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Audrey Erlandson

Sport For Life Multisport Coaching

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Ch-Ch-Changes!!! Moving on to bigger better times!!


So excited to announce my new website and company in the beautiful resort town of Whistler, BC Canada!!!  Home to Ironman Canada Whistler.  You can follow me and visit my website at

Smile Train Team Empower Update!


 I'm back on my blog to update everyone on my fundraising efforts for the Smile Train Team Empower !!After riding for 8 hours yesterday, you would think I would be sore and not moving very far.. Today I have more energy than I have felt in months.  There is a skip in my gait and a grin nobody could wipe off my face!!  Yesterday's Spinathon fundraising event for the Smile Train Team was absolutely amazing! There are so many amazing people in this community and in my life that have helped me, help more than 24!! children receive an amazing surgery that will change their lives forever! Last Saturday while I was out putting in the last longest run before I present my money at Ironman Arizona in Tempe, I had some time to brain storm an idea to give it one last push to reach my minimum goal of 20 surgeries. ($5,000).  I wanted to make it big and I wanted to do something that would push myself in some sort of exercise limit to go the distance for the kids that wait for years before they receive the repairs to their cleft lip and palate issues.It was a little late for me to be planning such a big event with only 6 days notice for Simon's Cycles, my parents, and asking for donations from grocery stores, etc.  BUT! I cannot express in words how amazing our community was in pulling it all together and I thank you all from the bottom of my big Ironman Triathlon heart!!!   The day started off with a beauty of a west coast storm that came crashing in through the night bringing high wind and sideways rain.  Both my mom and I were up early texting 'sad' faces to each other as we had a sick feeling in our stomachs as to what the weather could bring for a turnout on such a nasty weather day.  As we arrived at Simon's Cycles, Simon and Patti were there to meet us with rain coats on and we all took a deep breath, put big smiles on our faces, and set up the tent, tables, food, and my bike and then hoped for the best.  9:00 came so fast and I jumped on my bike and started to spin away as my parents John and Connie began the set up of all the fixings for the BBQ.  We had muffins donated from Tim Horton's. Our coffee Urn was donated from All In One Party Shop, and our amazing BBQ grill was donated from Relay Rentals.  The BIGGEST donation in food was from my mom, Connie, who made the 400 cookies we served to anyone we could get to eat a cookie!! They were amazing!!  People stayed and chatted to us and drank coffee and ate cookies for over an hour sometimes! Thanks mom!!The grilling was done by my dad, John, and the 'cook supervisor' was overseeing the grilling by my oldest son Jordan who helped make the food serving a success! Thank you so much mom, dad, and Jordan! There would be no way my event would have been as successful without your amazing support of my triathlon endeavours!Finally, I want to thank Simon, Patti, Craig, and the crew from Simon's Cycles that have been so amazing to me by supporting my triathlon career and now my fundraising career!  A lot of the money that was raised for the Smile Train Team would not have been possible without the endless support of Simon and the staff selling my jewelry in the shop and allowing me to take over the store for my Spinathon yesterday!  I started the day at $3, 995 raised and ended the day with a whopping $6,047!!!!!Thank you to everyone that donated! You are so amazing!  My Ironman Arizona race will be in honour of all my supporters and I will be racing with the biggest smile on my face EVER!!!  [...]

Help me reach my goal of giving 20 children the gift of a smile!!!

2013-06-12T11:41:28.064-07:00 started racing triathlon in 2003 in my first sprint distance race and gradually worked my way up to the Ironman level racing. This past August, I completed my 7th Ironman Canada race! My goal one day is to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. I am a mother of three very hungry, healthy, busy teen boys. A Wife to a helicopter pilot and my most amazing support and sponsor of my triathlon lifestyle! I have always felt that my training and racing could be used as a platform for something bigger than just my own selfish goals in sport. When I saw the opportunity to join The Ironman Arizona Smile Train Team, I knew it would be a perfect fit for me to raise awareness and funds for children all over the world that need our help. I work part time as a nurse in maternity and in a private oral surgery clinic. In my profession, I have cared for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate issues and I know, first hand, the struggles they deal with right from the start.In Canada, we have an amazing health care system, that provides our children with the necessary surgeries and support they need for a healthy, beautiful smile. In countries, all over the world, millions of children do not receive the same first class care and they need our help in supplying doctors, nurses, and the funds necessary to provide that first class service to them so they too can also enjoy a healthy beautiful smile.Please help me in reaching my fundraising goal to provide at least 20 children with the opportunity to have their cleft lip or palate repaired and give them a healthy beautiful smile and future!  Thank you to everyone and your incredible support!I look forward to racing Ironman Arizona in support of the Smile Train Team!Cheers, Audrey [...]

Oh that 'multi sport athlete' feeling again!!...


There is just no words to describe how I am feeling right now! One of the biggest milestones yet for me was getting back on the bike! And... I finally did it! I have to say, there were a lot of feelings swarming around that moment. The surgery that I had directly affected those most precious parts down there and my surgeon told me that getting back on the saddle again may be the last thing I will want to do for a very, very, long time! Much to my surprise it went a lot better than I expected. (the saddle part that is) The part that was so hard was my tolerance to the actual activity itself! I cannot tell you how hard that was. I have not felt that "out of shape" on the bike in years. Very humbling to say the least. Just spinning to warm up the CompuTrainer felt like the end of a 6 hour ride. Once I set the computer, I inserted some seated and standing low cadence work for around 20 minutes and then called it done at 45 minutes!! My legs were shaking, my sugars were in my boots, but I WAS SWEATING AGAIN!!.. Boy, do I have some work to do!! It was again, another 'bitter sweet' moment. I can only go up from here, and that is a beautiful thing! At least I know I can tolerate the general discomfort of the saddle again. Just need to work on that endurance again.The next part of my day consisted of a fantastic snow shoe up at Mt. Washington with my Mom and Aunt Dianne! We only covered around 4 km, but the snow was lovely and we completely enjoyed every moment. I know a lot of people are getting really sick of the snow, but the last time I was up on the snow shoes was just over a year ago when I raced the Yeti 10km snowshoe race. Another humbling experience for me. I did that 10km race in 1:21. Today, we covered 4km in just over the same amount of time. Granted we were stopping for 'photo ops', but still... I would not say it was easy that's for sure. I was feeling it by the end of the day. Another 'hurts so good moment'.This is Hana, my amazing run partner. She has NEVER been so happy to be also getting out to run her hind off. The poor girl has been having sympathy post op surgery laziness too and is ready to get the running going again!! She is having a hard time going at the snails pace that I have right now and keeps looking at me like "come on, let's get this going already"!!!! Soon, my friend, soon![...]

