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Guest Mix: WINDOW



Very pleased to be able to premiere this mix from Montreal-based producer Window. While his own productions have existed somewhere between a glistening, post-Fade to Mind tip and early '90s UK rave energies, the Amino Mix skews towards classic house sounds, with a tracklist that includes artists like Inner City, Speedy J and Orbital.

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Window - Reuptake
Inner City - Inner City Theme
Luke Slater's 7th Plain - The Needs of the Many
Speedy J - Pepper
Dettinger - Blond 1
Matrixxman - Credentials
Orbital - Chime Crime
Rhythm & Sound - Carrier
Dr. Alex Paterson - Loving You Live
Xamiga - Unknown Universe

RQ Radio: 09/29/13 - M/M



Last week on our Newtown Radio show we were joined by Brooklyn's M/M. Tune in for a special edition next Wednesday October 16 at 4-6pm EST, with special guest Sapphire Slows.

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Dean Blunt - Stone Island
Visionist - I'm Fine
Huerco S. - Apheleia's Theme
U - I
NY Housing Authority - Apt 3A
Liquid - Liquid is Liquid
Joy O - Sicko Cell
Kelela - Keep It Cool (Prod. Jam City)
Slackk - Silk Robe
Hound Scales - Throated
Gerry Read - U Got No God Damn Groove
Physical Therapy - That Horn Track

Dean Blunt - 8 (M/M edit)
Ulysses Dub
5 (Plum)
Best Available Technology - Keys TDK SA-X100 (M/M scratch & sniff mix)
A2 Select

RQ Radio: 09/15/13 - 1080p Collection



Rose Quartz Radio's September 15 edition saw special guest Richard MacFarlane representing 1080p for one hour of goodness, rounded out by another hour with Shea. Tracklist below and tune in next Sunday, 12-2pm EST on Newtown Radio, where will have guest DJ Max McFerren.

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Angel1 - mg
Galcher Lustwerk - ???
Perfume Advert - Sand Worm
M/M - BAT Remix Tape Dub & Compressed
Aquarian Foundation - Fountain
Roland Tings - Cagean Sea
Bobby Draino - Crux
Heartbeat(s) - (We) Knew All Along (8prn remix)
∆ ∆ - The Cleansing
R-Zone - Rosa Luxemborg
Translusion - Do You Want To Get Down?
Abstract Mutation - Wet Fax
Gerry Read - Crave
DJ Sprinkles - Kissing Costs Extra
Kyle Hall - Crushed
John Heckle - Ancient Deep
Lords of Midnite - We Gonna Ride
Move D - To The Disco
 NYC House'n Authority - Apt 3A
D'eon - Dread God
Young Braised - 100% Perfect Girl
Perfume Advert - Lamper

Matthias Zimmermann - bastian [bastian]
Phaeleh - Make You Feel
18+ ft aids3D - Nectar [mixta2e]
Ana Caprix - Can't eat can't sleep i'm sick
 copeland - fit
Tink - At Night [Winter's diary: the mixtape]
Main attrakionz x Tynethys x Shady Blaze - On1
DJ Rashad - Every day of my life [Double Cup]
Crescent - Speedo
Jo_Def - B_Mine

RQ Radio: 08/18/13 - Coyote Clean Up



For August 18th's show we brought in Detroit's Coyote Clean Up to do a set of exclusive, unreleased material and edits. His set starts at about the 55:00 mark. Tune into Newtown Radio every second Sunday, 12-2pm EST.

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Ensemble Economique – We Come Spinning Out of Control
Spelunks – Endless Foodcourt
Basic House – No Lotion (DJ Ford Foster Mix)
Murlo – Irises
Visionist – Snakes
Jessy Lanza – Kathy Lee
Pearson Sound – REM
Physical Therapy – whitelabel
Walton – Need to Feel
Trumpet & Badman – Love Keeps Changing
Visionist & Fatima al Qadiri – The Call
Pet Shop Boys – Home and Dry (Rizzla Remix)
Gunnar Haslam – Just for Me

Coyote Clean Up:




Joel Ford has just dropped a preview of the latest release on his recent-ish Driftless Recordings imprint, in the form of a track from label co-founder Patrick McDermott's North Americans project. "Torch" is seriously deep, blisser drone. Real zoner stuff that strikes a nice balance between smooth spa/lifestyle-derived surface attention and low-end crunch and churn. "Torch" is part of an upcoming North Americans full-length, details of which are forthcoming.

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RQ Radio: 08/04/13 - Air Max '97 & Kuhrye-oo



We've had a little show on Brooklyn's Newtown Radio for a couple of months now, and we're now bringing in a regular series of guest DJs. Check out the first one, featuring Melbourne producer Air Max '97 and UNO NYC's Kuhrye-oo, and tune in every second Sunday, 12-2pm EST. More to come...

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Dick Models' new single for Dracula Horse is all over the place in the best possible way, with twisted funk loops ebbing in and out between scattered digital mulch over the course of its nine-minute long run-time. I previously knew the producer from that great track he did with Teams last year, "Glow Fam", and while that track's blown out, liquid beats are still here, in terms of ambition this is on a whole other tip entirely.

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Impossibly optimized stuff from James Grant's experimental-adventure-jazz Spelunks pseudonym. Lite-percussion intersects with warbled oddities on "Wet Towels (Cabana Boy Mix)," which features on the Serenely Skeptical EP, out on Crystal Magic on August 15. Also watch out for James Grant's forthcoming tape under the Abstract Mutation moniker, out soon on 1080p.

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Window has reworked the Magic Fades track "Sims Hunk" (from their Obsession mixtape) into slick, streamlined, metallic bliss.

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Darkened rave nostalgia in the video for the lead cut from IVVVO's Future EP. Some more words I wrote about Future are here.




