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Building a Dream that take's Time

Updated: 2018-03-06T13:22:38.021-08:00


Work, Bodyboarding w/ Good Waves and Freediving


I started a new job in the Transportation Industry, which occupies most of my time. We've had a few big swells hit and I have a (pending) Hawaii Skin Diver, "Record Fish". Work is Work so lets skip that and get to the good stuff.
Pictures Below: Sorry no pics of work.


Opelu Kala
(pending 3-Prong record)


Even Bigger Fish, KAHALA! 9ibs!



Starting Fresh! I'm finally healed enough from my fractured Calcanius injury to start working out again. It only took 8 months of rest and 2 more months of physical therapy. I started masters swimming up again, although i made it all 3 days one week and 0 the next, it still feels great. My 100yd swim splits were way faster then expected. 1:16-1:18 for just coming back and I was able to hold that. Simply Amazed! Then, my first bike ride on my new bike "Mac", was this past Saturday (my birthday) at the Hawaii Cycling Club ride. I amazed myself once again! It was as if I never left or took so much time off. Still Jamming and keeping up with all the main riders. Pushing them through the sprint finishes, taking pulls, it was GREAT! The only thing left is the Run. I still have a couple more physical therapy sessions and I'm at about 90% with the injury. My physical therapist said no running yet. The goal is to be up and running by December. Stay in Touch cause the Rookie Triathlete in Training will hopefully be back in full action by December!



A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a Casting Website I should check out. I signed up and put a picture. The picture is from the first mile of the Marathon at Ironman. Now, for the past 2 weeks I've been submitting for all kinds of modeling and acting positions. I've had a few call backs and my first 2 auditions yesterday. I have another appointment set for tomorrow and another for Saturday. CRAZY!!! This may be my next BIG GOAL! This is looking like a great opportunity and I'm going FULL BLAST AHEAD! WISH ME LUCK!
This past Saturday I rode with a little group from Hollywood. It was good to get back into a group riding. We ended up going to a lighthouse in Palos Verdes. Good ride, but to much stop and go. CONGRATULATIONS to all the Honu/Hawaii 70.3 participants! Wish I could be out there with you guys.

6 months from the last post! WOW!


WOW! It's been 6 months since my last post. I forgot all about this blog page. I'm sure everyone is wondering what is going on with Cody. I'll start with the most significant thing that changed a lot of my plans for 2009.

On December 25, Christmas Night, I was messing around and fell off a rock wall. I fell about 2 stories and landed right on my heel. I ended up fracturing my Calcaneus (heel) in 5 places. Doctors said I will be out for 6 months or so. As of today about 5 months since the accident my heel is still recovering. I'm able to swim and ride, but not run. If I ride too hard my heel will be sore for days. It feels like my heel is getting better, but injuries like these take a really long time to heal and may never be the same. I'm hoping for the best and taking it a step at a time.

Currently, I just moved out to California last month. I've been here for just over a month now. It's AWESOME! I love it! I live near Redondo Beach. There's a ton of places to ride. In particular there's a long beach strip called "The Strand" that goes for miles. Tomorrow, I'm planning a group ride with the "South Bay Wheelman Club". I'll probably be here for at least 6 months.

Being a local triathlete that's sitting on the sideline injured is tough. Everyone asks if your doing Ironman or how's training going. Doing triathlons is a great outlet for me. It takes up a lot of free time and gives me direction and focus. Walking with a limp and not being able to run or be my speedy self was really depressing. I WAS CRUSHED AND DOWN FOR MONTHS! That's the main reason for me not updating this page and moving away for a little while. I'm taking things slow and if all goes well with the heel I'll be back for the 2010 season. There's the update!


A week update: Looking for a new camera.....


(image) The surf was smaller then forecasted from last week. :( Typical Kona style!

The picture above is from my old camera. This past week it would have been great to have a camera. The Big Island is a very photogenic place! If you have a picture its easier to describe events going on, instead of writing books. So, until I get a camera my memories will stay in my head.

My week was filled with work, entertainment, the beach (3 in 1 day), hikes, tour guiding ;) and having fun with the friends! All the great things during the off-season!

I'm starting to feel the itch of wanting to run. On Saturday, it will make 6 weeks of no training (swimming and biking every now and then and no running). When I swim or bike it's spurt of the moment, free time. Just waiting for the right moment to get back into the swing of things. In the mean time I have a few other things I'd like to do. The Adventures of Life! CHEEHOO!



During the past few day's Kona has seen a bump in the surf. Just a little bump. The waves were perfect size to take my little brother and his buddy out to magic sands. The sets were around 4ft. but to them it probably seemed like 10ft. I went to the point where the waves were a little bigger. The wait was long but once the waves came in it was well worth it. On a couple of the waves I was able to ride it all the way from the point into the bay. This is called a "bay runner". Sunday's surf forecast is looking good so far. Possibly the biggest swell all year! The only sad thing is waiting to see if we get hit. You just never know! Oahu's forecast is a North West Swell at 20+ft, but we usually get 1/2 of what they forecast, if we get any at all.

