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@The Jamroom Network - blog

The Jamroom Network was formed in July of 2012 with the goal of making Jamroom's second decade bigger, better and all around more fun.@jamroom on Twitter

Last Build Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2018 09:54:40 -0800


Say hello to the new Jamroom eCommerce modules - @the-jamroom-network

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 11:19:00 -0700

The new Payment Support, Subscriptions and Item Bundle modules have just been uploaded to the Jamroom 6.1 Beta channel!
We have been working on these modules extensively for the last 8 weeks, and it is time to take the "wraps off" and get them into everyone's hands.
New Payment Support Module
The new Payment Support module is designed as a replacement for the existing FoxyCart eCommerce module and features 3 Gateway Plugins: Stripe, PayPal and FoxyCart:
- If you are a NEW site and are looking to get setup with eCommerce capabilities, you should use Stripe or FoxyCart. PayPal is more limited in it's support of advanced features. If you are using FoxyCart you get a bonus and can accept BOTH Stripe and PayPal.
- If you are an existing site that wants to upgrade from the FoxyCart eCommerce module, note that at this time the modules are in BETA so do not upgrade quite yet. We do have an upgrade tool to "import" existing FoxyCart data into the new Payment Support module, so make sure you test that on your development site before running on your live site.
New Subscriptions Module
The other half of the eCommerce upgrade is the new Subscriptions module. The Subscriptions module changes how subscriptions work in Jamroom, and provides a much more flexible system for creating and selling subscription in your Jamroom. You can now create multiple subscriptions to the same quota, which gives you the flexibility to offer varying subscription lengths without having clones of multiple quotas.
Like the Payment Support module, the Subscriptions module has an "import" tool to import your existing subscribers from the FoxyCart eCommerce module into the new Subscriptions module, so make sure and check that out on your development site.
New Item Bundles Module
The new Item Bundles module is a replacement for the FoxyCart Bundles module, and provides some improvements in how Bundles are handled, processed and downloaded. Note that if you are running the FoxyCart Bundle module and update to the Payment Support module, you must also update to the Item Bundles module and THEN run the "Import Bundles" tool from the Item Bundles tool menu.
Note that the Item Bundles module is also in BETA - do not run on your live site!
New Products Module - Coming Soon!
We are also hard at work on an upgrade for the Merchandise module - at this time the Merchandise module does NOT work with the new Payment Support module, so be on the watch for our new "Products" module coming soon that is a replacement for the Merchandise module, and features new Product Categories and custom fields.
We hope you really like the new module - please let us know any feedback you have on what you would like to see in these new modules. The new modules will become the foundation for all eCommerce in Jamroom going forward, so we want everyone to love how they work
If you have any questions or feedback, please join us in the Jamroom User Support Forum:

Jamroom 6.1 Beta Kickoff - @the-jamroom-network

Tue, 11 Apr 2017 08:38:30 -0700

Those of you that are Jamroom regulars may have noticed over the past 6 weeks or so that I've not been online as much as normal. While I'd love to say I've been relaxing and enjoying some time off, I have to admit instead that I have been holed up in the Jamroom Development Cave, and am just now getting out to some fresh air and brighter skies (although up here in Seattle we seem to be stuck in an extended winter). The result of the last 6 weeks is that Jamroom 6.1 is now in BETA. Jamroom 6.1 is an incremental upgrade over Jamroom 6.0, and while there's not a lot of new "visual" cues that it is different than Jamroom 6.0, there are a number of important under the hood upgrades that have been needed. Some of these were planned during the JR 6.0 development cycle and didn't make it in time, while others have been continuing work that started with Jamroom Core 6.0: - New System Tools module - We've moved all the different binary tools used by Jamroom modules into a new "System Tools" module. Since these binaries change very little, having them be in a separate module that does not need to be upgraded very often results in much smaller "regular" module sizes, and will save on disk space. - New Confirmation Prompts - Where previously we were using native javascript confirm prompts, we're now using custom confirmation prompts, which gives us more flexibility. It also looks nicer - Upgraded Queue Support - This is a continuation of the work started in Core 6.0 and now the queue system is even more robust. We've also added better support for when Jamroom is running in a cluster and when the queue is under heavy load. - Upgraded Template Compare - The Template Compare section has been upgraded and should do a better job of showing differences across different skins and modules. - New "Full Page" Caching option - There is a new "Full Page Caching" Core Global Config option that enables a full page cache for logged out users. Jamroom has always used a partial page cache, where sections/widgets are cached individually, but this new option for logged out users allows entire pages to be cached and speeds things up for visitors, while reducing the load on your JR server. - New "Admin" Javascript support - Modules can now designate specific javascript files as being "admin only", and in turn a second admin file is created for admin/master users. This can help reduce the size of the main javascript file by up to 30% (depending on the modules installed on the system), which means faster site loading for your users. - New Image Caching - The resized image cache in the Image Support module has been rebuilt from the ground up to be much faster, and for cached images requires ZERO database queries. I've also been working on a complete overhaul of the Jamroom Cluster modules, and in the next 1-2 months we will be rolling out Jamroom Cluster 2.0 which makes running Jamroom on a cluster of servers as easy as running on a single server, so stay tuned. If you are running a large Jamroom site, and are interested in upgrading to Jamroom's cluster solution for High Availability, contact us and we can work with you to ensure we have something that fits your needs. To upgrade and get involved with the Jamroom 6.1 beta, you can do so by: 1) Log in to your Jamroom site as the master admin2) Go to ACP -> Core -> Marketplace -> Tools and click on the Marketplace Channels button.3) Enter "JAMROOM61BETA" into the "Channel Invite Code" field and then click "add channel" You can now go to the "System Updates" tab and upgrade to Jamroom Core 6.1 + modules.  After upgrading don't forget to install the new System Tools module as well. Like usual, Jamroom 6.1 is a BETA RELEASE - do not upgrade your "live" site to Jamroom 6.1 at this time. We anticipate a short beta cycle for Jamroom 6.1, so you won't have to wait long to get updated, but for now hold off from upgrading your production sites to Jamroom 6.1 until we get feedback from the community on how things are going. We hope you enjoy the Jamroom 6.1 beta and new updates.[...]

How we monitor your Jamroom Hosted Server - @the-jamroom-network

Thu, 02 Feb 2017 06:39:56 -0800

One of the best things about running Jamroom Hosted is that it gives us insights into the overall performance of Jamroom across hundreds of domains - pointing out areas where we can improve the Jamroom code to make things "fly".  For example - some of the recent updates to the Core queue and caching systems have come from being able to see what types of operations are having the biggest impact on the performance of a site.

Nucleos - the eyes on your server

To help us maintain a high level of service and performance we have built our own custom monitoring system for your Jamroom Hosted servers - "Nucleos".  Nucleos is a custom Jamroom module (of course!) that on regular intervals queries the Jamroom Hosted servers for a variety of information:

- What is the current CPU load on the Server?
- How much memory and disk space is the server using?
- Is the web server up and handling user requests?
- Are there any "slow" SQL queries to report?
- Are any SSL certificates going to expire and did they renew correctly?