Setbacks, Sunshine, Support and Six Weeks Post Surgery!!...


"If you set a goal for yourself and you are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, improve your performance, or just finish the race. It's up to you"~Dave Scott, U.S. TriathleteMy road to recovery hit another speed bump last Friday (over a week ago) when a post op infection set in to my incision!! Not sure if it was going to the public pool that instigated the whole process, or if there was something brewing in there that was beyond my control... I cannot dwell on that or wonder "what if" because it does not make the situation any better. When I saw my surgeon on Thursday he seemed genuinely surprised that an infection had set in 5 weeks after surgery. Something he does not normally see. The other interesting issue that he noted was my slow metabolism of the suture material that he used... He said normally the sutures that were still there should have been gone 3 weeks ago!! He said I was having an "atypical response to suture material, and should make note of this for future surgeries"... Anyhow, this speed bump had me down and out on the sofa again!! I am so looking forward to the days when I am using the sofa for a nap after a 6 hour ride or 2 hour run!!! I am also looking forward to the day when I can stop taking all the antibiotics, stool softeners, pain medications, etc.!!! Now that the antibiotics were working their magic, and I had given my body another week of recovery on the sofa, I was able to get back outside again and attempt some sort of exercise to start moving this body (with my surgeons approval of course)!! On Friday, I walked 9.3km in 1.5 hours. I tried my "jogging legs" out and attempted some "power pole repeats". I was able to pick up the pace to a light jog for 20 seconds, running power pole to power pole. It was a very weird feeling attempting that first repeat. I had that same feeling that you get when you are about to tackle something scary, like jumping off a cliff into the ocean. I was so afraid that "something" might happen... Thankfully, the repeats went so smoothly and felt so good, I was able to insert 10 times 20 second repeats every other set of power poles with the biggest smile on my face!!! It was definitely not stellar, but it was something!! So on Sunday, Shawn (he was so supportive and encouraging), Hana (our pace setter dog), and I set out for another walk in the slightly sunny skies. My goal for my walk this time was to hit the 3km mark under 30 minutes and I did that with 3 minutes to spare. Then I wanted to hit the 9.3km mark under 1.5 hours and I did that too with 3 minutes to spare!! Whoot! Whoot!! We ended up going 10.44km in 1:37!! I was able to insert some more "power pole repeats" and actually some of the repeats were more like 2-3 minute jogs. At the end of my walk, my legs felt like I had just completed a marathon. It was that "hurt so good" kind of feeling.Today marks 6 weeks post op!! I am going to give myself a few more days before I get in that pool again, making sure that there is no way of picking up any more bugs to bring this girl down again!! The sun is shinning super bright and Hana is sitting at my feet, desperate to run her legs too. Happy Monday!!!!!![...]



Well.... It wasn't stellar, but I met and exceeded my goal for my first walk this week (4.5 weeks post op)!!! That was one of the hardest walks "mentally" for me in a very long time. My belly was full of fire and I could feel every nerve ending in my body just screaming to feel the burn again!! As soon as we started out onto the Seal Bay trails, my instincts were to start running!!!... And I couldn't!! So hard to hold myself back. In the Ironman training season, sometimes I come to these trails to do my long runs (like 2 hours plus!!) My mom and I ventured out in the freezing rain, that would eventually turn to snow and get this.... Drum roll.... I walked 3 km in 38 minutes!!! Seriously slow, but it was something.

Then I was off to see my Chinese Medicine Doctor!! She had me all needled up for over an hour of pure bliss. She always checks my tongue first for a variety of symptoms. Apparently in Chinese Medicine we show everything about our health on our tongues. Today my tongue was revealing that I was "stagnant"!! Ha Ha!! Oh, and my eyes were puffy and I looked very tired. So, I received the extra attention and was told to go home and drink my Chinese herbs in my tea and put my feet up for the rest of the day! Sounded fantastic to me, and I won't argue with that order.

Yesterday I made it back to the pool again for my longest session yet. 40 minutes of swimming and I was done. Maybe that is why I looked "stagnant" today. Swim yesterday and a walk today. Could also have something to do with the weather!! It has been grey, storming, and raining since we arrived back home January 1st!! No wonder I look grey!

Here's hoping for sunnier skies and tomorrow I will head back to the pool to try and add on another 5 minutes!!

Have a great day!

Baby steps!


In my happy place again!!

Well... I did it!! I saw my surgeon this week and he gave me two big thumbs up to return to the pool again. But... I would have some restrictions. "No kicking, no flip turns, just pull ONLY, and push off easy". I was all smiles and I felt like a little kid that was just told they could open the biggest present they had ever seen!!

Now, I needed to keep my enthusiasm in check... Baby steps!! At least I am able to do something. It is definitely better than nothing!! I want to make sure I do not screw up any of the surgery.

I swam three times this week!! It may not have been as far or as fast as I usually swim, but I was in there doing it, and that made me very happy! I was able to get in 1500m in 30 minutes each time. Each week now, slowly, I will build up to a little more time and distance. Still will be a few more weeks before I test the running and the biking. It seems like it is an eternity away, but really in the big picture, it is peanuts!!

Remember that 1.5 km walk I did? Well, my goal tomorrow will be, "to beat my distance and time that I did last time"!! I might even get another swim in tomorrow too. Whoot, Whoot!! I will keep you posted on my progress.

"If you believe, you will achieve"!!

Have a great Monday!!

"My Speed Bump Year"!!


