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"I am not going to argue for my own sake, as you may think, but for yours"-Socrates

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Baby It was springtime. Your dad was busy planting flowers around the house, setting the scene for a beautiful porch during cooler summer afternoons. At the same time setting in an automatic irrigation system as neither I, your dad to be, nor your mum, are ever up to regular chores, gardening included. Your mum told me she was 4 days late. Then it was 5 days. We agreed that come



I think I will resume blogging..So much needs to be said.

... they will rise


It was a dream, a song, a wish, a sigh... of an event that was not likely to occur. Yet, it did happen. People did rise. Politics aside, and a bit of harmless chauvinism in, Lebanon was the first to send both halves of its population into the street. Flag waving, street camping, cross-social opposition first featured in 2005 in this part of the world. Lebanese protesters camped some 555 days

Good Morning Beirut!


قومي يا أحلى لؤلؤة أهداها البحر، قومي لكي يبقى العالم يا بيروتRise, O Most Beautiful Pearl of the Sea, Rise for the World to remain O Beirut!

A Promise is a Promise


Originally posted at on December 21, 2007 @ 2:35 am ·Filed under ProjectsIntroduction by Site Administrator: On November 25, pictures were posted of a Jewish cemetery in the historic port city of Sidon, located in southern Lebanon. We receive hundreds of daily visitors to the site, but it was not a coincidence that Isaac Levy, a Lebanese living abroad, would see the tomb of

Sidon’s Jewish Cemetary


Sidon's Jewish CemetaryOriginally posted on on November 25, 2007 @ 9:26 pm · Filed under Projects A few kilometers south of An-Nijmeh Square/Place d'étoile , Downtown Sidon, lies the Jewish cemetery, on a small hill

A Dusty Comeback


A Dusty Comeback Yes, it’s true I have not been blogging for over a year, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been kept quiet at all. Blogging in times of war is easy, and since everyone seems to be foretelling another war between “Israel” – (so called), and Hezbollah (henceforth HA) – I thought I might as well get a head start,

Who needs a President?


Call me a fool (not in my face), but I have this strange "free" feeling ever since the Presidential Post moved under the "Help Wanted" section. When Emile Lahoud left the Presidential Palace last Friday, I felt relieved that I lived to see him depart, and proud that regardless of all the traumas and scandals we Lebanese manage to bring on ourselves, and all the dependency and immaturity our

جزيرة الحلوم


هي المرة الرابعة التي أملئ فيها طلب الهجرة، وأحزم أمري، ثم أرمي بالأوراق في سلة المهملات. هي المرة الرابعة بعد المئة التي أسأل فيها نفسي إن كان البقاء خيار أم فرض، وإن كان في البقاء صموداً أم أن في الهروب صمود، والسؤال يبقى، إلى أين؟لقد زرت البلاد كلها، ولم أجد منزلاً غير منزلي، فما الحل؟ كندا، جميلة وهادئة، باردة، خضراء ومثلجة، ولكنها بعيدة عن لبنان. أميركا، صاخبة وغنية، وفيها كل أصدقائي،

A Northern Tail


I am fed up! Surrounded by an enemy for a southern neighbor, and a pest of brotherhood on our northern and eastern border, we just needed creepy guests in the Palestinian Camps to make our life perfect! Fat7 El-Islam my foot. A collection of moron sociopaths - nothing less; a collection bank looters and highway robbers, Thelma and Louise were better gangsters!!Have they run out of enemies in the

Divine Discourse: God


I have developed this great fascination with "Hinduism" and Buddhism. A Hindu friend of mine has pledged to send articles relating to the "Hindu" views of the divine, which is more or less the same as everyone else's view of the divine.In Lebanon, for some reason, we grow to believe that the world ends near the Euphrates. It's quite a shame, considering that interaction between India/China/Persia

Running out of Passwords...