This past weekend I went on a road trip with my friend. At 11:00 Saturday night we decided to drive to Hilo. We stayed at his cousins house who was happy to see us. We meet up with some friends and had a night in Hilo town. We liked Hilo so much we didn't come back until 10:00 on Sunday night. Spurt of the moment adventures! GOTTA LOVE UM!

The next adventure is a camping trip in the mountains. I've done once before and it was a blast. It's like survivor man! Take the essentials and rough it! We get dropped off at the top of the mountain and start hiking until the sun gets ready to set. Then, we set up camp for the night. The next morning you pack up and hike out until you see a road. You see so many amazing things, I'll try to get a camera and take pictures. I've heard from a few sources about a parrot cave. This trip I'll be on the lookout for that!

Earlier today I went out for a great ocean swim. My friend was leading the way on his stand up paddle board. This was awesome to have company! The weather was great and the ocean was smooth. It felt like I was stretching out good, which made me feel like I was gliding in the water. Now my Triceps are sore! Good indicator that things went smooth!


A couple weeks later!


(image) Bodyboarding can be a great workout! Hawaii gets some of the best surf in the world. Kona has been fairly mellow for the past 2 years. No BIG surf, I'm talking about 12+ft. The pictured wave is approx. 6-8ft. Yes, the picture is me. This was taken at Magics Sands Point.

HALLOWEEN was so much fun! If I get a picture I'll post it. To many fun details to describe.

I voted on November 4th. Won't tell anyone who I voted for. TOP SECRET! Get this, Hawaii is trying to pass a law to make Marijuana the lowest priority crime. TOO FUNNY! Voting made me feel like a true American! :)

Besides going to the beach and working I've been riding my bike. My rides are anywhere from 1-2 hours. INTENSE RIDING! Mostly hills and decsents. You might be able to catch me going up Hinalani down Palani-Alii Drive, back up Kam 3-Teshimas to Old Mamalahoa-Down Hualalai- Down Lako. 34 miles of Fun, Intense riding with steep inclines, all this in under 2 hours. I tried bringing a riding partner but they turned around halfway up Hinalani. OH WELL! Better luck next time! LOL!

I love this time of year! Off season triathlon training which means do whatever, whenever. Bodyboarding when Kona is pumping. Halloween, Voting, MY BIRTHDAY tomorrow! I'm not gonna lie! My birthday will be FUN! ALL DAY! HAHA! :)

Still sleeping in! :)



Sleept through Master's Swimming this morning. HAHA! I'm still in lazy mode, turtle pace. Today feels like a good day to go bike! My front tire on my training wheel set is all buss up. Guess I'll just have to ride on the race wheel set. ;) Can't wait, in just a few more hours! No planned workout. JUST RIDE! w/ the cellphone in case I flat! LOL!






Why do I always want to go fast when I start back training? Coach Steve reminded me today that I should be focused on stroke and not speed. The surf shorts helped to slow me down. Going from a Blueseventy suit to surf shorts is a huge difference. It felt like I was pulling parachutes underwater.
Check out Ian Thorpe's stroke when he was 14! My biggest problem at the moment is the pull and follow through!
Sneaky me! sneaky me! I got in a 25 mile bike ride today! AHAHAHA! Couldn't help myself. Lots of up and down hills. Again all I wanted to do was go fast. Time to control myself and do the right things.

Well rested and anxious to get started!



Dad's wedding, goofing around!

The chaos of Ironman and the mass influx of people in Kona has faded. I've taken 8 days off with NO training! I've been in the Ocean twice to Bodyboard. A SSW swell was hitting Kona at 1-3+ft. It was small but fun! Just paddling around and having fun, it felt GREAT!

I'm definitely ready to start back training! Once, I get my schedule figured out I'll have a better idea of how to go about training. At the end of last season I told myself "I wanted to be a better climber". So, I did more climbing! For next season I want to run faster! I'm still deciding on the Honolulu Marathon. December 14th? $130 (flight) $105 (entry) ?(food) (Free shelter and transportation).

10 days off will be my limit before training begins. Start back with swimming and slowly start running and riding again.



