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Welcome to my Free Advertising Promotions Blog!! And in this blog I will be adding any free advertising resource I find or have already found on the net. As I truly believe in the power of free and no cost advertising, you just have to command the availab

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A Free Traffic System For Your Website


A free traffic system that I am experimenting with and I will update when I have some more data to examine from the articles that I submit to it, but in a nutshell this system you create an article and then you place a couple of backlinks in the article and then you have the option of spinning your article so that it appears different to the search engines apparently.

Then you can also submit to up to 30 other blogs your article, thus giving you some backlinks and much needed traffic, just try not to game this free system as they will not appreciate it.


Exit Explosion The Free Traffic System


Did you know that there's a way to legally "steal" traffic from
high-traffic websites and redirect it all to your website?

Well, I didn't.

But, there's a new free site that just launched today, and it
explains it all in plain English (for once)!

I'd *highly* recommend that you take a look at this if you're
interested in driving a lot of free traffic to your website:

Free Viral Traffic To Your Website

I know you're itching to find out how it works...


P.S. There's a way you can actually get paid cash, directly to
your PayPal account, just for putting some code up on your site.
It's all explained right after you sign up.

Free Clickbank Portal


A Free Clickbank Portal, where you can plug in over 10,000 products and rising, earn huge clickbank checks and commissions today!

Free Clickbank Portal

Did I mention it was FREE!

Free List Builder


Build your opt in list for free here!


Get Yourself A Free Website



Free advertising search engine


Free link Shortener


Just enter your long link and this simple software will shorten your url address for free and it includes tracking and stats.


Keyword (optional):

Why Advertise For Free?


Because it is a no cost, no risk investment to start out with free advertising, the investment being only your time should be spent in advertising this way, you need to think up new and great creative ways to get your free ads out there as furthest you can on the internet.

But to do this without spamming your links anywhere and everywhere, you have to think carefully about your advertising campaigns, think about getting a free tracker that tracks your ad campaigns to see how effective your advertising really is.

And to see where and how your ads are seen by others who are either searching through search engines or actually through other ways like targeted directories and classified ads.