OK, do I have some catching up to do or what???Sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day!! I got lazy and I let my blog go. Like really go, since the first weekend of July 2010!!... No Ironman Canada 2010 results, no pictures of boys back to school, no stories from our trip to Maui in December. Oh ya, including the dirty details of the car crashing into me on my bike 2 days before Christmas while in Maui!!!... I could go on, for months about it all. But, I won't! I can imagine there will be very few people even looking at my blog now since there has been such a big time lapse from my last post.There is no way I can catch up on everything that has happened in our lives since then. I have thought about it many times over the last three weeks how I could compose my return to the blog world. Goodness knows why it has taken me three weeks to finally sit down and do it. It is not like I have had the normal new year schedule of training for my long course triathlon season, raising three teenage boys, cooking, cleaning, working, husband that works out of town, etc... Nope!! All that seems so easy to me right now. If only... I have spent the last 3 weeks on the sofa mending from major surgery!! And when I say "on the sofa", I am NOT exaggerating!! Today I walked outside 1.5 km and it took me 24 minutes!!! Normally that would be about a 5 km run time. I am supposed to "take it easy" for another three more weeks!! It is absolutely killing me, but I know that each week I give my body the proper healing time, the stronger it will be for me when I do start up again.So, this is my "Speed Bump Year"!! That is what the psychic told me when I had my cards read at our monthly "girls night out". In the beginning of January, Sarah from ELM had a card reader come over to add a little spice to our afternoon get together. One of the very first things the psychic said to me when I sat down was "Last year was a good year for you... Unfortunately, this year is going to be a 'speed bump year'. It is not going to be anything that you cannot handle, and you will get back on your feet again". "But, it will be a bumpy road and be prepared to have lots of speed bumps to get over". I did NOT tell her that I was booked for major surgery in two weeks, so I kinda had a little giggle when she told me that. Today on my 24 min walk, I decided it was time to start the blog up again!! If I am going to have some speed bumps to go over this year, I thought I would share my experience of "getting back on the horse" so to speak with everyone. I want to share my progress back with all the women (or men) out there who are potentially coming off a recent set back, surgery, lapse in activity, etc. I know that I am going to need all the support mentally and physically that I can get. I also know how inspiring it is to read and learn about other people's stories of "making a come back" after going through some kind of "life set back". I know that it is going to be a long road and a lot of hard work getting my body back to the Ironman physique and fitness that I had last summer. I also know that when I do come across the finish line at my 6th Ironman Canada event. I will be very proud of the effort that I put in and it will be that much more rewarding, knowing where I will have come from at the beginning of the year!!!So, this is to everyone out there that is stuck on that sofa, wondering how the heck you are EVER going to get off!!! Get up, and tomorrow put one foot in front of the other, and "let's do this"!!!!Anything Is Possible!!! [...]

How much can you pack in on the Canada Day Weekend???


Thursday July 1st... Canada Day... Holiday?... For some, maybe. For Jordan, he spent his morning with an Oral Surgeon and had all four of his impacted 'wisdom teeth' removed! Ouch!!!Loving the Tylenol #3's and post IV sedation buzz!!"RICE"Rest-Ice-Compress-ElevateJordan didn't enjoy the ice part. Too funny!I couldn't keep the ice packs on him very long. Not a lot of tolerance for ice therapy! After making a couple of batch's of Jello, organizing Grandma to come in the morning with a grocery list of "soft foods" I was onto my bike for two hours and then a hill run for an hour while Jordan slept. Then I was madly packing for my 3 day training weekend in Penticton, BC on the Ironman Canada Race course with Rhonda and Sarah.We arrived in Penticton Friday afternoon, unloaded our bikes at the Hotel, shopped for groceries, ate dinner, and prepared for the next days training. First thing Saturday morning we were up at the crack of dawn and out at Okanagan Lake to start our 1.5 hour lake swim.After the swim it was back to the hotel for breakfast while we watched the Prologue for the Tour de France. Feeling incredibly inspired, we packed our camel backs and headed out for our 2:45 hour run on the hilly section of the marathon course. After spending one of the coldest springs we have had, I was not able to handle the temperature changes from the mild cooler Island temperatures to the dry hotter conditions in Penticton. I had to cut my run short as my head was spinning and I chose to lay in the lake, completely clothed, while Sarah and Rhonda finished the last 15 minutes. We made a pit stop at Whole Foods, picked up some fresh Chocolate Milk from one of the local farmers and headed back to the hotel to do a recovery ride and spin out our legs for around an hour. Dinner and wine was consumed back in our hotel, then bottle filling and nutrition calculations were made for the morning 180 km bike ride on the IMC course.Sunday morning was not as warm, (for Sarah & Rhonda) they decided to use their arms warmers. I did not need them, as it was actually warmer than what I was used to.We rode our little hearts out and conquered Richter Pass (11km of climbing), the rollers after Richter and then the head winds heading into Cawston and the out and back. Just as we were about to make our way to the final climb of Yellow Lake, Sarah's tire split open and we found ourselves on the side of the road wondering how the hell we were going to get her a new tire to ride the last 45 km of the course. Luckily I had used some hockey tape to secure my aero bottle and we used a few pieces of that to hold together the tire and Sarah's flat was fixed and we were on our way again. I would say we were not totally confident that the tape would hold, so Sarah road very carefully along the smoothest parts of the road and avoided all rocks, pebbles, etc. in order to limp her way back to the hotel. If anyone knows the IMC bike course, you know that we had some of the hardest cycling ahead of us. The climb to Yellow Lake was uneventful and a little celebration was had by my fantastic friend Rhonda who has come so far over the last 7 years physically and mentally. Rhonda told me that in 2002 she and her mom watched IMC. As they were standing at the top of Richter Pass watching all the incredibly fit Ironman athletes, Rhonda said to her mom, "That is absolutely nuts! Can you imagine ever riding your bike up that mountain?" "Never!" Now my friend you are one of those incredibly fit athletes and a mighty fine looking one I might add!!! I told Rhonda to enjoy the course, ride her little heart out, and I would stay back to make sure Sarah did not blow another tire and be left behind. The video of Rhonda squealing with delight says it all.Unfortunately, Sarah's tire did blow again! With only 15km to go, Rhonda and I rode our little hea[...]

School is out!!! Bring on summer holidays!!!