And more.  All of this comes in to an easy to use interface that alerts us to any issues that may be cropping up on a server.  For many of these checks we can be alerted well before there is any issue, which gives us time to fix the issue before it becomes a real issue.

Whenever a check is run on a server, the results are stored in a plugin archive - this allows us to create graphs for many of the data points we collect, which in turn lets us see if our actions to improve performance for a specific sub system actually works.  We can view the BEFORE and AFTER graph and see the difference - there’s no guessing involved.

As Jamroom Hosted has evolved and grown, so too has Nucleos.  We’re constantly trying to improve the reliability and performance of our systems by tweaking and adding new checks to ensure we have a solid view of the performance of the Jamroom Hosted servers.  We're excited about what we've built and wanted to share HOW we monitor your servers for those that are interested.

Bringing Back the Jamroom Hosted 12G Plan

As many of you know a few months back we discontinued the Jamroom Hosted 4G, 8G and 12G Hosted plans - mainly due to operating costs on the backend related to our custom backup solution.  I'm excited to announce that after reworking our backup solution we've been able to lower our backend costs, and that has allowed us to re-introduce the Jamroom Hosted 12G plan!

For only $39 a month you get access to the same great features found in all Jamroom Hosted Plans:

View Jamroom Hosted SSD Plans

If you’re NOT using Jamroom Hosted and are currently hosting Jamroom 5+ elsewhere, we can import your existing Jamroom site for FREE and get you up and running on the fastest and most reliable Jamroom Hosting you can get - Jamroom Hosted.
Contact Us and let us know how we can help take your site to the next level.
Thanks for reading!
- The Jamroom Team

Mega Update Thursday - @the-jamroom-network

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 10:38:25 -0800

It’s hard to believe 2017 is already here!  Hopefully everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable New Year.  On this end the team has been busy working on module updates that have just been rolled out into the Marketplace.  With over 30 module updates alone, it’s been a busy morning!Jamroom Core 6.0.5The latest release of the Jamroom Core is out now - version 6.0.5.  This new release brings some big performance improvements for the core Queue system.  One of the best things about Jamroom Hosting is that we get an “inside” look at the performance of some of the largest Jamroom systems, and get to see in real time how things hold up (or don’t hold up) under heavy load.The updates to the Queue system are based on issues that have been observed in very large systems, while under a fairly heavy load (dozens of requests per second) with very deep queues (50,000+ entries).  The new changes should allow these systems to handle the load much easier and keep chugging along.  Even smaller sites that get very busy should see an improvement in system performance under load.New Elastic 2 SkinThe “legacy” Elastic skin was the very first skin for Jamroom 5, and while it had been updated and tweaked over the last few years, it was really the same design it was in 2012.  We’ve now rolled out an all new Elastic 2 skin that brings a more modern and sleek design.  It is now included by default in the Jamroom Open Source core, and is a great skin to start any custom design from.  It’s clean, responsive and easy to customize (since it uses very few override templates).  We like new stuff just like everyone else and felt like it was time for something new in the Open Source core.The new Elastic 2 skin can be installed on any site for free from the Marketplace.Big Meta Tag module updatesThere were several things we wanted to change about the way meta tags (and most importantly Open Graph tags) functioned in Jamroom, and Michael has been working hard on this one for the last couple weeks.  Previously, all Open Graph tag support was part of the ShareThis module.  This meant that in order to have Open Graph tags on pages, you had to have the ShareThis module installed.What we’ve done is move support for Open Graph meta tags into the Meta Tag Manager module (which makes sense right?) which means you can have full OG tag support without needing ShareThis.  This also gives us a much better framework for adding OG tags to pages that are NOT item detail pages, which means better support all around.This also means there were a couple dozen other module updates that went out this morning as they each contain a NEW “item_detail_meta.tpl” file.  This is the NEW template that is used by the Meta Tag module and is used to add Open Graph tags to the item detail pages.  Feel free to customize the new templates to suit your needs.  We’ve also begun adding Twitter “card” support to these templates, and will continue to update them going forward to support more social tags.New URL Redirection ModuleWe’ve also rolled out a NEW module called “URL Redirection”: takes over URL shortening duties from the ShareThis module.  The URL Redirection module also features “link masking” for rewriting one URL to another URL, and keeps track of click statistics.  You can download and install the URL Redirection module from the Marketplace right now.Simple Chat - have fun with SmileysWe’ve also rolled out a new version of Simple Chat that now integrates a “smiley” selector for desktop browsers right in the chat pane - you will see a new smiley button that will open configured Smileys - simply click on one and it is added in to your chat message.  Note that this functionality requires the Smiley module be installed and configured.Search Module speed upsThe Search module has been updated and should be MUCH faster when performing searches on large systems.  It als[...]

Jamroom Hosting Updates - @the-jamroom-network

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 13:09:36 -0800

A Quick post about some recent Hosting changes and updates:
PHP7 is now available
We are now supporting PHP7 for Jamroom Hosted servers. PHP7 is an impressive server upgrade for a Jamroom site and can really help speed things up. We can upgrade your Jamroom Hosted server to PHP7 at the click of a button, so if you would like to upgrade let us know and we’ll get your site updated for you. Jamroom is 100% compatible with PHP7, so everything will just be a bit FASTER after we upgrade your server. There’s no downtime involved, so it’s quick and easy.
Hosting Plan Changes
As some of you may have noticed, we’ve discontinued the 4G, 8G and 12G Hosted plans. We found (and heard) the 4G server was too small for almost all sites, while the 8G and 12G weren’t used much. It seems sites either needed almost NO space or more than 12 Gigs. These low end plans also had a tremendous amount of “churn” and were no longer financially viable for us to keep offering. We know that for some of you on the 4G/8G/12G plans making the jump to 24G may be a big jump - larger than you would like. The good news is that right now you can upgrade to the 24G hosted plan and save 10% off each month - for as long as you have the server:
Jamroom Hosted plans and features
If you are currently on a 4G plan and were planning to upgrade to 8G, or a 8G plan and were planning on upgrading to a 12G server, and DON’T want to upgrade to 24G please let us know - we hate leaving anyone “in the lurch” and will see what we can do to accommodate your needs.
If you are currently on the 4G, 8G or 12G plans are are happy with the size of you server, you don't need to do anything - you can continue to use your existing server plan for as long as you like.
New - Premium install options
Getting started with another domain on your server is easier than ever. We’ve rolled out new “Premium” install options that can pre-install different site packages on your server. This makes it really easy to get setup quickly. You’ll see the new Premium options when creating a new domain on your server.
New Hosting Partner - A2 Hosting
With the 12G and lower hosting plans being discontinued, we know that for some of you the cost of Jamroom Hosted is going to be too high. We’ve partnered with A2 Hosting who provide fully managed VPS servers as well as shared hosting:
Jamroom Hosting at A2 Hosting
For those of you on a budget I think you’ll find the performance for the price is exceptional.
We’re always looking for ways to improve Jamroom Hosting and make it the best it can be. Our goal is the easiest and highest performing solution you can get, so please let us know if you have any feedback or questions and we can help.
- The Jamroom Team

Jamroom 6 and a Holiday Special! - @the-jamroom-network

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 13:00:14 -0800

After 2 solid months of beta testing, we are excited to finally take the wraps off of the Jamroom 6 Beta!

