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Regina Caeli

mother and daughter weblog - catholic- crafts - graphic design, and more.

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I just came across the site of a woman named Regina Doman.
The essays and articles she has up are great. I especially enjoyed a group of ongoing conversations from the Past Caelum Et Terra Newsletters about how to incarnate Catholic Culture.


Margaret sleeps next to me, and sometimes when I'm thinking or dreaming about something particulary strongly, she'll wake up and say something. At first it freaked me out, now I've grown used to it.

A couple weeks ago, she had a cold and I was dreaming that I was giving her cold medicine. She woke up fussing and saying "no thanks! no thanks!", which is just what she does when we try to give her medicine.

Last night I went to bed at about 11 and she'd been asleep for 3 hours...I was praying the Glorious mysteries and she said in her sleep "Jeshus". We do pray before she goes to bed, night night Jeshus, night night Mary, but tonight she fell asleep on the floor watching our new Spongebob DVD so we didn't pray. I think she does pick up on what I'm thinking, but only when she's asleep, apparently.



Help! Our living room is becoming overrun by FIsher Price Playsets!


Well, I finally put my first auctions up on eBay.
Here they are.

I don't expect much. I still have more stuff to put up. It's actually a lot of work.

This weekend we went to Barnes and Noble and my friend Chelle was kind enough to buy me a coffee from the in store Starbucks. I mention this because I chose a gingerbread latte - oh, was it good. I see that you can buy gingerbread flavored syrup to make these at home - from Starbucks, of course - but I found a recipe to make gingerbread coffee from scratch.


Children's author and illustrator Jan Brett has a wonderful home page. If you go the the 'activities' link, you'll find printable flash cards, bookplates, paper dolls and masks, interactive calendars, and all sorts of neat stuff - all for free, all with her beautiful artwork.

We went to a small carnival tonight in the parking lot of a kmart, but all the rides that were slow and small enough for toddlers wouldn't allow adults on. I was hoping there'd be a good old fashioned merry-go-round. We finally located one, in front of kmart. It jerked on and we thought she'd get scared, but she had a ball. Omar wondered how many germs were lingering on the horse's handles... he thinks about these things often.



good morning! Margaret and I woke up a bit early (7:30) and she went straight to her new LIttle People Play Village. I am somewhat concerned about the people, as I read online yesterday that they were recalled in 1990 because of chocking hazards. If you're not familiar with these, they're the wooden inch high people with round I'm watching her when she plays with them; I'm paranoid about her choking.

I had a dream last night that we had another daughter and I was holding both girls in my lap. Suddenly, one of them disappeared. She was there, but invisible. I have a similar dream about every three or four nights. Margaret will become invisible and I frantically search for her. I suppose it's just mother-anxiety. I always wake, and she's there sleeping beside me, and all is well.

As for the eBay stuff, I'm still planning to start selling. Today I'll be working on that.

I know it's not even near Christmas time yet, but I'm thinking of having an advent wreath this year. Trees are so expensive where we live - one year we found several for over $50!

My presence is requested at the Little People Play Village. Happy Birthday to my friend Jimmy!!!


I hope to start selling some stuff online soon. Included will be children's clothes and books, old advertisements, women's sweaters (lots of them) and all sorts of interesting items. I will post my eBay link once I have that up and running.


Okay, sometimes my images show up, sometimes not. They are hosted by geocities...maybe I need to host them somewhere else?


Listen to the Bishops' conference here.


One thing I really miss from up north is eating real donuts. Where we live right now, there are no Dunkin Donuts and not even krispy kreme. They have instead these bread type donuts that aren't particulary sweet. Apparently the nearest krispy creme is in San Antonio. But, hey, there's one in Scranton, so that's another reason to move there. Right, Omar? Right, Omar?


our happy girl


I suppose I need to clarify my intentions in creating this page; while I sincerely enjoying reading the web logs listed on the right, I don't intend in any way to put myself on a parallel with them. I am not at this moment very involved or informed enough about Catholic doctrine, politics, news, liturgical abuses, or anything of that sort to attempt to cover these subjects here on a daily basis. Rather, the emphasis will be on my daughter, my family, what i'm reading, graphic design, music, art, etc. Basically, whatever comes to my mind....I guess I'm making this disclaimer off the bat so that I don't disappoint. It's not that I'm not terribly intellectual, just that I'd rather have you think I'm vapid and suprise you than work you up and let you down....


I found the image of Mary here.


Welcome to our weblog! I am a 28 year old mother of Margaret, age 2.

I meant to start this earlier, on November 1st, but something went awry. We purchased some children's software at a discount store this weekend and installed several games. Margaret enjoyed them - but when I went to wake up my iMac a couple hrs after she'd finished playing - it couldn't locate my hard drive. Nothing was there! I had to reinstall my system 9 and all my graphics programs, not to mention fonts, etc. My husband says that it wasn't the software that did it, but seemed like more than a coincidence.

It's been raining here for about a week, and Margaret keeps asking to play outside on the "whee-ah" (slide).