Nathan, Braydan, and Jordan!!! All together, looking fairly happy to be starting summer 2010!!! It only took a few takes to get the final group shot. Braydan was stuffing cereal down trying to get out the door before heading off to Victoria with his good friend John and family to spend 'Canada Day' Victoria style. Lucky guy! The summer is going to be filled with each of the boys heading off in a variety of directions. Braydan is going on his final Hornby Island Outdoor Adventure Camp for a week. Nathan will be heading down to Mexico with his BFF Cade to spend some time at Cade's Dad's gooey duck farm. Jordan will be spending four weeks in an adventure camp in Squamish, BC repelling, kayaking, mountain bike riding, etc. So much fun! I hope to keep everyone up to date with photos and video throughout the summer festivities. Hope everyone has a great start to the summer!! I will be heading out on Friday to swim-bike-run the Ironman Canada Race course with a couple of "Ironwoman" newbie racers from Kamloops. I plan on taking as many photos as possible of our training weekend!Cheers!![...]

Lucky Beer Speed Suits & Time Trials Make Wednesday Nights So Much Fun!


Wednesday night Time Trials during the spring and summer are on my top ten list of 'most favorite places to be' in the Comox Valley!!!
I had a slow start to the time trial season due to a conflict with Brady's soccer happening at the same time. Last week Brady went to camp with the school and this Mom was free to finally get herself back out to the club TT's. I missed them soooooo much! So tonight, I brought Brady with me after he finished his soccer. I am determined now to make them happen. Brady also attempted to do some video for the club and I. Sorry, we didn't get everyone in, and some are out of focus, but pretty good for an 11 year old!
Tonight was Forbidden Plateau with a 6 km climb up and then a 6 km fast descent back. I didn't have the greatest start as the 'bike holder' was still holding onto the back of my bike when I started to pedal. Then he let go and I had lost momentum and almost fell over. I was able to quickly unclip from my pedal, get my balance, and start going again. It was a gong show! I couldn't stop laughing! The stumble at the start will have to count for at least 3 or 4 seconds of time lost for sure! Yikes! That's big when your trying to keep up with the young guns!
Another big addition to my TT nights is my new Lucky Beer Speed Suit from Simon's Cycles! It rocks. No, I don't drink Lucky Beer, but Simon begged me to don a suit with the Lucky logo as there isn't any other female in the valley with the suit.
If you have not done a TT in a speed suit, you have not lived! You feel the wind on your body slip by, as these suits are so tight and aero, you feel fast, even if you really are not. I was actually 40 seconds faster than my last posted time at this event in 2009! (even with my goofy start!)
Thanks to everyone that volunteers every Wednesday night to let us speed junkies tear up the roads!

(image) Still laughing after almost falling off my bike!!!

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To everyone that is racing this weekend in the Victoria New Balance Half Iron, GOOD LUCK!
Soooo excited to do this race again! I will post a race report after Sunday!

Thursday Night Women's Trail Run!


The Man In the ArenaTheodore RooseveltApril 23, 1910 "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." Absolutely one of my most favorite quotes of all time! This quote sums up exactly how I felt after I left the parking lot last night at the end of another epic ELM trail run. As we started our run along the famously named trails in the Cumberland woods the air was humid and it started to rain a little. There was no complaining. The sounds of bear calls and women laughing filled the trails. We were free to climb, descend, trip over roots, rocks, and share our most profound thoughts of the day and of our lives. Sarah Seads (owner of ELM) building an Inukshuk while her trail runners put their map reading skills to the test! Our goal tonight was to tackle the steepest climb to get the most spectacular view of the Comox Valley and beyond to the Georgia Strait!Arran enjoying a fantastic view of the town of Cumberland. The area of buildings that you can see in the distance is where our cars are parked.Goose Spit in the distance!Making our way back down the rootsy, knarly trails! Whoo Hoo!!The fantastic women of ELM!!![...]

First Race of the Season!!! Finally!!!...


Shawnigan Lake Half IronMay 30th, 2010! OK, so yes, this was the first open water race of the season, and yes, it had to be one of the coldest swims I have EVER done!!! It was a balmy 4' C at 7am and I have absolutely no idea how cold the water was, but SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! My mouth was frozen open, my feet and hands looked like they had all the blood drained out of them! Oh man... There are no words to describe the feeling of riding and running on frozen stumps for 5 hours!! Luckily I had my mom close by watching me in transition. BRAIN FREEZE! I was in slow motion. I heard my mom yelling at me "Aud, your race number!... "Aud, you haven't put your race number on!" At first I had no idea what she was talking about. Then, I looked down and saw the race belt laying on the ground, laughed, tried to bend down to get in on and almost fell over! All you can do is laugh at yourself in situations like that. Thank goodness this race was titled "Fitness Builder"! The plan was to be "pacing not racing"!!! The goal was "no racing" on the bike leg. Cruise it! Then practice goal Ironman race pace on the run. The bike course is absolutely fantastic. Cruisin it would have been great on a sun shiny day, but in pouring rain and wind... Ugh! It was everything I had in me to just get through that part. We had to do 4 loops around the lake for a total of 88 Kms. The volunteer at the intersection thought I was hilarious! Every time I passed her, I told her how I couldn't feel my feet yet and she would belly laugh! Dude in the picture watching me 'slow motion' peeling myself out of my wetsuit. Can't see his face, but he was laughing at me as I was talking myself through the brain freeze!I have absolutely no idea how I actually ran on frozen feet. After we left transition we had to run up a back trail to the road in bare feet, then get on the bike and start going. I couldn't feel putting my feet in my bike shoes.Just off the bike and attempting to get my helmet off with frozen hands. My mom yelled at me here and asked, "Are you OK"??.... I proceeded to jump up and down and yelled, "I still can't feel my feet"!!!!!!!I'm off to start running 21Kms on frozen stumps! Nothing else you can do but smile at this point! I had new shoes for the race and I couldn't tell you how they felt. No feeling in the feet for basically the entire half marathon!Can you say "Deer in headlights"?... Totally stunned! The high light of the race was running with the yellow jersey fellow for the last 400m to the finish line. He was too funny. During the run he passed me around the 9km mark and shortly after that had made a pit stop in the bushes. Then a little while later he passed me again around the 13km mark and I saw him up ahead making another pit stop in the bushes. Then, for the third time, at around the 20km mark he came up from behind me again! This time he said to me as he was passing me, "Hey, I caught up to you three times! My reply was, what the heck have you been drinking??? You've been peeing in the bushes every half hour!!... Then we were making our way down toward the finishing chute and I was hot on his heals. I started to pass him and I said, "Are you going to let me get ahead of you again or are ya going to beat me"??? He was very kind and said oh that's OK you go ahead. I gave him the gears and told him to step it up and sprint in with me. He said, "But, I don't like sprinting!" I told him to suck it up and giver! "We'll make it a tie"!! He liked that and we giggled the whole way to the finish line together!! It made the last 5 hours seem like a piece of cake in the end when you can smile and laugh to the finish line! He made my day! Having my mom (who deserves super fan of the year award!) [...]