As a team we've been working really hard since summer to make sure Jamroom 6 provides the foundation we need for the next several years of Jamroom.  There have been quite a few "ups and downs" along the way, but it feels great to finally get Jamroom 6 into everyone's hands.

We want to thank everyone for your patience while we worked through A LOT of issues during the beta - more than we anticipated to be 100% honest.  The Timeline updates alone ended up being much, much more work than we had planned when we were putting together our Jamroom 6 TODO list.  It's all been worth it however, as going forward we have a lot more flexibility in key areas of Jamroom that we will be able to take advantage of over the coming months.

To celebrate the release of Jamroom 6, we are running TWO Specials!

 - 10% Off All Hosting Packages Upgrades!  This is a great deal - upgrade now and save 10% off your monthly hosting payment, and get access to more CPU, RAM and disk space.  Remember with Jamroom Hosting you can run as MANY Jamroom sites as you want on your server - it’s all included in the monthly price:

 - 20% Off Jamroom Premium and the NEW Jamroom Professional!  Jamroom Premium and Jamroom Professional are designed for users that want to run Jamroom on their own servers, yet have access to the UNLIMITED features found in the Jamroom Hosting packages.  Install as many Premium Jamroom items on up to 2 domains, and easily add more:

Make sure and check out the Jamroom 6 Upgrade announcement in the Support Forum:

and let us know if you have any feedback or questions.

We hope you all enjoy using Jamroom 6!


- The Jamroom Team

Jamroom 6 Beta Kick Off - @the-jamroom-network

Tue, 27 Sep 2016 06:47:30 -0700

I’m really excited to announce that after several months of development we are kicking off the open beta for Jamroom 6!Jamroom 6 is our first MAJOR version change for Jamroom in 3 years - although there have been a ton of new features introduced since Jamroom 5 was initially released, we felt it was time to have some fun!A LOT of work has gone into Jamroom 6 to make it the best version of Jamroom yet - we’ve been working like mad since Nate joined the team.What’s New in Jamroom 6There are dozens and dozens of updates and new features throughout many of the modules - some of the big ones:- All new “Follow Me” social skin - our most ambitious social skin ever- Enhanced Timeline with “Quick Share” and all new sharing options- New “Simple Chat” module makes chat on your site totally seamless- New HTML Transactional Email support makes all your system notification email look awesome- New “Profile Pulse” for profile notification counts- Beefed up Media URL Scanner module now creates “cards” for shared URLs- New User Birthday module - say happy birthday to your users- Core DataStore enhancements to make Jamroom fly on larger sitesWe have a ton of other smaller updates, tweaks and fixes that are getting rolled out with the Jamroom 6 open beta as well.  Jamroom 6 is a FREE upgrade for everyone - if you are already a Jamroom Hosted or Premium user you'll see upgrades available for your Premium modules as well.Follow Me - the new super-social skinJamroom 6 includes a brand new skin for Jamroom - “Follow Me” - which is the most ambitious skin we’ve ever developed for Jamroom.  Not only does it have an awesome look and design, it showcases the many updates to the Timeline and Media URL Scanner modules.  Think of “Follow Me” as a beefed up Twitter - you can share just about anything, as well as comment, rate and like almost everything as well.  If you run a socially centered site make sure and check it out.New “Simple Chat” moduleWe’re also releasing the first beta of the new Simple Chat module.  Simple Chat has been designed to be very light weight and integrate into an existing Jamroom 6 site without ANY changes to templates or code - just turn it on   The design of Simple Chat was inspired by Skype and is super easy to use.  We’ve been using it as our primary team communication channel for over 2 months now, and it’s awesome.HTML Transaction Email supportThe Jamroom 6 Email Support module has been updated with HTML support for transactional emails (i.e. Notifications) - it’s as easy as turning it on in the Mail Support global config.  You can customize the look of your HTML emails by editing a single template - “email_html_notification.tpl” in the User Account module.Core DataStore enhancementsThe Core provided DataStore functions have been enhanced and beefed up.  There is a new database design that should make listings and DataStore searches significantly faster on larger sites.  We’re managing some very large Hosted customers now who are beginning to push the limit on the existing DataStore performance (with 20 million+ rows in some tables) and these new enhancements have been added in to help out.  They also help smaller sites be even snappier as well How to get your hands on Jamroom 6We’re not releasing Jamroom 6 into the “normal” Jamroom beta channel - we know there are a ton of sites that are subscribing to our regular beta channel, and we need to make sure at this time that only sites that WANT to be on Jamroom 6 will be on Jamroom 6.  By putting the Jamroom 6 beta in it’s own channel we can be sure no one installs it “by accident”.  While the new 6.0 Core is very stable (as it’s built on the 5.4 Core), we’re hoping to get feedback and more testing done before it goes “live” for everyone.To check out Jamroom 6, you need to subscribe to the Jamroom 6 Beta Channel:1) Log in to yo[...]

Welcome to the Jamroom Team Nate! - @the-jamroom-network

Mon, 06 Jun 2016 06:51:27 -0700

I'm excited to announce that the Jamroom team is getting bigger!
Nate Riggins, who most of you know as "N8Flex", is now part of the Jamroom Team.  Nate has been a Jamroom third party designer and developer for close to 10 years and has always been known for his fantastic Jamroom skin design. 
We're super excited to have him on board - Nate's in depth knowledge of marketing, design and user experience is going to be instrumental in helping us take Jamroom to the next level.  We also believe this is a big win for Nate's existing customers, as it now expands the level of support offered to those already running a N8Flex design.
All of Nate's existing skin designs are now part of the Jamroom Network - this means if you are currently a Jamroom Hosted or Premium user these skins are now FREE for you to install in your Jamroom!
We have some really exciting plans in store for Jamroom 5 and beyond, and having Nate on the team is going to help us get there in style
Welcome aboard Nate!

