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easing out of an injury


It's no secret that I've basically been injured since a few months before Kona in 2012.  Yeah, that's a long time, I know.  BUT apparently that's what happens when you get hurt and you're over 40.  I can't really remember a specific episode where the injury occurred, but I do remember it starting to bother me, and my continuing to run long on it.  I remember my final long run when it really

And you thought I had too many hats?


  how about 43 shoes?      yeah, I spend a lot of time in these shoes... Any suggestions to where I send the ones I phase out?

I'm a visor girl...


ok, I admit.  I have a problem.  I can't get away from an expo without a visor or a pair of socks.  Even though I have given many hats and visors away, I still have a lot - but never too many.  And even though I never wear them, I find it hard to part with the finisher Headsweats hats from all of my Ironman races through the years.  I covet them like medals... and yes, there are 43 in the

43 flowers


43 flowers delivered to my door to brighten my day.  Yes, I counted. There were actually 42 - Can you tell where I added a pansy to make it work? lol Today I took the ole Orbea out for a ride...and ended up with 80 miles by noon.  It was a little chilly - honestly, riding in temps below 50 goes against everything I believe in, but I took off at 47 degrees anyway and it warmed up nicely - 72

43 days


43 days. 43 blog posts.  43 years. It all starts today.   so what happens within the next 43 days?  a lot.  For one, I turn 43. and today starts a 43 day countdown to finding my speed legs for  The Shamrockin 8k in New Orleans.  It's on.



anyone seen my MOJO? So far, I think I'm on the right track.  Life is good.  New influences in my life are positive and exciting, and it's doing me a lot of good.  only had one night of drinking since Jan 2nd...and I've been laying off the chocolate... most of the time. The hip/hamstring seems to be on the mend as well.  It's still there, yeah, but I actually did my first run speed workout in



2014.  Here we go. I have not been blogging as much as I wanted to over the past few years - so I will use the new years resolution thing to light a fire under me and get me talking and sharing. Some really good things happened in 2013, but nothing to brag on about or desperately hang on to.  I had some good races and some not so good races, met some great people, navigated through injuries,



My beautiful swim today - cold outside, but the water was warm and toasty.    Love swimming in the sunshine this time of year.



    1st place Overall It wasn't a pretty run, but good enough.  Still nursing the right hip/hamstring injury that's been with me for what seems like forever - but at least I can run, so I do. Best part of winning this race?  the cool SHUTTERFISH award! you know, I LOVE cool swag...     that found a perfect spot in my kitchen!!   






  old school black and white - can you guess which one is me?  lol

Smoothie Love


I have promised to post my recipies for my smoothies for a while now, so here goes. I have searched the internet over to find other blogs with smoothie recipies, so I cannot claim that I came up with the basics on my own. I can say however, that I have added some stuff and tweaked the recipies I have found and have made some awesome concoctions that I crave nearly every day!  And the best part?



IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP KONA, HAWAII OCTOBER 13, 2012 Alarm clock - 3:45 am.  Up and at em.  Finally, the day had come and I am cool as a cucumber, relaxed, and ready.   Getting here has been like no other Ironman Journey.   This go round included lots of injury adjustments to my training and taper so I am eager to see how the day unfolds and wether or not my base and major training

Twas the night before Ironman...


I just want to get it done. As usual, the day before a race like Ironman is all about staying off your feet, relaxing, and waiting for tomorrow.  I spent most of my morning sitting on the lanai drinking coffee and on the computer. This afternoon, I got my foot retaped by the KT guys again - one final time for the race.  After that, I got my bike and bags in order and dropped them all off at

24 hours from the cannon


I am sitting here writing this on my lanai listening to the waves crash into the rocks at my condo which sits about 1k from the first swim turn.  It's 7:01 am.  In less than 24 hours, the navy seals will have parachuted into the water and the cannon will have gone off....and we will be underway.  It can't come soon enough! This morning, it's about pure calm.  I will blog a bit, eat some good



Did I mention I ran a little on Sunday after my bike?  I DID!!  relatively pain free - the biggest problem seems to be in my foot still.  The Hip is not perfect, but it is essentially pain free and THANK GOD for that!! This foot - what seems like plantar fascitius is just not going away.  I am mystified. Anyhoo... RACE WEEK The BUZZ is in Kona.  The Triathlon community of the world is

Kona Calling


October 3, 2012 Kona, here I come! The flight over was relatively uneventful with the execption of my having to run thru LAX in flip flops to catch my plane to Kona.  Probably should have prepared better for that and wore a pair on my zoot kiave's!  I was probably up for 24 hours by the time I got to the condo, so sleep was on the agenda... The first few days have been awesome! I have still



This week, I got the "OK" to test the hip out.  2 weeks out from Kona.  Mid week, I ran my first mile pain free in 3 1/2 weeks! 2 days later, i ran an ez 3.  still felt pretty good.  I did get some stiffining up later on though. Being that I already signed up for Girl Power Tri o this Sunday, AND that it was super short (300 swim, 9m bike, 2m run), I decided to go ahead and do it, just not



KONA FUNDRAISING has been SUCESSFUL!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who helped me out along the way.  I wish I could say I will race to be on the podium, but I am afraid I have a different goal now since the onset of a hip injury I have been suffering with since late August.  My goal is now to finish, let the race unfold as it will, have a great day, absorb it all, and LIVE in the MOMENT! 

Still no run...


Prepping for Kona without running a mile in that's a task.  I have not been able to run in 3 weeks.  I got the go ahead to test the hip out after 2 weeks off of running.  I ran for 3 minutes and stopped.  the pain was still there.  So I was back to see Dr. Fred Miller at Doctors Chiropractic in Mandeville where he discovered yet another spot in the hip.  It seems as if the Glute and

Speed Bumps


I have written 20 blog posts in my head on my long bikes and runs over the past several weeks, but unfortunately finding time to sit down and write them on the computer...well, it did't happen.  I keep telling myself to get a recorder to run with because I have the best ideas out there, but of course, because it is is a good idea, I never remember to do that unless I am miles into a solid run...



Hurricane Issac upset the apple cart.  That little rascal wasn't coming, but here he is.  And he overstayed his welcome. I decided to stay home for this Cat 1 storm and keep an eye on the water level from Lake Ponchatrain and the trees in the area.  I have stayed home for a Hurricane before, but for several years when my Granny was still alive, a hurricane meant I must admit, I was



What else can I say... I've got the physical and mental parts of Ironman Hawaii under complete control.   It's the financial part I struggle with.... So I go! First, I would like to thank the following for their very generous donations in helping me get the the starting line at Kona healthy and happy without feeling the burden of thousands of dollars in



Another week under my belt. I am starting to feel some of the aches and pains associated with Ironman training  -- other than the left foot issue I had when I started up.  It's a funny thing... I seem to forget about the left foot when my right hip aches and right heel stings and burns!!  I am pretty sure it's all about tight muscles, at least the heel/plantar fasciatis is for sure.  The hip is

Weekend in Destin


 CHANGE OF PACE, sort of.. So I got to escape to Destin last weekend with Deb for a little fun in the sun...and, of course, training.  We got there Friday, hit the beach with a few cocktails and just took in the sound of the waves and beautiful day.  It was awesome to get away, but as usual, an easy friday and a drink or two can only mean one thing....a headache, and a very LONG Saturday and