My Super Chinook Pilot Makes Me Smile!


I have been absent online over the last couple of months. Not because I am trying to avoid the computer, just because I have found the everyday grind to be extremely boring to blog about. I am in "rehab" so to speak. True to fashion, our annual Yeti ELM Team , entered again in the Mt. Washington Yeti Snow Show Race. This year we decided to up the intensity a bit and take on the 10km race instead of the 5km "romp"! Well.... Needless to say a little too much hill training, and a little too much snow shoe racing in too little of time did my Achilles in! I have not run now for THREE WEEKS!!!!!! Yes, feeling a little sorry for myself. It has been a swim/bike focus for too long now and I am ready to try and hit the pavement again. This Ironman athlete has been reduced to a "5 minute walk/1 minute run" for 30 minutes tomorrow morning! What the heck is that??????? Oh, and if I really can get my head around it, a 60 minute "pool run". Can you think of anything more exciting to do inside a chlorine and germ infested environment? Nope! So, enough of that, and onto something definitely worth blogging about! Super Shawn and his flying escapades! Gramma Wendy and Grandpa Bob (thank you for the photos) were so lucky to have spent the day in Southern Alberta where Shawn and his crew are flying 12o power line towers into place! According to Shawn, it is the most stressful and at the same time exhilarating flying he has ever done! Shawn "just happy to be here" and just lovin his job! Hope you enjoy the photos. There is video to come! Wish me luck on my test run tomorrow. My coach has "officially" cancelled all my racing until May 30th for the Shawnigan Lake Half Ironman.[...]

We Found Some Sunshine!!!!!!


Shawn arrived home last night after being away for 12 days. It felt like forever. I think it felt like forever because it was so dark and rainy outside the entire time he was away! Not today!!!

After the kids were off to school, we finished the morning clean up, packed up the dog and our snowshoes, and headed up to brighter skies! Mt Washington was the perfect place to get out and run our little hearts out! This sunshine is exactly what I needed. Today was supposed to be my "recovery day" this week. Even though we ran hard in the snow, I feel more recovered now mentally, than I have in a long time!

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder?....


It has been so long since my last post I really am not sure where to start. Being absent for so long, I may have lost everyone's interest in reading my blog. I have had several comments from all sorts of people about the lack of new posts in my blog. I have given them the excuse that I really haven't had time to sit at the computer lately. I have thought about recaping the last FOUR months several times and then decided it was just too much to put into one post. I have to admit, this winter has not been kind on my mind. For some reason, (actually, I know why) I have not been able to tolerate the short, dark, rainy days our winter has given us this year. Call it 'bad head space', 'spoiled', 'just tired', 'needing a break' whatever. My winter training season has just sucked. Having these feelings is so not healthy for me, my family, or my friends for many reasons! After spending the last 7 days, watching the daily suffering of the Haitian people after the horrific earthquake, I cannot spend another moment feeling sorry for myself! Yesterday I received a quote fromRunner's World "The Daily Kick in the Butt!" "When we understand the privilege of what it means to be an athlete, we are in touch with, and rejoice in, our physical, mental, and emotional strengths and our endless possibilites" This is where I need to get my head space back to again. No more excuses about the weather and feeling the blues! Today's quote was perfect! "Consistency requires discipline! Force yourself out the door!" Just after I read this one, I had an email from my one of my favorite friends and training partners that I have been fortunate to meet while living in the Comox Valley! Pascale sent me a message saying "You want to run the trails today?" "Tomatoe Creek?"... Pascale's timing couldn't have been more perfect. I emailed her back saying "Bring it on, I'll be there". It was what I needed to get out the door on another dreary, grey, rainy day. But! We found super wet west coast trails, and before we knew it, we had climbed slippery, rootsy, rocky trails, huffing and puffing till we had to stop and take in the beauty of our home! We were wet, but loving it. The way it should be. Here's hoping I can carry on my path of crawling out of the dark winter months and finding sunshine again! Thanks Pascale for a great escape today![...]

4 weeks ago!.... Seriously?!?!...