Big Updates to Newsletter and Mail Core modules - @the-jamroom-network

Mon, 09 May 2016 06:34:49 -0700

We've just recently rolled out big updates to our Newsletter and Mail Core modules and wanted to let everyone know about some of the cool new features that have been added.
Detailed Delivery Statistics
The big area of improvement is the all new Stats Browser (provided by the Email Core) that gives you a detailed look into your newsletter delivery.  This includes all new tracking that provides per-email open and URL click tracking, as well as integration with the Geo IP Module to give you a nice audience overview:

The detailed stats also includes:
- Per User open tracking -  see how many users actually viewed or opened your newsletter.  Note that this requires the use of a small tracking image in the email - users that do not allowed images to be shown in their email client may not be tracked as an "open".
- Per user click tracking - all the URLs in your newsletter that point to a location in your Jamroom site have a special tracking URL created for them - this allows you to see which users are clicking on what URLs.  The Mail Core tracks this and provides a special Recipient plugin to send newsletters to "Top Users" - i.e. users that have shown an interest in your content by clicking on a URL in your newsletter.
- Unsubscribe, bounce and suppression - If users unsubscribe due to your newsletter, they will show up in the Unsubscribes tab.  If there are bounced emails during your newsletter send, you'll see the Bounces number increment (Bounced support requires the Mailgun SMTP module be installed and configured).  "Suppressed" is the number of users that have set their notification preferences to UNSUBSCRIBE for your newsletter - in other words, these are users that have opted-out of your newsletter before the current newsletter.
These new detailed delivery stats are a big step up from the old Jamroom Newsletter module, and should really help you determine what content is most valuable to your users and audience.
Newsletter Module Updates
The Newsletter module has also been updated with some new features:
- Full Page HTML Support - you can now send full page HTML newsletters that include the proper header and footer sections.
- New Template Browser - it's easier now to create Newsletter templates and modify and save them.  This is a great way to save yourself time by creating a set of templates that fit your site style and design.
- New Queue Based newsletter send function - you no longer have to keep your browser open during a large Newsletter send - you can close your browser and walk away now if you want The core send function has been updated to be Queue based which means once you submit the newsletter, the send function is no longer "attached" to your browser and just does it's work in the background.  You can view the newsletter workers in your Dashboard -> Queue Viewer if you want to see detailed info on what they are working on.
The Newsletter module has been overhauled from top to bottom and should be a much more "complete" Newsletter module than the old Jamroom Newsletter module ever was.  Our goal is to help you find the right content for your users - with the new delivery stats and tracking, as well as the ability to make better newsletter designs we think it just go easier.
We'd love to get your feedback on the new features - join us in the Jamroom Support Forum:
and let us know your thoughts.

New Jamroom Branding + Jamroom Premium - @the-jamroom-network

Wed, 06 Apr 2016 10:34:15 -0700

Along with the all new site redesign we rolled out today, we are also rolling out all new Jamroom "plans" that should not only simplify Jamroom licensing, but also make it much more affordable to run a fully loaded Jamroom.
We've simplified Jamroom into 3 plans:
1) Jamroom Hosted - Jamroom Hosted is the new name for the old "Jamroom Hosting", and is still our top of the line Jamroom service that includes everything you need to run as many Jamroom sites as you want: Unlimited Premium items, VIP Support and top notch dedicated Jamroom Hosting.
2) Jamroom Premium - Jamroom Premium is BRAND NEW!  One thing we've heard from customers is that they really like how with Jamroom Hosted all premium modules and skins are included for the domains on your server.  But for whatever reason (usually the company they work for won't allow it) some users are just not able to use Jamroom Hosted and must host on their own server.
Jamroom Premium gives you UNLIMITED modules and skins on up to 2 sites (with more being easy to add at a big discount), so you get access to all the Jamroom Network premium modules and skins for both domains - saving over $1,000.  We're excited about Jamroom Premium and think it is a really good option for Jamroom power users that want to host Jamroom on their own server.
3) Jamroom Open Source - Jamroom Open Source is the new name for what has always been the "member" level - i.e. you are running the free Open Source Jamroom Core on your own hosting, and purchase premium modules and skins individually.  Nothing changes here.  Jamroom Open Source is a good plan for sites that are only using a small selection of premium Jamroom modules and skins.
We have a nice new Products overview page here:
as well as a pricing overview page here:
that hopefully makes it all really clear in a succinct manner what comes with what plan.  You'll see that we are now using these 3 new Jamroom product names everywhere we can to hopefully make things easier to understand.
If you are a Jamroom Super Pack owner OR have spent $199 or more on premium Jamroom 5 modules or skins, you have automatically been upgraded to Jamroom Premium for FREE! 
This is our way of saying THANK YOU for your support of Jamroom and the team, and by being in Premium you can now install ALL premium Jamroom Network modules and skins on up to 2 domains (and if you would prefer to stay on the Jamroom Open Source plan, let us know and we can change you back)
We've also lowered the price of VIP Support from $29 per month to $19 per month - bringing it inline with the cost of the lowest price Jamroom Hosted plan.
If you have any questions about the new plans, please let us know - we'd love to get some feedback on what you like (or don't like):
Thanks! Redesign + New Hosting Features - @the-jamroom-network

Wed, 06 Apr 2016 10:08:02 -0700

New Design

Today we are excited to roll out the new design!  We've been working hard on a new design over the last couple months, and we think the new simpler layout should make it easier for users to not only find what they are looking for, but also hopefully make it a bit more intuitive.  We've simplified the number of site pages from the previous design, and have gone for a more unified look and feel with new icons and images.
One of the first things you will notice is the new Profile Dashboard that at a glance gives you access to:
- Your Jamroom Hosted servers
- Quick access to Support Tickets for getting help
- Access to your Jamroom Sites and Licenses
- Latest updates from Jamroom Developers and marketplace (click on a marketplace icon to view the changelog!)
- Latest Forum Posts
The goal is to make it easier to see "what's new and happening" at a glance without having to click around as much.
We will be tweaking and updating things here on the back end over the next few days as we encounter any issues (or change our mind on how something is working) - if you see any issues, please let us know and we can get it fixed up ASAP.
New Hosting Features

We've also taken the wraps off some new hosting features:
1) FREE SSL certificates for domains - we've just rolled out a new feature where you can enable SSL on your site with a single click of a button - for free!  No more having to purchase an SSL certificate and go through all the steps creating and sending in the CSR and Key file, etc. - now you can just click the "Enable Free SSL" button in your domain config and you're set.
The certificates used are provided by Let's Encrypt - this is a free SSL certificate provider backed by the EFF which has the goal of making it easy to get SSL running "everywhere".
If you would still like to use a 3rd party SSL certificate (or an extended validation certificate) we of course can still set this up for you on your server - just contact us via ticket and we can help.
2) Used disk space is now show for each domain - in your hosting dashboard you can now see how much disk space each domain is using, which can help you figure which of your domains is hogging all the disk space.
3) The Jamroom Hosted Free Trial is now 14 days - feedback from new Jamroom users was that the 7 day trial period was just a bit too short, and that frequently the trial was over BEFORE you had a chance to really test out the system.  We've upped the free trial length to 14 days now, and will send you a reminder email during that time to see if you need any help with Jamroom.
We also have a new server monitoring solution that is currently running "in beta" that will give us a lot of detailed info on how each of our Jamroom Hosted servers is running.  Some if you have already seen the results of this, where we have gone in pro-actively and tweaked things on your server to ensure Jamroom is running as fast as it can.
We'll have more info coming in the next month or so about this new monitoring system, so be on the watch for that.
If anyone has any questions about the new site design or the new Jamroom Hosting features, make sure and join us in the Support Forum:
and we can help.
We hope you enjoy the new design and features!