October 11th, 2008 was a great day! The day went by really fast, I can only remember bits and pieces throughout the day. I'll start from the beginning.Swim: 1:01:18The swim always goes by the quickest. With all the battling for position in the beginning it helps the time fly. I started towards the front right again just like last year. For the first 5 minutes I had to swim with my head out of water and tread what little water I could. It almost felt like a doggy paddle. There were so many people all around me I felt stuck. People kicking and hitting me, grabbing my feet and ankles. It was absolute chaos! By the time we reached the second buoy I was with a good group of people. I mananged to draft behind someone about 90 percent of the swim. From the boat turnaround I stayed with a group of about ten the entire way back.My Goal for the swim was 1 hour. Missed it by 1:18! Bike: 5:10:17My favorite part of the race! Coach Mitch told me the hardest thing for me, will be to hold back. To hold myself back in the beginning I just spun in my little chain ring all the way until the little down hill by the police station. By this point I must have got passed by at least 50 other riders. The majority of the riders that passed me were in peloton packs, drafting like no body's business. When I reached the police station a big group of 20+ went flying past. A guy wearing number 90 started to yell at the pack as they passed. I pulled up next to this guy and started talking to him. As we were talking the first marshal of the day pulled up and harrassed me for drafting and told me to fall back. This got me furious and started yelling at him "ARE YOU SERIOUS!, ARE YOU BLIND! DO YOU NOT SEE THE GROUP OF 30 RIGHT IN FRONT OF US AND YOUR HARRASSING ME!" His reply was "Fall back, I'm starting now, I'll go get them next." I was harrassed a total of 3 times throughout the bike segment. I blame it all on the bright orange helmet!The plan was to feel good when I reached Hawi. When I reached Hawi I felt good and almost had to jump off my bike and go get my special needs bag myself. It was extremely windy and hot! I ended up taking double the amount of salt tablets I was planning on. The wind was gusting extremely strong, which was great. I saw people crumble mentally when we hit the wind. I've been telling everyone all year that it was going to be windy and prepare for it.The goal for the bike was to go under 5:30 hours. ACCOMPLISHED with the gusting winds! I was the 2nd fastest rider from Hawaii behind Tim Marr. 1st from the Big Island!Run: 3:29:31The game plan for the run was to go out at 8:00 minute pace and hold that as long as possible. If I held this and felt good the last 10K I could pick it up. Coach Mitch told me again "the hardest part will be holding back." He said "your first few miles will feel like your jogging." Sure enough I come out of the gates feeling like I'm jogging. At mile 1 I checked my watch and it read 6:45! OH SHIT! I'm digging my grave early! At this point I had to pee and the porta potty was open so I jumped in. I was thinking this should slow me down a little. The next few miles passed and still too fast! The first 5 miles averaged @ 7:29 pace. Going back into town I felt like a zombie running at a comfortable pace. I knew the real work would be after Palani. I actually did a slow shuffle/jog all the way up Palani. One of my goals for the run was not to walk. Well this lasted until the Coscto aid station at mile 15. I sucummed to walking my first aid station and just about every aid station after that. By mile 16 I was out of salt tablets and my left hamstring was cramping pretty good. I made it through by walking the aid stations and running in between. I kept checking my watch to make sure I would meet my goal.The goal was to run at 8:00 minute mi[...]



Months of training and 2 Races (Lavaman, Hawawii 70.3) later, I'm left with 11 hours until the BIG DANCE! The GRAND DADDY of them all! The IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Talk about EXCITED! I've locked myself away in my room, until the morning. Time to visualize what my race will be like. The expected and the unexpected. I do this early so I can rest peacefully. Coach told me last night at the welcoming banquet that "the hardest thing for you to do will be to hold yourself back". I'm starting the swim in the same position as last year. Once on the bike it will be really tough to hold back, but I have to do it. If I finish the bike feeling like I could have went faster it will be a great day. The same goes for the run, I can't be blasting the first half and suffering the last half. Again, I must hold back. If I hold back when I reach the top of OTEC watch out! The turbos will be on full boost!

#1 goal is to have a well executed race!
#2 is to finish knowing I gave it ALL I GOT!

See you at the FINISH!

Cody #1700



GO #1700!


Today, I completed registration. It felt like going in for a Boxing match. Signing up, weighing in and checking out your opponents. I tipped the scales at a wopping 135. 3 pounds heavier than last year. :) Must of been all the food and cake at my dad's wedding last night. When it comes to food I can't resist. ;)

All the numbers are on, the "SPEED DEMON" is all tuned up, the aero bottles on, my bags are packed and its GO time. Tonight, I realized I'm ready! Mentally and Physically, It's time to BRING IT! All my little aches and pains have dissapeared. I've trained my mind to think positive and most important stay within myself. No one else will dictate my race except ME!

In over 48 hours I'll be treading water with 1800 athletes at the pier. The beginning of the 2008 Ironman World Championships will be here before I know it. For my second Ironman I would like to put together a well executed race. This means not going out like a maniac, keeping a steady pace on the bike, keeping to the nutrition plan, no cramping, and running the whole marathon. All this combined will turn into a GREAT a race result!
GO #1700




(Just before the 6 mile climb into Hawi. Notice the Coconut Tree's blowing.) These are the conditions I'm expecting this year!

Today while riding I had a few experiences worth noting. First, the stop light at the King Shops turned red, so I come to a stop. A guy in green pulls up next to me. A familiar face that goes by the name of Norman Stadler. The light turns green and we take off. I tried to hang on as long as I could. This didn't last very long and before I knew it I was just barely keeping him in sight. I told myself to swallow my pride and back off. Save it for the race and go easy like I was supposed to.

Second, I was passing the airport and caught a rider. This was the only other person I saw on the way back besides Norman. It wasn't more than a couple of minutes and the guy I just passed, passed me. A couple minutes later he slowed a bit and I passed him again. The whole time I was keeping my easy steady pace. Again a few minutes passed and he passes me again. This was like playing cat and mouse. After the fifth pass I decided I had enough and just slowed down to a crawl so he could get ahead of me. I was trying to keep my pace and he kept putting in surges. This was really annoying!!! Talk about IRRITATING!!!