Four weeks ago seems like another lifetime ago! I cannot believe how in just 28 days my life can go from "full on" Ironmania to absolutely the complete opposite. September is always such a difficult month for me. I have wanted to sit at my computer and share all the details with everyone from Ironman Canada race day, but have been caught up in the re-organization of our lives to start the school year up. The timing of IMC is so close to the school year start up, it makes for a slightly anti-climactic end to a great year of training and racing. I have compared the build up to Ironman to, as a child, the build up to Christmas in the past. Anticipating the day to arrive and then it is all over but the clean up, faster than you can suck down another gel or guzzle another sport drink! Now, after doing it for my 4th time, I can now say, nothing compares to the let down of not having another Ironman to do again until next summer. Not even Christmas. It is way more depressing for me to say that I will not be doing another one till next year. I just love the experience every year. The race is always different. Different people, different weather, new stories, more experiences to share, new tips to use for next year. So much fun! This year, we were in Penticton for almost 2.5 weeks, so this time I had a lot more time to adjust to the heat and settle into our routine prior to the race. This gave my mind a bit more space to enjoy other aspects of the Ironmania in Penticton that I had not enjoyed before. Feeling a bit more like a "Veteran", I decided to skip the "Pre-race" meeting/dinner on the Friday night and we went for the first time, down to the "Party in the Street" with Uncle Lawrence, the boys, and Rhonda. So much fun. I have always enjoyed going to the Dinner/Race meeting every year, but the family has to stay behind, and this time we decided to go dance in the streets instead. That is definitely something I will do again next year! Way too much fun. Takes your mind off the upcoming race. I also have included some photos from the one of our nights at the bowling alley! Another way to keep an athlete's mind off of the race and getting a few laughs in to ease the race jitters! Shawn and his "pinky" finger style of bowling.The men in my life! My ride, all pimped out, and ready for race day! Have I mentioned that I LOVE MY BIKE!!! So much fun to ride.Friday morning "Underpants Run"... Still have not ventured out to do this one. Not that I couldn't run in underwear, I just have yet to make it work in the plan of activities.Nathan, Rhonda, Braydan, and Nick dancing in the streets Friday night!The boys have got some moves!This was hilarious! Little infant t-shirts and diaper shirts with great sayings on them. My pictures are not the greatest, but you get the idea.This one was on a diaper shirt! Way too cute! Loved this bike and Triathlete!Looking for my peeps at the start line! They found me first, obviously... OOOOOhhhhh there you guys are!!! Absolutely amazing how many people are at the swim start! I find the amount of spectators at the race more overwhelming than the race start itself! This year, I was so organized in transition, I had over an hour to just sit and people watch before doing my pre-race swim warm up and actually had time to chat with Rhonda and Shawn before entering the washing machine!!!!!...So Cute!!!!!!!! Part of my cheering squad and race signs up at Yellow Lake!In this photo, from left to right are Rhonda, Sarah, Jordan, Josh, Nick, Braydan, Nathan, and Gabe. Part of the cheering squad is missing in this photo. (Steve, Steve, Shawn, and Sophia) [...]

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs!


There are signs of Ironmania everywhere around town!!! Braydan and I went out for a little 'walk-about' town to see the peeps and the transformation of small town Penticton into an Iron City. We first had to make a few stops at my new stomping grounds since we have been staying here. In the past 12 months, our little shopping complex grew from a Tim Horton's coffee to an amazing Organic Grocery, Starbucks, T-Bone's, and Cobb's Bread. What more could a mother of three and a triathlete need in just 50 paces from my doorstep! I am in heaven. I don't have to take a car to load up on groceries I don't have room for. We come home from the day at the beach and walk to the stores and decide what we are going to cook up on the Bar-B-Q. Amazing! The hotels are filling up and there are athletes out getting in their last minute training in the lake, and on the roads.This sign is conveniently located right at the finish line area! I will be looking for this around 6pm Sunday night! Down town artwork.The sign right at the transition area exits says it all.Boxes and boxes of tri-geek clothing just waiting to be opened for the grand opening tomorrow morning. It is like boxing day sales in these tents come 9am Thursday! The athlete's go crazy for M dot merchandise. Downtown Starbuck's art.Made completely out of bike parts, of course.These guys were great. And Bree, if you are reading this. I was paid the best compliment here today. A couple of the employees asked me if I was "Bree Wee"?? I got a huge smile on my face and said "No, but I know her!" And they were like, " Really, wow!!" Thanks Bree!The bike works guys got my girl all pretty and in tip top shape for race day! She looks fast!!!I love Brady. He loves the simple toys we had as kids. He was so happy today, after we picked up a slinky for him! After the walk-about, this triathlete took a very, very, rare nap! Well needed, and now I am off to Whole Foods to listen to Jordan Rapp talk about race day nutrition!Have a great day!![...]

Monday Morning of IMC Race Week!!!


Really???? Is it that time already??? Monday morning of IMC race week. The town of Penticton has grown by double in the last week. There are "Iron Bods" everywhere! My early morning swims with the lake to myself, not having to site for oncoming traffic has come to an abrupt halt! This morning there were at least 30 Tri-Geeks coming and going out on the 'flat calm' lake. A nice change from yesterday's windy morning chop. Apparently there were more than just the two swimmers I saw out there, as the rollers were deep enough you could not see to your left or right if someone was beside you. Taper week went extremely well... Too well actually. I fell into vacation mode way too easy. I had some help though. We were fortunate to have the best friends ever come and keep us company for the week. It was easy for me to get up at the crack of dawn, get my training in before anyone was awake, and then spend the rest of the day laying on the beach and catching up with Rhonda and Sarah while the "boys" and the "boys and girls" swam, swam, and swam some more. A couple nights we were at the beach until 9:30. Just love those evening swims!My little Braydan. Now 11, and man he is so cute. He is like his mom though. We both get way too cold in the lake swimming without a wetsuit on. He keeps me company when the other two boys stay in the water for hours.This has got to be one of my most favourite pic's of the summer!Braydan I absolutely love my underwater mode of my camera. It still makes me a little uneasy using it under the water, as I don't want it to fail again.Jordan Nathan Nathan, working on that stream line technique. Nathan in stealth mode under the water. Eden and Braydan.So cute watching these guys. An 'all boys' family needs an 'all girls' family to hang out with. They were so cute. I just loved watching them hang out together. Eden was teaching Brady how to do a hand stand roll over.Rhonda and I at the beach until who knows how long while the kids swam in the light of the moon. So cool!! Rhonda will be back this weekend to be part of the cheering squad and maybe, just maybe, get in that line up Monday morning for IMC registration.Jordan, Nathan, Annika, Eden, and Braydan.The gang and taco night with mom's famous "Mango Salsa".No vacation is complete without making a couple of visits to the go carts. Josh is looking all "Chillaxin" here while he crushes his competitors on course.Jordan loving the hair blowing in the wind and "driving". He has caught the driving bug and cannot stop talking about what car he wants to buy when he gets his drivers licence.Braydan!Gabe!Nathan!Josh, Brady, Nathan, Gabe, and Jordan!Finally, after like 3 years, I have an updated Summer photo of my friend Sarah and I at the beach. So good to see everyone!Monday morning "Race Week" swim. I actually had a little nervous tummy going into the water today. Now that the friends are gone, the real race week taper begins. No more ice cream until after the race! I have already picked out what I want Shawn to have for me at the finish line. Rhonda and I found some "Dutch Dairy" Chocolate milk at "Whole Foods Market". It is like drinking a chocolate bar. I always have such a hard time trying to figure out what I want to have right after coming across the finish line, as the nausea that sets in right after increases like 10 fold when you see the nasty pizza they are serving in the food tent. After my chocolate milk, we are going out for dinner, and I plan on getting something super creamy and full of fat!This was just the perfect way to start the week. Today's high is to be 28C. The f[...]

