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Preview: Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit

Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit

Become a Pickup Master!! Seduce the Woman Of Your Dreams! Tips on how to exploit bachelor dating guide information.

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Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit


Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit

Getting HOT Girls!

In high school I settled for whatever few girls I could get, now in college I have so many girls to choose from I only date the hot ones!

At first I thought it wouldn’t be that good cause I tried the free 6-part e-course first (which was a waste of time, don’t bother with it, just get the REAL course). I was desperate so I bought the real course (and with the money-back guarantee I wasn’t risking anything). Man! Is it great!!

Then there’s the 8 bonus manuals. (Yes, EIGHT!) And I got the additional audio course (Art of Impressing Women) and it really makes you into a MASTER pickup artist!

All these course materials combined really do make you “Irresistible to Women” and they cover everything you need to know about (read more...)

Bachelor dating guide exploit

Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit


Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit

The 3 Things In This Course - That Turned Me Into “SEDUCTION SUPERMAN”!

That’s what one of my buddies called me, after he saw me “perform” over a weekend. “Seduction Superman”. 23 pickups. 23 girls’ contact details. 23 hot girls to pick from. One Weekend. “Seduction Superman”. Done.

So how do YOU become a Seduction Superman? Hey, there’s a lot of things you gotta learn, man! That’s what almost stopped me, it can get a bit overwhelming, when I saw the SIZE of this Course!

But this pickup expert wanted to cover it all. Just remember to take it one step at a time. And in no time, you’ll be picking up hot girls as fast as me!! :-)

There’s just too much you are gonna learn from this Course, to list it all here. But here are the “Big 3”. The ones that SKYROCKET YOU to becoming a real “Seduction Superman”.

1. SEVEN easy ways to approach women.

This is Big. One way just doesn’t cut it. That great approach you use in the mall, doesn’t work when you’re at the beach. And that “no-fail” beach pickup, just doesn’t cut it when you see that Hot Bod shakin her stuff on the dance floor.

And what about that Hottie, out with her friends? (Man! I remember I used to think there was NO WAY any guy could approach a Group of girls, and pick out the one you want. Now I do it all the time, without even thinking!!)

2. The 8 bonus manuals. (Yes, EIGHT!)

-Overcoming shyness (I really needed this one, when I was just getting started)

-Kissing techniques (YOU need this one, if you want to become “Seduction Superman”)

-Guide to Female Orgasm (Man! I could never find that “G-spot”, and I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an “A-spot”!!)

-Online dating (You will find some REALLY cool stuff in this one)

-and more of them, even a “Personal Consultation”!

3. The AWESOME Audio Course: The Art of Impressing Women

If you want to pickup 2-3 hot girls every week, study the Course. But if you want to pickup *23* Hot Girls in a single weekend, listen to this Audio. Three times. At least. And take notes. Really, don’t miss a thing (read more...)

Bachelor dating guide exploit

Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit


Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit

Pickup Girls at the Seven Best Places


I was the guy, glued to the wall, at all the high school dances - who ended every night, walking home alone.

BUT NO LONGER! I have an overflowing dating calendar at college now, with more girls wanting to go out with me than I can possibly find time for! (Thanks to my bachelor dating guide exploits - more on that later.)

I had to learn a lot, to go from dating-dork to dating-Master. But one of the first things I had to learn, was where to pickup girls. The kinda scene with lots of women, where it’s easy to pick them up - and they’re all hot!

Here’s a quick summary of 7 of the best places I’ve found, to pickup girls. Let’s start with the most common...

#7: Bars & Nightclubs

Yeah, I know you’ve tried them. And I agree, they’re not the easiest place to try to do pickups. But they’re fun, packed with babes, and you can pickup more than one per night - if you know how.

So what if I told you a way to get THEM to start the conversation? And even more, make it look like SHE’s trying to pick YOU up?? Yeah, that’d be sweet...!

The Key: Choose your spot.

Checkout your favorite spot, before the night you “operate”. Then get there, before it gets busy. Pick the busiest spot near the bar, and plant your feet there - permanently!

Women will bump into you, touch you, even crush you - all night! And when she’s leaning over you, trying to order her drink - you’ll get the perfect chance for an opener. Even better, SHE will be the one with the opening line (“Excuse me”, “Can I get through for a moment?”, “Can you order for me?”...)

You can even accuse her of being too “forward”! (With a sly smile, of course...)