These two experiences this morning just reinforced the idea of racing your race. Staying in your zones not anyone else's. Me trying to stick to Norman was far fetched, especially when I was supposed to be riding easy! Playing cat and mouse with someone will cost me in the long run! A well executed race is much better than over powering one discipline and then suffering in the other. RACE SMART!

Got a massage today and one more on Tuesday. Getting the body primed for the race. Today, I unveiled my aero helmet. ITS AWESOME! Orange, blue, gray and red with stickers. One of a kind. You can't miss me on the bike! It's also time to put on the aero bottle and the ZIPPS! Time to get serious!

Just a QUICK Post!


This week is flying by!

I have a lot of things going on right now. My Dad is getting married next week, so a lot of family just flew in. 6 people staying in a 2 bedroom, less than 1000 sq. ft. condo will be fun.

I picked up Chris Lieto at the airport and saw a few items he picked up at the Health Food Store. All things that I don't eat. HAHA! I'm so bad when it comes to healthy nutrition. Something I really should work on next year. My Coach, Mitch Gold with Counterpart Coaching flew in.

I've meet and talked to a few other pro's, including TJ Tollakson, Torbjorn Sindballe and Max Longree. All really great guys!

While training with Chris, I asked him some questions. Today, at Bike Works I asked Torbjorn similar questions. The difference's between them are amazing! I figured out you just have to find out what works for you and your own style. My style of riding seems to be in the middle, a mixture of Torbjorn's Strength for pushing big gears and Chris' Speed for accelerations. The biggest difference between myself and these Elite athlete's are our size. Needless to say I'm still finding my style!

Work has been a little busier with all the cruise ships coming in. 2 yesterday, 2 today, plus the usual customers. Yesterday, while at the pier waiting in line at number 18 in the taxi rotation, I noticed a familiar face. It was Max's sister! Max was off for an ocean swim and she was just standing there looking bored. I'm not one to miss out on a good opportunity, so I talked to her for about an hour. Possibly planned some fun things for us to do, before or after Ironman. This is great because it helps with the anxiousness. Waiting for the big day can be nerve racking, but when your mind can think about other things it relieves some pressure. ;)


1 week and 6 days!


Ironman is just around the corner!From this point on its taper time. My training should be, ever so slightly getting shorter.Crappy thing is on Thursday night I started to feel a little irritation in my sinus. The beginning of a slight cold. :( :( :( This happens to me a few weeks before every race. It happened before Lavaman and the Hawaii 70.3!Friday: Masters swimming and that was it. The main focus point for the last couple of weeks has been to follow through with my left hand and reach more with the right. This lengthens my stroke and opens up my non breathing side more. Lately this has made me faster and more efficient.I've been wearing my race suit and the blue seventy suit to get used to it. The main reason is to make sure I don't rash anywhere. I would recommend one of these to anyone. You feel like a bullet in the water. ITS AWESOME! Everyone gives you crap about wearing it too!Saturday:Group Ride action. The usual familiar faces. No sprint finishes for me, due to the illness. The nose was plugged and every know and then would drain like a faucet. I didn't want to risk over working my body and flaring up the illness. I still took some good long pulls to get in the workout, but didn't sprint for the line. A group of us went to the King Shops. We had a steady train pushing all the way back into town. If this was a team time trial race we would have been crowned champs. It was like a system, everyone pulled at their strength. I would pull at the end of a downhill leading up the hill, then Jimmy would jump in and pull the rest of the hill, after the hill Gary would take a pull and then Kris would pull after Gary. This worked FANTASTIC! After the group ride I still had some time to burn so I rode Alii Drive with Jimmy.On a funny side note: I went into Bike Works to give them some stuff and ask a few questions. Linda has been trying to get me to ride with some pros while there here. She wanted to introduce me to Max Longree who left on a ride and should be back shortly. She also said that he has a cute sister who his here with him and I should meet her too. We went downstairs and sure enough there she was. One word "Beautiful!" %100 my type of girl! LOL!Sunday:Long run. I had the same run as last week. 2 hours and 20 minutes with hills. The easy thing to do was the same route as last week. It took me at least 3 or 4 days to recover from last weeks run, so I figured it would be a great benefit to do it again. Sure enough it was just as tough as last week. Ran Walua road out and back twice then murdered myself on the surrounding hills. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to recover from today's run.My sickness is one of those things that only last for a few days. I'm thinking by Tuesday or Wednesday it should be gone. I ran the snot out today! HAHA!This is one of my favorite pictures. Lavaman. Running onto the Lava Rock portion of the run just after T2. (The Lady in the picture is yelling at me to SLOW DOWN!) That didn't happen! [...]