For as long as I could remember over the last decade, my pet's name, Fluffy, was my favorite password, and pastime. There is a strange ambiance pets create in our lives, whether a cat, a dog, a parrot, a hamster, or even a turtle. Fluffy, a Chinchilla Persian white feline – with charms and manners that get the better of anybody - has been central in my family's life for the last 11 years. She

A Flower: What is Spring-time?


It's almost spring, and nature is bursting with greenery, and with tiny little white daisies and red anemones.. Below is a list of flower meanings, courtesy of www.Lebaneseflowers.comThere is another imaginary flower than only I and a friend of mine (a.k.a Putty Putt) know the connotation of, Percatitum. It stands for fun, friendship, wild dreams, and reality-checks.AAcacia - Secret loveAcorn -

Translation of a Poem


There is something about war and violence that makes love ever brighter. I have no explanation, following is someting I jotted down in Arabic to reply to a post by Eve, and I have grown to like it, so I translated it.. just for the heck of it! During war,, people cuddle around, hugs are longer, kisses are warmer... the fear of loss makes every moment as good as a lifetime..   Arabic is a

حارس حديقة الورد


    مسامير جسمك تجمع رمادي أنا الفينيقوأطفو في بحر من قطرات المطروالعطر محارم الورق دنان الخمر أحملها بخور كهنةوسلال خبز فارغةمن غبار وجهك أبني كعبة للعشقوأزرع الحنطةومن نور عينيك أصنع نجمة في السماءواشهق لتمتلئ رئتي بعبير شعرك فأنشر المحارم أشرعةوأبحر بين القطرة والقطرةلأجدك .. لأضيعك ... لأبحث عنك تحملني أجنحة الملائكة الهاربة من جنة الخلدإلى أرض المعاصي وأرض العشقفأضرب بعصاي الصخر

Beirut's Little Guardians... &Desert Ships


Last Saturday, it was dreadfully stormy in Beirut. I got out of the Gym, and felt like a Corn Arnous (roasted Corn Kernel) & perhaps Nescafe on Ein Mreiseh.Those who know the Corniche Ein Mreiseh facing AUB would know how the waves crash on the railings and over the pavement. I thought perhaps I'd test the madness of whoever would push a cart to sell Corn and Coffee in such weather.Well, there

Ruler's Luck


What Luck for Rulers that Men do not think! - Adolf Hilter

In praise of Lebanese Sectarianism


A bitter fact of life, a good article from Today's Daily Star.--------- In praise of Lebanese Sectarianism By Michael Young Daily Star StaffPraising Lebanon's sectarian system may seem odd this end of year, as sectarianism seems closer than ever before to devouring the society. But that's precisely what we should do, because political

When will Be Lebanese Campaign: Anti-Secterianism


Click on the link of this campaign sponsored by Byblos Bank.

Happy Holidays: Peace on Earth


Remember that thought? With all that's going on around the world, the wish for Peace is an old fashion term I guess!

3-Minute Management Lesson


I have read this a long time ago, but a friend of mine resent it to me. Never fails to make me laugh, so true.. I guess I have flunked that course repeatedly!Lesson OneAn eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing. A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing?"The eagle answered: "Sure, why not " So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and

Holiday Recipes: Batata Harra


I'm traumatized. I use Tracksy ( to monitor traffic to the blog. Great tool. Anyway, with all the politicizing and religious-izing on this blog, the highest hit was on Mjadra Hamra A La Sud Libanaise. Continuous hits over the last few months. Turns out people care less about politics and people's rights to exist, and pay more attention to what they will have for dinner.



I've been a staunch supporter of GREENPEACE ever since the Rainbow Warrior docked in Beirut in 1994. The "greenpeace" warriors also have their blogs.There is always more to be done, and those green warriors are a role-model to many of us.

Quote on Democracy!


Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule - and both commonly succeed, and are right. - HL Mencken



Awareness campaign on sectarianism Background:Since 1920, Lebanese society has been structured according to religious confessions or sects. Within a country of 10,000 km², we have over 17 official religious sects.Sectarianism is intertwined in our daily life, and has been so for years, officially and in society. Most official positions are based on religious denominations.Sectarianism was one of