#6: The Mega-Mall

Any big shopping area will do, but I like those fully-enclosed monster buildings, with tons of stores. Women love to shop.

The Key: Choose your time.

Do your research beforehand. Try different times, different days, weekdays & weekends. I was shocked to see the difference that can make and strangely, the times with the MOST women, weren’t the times with the BEST looking women. So pick the time/days, with the kinda girls you like best.

Ok, so you’re in the Mall, lookin’ for hot babes. But in which Mall stores, are the best pickin’s?

To learn how *I* went from dating-dork to dating-MASTER - checkout my post called Getting HOT Girls! (should be above this, if not then click: Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit ) After you read that, go to his page to see what HE says (you'll learn a lot just reading his samples)... Dating & Pickup Success

Bachelor dating guide exploit

Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit


Bachelor Dating Guide ExploitThe Seven Best Places to Pickup Girls PART 2 I’ve come a long way since my “wallflower” days and have an incredible college social life - and more girls than I know what to do with! (Thanks to my bachelor dating guide exploits - more on that later.)#5: Fragrance Stores If you don’t know what these are, take a sniff of the air - you’ll find them! These are the places that sell bath oils, shower gels, body lotions - all in cute little pre-packaged assortments, with a ton of different fragrances all with cute sounding names. Women can’t get enough of this stuff. #4: Franchise Coffee Shops Personally, I think it’s kinda dumb to frequent a shop that just sells coffee. Isn’t that what donut shops are for? But after a long, “tough” day of shopping, women love to drop all their bags and relax with a coffee/tea. They’re bored, they’re tired, and they’d just love some company. Try asking her if her shopping “war” was successful - then be prepared to spend the next hour reviewing her “captives”. #3: Franchise Bookstores Franchise Bookstores: Any bookstore works, but the big franchises attract women like a magnet (think Barnes & Noble). Especially on “dating nights” and weekends, when a women who doesn’t have a date that week, can easily occupy herself for an entire evening, book-browsing. The Key: Choose your books. Once again, do your research beforehand. In every section that women frequent, pick one book (preferably a new best-seller), and get familiar with it. Then, when you’re ready to cruise the bookstore aisles and you see a girl you’d like to know better - you’ve got something to talk about, that you know she’ll be interested in. In most cases, all you have to do is ask her if she’s read that particular book, and she’ll do all the talking! If she has, you just listen as she gives her opinion (women love doing that!); if she hasn’t, you can do your gentlemanly “duty” and fill her in about it. There are 5 great locations for you (so far), for picking up women. But there are even better places for pickups - where the hottest girls go! #2: Clothing Stores In a mall, or stand-alone, these qualify as the 2nd best type of store to pickup girls in! Women who are hot, spend a ton of time shopping for clothes - it’s an “essential” if you want to be a girl who ranks at the top of the “looks list”. And unlike bookstores, you don’t even have to “study” in advance. As long as you know a bit about the “latest” in women’s fashions, you’re good to go. (Study some women’s fashion magazines, if need be.) “But how do I approach a woman... in a women’s clothing store?”, you ask. Easy! You’re there, looking for a gift for your sister (or your cousin, or your niece - someone around her age). And “poor you” - you just have no idea what to get. Do you think that maybe, that cute girl you just walked up to, could help you find the right gift? #1: Health Food Stores No guy seems to know about this one. I’m not surprised - I never knew about it myself. I just found it by accident. For some reason, health food stores have some of the best looking women as customers. Maybe it’s because good-looking girls want to take care of their looks, and so follow a natural, healthy diet. I dunno. But if you’ve got a place near you, that sells “healthy” foods, or diet-specialty foods, or “natural” foods - you can bet there will be great-looking women going there. Try the after-work rush. There’s the 7 best, easy-to-find, easy-to-use, pickup locations. But there are more places you need to know about. Plus once you find her, you have to know HOW to pick her up. To learn how *I* went from dating-dork to dating-MASTER - checkout my post called Getting HOT Girls! (should be above this, if not then click: Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit ) After you read that, go to his page to see what HE says (you'll learn a lot just[...]

Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit


Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit

Wanna know how to be irresistible to women? Watch for future posts here!

Bachelor dating guide exploit

Bachelor Dating Guide Exploit


Learn the bachelor dating guide exploit method, and how to exploit bachelor dating guides, including bachelor dating guide exploit product reviews.

Bachelor dating guide exploit

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