Dark and sweaty techno vibes on this set from NY producer Young Male, who has justly been getting a bit of attention recently on the back of his excellent live sets and his White Material label, which he runs with DJ Richard. The recording quality on this one's a bit iffy, but you get the idea. [via. Sex Magazine]

Also worth checking out is this interview + podcast with the producer on Juno Plus.

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One World 開発


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Enjoying the seductive, aqua-fied Powerpoint graphics of this video for Teams' "One World 開発," off the album of the same name. The track takes thing in a clubbier direction than we're used to from the now NYC-based producer too. Stream the whole thing below.

seamless="" src="" style="border: 0; height: 470px; width: 350px;">OneWorld 開発 by Teams




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Enjoying the crystalline club-surfaces in these tracks from Melbourne producer Air Max '97. The Internal NRG EP is cracked club music with deconstructed Nike swooshes and skittering hip-hop beats, not unlike the sparse productions you hear on Night Slugs releases. Name your price downloads available over at the producer's Bandcamp page.




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Stoked to be getting the first jump on this brand new mix from shimmering house purveyor Maxmillion Dunbar in light of his Australian tour, which kicks off this Saturday. His most recent full-length, House of Woo, which came out on the always on-point RVNG imprint, has been on steady rotation for months now for its spacious, off-kilter brand of classically-informed house. The mix he's put together for Australian blog/promoters Noise In My Head leans heavily on the kind of heady, freeform '90s house his sets are famous for, and is a seriously deep taste of what's in store.

Tour dates:

Sat 15 June – Pelvis x Noise In My Head @ Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (Tickets onsale now at RA)
Fri 21 June – Gilkisons Dance Studio, Perth
Sat 22 June – Bamboo Musik x Noise In My Head @ Mercat X, Melbourne (Tickets onsale now at RA)

Also, take a look at the Aurora Halal directed video for "Loving the Drift":

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DYLAN ETTINGER - The Pale Mare from TACHYONS+ on Vimeo.

Dark and slippery synth vibes in this Logan Owlbeemoth directed video for Dylan Ettinger's new track. An appropriately mulched and horror-flick sampling visual palette fleshes out the seriously creepy dread of the tune, which can be found on a split 7" between Ettinger and Goldendust, out on the new DKA imprint, run by the folks behind Featureless Ghost.




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Sun Araw touring member Alex Gray's underappreciated Deep Magic project has tended to issue a diverse range of stuff, from murky, underwater techno through to aural-fixated, appropriately deep soundscapes. This new track, from his third full-length, Reflections of Most Forgotten Love, is firmly in the later category -- zoned arpeggios bounce off layers of tape-hiss and low-end crunch, while soft but shambolic percussion periodically makes an appearance.

Reflections of Most Forgotten Love is out June 25 on Australian imprint Preservation.




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Knoxville, Tennessee's Walsh has a new single out on the reliable and revamped Dracula Horse label. "First Time" is a particularly slick, loop-based filter-house number, and a good sign of what's to come when the producer drops a more substantial release later in the year.




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Something else from SFV Acid's upcoming full-length for UNO, which drops on May 28 and reportedly written entirely at Starbucks. "PT Sex" is a short but compelling excursion, glistening with a tech-induced, acid-inflected sheen, at the same time it points to over-caffeinated unease. 




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Seriously cosmic interstitial visions on this new track from Egyptian Sports Network - a duo comprising Spencer Clark (Skaters, Monopoly Child Star Searchers) and Matt Mondanile (Ducktails, Real Estate), and on this track also featuring Mark McGuire. "Leo in Cyan" updates the nu age palette for the age of satellite transmission, and is part of the five-track Interstitial Luxor EP, out soon on New Images Ltd.




MP3: Golden Donna - All Alone (Blown Out Spring '13 Mix)

Madison, Wisconsin's Golden Donna has remixed one of his old tracks, which initially saw release for free on bandcamp last year. The track is based around a syrupy sample, which this mix loops in a laconic fashion and punctuates with some nice rapid-fire snare work. Stream below via soundcloud, or we've got a download of the mp3 above.

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Auckland bedroom producer Lightening continues exploring the infinite youtube realms of forgotten club-classics with this edit of Sonic Food's "Ascend". Tempering its pitched-up late-hardcore maniacal strain, Eamonn Logan reimagines the track as a slicked-up slice of early-90s UK techno.



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Great little vid from LA's Pod Blotz, for a track that's out on their new Dungeon Taxis cassette, Timeless. The track is straight outta the dream-zone, with an undercurrent of crunchy, pulsating noise interfacing with otherworldly drone remnants. Listen to another bit from the tape below.

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It's been a minute since I've checked in with our fried friends at Melbourne-based Vinyl Only Tapes / Sleepout Records - but this latest vis-aural treat had me properly captivated. Typically pared back, and taking cues from the stark, artificial functionality of iPhone/Nintendo DS composition apps, Abstract Mutation injects bouncy house stabs on top of its tinny digital beat. Whirs of echoing interference create a further sense of obliqueness - enhanced by the hypnotic mundanity of the dual visual portals (nice how the hedge trimmer screeches bleed into the audio towards the end!).




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Serious love for AyGeeTee's sprawling new album Fools. The London producer is a bit of a stalwart of the AM Discs nexus, and each new drop from him has been better than the last for a while now - for instance, check out the Actress Pets album from last year. This album sees him further refining his lush, collage-like electronica to achieve delirious sensory-overload.

Fools is out now digitally, with an LP version to follow later.




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Very sleek afterparty vibes on this new track from Olympia, WA based producer Braxton/Palmer. A classically-flipped r&b vocal sample meets some late night Detroit inflections. Part two of the Creeper single, which is out May 14 on Ceremony.