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Preview: Seattlest


Seattlest is a website about Seattle. MoreEditors: Hanna Brooks Olsen and Jose Amador Publisher: Gothamist

Last Build Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 16:00:30 -0800

Copyright: Copyright 2011

Signing Off: The End Of Seattlest


(image) Well, "The End" might be a bit dramatic, but "Seattlest: Going Away For A Bit" doesn't quite have the same ring to it. [ more › ]

The Future. But First...


(image) [ more › ]

Countdown in Photos #31: Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives


(image) This is the very last post I'll be writing for Seattlest. It's bittersweet, but a good time to move on to new things. The final photo in my countdown is Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives at Musicfest Northwest. There's a good reason I chose this band as my last photo, check out why. [ more › ]

The Migration Of Our Voices


(image) Only a couple of entries left before things wind down for a good long while. Once that happens, you might like to know where it is you can find the voices you've become accustomed to reading on our site. [ more › ]

Music: More Than a Sum of Its Notes


(image) As music editor for Seattlest over the last couple years, I've learned a lot. Mostly about local music but also about sharing what you love with others, the power of friendship and community and most importantly about myself. This is my goodbye (and hello) to all of you, our loyal readers. You've done more for me than I can say and hope to hear from you and speak to you in the future about the universal language of music. [ more › ]

Extra Extra: And So It Goes...


(image) Predictably, the newsmakers in Seattle have slowed down a bit, as if in anticipation of New Year's Eve. A little breather before the work of the new year begins in earnest. What did happen today is reminiscent of the last episode in a given season of The Wire: loose ends are being tied down, and the seeds for the next chapter are being sown. [ more › ]

Sketches of a Year: A Farewell to 2011, and to Seattlest


A year ago, when Seattlest's Amy Mikel and Allecia Vermillion pulled me back into writing about theater after a decade's absence, I was uncertain what I could possibly do to help things. I am now no longer uncertain. [ more › ]

Countdown in Photos #30: Bryan John Appleby


(image) Bryan John Appleby is unadulterated talent, through and through. His piercing and emotionally charged voice doesn't need strength to carry it to the back of the room. He is, simply put, beautiful. His lyrics bring tears to your eyes no matter how many times you hear them. Morgen has been following his career for a couple years and couldn't think of leaving him off her countdown list. [ more › ]

Remember the Alamo: UW Falls Short in Exciting Bowl Appearance


(image) It was one for the record books, but Washington fell just short of back-to-back bowl wins in last night's showdown with Baylor in the Alamo Bowl. [ more › ]

Closing Words from Your Resident Beer-Nerd


(image) As we extroverts tend to do, I have always shared my love for my newest hobbies and passions by telling anyone and everyone who would listen for more than five minutes about the newest board game I discovered, my new found love for science fiction television and movies, and beer. [ more › ]

Can't Miss It: The Weekend and Forever Forward


(image) Commandeer the Tractor with Honkies and Dogs, pick a boil with Beefcake, dance through the night and well again into the afternoon at the Garden, then let us shake hands and part the better for our time together. [ more › ]

Friday Morning Headlines


What's in store for you today? Marijuana. Income gaps. Sad, sad stories about recent murders. And hilarious one about christmas pistol pilferers. Happy Friday. [ more › ]

Seattlest Pix 30Dec11


(image) Crane Operator at Sunset by lopolis from the Seattlest Flickr pool. [ more › ]

Extra Extra: Things Keep Happening


(image) Just because we're stopping, doesn't mean the world is stopping along with us. Here are today's newsworthy items: Suicidal barbecue grills, more information regarding the man who killed a beloved high school teacher and mother, and a man in West Seattle wishes to keep us well-supplied with plastic grocery bags. [ more › ]

Seattlest: Nearing The Denouement


(image) Denouement"/> Perhaps you've heard the whispers, perhaps not; in any scenario, the time has come for us to confirm the rumors: As of 4:00p.m. Saturday December 31st, 2011, the Seattlest will be going on indefinite hiatus. [ more › ]

Countdown in Photos #29: Campfire OK


(image) Campfire OK isn't just a bunch of pretty faces, they've got a unique blend of vocal, banjo, guitar, piano and percussion that brings people in and gets them dancing. Mychal Cohen may be the face of the band, but the incredible talent of each member is what makes this group great. Morgen takes us to their performance at Capitol Hill Block Party earlier this year. [ more › ]

Can't Miss It: Thursday


(image) IT’S A PSYCHOBILLY FREAKOUT: Way back in 1990 Sub Pop signed a rising Dallas band called The Reverend Horton Heat. And they looked at their signing and saw that it was good. Hallelujah. The group’s first album, Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em, (re)introduced psychobilly to American punk rock fans, and 21 years and 10 albums later, The Rev is still preachin the good word strong. So strong that they perform two nights at El Corazon; first with Seattle country-rock mainstays The Supersuckers and locals Redneck Girlfriend, and then with The Supersuckers and Seattle punk madmen Zeke. Amen. [ more › ]

Thursday Morning Headlines


A couple of items get a little bit closer to reaching a ballot in 2012 -- but one's a lot further along. Meanwhile, Occupy Bellingham is evicted, business owners prepare for the minimum wage increase and an arrest in the Christmas Eve murder of a Woodinville teacher. [ more › ]

