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From the war for talent (which didn't get canceled, just delayed), to economic recovery, to a predicted post-recession stampede (consisting largely of your best employees) ... the recruiting world is about to heat up!

Published: 2009-09-28T12:43:33-05:00


Your Online Job Postings & Big Foot


The jobs you post online, unfortunately, share something with Big Foot. Smart people are becoming increasingly suspicious, and less inclined to believe they are real. The root cause is pretty much the same in both cases: bad apples have compromised...

Candidate Experience


At a recent conference on the recruiting industry, there was an interesting consensus amongst the attendees and presenters. Simply, that the most critical and overlooked failing of most employer's recruiting & hiring processes involved overlooking "candidate experience." This is an...

A Different Kind Of Staffing Agency


I recently became familiar with a unique staffing firm here in Milwaukee (headquartered in Chicago) called Brill Street. Rather than explain what makes them special, I'll let co-founder and Executive VP Nancy Lerner tell you more in this brief interview....

Top Employers of College Students and Recent Graduates


I'm pleased to share this guest posting, from Steven Rothberg, on a very relevant topic! Much is written about the top employers for mothers, college students, recent graduates, minorities, and other demographic groups. Yet how useful are these lists? Candidates...

How Will Younger Workers Change The Workplace?


At a recent web 2.0 conference, the speaker digressed onto the subject of employment, and told his audience that the impending war for talent means that employers will have to accept the newest workers on their own terms. He went...

Interview With Better Employer Branding!


In my last post, I mentioned Improved Experience, a company offering a service that I think is invaluable to employers. It supports employer branding, which is incredibly important. It recognizes that the ultimate measure of your employer brand is no...

Employer Branding & Job Seekers' Experience


My blog makes it pretty clear that I think that the way you treat employees, ex-employees and anyone who interviews with you but doesn't get hired (or accept an offer) is a critical and often overlooked aspect of employer branding....

Employers, Networking & A Legal Conundrum


The government continues to enforce fair hiring practices. Recent OFCCP rules are an example, and many businesses are ramping up their recruiting practices to eliminate those which may have an adverse impact on hiring "protected classes" (race, gender, etc.) A...

Job Stress & Dissatisfaction: The Common Denominator


You probably know a lot of people who are dissatisfied with their jobs. Stressed out, frustrated, unhappy. You may have employees who you sense fall into these categories. At first glance, their issues may seem quite diverse -- a lot...

Diversity Recruiting Explained


It always amazes me to hear an employer comment about not finding enough qualified candidates, and then tell me that diversity recruiting isn't a priority for them. This article does an exceptional job of explaining the value of diversity recruiting!