Jamroom 5.3 is released! - @the-jamroom-network

Thu, 11 Feb 2016 09:24:46 -0800

After 3 months of development, beta testing and bug fixing, we're finally taking Jamroom 5.3 out of beta!
Jamroom 5.3 includes hundreds of updates, changes, fixes and improvements - all designed to make running a Jamroom site easier than ever.
For details on the new changes make sure and check out the Jamroom 5.3 kickoff blog post:
We'd like to thank everyone that has provided feedback during the Jamroom 5.3 beta - your input and suggestions were appreciated and have resulted in the best Jamroom yet.
As a team we're going to take a few days to "unwind" from Jamroom 5.3, then we will back to moving things forward.  We have already put together a list of the ideas we want to incorporate in the next version of Jamroom - we will be posting those in the future to get feedback and input from the Jamroom community.
We hope you enjoy Jamroom 5.3!
- The Jamroom Team

Jamroom 5.3 Kickoff - @the-jamroom-network

Tue, 10 Nov 2015 08:01:30 -0800

It's been almost a year and a half since Jamroom 5.2 was released, and today we're kicking off the Beta release of Jamroom 5.3! Jamroom 5.3 builds on Jamroom 5.2 and adds some really cool new features.  Our plan is to run Jamroom 5.3 as a beta release for a little bit so we can get feedback and input from the Jamroom community on how things are working.  It should be much more stable than a "normal" beta, as it is improvements and enhancements that continue Jamroom 5.2, but this way we can be sure that those users running 5.3 know that things could change based on feedback. So what's new in Jamroom 5.3?  We've been working hard for the last 4-5 weeks on some ideas we have had for a while to make Jamroom easier to use.  Most of the Jamroom 5.3 features are on the "ACP" (admin control panel) side of things, so updating to the new Jamroom 5.3 Core should be pretty easy - there's no template changes that are going to need to be integrated in to your custom skin (if you have created one).  Our goal with Jamroom 5.3 was to focus on usability - making things easier to use on a day to day basis for Jamroom admins. New System Wide Recycle Bin Jamroom 5.3 has a new system "Recycle Bin" that can help you recover if items (profile, users, blog posts, etc.) are accidentally deleted on your system.  You can configure the length of time items will remain in the Recycle Bin before being permanently deleted, and you'll find the new "Recycle Bin" tab in the Dashboard. Updated ACP We've updated the Admin Control panel with better search, new module categories that are designed to make it easier to find what you're looking for, as well as a new "Dashboard" tab that makes it easy to switch back and forth between the ACP and the Dashboard.  Module jumpers have also been updated with module categories to make it easier to quickly move to the module you're looking for. Updated Dashboard We've updated the Dashboard layout to now include the new Recycle Bin, as well as the core Queue Viewer.  We've also updated the Activity Log section to have the Debug and Error logs available, and have generally gone through all the Dashboard screens and tweaked and updated things to make it easier to get around.  There is a new "ACP" tab as well for Master Admins to easily switch between the ACP and Dashboard. Improved HTML formatting and clean-up Jamroom 5.3 will do a much better job of "cleaning up" malformed HTML that might be entered on the site - this can prevent a page from appearing "broken" because some embedded HTML did not have the proper closing tags (which can happen if you are truncating user input to include in lists on your site).  HTML is now scanned and all tags are "closed" that have been left open, which should prevent anything from spilling over. CSS Sprite Icons updated for HiRes displays The Core provided icons that are used throughout the site have been updated to serve "hi-res" versions to users on high density display devices (i.e. iPad and "retina" screens, etc.) - this should make things look crisper on these new devices. New "Birthday Date" form designer form field A new Form Designer form field has been added that allows you to capture dates before 1970 - this is something many Jamroom sites have wanted to allow them to have a "birthday" custom form field. LOTS of small updates and Tweaks There are dozens of other small updates and tweaks throughout the Core including an updated Queue Viewer with new Queue tools, updated Performance Check, streamlined ACP search, better layout of Config options and more. Module updates too! A lot of work has gone into the new Jamroom Core 5.3, but we also have A LOT of module updates that we're excited about too:  - All new "Overlay" media players for the Audio, Vi[...]

New Jamroom Hosting Plans - @the-jamroom-network

Mon, 19 Oct 2015 07:53:23 -0700

We’ve been hard at work for the past month working on a bunch of exciting updates and changes to Jamroom Hosting - new features and options that will help you get the most out of your Jamroom Hosting Server:New Server Plans and PricesWe’re excited to roll out 3 new server plans (4G, 8G and 12G) that offer a smaller server for those that have been looking to use Jamroom Hosting, but couldn’t afford the $49 per month for our entry level server, or didn’t have the need for the larger amount of disk space.These 3 new servers sizes feature smaller size SSD disks (4 Gig, 8 Gig and 12 Gig) - and you can get started with Jamroom Hosting from only $19 per month!  These 3 new servers have the same level of features that all other Jamroom Hosting servers enjoy - namely FREE modules and skins, daily backups and ticket support.  The only difference is the lower price and small disk space.We know there’s quite a few of you who have contacted us since we rolled out Jamroom Hosting looking for a lower priced plan - we’re excited to finally roll that out.All Jamroom plans have been updated with a new plan name as well (i.e. the “old” 2G server is now the 48G server, etc.) To get started with one of these new servers click on the big orange "Hosting" link on your Profile.New 7 Day Free Trial for new Jamroom Hosting usersHave you wanted to check out Jamroom hosting but weren’t sure if it would work for you?  We’re now offering a 7 day free trial of the new Jamroom 4G server so you can check it out.  You can test out all the Jamroom features “for real” for 7 days.All Server bandwidth is now UNLIMITEDWe purchase bandwidth from our provider in bulk, and by far the majority of our hosting servers are under their bandwidth allocation in any given month.  So we’ve decided to remove this “cap” all together - all servers now have unlimited bandwidth - within reason of course   Our goal here is to make it be one less thing you have to think about or worry about.  We will let you know if you’re using an INSANE amount of traffic and will work with you to make sure you’re accommodated.One Click Server Upgrades - and DowngradesPreviously you had to contact us via Ticket to get your server “downsized” - our Hosting tools can now downsize your server for you as well - as long as your used disk space amount fits into the smaller plan.  Our goal is to make sure you feel like you’re getting a great value for your Hosting - if you’re not using the power of your current plan, downgrading is easy.  If you’re not sure - let us know - we can recommend the proper server size for your existing Jamroom work load.New Email Delivery LogOne of the most frequent tickets that is opened for hosting is that a Jamroom site owner will have one of their users contact them and tell them they are not receiving email notifications from the Jamroom site.  We now have an easy to browse Email Delivery Log (located in the Domain settings for the site you want to check out) - this lets you easily see any email errors or issues that might be happening when delivering email to your users.Updated “Change Jamroom Admin Info” toolYou can now change the user name and/or password for ANY Jamroom Master Admin account in your Jamroom.  Did you forget your master admin account password?  You can easily set it now from within the Domain Settings section for the Domain you want to set the password for.We’ve also spent time tweaking and updating a lot of functions to make them more robust and easier to use, so we hope that new AND existing Hosting customers will find the new updates as awesome as we do If you have any questions about Jamroom Hosting, make sure and join us in our Jamroo[...]