Extra Extra: Cop Beat Down, Pot Legalization, Star Trek Realities


(image) Wednesday's pace, while busier than Monday, still has nothing on Tuesday in terms of noteworthy developments. [ more › ]

Wednesday Afternoon Break: Video Putt Putt And Other Gaming Joys


(image) The A.V. Club's semi-regular feature Sawbuck Gamer just came out with their "Best Browser Games of 2011" list, and its contents could serve for at least a week's worth of Afternoon Breaks. However, as time is running low, we'll just feature our favorite two from the list. [ more › ]

Countdown in Photos #28: Noah Gundersen


(image) Morgen takes us over to Capitol Hill today in St Mark's Cathedral. The same people behind Fremont Abbey's Round put on an incredible show at the cathedral with a killer lineup including the subject of today's photo, Noah Gundersen. [ more › ]

Can't Miss It: Wednesday


(image) Seeing as most folks will be going to see the sold out Portlandia show at the ShowboxMarket, tonight might be a good night to head out and check out some of Seattle's thriving music scene. [ more › ]

Seattlest Pix 28Dec11


Star by B. K. Dewey from the Seattlest Flickr pool. [ more › ]

Extra Extra: There Goes The "Slow News Week" Meme


(image) In an exact opposite approach to the news that we saw on Monday, Tuesday supplied a large number of noteworthy items, with impact that reaches across international borders, the revisiting of a couple trouble making repeat offenders and the transition to a new era in urban commuting. [ more › ]

Paris-Brest and the STP-Seattlest


(image) This wheel-shaped dessert? GQ magazine named it "Dessert of the Year" in 2010. It's called a Paris-Brest, named for a bike race in France, the Paris-Brest-Paris. The PBP is the second-oldest cycling event in the world, and still the longest one-day event since it covers 1,200 km (750 miles). That's a lot of riding. Closest thing hereabouts is, of course, the STP, organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club. The annual ride, held in the second half of July, sends 10,000 riders from Seattle to Portland. It's about a quarter of the distance covered by the PBP, and comes complete with food carts, tech support and an overnight stop for exhausted riders. [ more › ]

Tuesday Afternoon Break: Misanthropy A La Mode


(image) A lot of people get "misanthropy" confused with "schaden freude"; even though the subjective mind frames share a lot in common, the two are distinct from each other. Rather than getting into semantics, however, let's see if we can use the world wide webz to illustrate the difference. [ more › ]

Countdown in Photos #27: Allen Stone


(image) Morgen takes us back on the road up to Bellingham at Wild Buffalo once again. Allen Stone has an unforgettable look and voice but the two don't exactly seem like they go together; She says, who cares. Whatever package that kind of natural talent and raw emotion comes in we'll take it! [ more › ]

Norm Stamper Knows From Police Militarization


(image) As we move away from the immediate aftermath of the Department of Justice findings regarding the Seattle Police Departments, we begin approaching the period of time where adjustments are supposed to be made. Enter former SPD chief Norm Stamper, who weighs in on what he thinks has gone wrong among the men in blue. [ more › ]

Can't Miss It: Tuesday


(image) With it being the holidays and all, this Tuesday is pretty light on stuff to do. But fret not, we were still able to dig something up. [ more › ]

Tuesday Morning Headlines


A Bellevue office building flames out and an elderly driving man tries the game "England!" Otherwise, a quiet day. [ more › ]

Seattlest Pix 27Dec2011


(image) An Alleyway, Seattle by kosmosxipo from the Seattlest Flickr pool. [ more › ]

Extra Extra: Boxing Day Edition


(image) Not much tends to happen during the week between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, almost as if the news felt as non-committal to the last week of the year as the rest of us do. "Oh, do something? Meh, all right." And so it goes about its business, popping out the occasional solid story and then going about looking busy with a sheaf of papers in hand. [ more › ]

Monday Afternoon Break: Truth Comes In Small Packages


(image) Meet Riley. Riley is a little girl who knows one thing: She can't stand the gender-normative marketing that insists that little girls should like princess-y things and little boys should like superhero stuff. It's just all so...PINK, you know? [ more › ]

Countdown in Photos #26: Pickwick


(image) Morgen takes us back to Bumbershoot once again for KEXP's special lounge session with none other than local soul sweethearts Pickwick. Sold out shows left and right, Doe Bay mainstage, and nods on NPR are just the beginning for this incredible group. [ more › ]

What To Do On Boxing Day?


(image) These days Boxing Day is mostly observed in countries inside the British Commonwealth (and their former colonies); this is the day when gifts are exchanged with friends and neighbors and is considered to be the most informal day of the holiday season. Guards are down, camaraderie is up, as is a general air of bonhomie. [ more › ]

Weekend Sports Roundup: Bad Present Edition


(image) A slow sports weekend in Seattle meant the end of the Seahawks' playoff dreams was all the more visible. [ more › ]

This Week in Lit: Dune, Sushi, Sketches and the 99%


(image) Another week in the Seattle book world. Many things are happening--though they're a bit more spread out than usual. Don't let that dampen your spirits, get our there and embrace the interesting and unique events in our city. Cheers! [ more › ]

Can't Miss It: Monday


(image) Considering that Boxing Day is traditionally a day of shopping, recovery and general lazying around about the home as people prepare to jump back into the workday on Tuesday. However, if the sense of cabin fever extends well into the evening, here are a couple of options for you to consider. [ more › ]