12 more sleeps and counting!!!


I am finally at the Ironman Canada race site anticipating the big event in 12 more sleeps! OMG!! Where has the time gone? When you sign up for a sporting event a year in advance it sure does make life fly by. I remember posting the IMC and Kona countdown tickers on my blog page thinking I had so much time to prepare mentally and physically to make my 40th year as eventful as possible! I have had an excellent adventure leading up to this race this year. Coaching and supporting some of the most amazing friends in triathlon this year has made my own training and racing even more special. It brought a fresh start to the year, new training partners, new friendships, great adventures, and I feel I have had the best race season to date. Now, I just need to keep that good energy going through the next week and a half into next Sunday. This morning I was up at the crack of dawn eager to get out in the water. Which is a very good feeling to have in taper time. "Tapering" for IMC is definitely something to master. You would think it was just a piece of cake. Reduced training volume, no big deal. But what comes with that is the overwhelming feelings of "but did I do enough", "I feel like I should be doing more", "Oh, I can't eat all that food anymore cause I am not burning all those calories anymore", "what am I going to do for the rest of the day, I have only one workout, and it's done, now what?... Oh yeah, put my feet up, sit on the beach and watch the boys swim, relax in a tube and float down the canal, read, put my feet up some more, eat a little, sleep some more.... Nice! I need to make piece with this taper thing, it sounds like a good thing. My Kona inspirational swimming cap! Look coach, I have my 'tempo' trainer with me too! Oh yeah, and my Lisa Bentley signed IMC lucky pack sack for my early morning wake up call to the "Peach" at Okanagan Beach! We swim way out to those clay bluffs across and back race morning! 3.8km (2.4 miles for the americans) The infamous "Peach" just before the finish line. When you see that after 11 hours and 59 minutes and 58 seconds you just want to kiss it! This year, here's hoping I see it at least an hour earlier than last year! "Our hopes and dreams should never be smaller than our memories"! Have a beautiful Tuesday.[...]

Martinis and Pedicures... Oh my!


My one last hurrah and only 49 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kathy and I post mineral soak, exfoliation, and in this pic masking our feet. Yes, there is a hint of green going on there. The products were amazing! That will be the best my feet will look and feel for a long time now. Not sure if the above picture should be on here... Hopefully Coach doesn't see this. Actually, I was really good. The "Arbonne" and Martini party could have gotten way out of hand, but the athlete in me kept me from loosing control over the alcohol consumption on Friday night. Sarah Seeds had all the "Run Leaders" over for an amazing Arbonne/Martini Party. We were to bring a Martini to share with the recipe and then we were all to taste them and vote on our favorite. Mine was titled, "The Ironmantini"... Of course. I won everyone over in presentation, but it did not win the big prize of the night.This was my last weekend of sin. As of tonight, I am cut off of wine, chocolate, dairy, and anything else I fall victim to that does not go with the Ironman diet for the next 7 weeks!! Only 49 more sleeps until game time! Watching the race coverage of the Vancouver Half Ironman and the Desert Half in Osoyoos today has given me a boost of energy to make every workout count! Enough about my training and racing!... I have to brag about one of my very bestest friends and athlete from Kamloops, Rhonda Eden! She made a come back this year into the Triathlon world like a ROCK STAR!!!! Rhonda's last half was the Oliver Persona Half in 2007 in 40`C weather. It was a grueling race in the heat. Well, today in the Vancouver Half, she rocked that course out there today and I so would have loved to have been at that finish line to give her the biggest hug and kiss!!! 5:42 Personal Best!! She took off well over an hour and a half off her last Half Ironman time and she did it with a huge smile on her face! I wish I had a picture to post of her, but they will be on the LifeSport website soon! I am So! So! So! proud of you Rhonda! Way to go girlfriend! Rumour has it she is going to be around the Penticton area at the end August... Standing in a very famous line up.... Registering for a very special race!!!.... IMC 2010!! Woo Hoo Rhonda, you will love it! Life Is Simple: Swim-Bike-Run-Eat-Sleep! Cheers![...]

I love my bike!!!!!


Comox Valley Cycle Club's Wednesday Night TT's!Yes, I did get some new wheels... I had to. They were on sale, and Simon at "Simon's Cycle's" told me it was a deal I could not pass up. My first race on them was the Victoria New Balance Half Iron. Man, news travels fast. I arrived at the Wednesday night TT following the race and was swarmed by the the guys and them quoting my splits from the race and my 4 minute improvement on my bike split from last year. I'd like to take the credit for the improvement, but the "Techy" speed demons think it has to be the wheels. Well, I will take whatever these wheels will give me. My next TT, I took off 19 seconds. Then last night was our 32 km, 2 loop course route. My best time on this course was a 26:04 for one loop (16.1 Km). Last night was my first time doing the 32 km. As we were getting ready to start, I had huge butterflies, and I was so nervous. The guys that start after me, usually pass me by the half way mark, and fly by me like I'm standing still. I always have this thing that if I am going to ride a fancy bike and fancy wheels, I better do them proud! I passed a few of the younger riders on the first loop, made it around to the start of the next loop and had not been passed yet. I started to get a bit nervous and thought, maybe they knew something... Maybe I went out too fast, and now I am going to blow up on the second loop. Just shortly after my mind was starting to wander thinking about why the men were not hot on my butt, and the hills started again, the first one came by me, as per usual. Except, this was not one of the guys I expected. He is like half my age and was on a road bike!! No fancy wheels, no aero helmet, no TT bike. Just pure strength. I paced myself up the hilly section, and found myself still close enough to that young whipper snipper, that I decided to put on the game face, and push like I have never pushed before. I always read about racers pushing till they puke, or till their legs are totally cramped, so I told myself to suck it up and real him back in. Within seconds I was on his butt, and yelling at him "on your left"!!!! Oh my god, did that ever feel good! He looked at me like I had two heads. I peddled so hard, I did not want to see him again! Just as we were starting to make our way back towards the finish, I had a few of the fast guys pass me as I was expecting, but this time, I didn't let a lot of space get between us and held on (not drafting) as best I could. My final split for the night... 54:40!... I'll take that.Have I told you lately how much "I love my bike"!!! Oh, and yes, the new wheels! Every time I get on my Cervelo, I get so excited to see how much time I can take off, and I am so looking forward to seeing how Ironman Canada will go this year. The last two years were plagued with injuries from my "Snow to Surf" crash and my ankle roll over last year. This year, so far, so good. 52 more sleeps until the big day! I am in a recovery week and feeling anxious to be doing more, but, I am listening to coach, being good, and letting the last week of training sink in and make me stronger. If any of you have a local cycle club that has regular TT nights, I believe those have helped me immensely in my improvement in my cycling. They make you push harder than you would normally, and you break down those cells in your lungs to build up stronger for the next time. I have had my normal post "TT smoker cough" since last night. A good indication that I gave'r my all out there! Happy Train[...]