Recent Hosting Updates - @the-jamroom-network

Thu, 06 Aug 2015 13:39:10 -0700

We've been hard at work here "behind the scenes" improving Jamroom Hosting, and while many of our recent changes are small, there's been a lot of work put into making the system faster, more stable and easier to use.
Today we have just taken the wraps off a big piece of our hosting puzzle - Server Backups.  Previously when you wanted to restore a backup of your server, you would have to open a ticket with us and we would handle the restoral for you.  However, it was a FULL server restoral - in other words, the entire server was wiped out and restored.  While this worked just fine, it was often "overkill" if you happened to be working on a new domain and just needed a few things restored.
With our new Backups we are rolling out today, all backups are handled at the Domain level - just like everything else in Jamroom Hosting.  This lets you restore a single Domain on your server without impacting (or even shutting down) your server.  This way any other domains on your server will be unaffected.  We've found that often the users that need a site restored are those that are doing active development on a NEW site - so this makes things A LOT more flexible as you can simply restore the domain you are working on to the previous backup.
Currently we are maintaining one FULL backup, and then a weeks worth of Incremental backups , and you can restore to any of them in your Domain Settings section.  Note that if your site is really large, it can take several hours for the restoral to be completed.
You will find the new "Restore from Backup" option in your Domain Settings section.  We have also reorganized the Domain Settings section to hopefully make things a bit cleaner and simpler to understand.
Some other updates:
You can now change the Master Admin user name (as well as the password) from your Domain Settings -> Change Jamroom Admin Info section.  Note that this requires the Master Admin be user_id #1 - if you have deleted and re-created the Master Admin account, then this will not work (you can contact us if you are locked out of your Jamroom for any reason).
The "Import a Jamroom 5 Site" tool has been updated to be a bit more robust and can now work with FTP servers that are running on a different IP Address than the web server.
Hopefully these new changes make it even easier for you when you're working in the Hosting control panel.  If anyone has any questions or spots any issues, please let us know

Changes to Jamroom Subscription options - @the-jamroom-network

Wed, 13 May 2015 13:23:18 -0700

This is a quick blog post to outline some changes we have just rolled out in regards to Support Subscriptions for Jamroom:
The yearly "VIP Member" subscription has been removed - there is no longer a yearly subscription needed to gain immediate access to Marketplace modules and skins - all users now have access to purchase and download new Jamroom modules and skins at the time of their release.  The VIP Member was the very first subscription we offered for Jamroom, but with our subscription offerings increasing to now include hosting, we felt this was a subscription we no longer needed to offer, and user feedback was that having to wait for new releases was not a popular idea.
If you are currently a Yearly VIP Member we want to thank you for your support, so please make sure and do the following:
- Log in to PayPal and CANCEL the yearly VIP Member subscription profile - this will prevent you from being charged again when your subscription anniversary rolls around.  Unfortunately we cannot cancel the subscription from our end.
- After you have canceled, please contact us at support [at] jamroom [dot] net and let us know what Marketplace Item you would like for FREE.  For your support of Jamroom we would like to give you a free marketplace item of your choice (developed by us, The Jamroom Network - no 3rd party modules or skins)
All User have full access to the Jamroom Support Forum - VIP Subscribers do get an additional perk by having access to set a Forum Signature where you can set a link to your Jamroom site - regular members do not get access to set a Signature (spammers aren't likely to be subscribers).  All users now have unlimited access to the Jamroom Support forum.
No more Backstage Forum - the backstage forum has been set to "Read Only" - if you have posted in the Backstage Forum for help, please make sure and create a post in the User Support Forum:
The team will no longer be posting or following up in the Backstage forum, and within the next 30 days the backstage forum profile will be set to private and no longer be available.  We know this is going to be a bummer for some of you, but it's going to help us streamline our support - the Jamroom user base has grown considerably over the last 6 months and more often than not we have not been able to follow up in the Backstage forum as it is.
If you cannot post to the main User Support forum (for whatever reason) you will want to subscribe to the VIP Support subscription and have us help you using priority ticket access.
These changes will help streamline our subscription offerings, as well as our support - if anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  These changes should have minimal impact on the majority of users, but we know change can be hard - please let us know if you have an issues or concerns.
Thank you!

Welcome to the new Site Builder! - @the-jamroom-network

Mon, 20 Apr 2015 09:46:45 -0700

After more than a month of development I'm excited to announce that we have released the first beta of the new Site Builder module! The new Site Builder module has been built from the ground up to provide a flexible, fast and easy to use framework for creating "widgets" in Site Builder pages.  Going forward this will allow us to easily create new widgets for specific use cases, as well as make it much easier to integrate existing modules into the Site Builder widget system. Some highlights of the new Site Builder: Single Module - the New Site Builder is now just a single module.  Where previously there were four, the new version has all the required functionality bundled into a single module.  This should remove any issues that would be caused by not having all the old Site Builder modules activated or configured. Works with Any Skin - skins no longer need to be customized to work with Site Builder - any skin will work "out of the box".  The only change that is needed is to add the new {jrSiteBuilder_menu} template function in the location you would like the Menu Editor to place it's content. New Widget Browser - the new Site Builder module presents you with a familiar layout and interface for the Widget Browser - one that has been modeled after Jamroom's ACP (Admin Control Panel).  It's very easy to see at a glance what widgets are available to be used in a page.  New Widget Settings allow you to show different widgets to different user groups - all on the same page. New Menu Editor - the new Menu Editor makes it easy to create fully customized menus with support for offsite URLs as well as custom OnClick Javascript code. New Page Layout and Config - there is an all new Page Layout tool for adjusting the rows and columns on Site Builder pages, as well as new Page Settings that allow you to create pages that are only viewable to specific users or groups. Our hope is the new Site Builder is easy to use for both users that are new to Jamroom and Site Builder, as well as experienced users who are looking for a powerful way to customize their site. Some notes on upgrading and running the new Site Builder: The new Site Builder is a BETA release - we feel it is solid enough for daily use, but also know that once we release it we will get user feedback to help drive the direction the module will evolve in - and we want to get everyone involved as early as we can.  To install from the Jamroom Marketplace, make sure you have enabled the BETA channel in your Marketplace -> Tools -> Release Channels section. If you are currently using the existing Site Builder modules and you install the NEW Site Builder module, your existing Site Builder pages, menu items and widgets will be migrated to the new SB, and the existing Site Builder modules will be disabled.  Nothing is deleted in the "old" Site Builder setup.  If you encounter issues in the upgrade, you can disable the new Site Builder module and re-enable the old Site Builder modules.  Please let us know you encounter any issues. At this time only the Elastic, Lucid and NingJa skins have been updated with the new {jrSiteBuilder_menu} template function. NingJa Users - when updating to the new Site Builder, if you have NOT previously used the old Site Builder, you will need to customize the header menu to suit your needs by clicking on "Menu Editor" from the Site Builder menu.  The NingJa skin comes with quite a few choices in the header menu "out of the box" - however these menu items are part of the header_menu_desktop.tpl template, so are not preloaded into Site Builder.  If you have customized your header_menu_desktop.tpl file a[...]

