city might resort to eminent domain if they refuse to sell their properties to make way for what some officials

BCE, CE, and Christianity


Bev and I went to the Portland Art Museum this afternoon to see the Diane Arbus Family Albums. Photos taken by Arbus of women, men, mothers, fathers and couples, all in black and white. It was interesting, although I wondered why so much attention was paid to Madelyn Murray who successfully rid the schools of God. Then we strolled over to Waking Dreams: The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites from the

Market Value vs. Total Debt


I wondered after posting about the debt of Gen. Motors, how the debt looked of the other Dow Jones Industrials. If the amount of debt in relationship to market value is a signal of survivability, then besides Gen. Motors there are a few others whose debt is out of line. I have indicated those companies in red. Dow Jones Industrial Average Plus Three

General Motors


On March 16, I wrote about General Motors' big fall. I read that the company owed $100 billion. I have since learned that the figure is almost $300 billion. But the story is worse than that! From The Death of the Dollar GM has $300 billion in debt ...and has a market cap, now, of $16 billion. See the problem there? The bondholders could buy the company nearly 20 times over if they used their

Eminent Domain in Freeport, Texas


But as philosopher Ayn Rand observed, "there is no such entity as 'the public,' since the public is merely a number of individuals . . . .the idea that 'the public interest' supersedes private interests and rights can have but one meaning: that the interests and rights of some individuals take precedence over the interests and rights of others."In Freeport, Texas, a Brazoria County coastal town

How Do I Own Gold?


I have had some emails about my Gold rants that say in essence, "OK, you have scared me, now what do I do?" I will tell you what I do. I buy a little insurance as often as I can. I walk in with cash to Affordable Jewelry & Precious Metals Inc. in Portland, Oregon and buy American Eagle gold coins. I don't care if you use this company. I don't make a thing if you do. You can buy a 1 oz coin,



Citigroup, Morgan Stanley Named in Parmalat ProbeProsecutors investigating the Parmalat scandal have accused four foreign banks and an Italian asset management firm of helping the dairy foods giant mislead investors, moving closer toward a possible trial. In the report, seen by Reuters, the prosecutors also accused 13 bank executives, including an employee of Credit Suisse First Boston of the

Eminent Domain, Again


If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know I have an interest in "eminent Domain" and specifically Kelo v. New London. While checking Kirby's Reports, I see that Ephraim Kirby has a report added from The Progress Report titled Eminent Domain and Government Giveaways by Wyn Achenbaum. It is a very reasonable and well written report arguing:Our land, particularly the best-located

Double Digit Price Increases


Hey Larry Kudlow:SGL Carbon to increase prices for carbon fibers and carbon fiber productsWiesbaden, March 17, 2005. SGL Carbon’s business unit SGL Technologies announces price increases across its carbon fiber products range with immediate effect. The double digit percentage increases vary from product to product and will affect the Company’s carbon fibers as well as fabrics, prepregs and other



GM predicts over a $1.50 loss per share, drops 14% today. The high in late 2000 was $94!(This is the chart I tried to get in yesterday, but I couldn't make it work.)I'm told that GM sales in the Northwest were down 60% the last three months. I also understand that GM, Fannie Mae, AIG, and JP Morgan have trillions of derivatives, many think this is just an accident waiting to happen. GM is

Dreaming of the other side of the wire


Hugh Hewitt, blogfather to so many of us, links here to this Economist article, "Dreaming of The Other Side of The Wire," and urges comment and analysis. We all agree that we have an immigration problem. We have 1 to 3 million (estimates vary widely) immigrants, predominately from Mexico and south coming to the US. We offer a minimum hourly wage that is equal to a days pay in Mexico. We offer



Jerry Fuhrman at From On High has revived my interest in a topic of concern to me. I live in the Northwest. I carry around with me, pictures of Salmon that fling themselves higher and higher up the fish ladders; an engineer's answer to get upstream around the dams on the Columbia. Furhman writes that union janitors at the Detroit Airport are unhappy because they are being replaced by Non-union

IBM, Whitley Strieber


In Hanover, Germany at Cebit IBM UNVEILS MEMORY MILLIPEDEIBM has shown off a working prototype of a ultra-high density storage technology that could cram in the equivalent of 25 DVDs in a space no larger than a postage stamp.Wow, a camera that could hold the equivalent of 25 CD's of pictures on a postage-stamp sized memory card. Now if they could just invent a battery that would take

Hitchens on NYT and SBV's


Good smackdown of the NYT by Christopher Hitchens This Was Not LootingMover MikeIn The American Enterprise Online is an interview with John O'Neill of the Swift Boat Vets. At a May 4th press conference calling John Kerry Unfit to be Commander-in Chief, his group was shocked that the major media did no reporting of the event.Our analysis after the press conference was that the three major

Steel Prices, Iran, and Gold


Asian stocks fell in U.S. trading, led by Japanese automakers, after the Nikkei English News said the country's steelmakers are seeking to boost steel prices for carmakers such as Honda Motor Co. by as much as 20 percent.Current prices are likely to be revised in April. Steelmakers have raised prices to automakers by 5-10% over the past 2 years. Latest increases will raise prices to levels seen

Hillary Gets Tehran Apologist's Backing


First Bill Clinton praises Iran, now Exclusive By Art Moore Tehran apologists backing Hillary?Iranian Americans accused by members of their community of collaborating with the cleric-led Islamic regime in Tehran have planned a fund-raiser for Sen. Hillary Clinton in the San Francisco Bay Area.Mover MikeFrom Lebanon: Syria out, Iran in By Aaron KleinAs

Philip Bennett and the People's Daily of China


I'm appalled. In Exclusive Interview with the Washington Post Managing Editor Philip Bennett and the People's Daily of ChinaYong Tang: According to the opinion polls, the image of America has been becoming less and less popular in the world today since after the Iraq war. As a top leader of a major American newspaper, how do you think of this growing anti-American sentiment?Bennett: ...the US

It Just Doesn't Add Up!


A review of the top economic stories of the week:Those 262,000 Jobs In Kudlow's Money Politic$, Kudlow says: Today’s 262,000 payroll jobs increase is yet another data point arguing that the economy may actually be speeding up in the first-half of 2005.Rob Kirby in SEND IN THE CLOWNS says...we actually lost 24,000 jobsJanuary Trade DeficitJan. Trade Deficit reported $58.3B vs. consensus $56.8B

Tampa Bay Earthquake


Now all of you amateur and professional geologists out there, I have a question for you. A 2.7 magnitude earthquake is equal to the explosive energy of 18 tons of TNT. In Tampa Bay a sonic boom by two jets landing is credited with this earthquake. Have you ever heard of jets breaking the sound barrier causing an earthquake of 2.7 or any other magnitude. Sorcha Faal thinks it was something

John Embry!


Here's an excellent article from a world-class money manager John Embry of Sprott Asset Management, More on Gold ManipulationIn the '68-'71 time, period, Embry says, western central-banks dumped 100 Million ounces of Gold to keep the price at $35 per ounce. When they failed, the price jumped 20-fold. The low in 2001 was $250 per ounce, 20-fold is a long way up there. So far the western

Don Luskin, etc.


Honestly, I like kicking Kudlow, because he represents all that, IMO, is wrong with bubblevision, where they are always bullish, always concentrating on the short term and beating estimates by a penny. I have been saying inflation is a danger, that the government statistics are "cooked", and that one of our alarms, Gold, has been capped, to prevent us from taking evasive action.Don Luskin has a