2007 Ironman World Championship's (Flashbacks)


SWIM 1:03 BIKE 5:30 RUN 3:49 It's already begun! Last night was the first night where it was hard for me to fall asleep. Last year's time's and splits were rolling through my head. Then I started to think about what could happen this year. I have no idea what started it, but I have some ideas. 1) All the athlete's starting to arrive in Kona. 2) The pro's swimming at the pool. 3) The many unknown riders riding on the Queen K. I'm sure it was a number of things that got me excited and the thoughts just wouldn't stop flying around my head. I'll let you into the thinking mind of Cody while trying to sleep. 1) The numerous different splits you can swim, bike and run to complete your race. 2) The many unknown factors that mother nature will produce on race day. 3) Training up until race day. How I've trained in so many different conditions. 4) My strategy for race day, strengths and weakness'. 5) Expectations of myself. Goals! 6) How anything is truly possible and to throw all this out the window and run my race! Number 6 is what my conclusion was before I actually fell asleep. People have asked me "what time do you want to finish in"? "What place", "How will you do in your age group"? "What did you do it in last year"? I've already answered many of these questions, but now the answers will be different. The slogan for Ironman is a good one. "ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE"! With this said, my new answer is I'm running my race and what happens, happens. I've trained harder and smarter than last year. Have a support team that is unmatched, both friends and family. I have 1 year of experience under my belt, which I believe has been valuable for me. Overall, I feel much stronger both physically and mentally. Previous races proved I'm faster. Only on race day will we find out how much stronger and faster I've become. THE IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, SWIM 1.2 MILES, BIKE 112 MILES, RUN 26.2 MILES, "BRAG FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE"! [...]

Everything's Looking UP!


AT THE GROUP RIDE TURNAROUND I SPOTTED MY NAME WRITTEN IN THE CORAL ROCKS. HOW FUNNY!!! Friday: All I had to do was swim. Worked on my technique the entire time. Trying to get this drilled in my head and hold it the entire practice. We had some long interval sets and at the end was a 100 for time. I finally went under 1:10!!! WAHOOO!!! Later in the day went to BIKE WORKS and hung out for a while. Talked about who their going to hook me up with. HAHA! GREAT BUNCH!Saturday:Group ride, which is one of my favorite day's. On the way out to the airport, I stayed in my little chain ring and spun fast in the same gear. After the airport the pace starts picking up as usual. In the front pack everyone took their fare share of pulls. On the second to last hill I jumped in the front for my second pull. At this point I was feeling really strong, so I kept a steady fast pace. Going up the last hill is where you have to really pay attention for the tall tale signs of the speedy group trying to make the last sprint pass. Sure enough I heard a few gears click and the wheels whistling behind me. The second I heard this I switched to my biggest gear, stood up and started pumping as fast as I could. Finally, held um off until the resting point! In a nut shell the same thing happened again at the scenic point turnaround. This was where I saw my name written in the rocks. I'LL TAKE IT AS A GOOD OMEN! On the way back into town we rode fairly easy and steady. More socializing and catching up with friends. After the group ride Jimmy Day and I rode down Ali'i, up Kam. III to Wailua RD, then to Teshimas. This was a good ride to spin easy up some tough hills. When we reached Teshimas we turned around and headed down Old Mamalahoa HWY. This is where things got a little interesting! This was my first time riding down this road. It's a great descent with a lot of turns. Before you reach many of these turns a sign will say "25mph", of course I'm on a bike so I ignore this and go fast. Just so happens one of my worst fears came true! In the middle of one of these turns I hit a sharp rock in the road, which instantly blows my rear tire. My first reaction was to jump out of the aerobars and hold my line as good as possible. This meant trying not to lean to much where the rim would spark up the road and not too little where I end up in the bushes. My butt cheeks and teeth were clinched tight and was like "AAAAHHHHHHHH" rounding this curve!!! I was literally inches away from running off the road and into the bushes with lots of lava rocks. This would not have been a pretty site by any means, especially at 30+mph. I feel sorry for Jimmy who was behind me, probably having a heart attack! Pulled over, fixed the flat and finished up my 2 extra hours of riding.I got some very inspiring and uplifting comments while riding the club ride! THANK YOU club riders and I appreciate it! Sunday:Watched the Team Mango Triathlon and supported my local favorites. Took some photos and talked with Lucy from New Zealand here for Ironman. Would have rather been racing than spectating, but It's for the better. Some dude from Switzerland won it. He looked pretty fast and strong, but I think I could have taken him. HAHA!!! Congrats to Bree for another strong finish! Harry the "Hammer" Yoshida looked like his usual power house self along with Kris Kiser. After the Team Mango Tri. it was time for work and then a run.Time for the long run! I liked Walua road so much I decided to run it. It's a small out and back loop with small, gentle hills on the way out. It's 6.6 miles total. On the schedule was 2 hours and 20 minutes with hi[...]




Here's a good random photo! In Track I ran everything from the 400 to the 5K including this AWESOME event the STEEPLECHASE! Please don't tell ASI I got this photo! ;)

My longest run of the year so far. 17 miles! I felt good and stayed on a steady pace the whole time. My very first and only marathon was Ironman last year. I'm very excited to see what happens on my second go!

Masters swimming and work. Pretty boring day!

Biked with Breezo! Easy day, only went to the scenic and back while Bree went on. Good thing too cause I heard it got pretty windy. HAHA! Missed out on the 6mph crawl fun!