Jamroom Hosting is now live! - @the-jamroom-network

Thu, 05 Mar 2015 11:16:21 -0800

After several weeks of beta testing, Jamroom Hosting is now live for everyone!
If you are looking for high end Jamroom Hosting that doesn't slow down, Jamroom Hosting has you covered.  Built from the ground up to be 100% tuned for Jamroom you can run your Jamroom site with confidence knowing the platform is fast AND you're covered by VIP Support.
You'll find the new "Hosting" option right in your profile menu - it is the bright orange button when viewing your profile that says "Hosting" - simply click on that to get started with full featured Jamroom Hosting:
All Servers are fully managed and backed up daily.
Create as many Jamroom Domains on your server as you like.
One click install of any Jamroom Distribution (Jamroom Core, Genosis, Site Builder, etc.)

Unlimited Modules and Skins for Jamroom domains on your server(s).
Instant setup on our cluster of fast, dedicated Media Conversion Servers.
Easy to use Control Panel for managing all your servers.
Mailgun integration for super reliable email delivery.
SFTP Access to Jamroom on your server for direct file access.
Priority Ticket support for help with your Jamroom questions.
I want to thank all of the feedback our beta testers have provided so far, and while we're now "out of beta" that doesn't mean we're done thinking of ways to make Jamroom Hosting even better, so if you have feedback please let us know.
Make sure and checkout out the Jamroom Hosting documentation for guides on getting started and how to use Jamroom Hosting:
We're excited to launch what we consider the "next chapter" for Jamroom!

High Powered Jamroom Hosting - coming soon! - @the-jamroom-network

Wed, 04 Feb 2015 07:42:12 -0800

I'm really excited to announce something that our customers have been asking for for years - Jamroom Hosting! Hosting is something we've long been asked to do, but have always deferred it to hosting providers that we felt were better equipped to handle the myriad of options that you can get in a hosting plan.  However, one thing that seems to be getting harder to find is high quality and high performance hosting.  Hosting has pretty much been a "race to the bottom" in price, which in turn almost always leads to a decrease in performance.  While dedicated servers and VPS's have also become cheaper, if you are not a system administrator these types of options are not usually viable.So we've been hard at work here building a new type of hosting for Jamroom - one that is 100% dedicated to running Jamroom about as awesome as you can run it.This means we have included some really cool stuff: Every Server is a dedicated, fully managed VPS that is 100% dedicated to you. All Servers are fully managed and backed up daily. Create as many Jamroom Domains on your server as you like. One click install of any Jamroom Distribution (Jamroom Core, Genosis, Site Builder, etc.) Instant setup on our cluster of fast, dedicated Media Conversion Servers. This last one is awesome - all your Audio and Video media conversions will be handled by our cluster of dedicated Media encoders - this frees your server from having to do media conversions at all, which can be very CPU intensive (and if you are currently on a low end hosting platform you know it can take A LONG time to convert large video files). We've built a custom Control Panel that runs here on and gives you access to creating new Jamroom Domains on your server(s) as easily as clicking a button.  This makes it a perfect setup for those that are running multiple Jamroom sites (web design firms with clients, savvy webmasters that run multiple sites, etc.). It's also perfectly setup for development, as each domain is mapped to a secondary domain - this allows you to create your site on the secondary domain and when you're ready to "go live" all it takes is a click of the button to swap to your "live" Jamroom domain. UNLIMITED MODULES AND SKINS The other awesome part of hosting with Jamroom Hosting is that for all domains on your servers, you can install unlimited modules and skins!  As long as you are hosting with us, there's no charge for any module or skin you would like to install on any domain on your Jamroom server. Have a lot of client sites you want to setup?  No problem - you can set them all up on your server with whatever modules and skins you need. OPTIMIZED FOR JAMROOM All servers that are created in your account have been optimized for running Jamroom - this includes: custom MySQL settings for the size of your server custom PHP settings to allow much larger uploads optimized PHP cache settings to make Jamroom fly Mailgun SMTP for super reliable email delivery One thing that is important to point out is that these servers are 100% dedicated to Jamroom - there's no "Cpanel" or "WHM" or "Plesk" control panels here - these types of control panels offer hundreds of different hosting options and choices, and almost always make the server they are loaded on much slower.  So if you need Cpanel hosting, or the ability to run non-Jamroom scripts on your server, you'll want to stick with a "normal" hosting provider. COMING SOON Right now we are in the process of putting the final set of features and touches in place to get Jamroom Hosting released to everyone - our goal is to go live by [...]

Map Domain Names to Jamroom Profiles - @the-jamroom-network

Wed, 07 Jan 2015 09:12:28 -0800

I'm really excited about a new Jamroom module that has just been release - Profile Domains:
Long time Jamroom users know that this is an idea that is many years old, and was kicked around as far back as Jamroom 3.  Unfortunately the architecture of Jamroom 3 and 4 didn't make it possible to support this type of feature.  With Jamroom 5 we now have a single entry point for all URL routing, and with the advanced events and listeners that are built throughout the Jamroom Core, the time has come where Jamroom can now support this!
The Profile Domains module is an advanced module for Jamroom sites that want to map domain names to profiles in your Jamroom.
For example - you might have an artist that wants their own domain name, but they don't want to run their own site.  Ideally they would just point their own domain name to their profile running in YOUR Jamroom.  This is what the Profile Domains module brings to Jamroom.
You can host as many different mapped domains as you would like, and the module will properly remap the entire profile so the URLs are all updated with the mapped domain.
Combine this with the Profile Tweaks module and you can create an entire "site within a site" for your users.  And with Jamroom's flexible Quota system this gives you a feature that can really enhance your premium subscription offerings.
Note that this module is considered an "advanced" module, since it requires you to have shell (SSH) access to your Jamroom server, or at least the ability to edit the Apache config for your domain.
If you have any questions about the Profile Domains module, make sure and join us in our Support Forum and we can happily answer any questions you might have.
Thanks for reading!