New Balance Half Ironman!



The New Balance Half Ironman was on Sunday! I need more time to sit down and give a great summary of how the day went. For me, it was one of the most rewarding weekends of my life. Congratulations to Sandy and Trish, my two yummy mommy athletes, that finished their first Half Ironman distance event. Sandy went 5:45 and Trish was 6:16 (on a freshly rolled ankle that was swollen and taped) You guys rocked! I had my own personal best of 5:05! I took 16 minutes off my time from last year! Still, it was not enough to be standing on that podium. Man those women in their 40's are lightning fast!!! Pictures and race report to follow.

Yes, I am still alive!!


There is no place like.... Hawaii! Yes, I know, I did not keep up my end of the deal with this blogging thing. I have left everyone hanging for the last two months. I definitely will not recap the last two months, but I will share with you our family get-a-way that was well worth the time, energy, and $$ to get there. We did not actually think we were going to pull this trip off. This has been the worst year ever for Shawn and his employment in the Heli-Logging Industry. We had purchased the plane tickets last fall with airmiles prior to the great depression of '09 hitting us hard, but managed to find last minute cheep accommodations, and ate out at a restaurant like only four times, cooked all our meals in the condo, and shopped locally at the farmer's markets! That was my kind of holiday. There were no big tours with fancy tour companies. Just plain old fun in the sun. Oh, and yeah, I did the Hawaii 1/2 Ironman. Just a little 40th b-day present to me. Yes, some of you could think of 40 other things you would rather do for your 40th, but for me, that was just the icing on the cake. Loved, loved, loved the race! I recommend it to everyone. If you would like a little taste of what it is like racing in Kohala Coast where the magical Ironman World Championships take place and are like me, that can't get a "Kona" slot to attend the event. You can sign up for the 70.3 and feel half of what they feel on race day. My goodness, I have never raced in such extreme heat before. Even the locals were saying it was hot for them. My view of the ocean, putting my feet up days before the race. The kids loved coming to boogie board here.My Pro friend Bree Wee after she gave a group of us a little pre-race buoy swim practice session, some ocean water racing tips, and some great draft practice. Man that girl can swim. She wasn't feeling the greatest prior to the race, but you would never know it. That girl just gives her 100%, even when she is not feeling it, I so need to get me some of that attitude! I'm trying. Coming out of the ocean pre-race warm up. This had to be the best swim I have ever had. No, it was not my fastest, but it was warm, clear, congested, and I loved every minute of it. Because it is a mass start, if you cannot get into a pack of fast swimmers fast before the first buoy turn, you will be stuck with around 500 other swimmers going at the exact same pace. I could not move forward, backward, sideways, or under. I just had to ride the masses and hope that we were all swimming at a fairly decent pace. Shawn thinks he saw 33 mins on the clock when I came in. It was a super long transition from swim to bike. My new Blue Seventy Speed suit was the funnest suit to swim in. I so do not want to get back into the choking feeling of the full wetsuit for the Victoria 1/2 this weekend. Post race prune feet. They don't look as bad as they did in real life. I thought for sure while I was running, that the entire bottom of my feet were coming off. It was so hot and humid, I spent probably 15 mins of my 1/2 marathon time just trying to keep myself cool through the aide stations. The volunteers had 2 Litre soda bottles with the top cut off full of ice water and would pour a full one over your head for you while you 'walked' through. Then, I would get two cups of ice. One to pour over my head and one to pour down my bra top. No, there was no frost bite, but I made a lot of noise running with the ice sloshing in my top, my [...]

Training Rides and Training Flights!


What a day Nathan had!!! My 12 year old flew an airplane this weekend! Oh to be young and invincible again!!! He has absolutely no fear. Me on the other hand, I was just sick to my stomach the whole time he was up there in that big blue sky! Through his Air Cadet Training, Nathan has the opportunity to get his fixed wing pilots licence (for free) by the time he is 16! He has flying in his blood, like his dad. So this was the first of many flights on the road to obtaining his dream of flying the "A380" when he grows up! So, no, I did not go watch. Shawn took Nathan out to the airport and I set out on a bike ride to keep my mind occupied while he flew. His instructor told him that "he was a mighty fine pilot, and had very steady hands, and did excellent on the controls!" Nathan said it was absolutely the most amazing day of his life so far!!! The above picture is just after the tow plane releases the glider.Still attached before releasing the tow line.Taking off from the runway. Sorry my pic's are out of order!Penny and Pascale helping me keep my mind off the 'child' in the sky while we ride the Snow to Surf race course! Yes, that is still snow on the ground!!! I am so looking forward to getting rid of all the extra gear I am wearing.A much needed recovery drink post ride! I think this is the equivalent to a Jamba Juice in Hawaii! The sun was shinning and the weather was warmer than it has been, I was trying to imagine myself drinking this on the big Island of Hawaii, instead of the cold Comox Valley. Now, a training day is not complete without the post recovery dinner dessert! I love it when dessert can be so simple and so good for you. We chopped up blood oranges, mangos, dragon fruit, and a strawberry papaya and drizzled organic vanilla yogurt on top! It was the bomb!!!![...]