Swimming 101, I was informed of a technique change! More reach with the right and follow through with the left. Worked on this that morning and thought about it all day. Couldn't wait to work on it at masters!
Masters, got bumped down to lane 3 to slow me down and work on technique. This got frustrating at times, but it was for the better. I'm thankful Coach Steve did this because everyone was chipper and ready to swim fast this day. Everyone's good attitude and happiness rubs off on me and makes me want to swim fast too! Happy to get demoted down a lane to focus on the basics, which in the long run will allow me to step it up!

Today Thursday:
Rode with Breezo and Davo out to the Vet. cemetary and then it was my turn to go on. Luckily the wind wasn't to bad today. A little head wind on the way out and caught the tail wind on the way back. Today, I felt awesome on this long easy endurance ride. My nutrition was on point along with the fluid intake. After the bike I did a :40 minute brick run, which went awesome! I still think I'm starting out a little to fast. Really trying to get this part dialed in.

Here's a pic for the ladies! This is one of my own shots and please don't steal it without permission!






Nothing to exciting going on today! Last night I took my little brother to the Kona Farm Fair. They have the same games and rides just about every year. Played a few games, won a few stuffed animals. My favorite game is the car racing one where you have to roll the ball in the hole. You either move 1,2 or 3 spaces forward with each roll. The key is to be quick and consistant. My little brother is also pretty good at this game. He finished 2nd twice behind his Big Brother. Rode some of the rides. My little brother is scared to go on the more exciting ones like the Zipper or Fire Ball. He's only 11 but I try to peer pressure him every year to go on them. Thats what Big Brothers are for right?

Friday at masters swimming we did 30x100 on 1:30 send offs. I forgot how many times I lost count of which one we were on. Luckily Steve announced to me every once in a while how many were left. I held a steady pace throughout all 30 of them. Usually finishing around the low 1:20's range.

Today was the usual Saturday group ride. I tested out the Counterpart Coaching one-piece that I'll be wearing for Ironman. It should work great, except the only gripe I have is about the leg portion. They go up twice as far as my usual cycling shorts. Needless to say it looks ridiculous with my tan lines. HAHA! It goes from a tan line to pure white boy! I have a whole month to move the tan line up about 2-3 inches. Shouldn't be an issue by the time Ironman rolls around. Not a huge fan of short shorts! LOL! OH and you will never catch me in a BANANA HAMOCK! HAHA!

The Malibu Triathlon is today! Go Chris Lieto and James Cotter!

Next week should be an exciting week of training with only a month to go and counting. I may be posting random pictures just for fun, so enjoy! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!



Past and Present...


I work for a family run Taxi company. (ALOHA TAXI) Been in the business for over 10 years. Before I had a drivers license my job was the car washer. At the age of 16, I moved up to dispatcher. This was when we had the largest taxi company on the Island. Close to 20 vehicles and multiple hotel contracts. Stress levels were out of sight and the complaining never ended from both drivers, customers and resort employees. This is where I learned you can't keep everyone happy, but you can try your best. Multi tasking was a must, answering phones, taking reservations, telling drivers where to go and doing all this at the same time. Basically tried to keep everything going like a well oiled machine.On an average day we would do about 100 runs in 18 hours. One of my busiest days ever was during an Ironman. I logged between 250-300 taxi runs in a 10 hour shift, all while the roads were blocked, traffic at a crawl, and the phones blowing up. This day I didn't even have time to leave the desk and microwave my homemade lunch. Not a happy camper this day, but handled it like a pro. I hated the Iroman this day, but still knew someday I would be competing in it.Today is much different. Now we have 5 taxis with 5 full time drivers, instead of 20 taxis and 50 employees. The system we have now is much less stressful and still makes money. The people we work with are happy and pleasant to work with. A huge difference from what it used to be!This is usually the slow time of year. Hotel occupancy is way down, flights are empty, family's are going back to work and the kids are going to school. This situation is both good and bad. Good that I have plenty of time to train and bad because I don't make as much money. This is one of the reasons why I started training for triathlons. I love bodyboarding, but only when it's BIG. I got tired of waiting for big swells and work being slow, so had to find something else to occupy my time. 20 hours a week of training filled the void pretty fast!Some day's I find it's too slow even with work and training. For example, if I just have to swim 1 hour for training and do 2 taxi runs that may take an hour. That's only 2-3 hours of my day. What else is there to do? Eating is fun, TV is boring for me, Internet gets old, I can only harass the Bike Works crew for so long. HAHA! I just get so bored and restless! The ideal thing would be to find something that takes up my free time and makes $$$$$$$.I've tried other things in my life including; cook while in college, real estate agent, loan officer. Cooking worked out great while in college because I worked in an Italian restaurant and got all the pasta I could cook. I got my real estate license when I was a senior in college and tried it for 6 months after graduating, but to no prevail. Big dissapointment for me. I just ran out of time and had bills to pay. A really tough business for someone my age! Maybe in the future I'll try it again. As a loan officer I just got tired of giving high intrest loans. It made me feel like I was ripping people off instead of helping them. NO TRAINING BLOG TODAY, JUST A LITTLE HISTORY OF CODY![...]