Welcome to the new! - @the-jamroom-network

Sun, 28 Dec 2014 08:21:59 -0800

We've just taken the wraps off the new design, and we hope you like it!
As many of you know we have several "Jamroom Projects" going on such as Site Builder, Ning To Jamroom, Genosis, etc. that take the Jamroom Core and extend it in new ways. 
We wanted to make sure these Jamroom Projects were highlighted in a better way so they could be more easily found, so the new design features the Jamroom Projects prominently right on the front page.
We also are excited to announce our newest Subscription, which those of you who run several Jamroom sites will find exciting.  Going forward we now offer a VIP Premium Unlimited Subscription:
This new subscription allows you to install as many free and paid modules on an unlimited number of domains you control for a single monthly price.  You no longer have to purchase licenses for individual modules and skins - instead just install whatever skins and modules you need for your site.
For the next month we are offering this new subscription at only $44 per month - which is $5 less than the normal price of $49.  If you manage multiple Jamroom sites and would like to use Jamroom for even more of your clients and customers, this deal is awesome - it even includes Priority Ticket support!  So for an extra $15 per month above the VIP Support plan you can unlock unlimited modules and skins!  Note that this only includes modules and skins by us (The Jamroom Network) and does not include 3rd party modules or skins.
We hope you enjoy the new look and wish you a happy 2015 - we hope the new year is a great one for you!

25% off Jamroom Birthday special - 11 years! - @the-jamroom-network

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 06:48:30 -0700

It was today 11 years ago (July 28th, 2003) that Jamroom 1.0b1 was released to the world.  This was before MySpace, YouTube, Facebook or any of the other large social networks were around, and the idea of "social networking" was brand new.  Of course some of the earliest people to get into it were musicians - looking for ways to promote their music online, and so Jamroom was born to fill a small niche. 11 years later Jamroom is still kicking - there definitely have been "ups and downs" over the last 11 years, but I think it has been more up than down So to celebrate Jamrooms's 11th birthday we're running a "25% off Birthday Special" where you can get 25% off any marketplace item that we have created (The Jamroom Network). This will be good for the next 4 days only - on August 1st the special goes away, so if there are Marketplace items you've been wanting to pick up, now is the time.  Note that the discount does not include Bundles (which are already discounted more than 25%) - just single modules and skins. To get the discount, enter the following promo code: IIT2KkhsTem5 Into the "Promo Code" section of your Marketplace module in your Jamroom install - this will apply the discount to your account so the items you purchase will automatically discounted. Let us know if you have any questions about the promo - otherwise here's to many more years of Jamroom Thanks!

Say hello to Jamroom 5.2 - @the-jamroom-network

Mon, 02 Jun 2014 10:05:07 -0700

I have just finished pushing up a HUGE number of module and skin updates - all for the new Jamroom Core 5.2: This new release of the Jamroom Core wraps up a lot of work that has been going on over the last month or so - some of these small changes were introduced in Jamroom Core 5.1.x releases, but Jamroom 5.2 wraps this work up and gives us a new version moving forward. Some of the cool new features: New customizable Dashboard.  You can now select the information that is shown in the dashboard "panels", as well as customize the number of rows/columns that are shown in the dashboard. Simply click on a panel to customize it.New Graph Support module for generating line, area and plot graphs.  You can see this in action in the new Dashboard setup for the profile and user panels - these new panels have a small graph icon that when clicked on will show you a graph.  Going forward this new module will be utilized by more modules and sections in the ACP.New System Tips module - a really helpful module for new (and even long time) Jamroom users that includes walkthoughs and tips on how to do many things in the ACP.  Just click on the "Tour" tab to launch the tour for that module. Brand new "Lucid" skin designed for running a blog-centered community.  This is a really clean skin, easy to customize and expand to suit your needs.Lots of updates to the Elastic skin to make it cleaner and easier to customize.  Includes an all new Mobile menu for easier navigation when on mobile devices.Lots of low level DataStore and process improvements designed to make the system faster as well as use less memory.  This includes improved DS performance, how settings and config items are loaded, as well as how Language strings are handled.Lots of small updates and touches - you'll see new features and small tweaks in a lot of the modules and sections designed to make things smoother and work a bit better.If you are already running Jamroom Core 5.1.x, updating is easy in your Marketplace.  You can also install the new free Graph Support and System Tips modules, as well as the new Lucid Skin if you'd like to check those out (for sure install the Graph Support - you'll want that). Now that the 5.2 core is out, you'll also see some additional module updates over the next few weeks as we add support for the new custom dashboard and other features in. We hope you enjoy the new release, and please join us in the User Forum: If you have any questions about the new release. We hope you enjoy Jamroom 5.2! - The Jamroom Team

20% off Spring Special + New Modules - @the-jamroom-network

Thu, 10 Apr 2014 08:40:17 -0700

It has been a while since we have run a special here on, so today we're kicking off a new "Spring Special" with 20% off all Jamroom Network modules and skins! To take advantage of the discount, enter the following Promo Code:


into your ACP -> Marketplace -> Promo Codes section of your Jamroom site - that will automatically apply the promo to any marketplace purchase.  If you cannot use the Marketplace, and want to take advantage of the special, make sure and contact us at and we can help you out (at this time promo codes only work automatically through the Marketplace module).

We also have some new modules that have been just released:

 - User Polls - Easily allow your users to create and vote in "Polls" on their profile:

 - Media URL Scanner - converts embedded URLs into nice inline, embedded media players:

 - Meta Tag Manager - a free module making it easy to add and update custom Meta Tags for your site:

These new modules are available right now to Jamroom subscribers:

and will be available to everyone in 2 weeks.  If you're not a Jamroom subscriber, for only $29 a year you get early access to all new Jamroom modules and skins, plus access to Backstage.

We hope you enjoy the new releases - we look forward to seeing you online!

- The Jamroom Team

New Issue Tracker and iFrame Modules + updates - @the-jamroom-network

Tue, 25 Feb 2014 11:09:45 -0800

This week we have 2 new modules that we've just released: Issue Tracker The new Issue Tracker module is a powerful issue tracking system that can be used in almost any support organization - we use it here on for all bug/feature/request tracking.  It's super easy to use, integrates well into the profile, and provides a central place for all issue tracking.  Features include: Both public and private issue tracking for team members. Full image and file attachment support for tickets, and commenting with the Comments module installed. Feature Request tickets with "feature voting" support. "Back Burner" tab for tasks and ideas you want to track, but are not pressing. We've been using the Issue Tracker module here on for several months, and figured it was time to make it available in the Marketplace: iFrame Control Our second module this week is the new (free) "iFrame Control" module.  With the iFrame control module you can safely add support for trusted iframes to your site, without having to worry that the remote SRC URL is going to inject malicious code into your site.  You can easily add/remove trusted sources from the iFrame Control module. We also have an updated release of the Jamroom Core (5.1.24) that adds some new features: Bundled jQuery has been updated to the very latest release (1.11.0) New Watermarking support in the Image Support module for watermarking images with your own custom watermark. New "fill" crop parameter support for cropping an image to a specific size -the resulting image will be "letterboxed" so the full image aspect ratio is maintained. Updated DataStore support including a new function - jrCore_db_update_multiple_items() - that should help developers write more compact and efficient DataStore code. The "group_by" parameter for jrCore_db_search_items() can now accept multiple fields, separated by a comma. New "signed" Checktype type for testing that a number is a whole number (both positive and negative). As always, please join us in the User Support Forum: and let us know how you're using Jamroom.  We look forward to seeing you online! - The Jamroom Team