Today was sweet and sour!


As I lay in bed with my feet propped up, tired, lazy and getting ready to fall asleep, I figured I'd let the world know about my week. Start off on Wednesday then get back to why I'm recovering today.Wednesday was the usual masters swim in the afternoon, except I started to learn how to do flip turns. Awkard, Weird and got water up my nose. It was a fast crash lesson on the basics of a flip turn. Thanks Jen! If I were to practice this every time before masters for a week I think I'll be able to do it. Thought about doing it a few times during the workout, but everytime the wall got close I chickened out. HAHA! Earlier that day I was told that Chris Lieto was in town and looking for someone to ride with. Got is info and contacted him.Thursday, I rode with Chris for 4:30 hours. Every 90 minutes picking up the pace. This guy is one of the best in the world for a reason. HE'S FAST! I felt like a leech sticking on his wheel the majority of the time. We would get to a flat section or a descent and he would slowly pull away, but when we got to a hill I would slowly reel him back in. The biggest difference is the size between us. Me being the little guy, I'm able to power up the hills and he can own me on the descents and flats. For the most part I stuck on his wheel, but got dropped about 3 times. My coach told me to ride with him until I got dropped, but he's a cool guy and would slow down after he got a good distance ahead of me. Overall, great ride. The legs were sore afterwards but the 40 minute brick run helped to loosen them out.Friday, was masters swim only. It took me forever to warm up and get my body moving. About halfway through the workout is when I started to feel better and the muscles woke up. I believe it was the Oreo cookie(s), recovery dessert the night before. I'M SO BAD!!! DOUBLE STUFF IS SO IRRESISTABLE!!!We also got a big SSW swell that rolled into the islands. Of course I can't resist getting in the water and catching 3 hours worth of waves. At least I go to the sandy beach because I don't want to bounce off the reef like I've done many times in the past. For your information I only like to bodyboard when its BIG!Saturday, PHEW!!!! Started the morning with the group ride and then went on to Hawi with Chris. Riding with the pro again got me pumped up! I have a few feelings while riding with him. One is that I want to ride the best that I can. (Dont want to seem like poonskee!) Another is that he's fast and I want to watch what he does and absorb everything.With the group ride, pushed myself too hard in the beginning, which I paid for in the end! My nutrition was better today than Thursday for sure. I took in more calories and fluids. We had all directions of wind today, which was worse than Thursday.Chris ended up getting a bee sting on his quads. I ended up getting a flat coming back at the bottom of Kaiwaihae and we still had lots of wind. Luckily, near Hapuna the winds were in are favor w/ a tail wind. We were screaming all the way past the Hilton and then the winds changed. It felt so good! We reached the bottom of the scenic and that's when my legs started to feel like DUNG! For the next 15 miles I was struggling and Chris had to turn around and come back for me about 3 times. WHAT A PAL! He basically lugged me back into town! When we got closer into town I started to feel better and was able to pick up the pace. WEIRD how the body works its magic!We ended up covering 112 miles in 5:30 hours with the wind! We rode the rest of the :30 minu[...]

Another week another post...


This past week was an easy week of training. A great time to rest and recover for a big training block ahead. The hardest workout of the week was a 3 hour bike with a 1:30 brick run. My body is getting used to running off the bike, which is AWESOME!

On Friday I got a massage by Junko Shields. This was no easy nice massage. This massage felt like an intense workout. My last massage was in the beginning of May, long overdo! After the massage she told me to "go home and ice". I knew I was in for it after she said this. Sure enough the next day I was sore all over the place. Definitely getting a massage within the next couple weeks and then in another one before Ironman!

Saturday I rode the group ride. We had the big guns out this week with riders like, Luis De la Torre, Yan Sawinski, Kevin Murar, Jimmy Day, Kris Kiser, Grant Miller, Harry Yoshida. This is a great group of fast guys to be out riding with. We were all pushing from the very get go passing the airport. I took a good long pull about halfway through and sprinted with the big guns for the finish at the Vet. Cemetary. After the sprint I could taste the Iron in my mouth, a good indicator that I pushed very hard. Yan Sawinski got a flat on the way to scenic point and a few of the others stopped and helped him out while the rest just kept going. Kris Kiser and I battled it out for the sprint finish and he got me. He's one tough cookie that won't give up. Heading back into town a lot of the guys were chatting while Kevin and Yan peddled ahead. I decided to join kevin and Yan in the front. We tryed to make a break and pick up the pace while the other guys were busy chatting. Before the Four Seasons turn off Luis De la Torre went flying passed me. I instantly jumped up and started sprinting to jump on his wheel. During this mad sprint I nailed a rock and blew my tire. Son of a B****! This was my first flat in a really long time. MONTHS! It happened on my front Armadillo tire which I've had for over a year. GREAT TIRE by the way!Grant pulled over while the rest of the train went zipping by. The rock punctured the side of the tire so we had to stick a GU wrapper by the hole then put on the tube. This way the tube wouldn't pop out of the hole. BRILLIANT!!! Grant and I peddled easy the rest of the way into town.

On Sunday, I had my longest run of the year so far. 2 HOURS! I went about 15+ miles easy and it felt great. Long runs remind me how much I hate to carry a water bottle and how much I love aid stations. An aid station every mile during the run of the Ironman. LOVELY! Don't have to worry about carrying anything.

Monday, I did a total of 3700 yards swimming. It felt good and helped to loosen the muscles after Sunday's long run.

Today I did an interval bike workout with a brick run and then a run in the afternoon. Nothing to exciting, but did put it some hard 4 minute intervals. I'm pleased to say that I didn't go out to fast on my brick run. YIPPEEE! Thats it for now.

Kayak Fishing!


SATURDAY, The day after the 5 hour ride on the Cervelo I had the group ride. The group ride is always fun! I rode for about an hour before the group ride because I had to do 4 hours total and then go to work. The group ride usually takes about 2 hours, so I was planning on riding another hour afterwards. We started easy as usual until we reached the airport and then it was time to do work. I decided to dictate the pace and whoever wanted to follow was more than welcome. I could hear cranks turning behind me, but kept on pedaling. On the last downhill, before the Veterans Cemetary Kris Kaiser took a pull in the front. This was a much needed break for me! It gave me the vital 30 seconds to recover and then I pushed up the last hill. Kris attacked and I cranked up the gears, stood up and started to move. I slowly pulled away and finished the first stage strong. On the way to the scenic point it was deja vu. The same thing happened again with the same outcome. The way back to town from the scenic point got more interesting. Basically, I pushed everyone in a tough zone all the way back into town through sun, wind and rain. Everyone was probably hating me, but it was well worth the intense workout. I'm sure everyone was hurting just as bad as I was. It wasn't easy by anymeans! Rode for about another hour after the group ride and then it was off to work.

SUNDAY, was a tough day! Had a 3 hour ride then a 1:30 hour run. I decided to go South for some scenary. This is a tougher route with hills, but its exciting! I love cruising down Kealakekua Road at full speed. A couple of the turns get a little hairy when your doing 40+, but's Its a rush like no other! Roundtrip from my house this usually takes just under 2:30 hours, so I rode Alii Drive and then towards Queen K. and then back home for 3 hours. Transitioned to the run and set off at just above 7:00 minute mile pace. DAMN! I really have a problem with going out to fast. Trying to work on this so I dont kill myself during Ironman. Towards the later stages of my runs I tend to lose focus, yet another thing I'm trying to work on. Finished the run and went home satisfied!

MONDAY, a FULL DAY OFF! NOTHING! NADA! KAPUT! CHEEHOOO! I worked in the morning and had the afternoon off. Went spot lighting in some ponds at night and caught some fish and a white eel for my aquarium. SWEET!

TUESDAY, Finally, to the Kayak Fishing! Work was slow today so I went Kayak Fishing with a buddy. It was so much fun! We palud' or (Chummed) the water all around us to start a feeding frenzy. We caught some snappers or (Onaga). After, about 3 hours we had enough and headed in. I caught the biggest one around 3Ibs. Can't wait for dinner tonight! When you order these at the restaurant they cost around $30 a plate. SCORED!

Afeter the kayak fishing, I had yet another bike to run brick. This is awesome keep um coming. Went smooth and it was easy and not to long. TIME TO COOK THE FISH!


5 hour ride on the Cervelo!!!


Yesterday, I had a 5 hour ride. No ordianary ride. I got to ride the Cervelo P3, which is what I'll use for Ironman. The last time I rode this bike was the Hawaii 70.3. This bike weighs 5 Ibs less than my Specialized and is more aerodynamic. It's simply INCREDIBLE. When I ride this bike I feel lightning fast!

I went through many climate changes while riding. Starting with the Hot, Sunny, Voggy, Kona afternoon, transitioned into windy Waikoloa, then got a little drizzle after Kawaihae. Closer to Hawi the Sun popped out the Vog disappeared and it got really humid. I rode through every kind of wind, Head, Tail and Crosswind. It was great riding in so many different conditions!

My nutrition went well, so no bonking! I was told to bike easy and push the hills after Kawaihae. I attacked every hill in the standing position. This was tough with the hefty crosswind because the bike is so light that it felt like it was going to blow me over. I hit my halfway mark about 3-4 miles before Hawi and turned around. The way home went just as good as the way there.

I went over 105 miles in the 5 hours! Felt great, nutrition was on point, the bike is AWESOME! Got home just before sunset, so I didn't have to ride in the dark.

This morning we had masters swim, which is also going great! My swimming is coming along as planned. My 100's are usually around 1:15 without doing a flip-turn. Jen Nottage said she's going to teach me a flip-turn, which is GREAT! Hopefully after I learn a flip-turn I'll be swimming sub 1:00's. Time to head out for a treadmill workout. CHEEHOO!


P.S. Bree I'll be sending you fast telepathic messages all weekend, so keep channel 808 open! HAHA!